Alien / UFO experiences - Understand it

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Before you read this article, please note that, from 1996, I had begun to see numerous visions. I (Pari, the author of this article) did not have experiences involving the ‘grey aliens’ etc. until a later time. Thus, when I began writing my articles, from 1996, I had not known that the Mid-Confluence Aged scientists (who lived about 2500 years ago) had sent beings into the future, on the instructions of the Mid-Confluence Aged gods/rulers, so that these beings (who are referred to as aliens now) can assist Mankind, especially for the re-creation of the Golden Aged world and the Return (of God and ‘past births through the afterlife’). Hence, in earlier articles, all these are not reflected. All these will be explained further, in future books.
From 1996, when I began seeing numerous visions, I was trying to understand what was happening to me. 
As I was trying to understand this, I began writing all the articles which can be found in this website. Each article is a continuation of the earlier one. So what I had explained in earlier articles were not explained in subsequent articles. This had also allowed me to keep developing what I have to explain. After I had written numerous articles, people were asking me as to which articles they had to read in order to understand something or the other. Thus, in 2015, I began to write books. All the knowledge which a person needs, so as to understand the contents of a book, are given in the book. Thus, a person could understand the contents of a book without having to revert to other articles or books. However, a better understanding could be had through reading the other books. I had also begun writing my first book “Holographic Universe : An Introduction” because I began to have a good understanding on the structure of the Holographic Universe through experiences, guidance from God, research, etc. 

It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role. 

It should be noted that since there are so many articles, I find it very difficult to update the articles. So there may be information in them which has not been updated. I try my best to keep my eBooks updated. 

Anyway, to have a better understand of what has been said in this article, read all my earlier articles. Begin by reading the first article which is numbered as No.1 at my List of Articles. Then, re-read this article to have a better understanding. It should be noted that all my articles were written based on time being cyclic. Click here to understand the basics of the Cycle of Time.


Alien / UFO experiences - Understand it

Mon, Feb 7 2011 01:54pm MHT

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To understand what is being said here, please also read all the other articles.

I began to understand something of what might be happening to those who were having the alien/UFO experiences, as I was reading and hearing what they had to say about their experiences. However, only they themselves will be able to really understand what is happening to them.

If any one of those who had the alien/UFO experiences are willing to do some research; I would like to suggest something, which they can use as a way of researching, so as to understanding what is actually happening to them. It relates to what they may have done in their past births (which they took around the time, and just before) when the ancient Egyptians were mummifying the bodies of their kings and others.

Those who had been mummified were trying to keep their births in an immortal state until the end of the cycle. At the end, their soul will be involved with playing a role which will enable the soul to gain immortality in the New Age (in Satyug or Golden Age).

Those ancient people who were trying to gain immortality, were trying to play the Reptilian Immortal roles through which they (the souls) will finally be helped to regain immortality at the end of the cycle. What they were doing was the first step which will lead to the final step or gate through which the soul will finally achieve immortally, at the end of the cycle.

Some of those ancient people had programmed themselves to play different roles, which will finally all lead to gaining immortality (at the end of the cycle). There were some who had even programmed themselves to see aliens and UFOs as part of their programming.

Since we are not supposed to remember our past births. And since we are not supposed to remember what we did in past births, those who are having the alien/UFO experiences may not be aware that their past births are influencing them to see the aliens, UFOs etc.

If these people, who are having alien/UFO experiences (now), had done something like that in one of their past births (where they were programming themselves to see aliens and UFOs in their subsequent births), they will have traits or programmings in an emerged state (within the soul) which is helping them to see these aliens, UFOs etc. This will initiate their ability to see the aliens and UFOs in the present births.

After having seen these aliens/UFOs, if they keep remembering the experiences which they had about these aliens/UFOs etc, they may actually be helping themselves to continue seeing more of those UFO/alien experiences.

This is similar to how the BKs (Raja Yogis of the Brahma Kumaris) say that when we have a blissful experience, we have to keep remembering it because it will help to take us beyond into the blissful soul-conscious stage again (so that we can have more of such blissful experiences). When one keeps remembering the experiences, it will help one to experience it again. Or it will help one to experience something similar.

Instead of continuing to remember the UFO/Alien/Grey experiences. Those who are having these UFO/alien experiences, should try remembering the experiences of the the divine blissful state where they (the souls) are in control. Through remembering and going into the blissful spiritual stage, they become spiritually more powerful.

Remembering the UFO/Alien/Grey experiences might only help them to re-experience it again and again. So they should push it out of their minds and just contemplate on the divine blissful experiences. During the blissful experiences, they experience themselves as the soul filled with all the divine virtues and powers. They would be enjoying this blissful stage. They would experience bliss, joy, happiness, peace or something else that is lovely during these divine soul-conscious experiences.

It can take a few years to become spiritually powerful to the point where one is in control of what one experiences.

If one has done Confluence Aged spiritual effort-making, in one's previous life, one would have greater spiritual strength within themselves (the souls). This would be helping them to attain and achieve whatever is in their mind so that they attain a blissful experience quickly.

However, one might also have developed their psychic abilities in previous lives. So, there may be a possibility that this may also be there helping those people to see aliens and UFOs.

Instead of allowing their psychic abilities to influence them to see aliens and UFOs; they should allow their divine spiritual strength to remain in an emerged state so that it can help them to experience the blissful stage instead.

One may also have Reptilian Immortal past births within one which might be helping or influencing them to see aliens and UFOs because that may be the role of that past birth of theirs. One of the Reptilian past birth's role may be to influence the present birth to see aliens and UFOs. If this was so, then, these people should not allow those past births and traits / programmings to influence them. One can stop it's influences through going into the divine blissful state.

When one meditates, one should not allow anything related to the aliens/UFOs to come into their mind. There may be a possibility that the psychic ability of those who see these aliens/UFOs have developed further based on the influence of the programming during the past births (births taken around and before the time when the Egyptians were mummifying their Kings and others).

The ancient people, who were being mummified, were those who were playing the Reptilian immortal role which will finally help the soul to gain immortality, through the Confluence Age, at the end of the cycle.

In the present birth, the soul may also have developed their own psychic ability to experience the UFOs/Aliens and to give others an experience. If these people's psychic ability is quite well developed, in this respect, they might be influencing others to see the aliens and UFOs. Or the others, who have also seen the aliens and UFOs, may also have been involved with programming themselves during their past births.

All these people should try experimenting to see if they can stop these UFO/alien experiences from happening by trying to go into the blissful soul-conscious stage.

If they wish to just try meditating on their own without going into one of the Confluence Aged spiritual groups, they can do that but they might struggle a lot if they are not those who have a developed spiritual strength.

If one wants to try some other meditation or religious methods, they could also try that. But in my view, it has to be involved with the Confluence Age and the creation of the new divine world because that was why the ancient people had tried to play the Reptilian immortal roles. It was also because they wanted to be involved with the creation of the divine world that they had begun their spiritual journey to achieve immortality, which the soul will finally achieve at the end (when the world transforms into a divine world).

The services of all the Confluence Aged groups are free because they are involved with serving Mankind and the world in an attempt to transform the old world into a new divine world.

When meditating, one should see oneself as the soul (a point of light) and one should see God as the Supreme Soul (also a Point of Light) and one should absorb God's energies into oneself so as to strengthen oneself (the soul). When, one has already experienced the blissful stage through doing this, one should just keep recollecting that divine blissful experience. As they keep accumulating good experiences, they should just keep re-collecting and remembering these blissful experiences. It will help them to achieve it again and again. If anyone decides to give this a try, let me know of the out-come. I would like to know if they still see aliens and UFOs even after becoming spiritually more powerful.

Thu, Feb 10 2011 07:39pm MHT 2

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I was listening to more of the experiences by those who had these alien / UFO experiences. As I was listening to their experiences I have this feeling, deep in my heart, where I know that the souls within those who were relating those experiences must be deity souls. And my heart felt so sad to see and hear of what the members of my own clan is going through.

The Brahma Kumaris (a spiritual group not involved with aliens) refers to all those souls who take birth in the divine world in the Golden and Silver Ages of the cycle of time as deity souls and we are seen as members of the deity clan.

Please note that I do not talk on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris.

After having walked out of the divine world, some of us had done a lot of wrong, e.g. we tampered with human genes and that was wrong. So, we are settling for the wrongs which we had done through the Law of Karma. The Christians say “You reap that which you sow”. It is the same thing. So, the deity souls can be suffering in the depths of hell even now for the wrongs which we had done after having walked out of the divine world.

These people who have related their experiences about their alien experiences are courageous to be willing to talk about it. Instead of trying to understand why they are having these experiences and why they are relating it, some people are ridiculing these people.

It is wrong to make fun of or ridicule them. If some of those who have these alien experiences and I have suffered so much (like as if we were in the very depths of hell) for the wrong which we had done, one can imagine how much those who make fun of others can suffer. It is wrong to make fun of others, especially when they are already suffering so much from the experiences. One who makes fun of them might be only giving them more pain. One who gives pain to others will suffer for it in hell too. If they don't suffer for it in this birth itself, they will suffer for it on Judgement Day.

There is no bad feelings in my heart for those who are behaving badly, I am only just explaining the consequences of one's bad acts. One should try to make sure that one is behaving in a virtuous manner. One should keep looking at the things one says and does, and one should keep asking themselves, “Is my behaviour virtuous or devilish”. It is only the devil who would be capable of making fun off, ridicule and laugh at the suffering of others.

The way some people are making fun of and ridiculing those who are relating their alien experiences is similar to the way the the builders in the story “Tower of Babel” are ridiculed by Christians. For example, when they relate this story of the Tower of Babel, they say:

And then God confused the builders' language and the builders started talking to each other, “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba”.

This is ridiculing the ancient builders.

These people who have these alien experiences are only explaining it as part of the 'plan' to regain immortality. But they do not know that because we are not supposed to remember that which we had done in our past births. As per the ancient plan, at every gateway (or at specific points in the ladder which we, the souls, climb), those participating in the plan/conspiracy to regain immortality (by the end of the cycle) will be asked about their experiences etc. And they will be told to relate it. Whether, others tell them to relate it or whether their own consciousness tells them to relate it, it is the same. It is time for them to relate it. When we relate it, we move onto the next step or walk through that gate in the plan/conspiracy. One will find evidences of this “questioning and answering” aspects in the ancient Egyptian theories used for the mummification process. One can also see signs of it in the Sumerian myths and even in Hinduism.

The ancient Hindus had slowly closed their doors to the spiritual teachings from ancient Egypt because they felt that it began to include black magic. But the ancient Hindus have still portrayed these people who played the immortal role in a very respectable manner. The ancient Hindus were trying to practice purity and so they were behaving in a virtuous manner. So they portrayed these people in a nicer manner.

The people who ridicule others are definitely not behaving in a virtuous manner. When I think of these people who are making fun of those who are having the alien experiences, I also wonder if these people, who are making fun, are also deity souls because all deity souls would be in their most tamopradhan state now, at the end of the cycle. So when the vices emerge to take control, they are capable of behaving very badly. There is also the possibility that their 'making fun' is also part of the ancient plan/conspiracy. It might have been the next step or gateway after which one moves onto the next step in their journey for gaining immortality (by the end of the cycle). Even if it was also part of the plan/conspiracy, they should understand that their actions are wrong and they should try to have a better control over themselves. They should look at their own behaviour and ask themselves, “Is my behaviour virtuous or devilish?”

Thu, Feb 10 2011 07:44pm MHT 3

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I have had experiences about a lot of my past births but one of the most interesting ones was my last birth, before the present one, because I had become a ghost after having left the corporeal body. Don't laugh.

I don't think I became a ghost in any of my other births. There was only this one birth where I had become a ghost and I had to deal with it. I was a man, in India, in that birth. I left my wife and guru so as to go into the jungles. Memories had made me go in search of this place in Mount Abu which would be where the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris will be (in the future). But I don't think I was aware of why I was going in that direction, in that birth. I don't think I was aware of the memories that were in an emerged state, within the soul, influencing me. As far as I was concerned, in that birth, I was just following my instinct and walking my way towards where fate was taking me. It started raining heavily and the jungle was flooded. So, I was not aware that I was going to put my foot into a lake. I don't know how it happened but when I put my foot into the lake, I fell and since I did not know how to swim, I drowned. Then, I remained as a ghost there. But I was a good ghost. There were other ghosts there but they were not good ghosts. Don't laugh.

I had gone to this lake, a few times, in my present birth. Once, I was telling the people, who were with me, to take me very near the lake and to walk around it to the other side of the lake. They told me, “Sister, you don't go there. There are ghosts in that area on the other side of the lake”. And I told them, “But those ghost wouldn't harm us. I know. You follow me and I will take you there and you can see for yourself”. And they told me, “Sister, you don't go there. If anything happens to you, we will be blamed. You just stay with us and just walk with us on the road. And stay away from that lake”.

For a few years, all my thoughts had only been on that lake and I had kept wanting to go there. I am making the story short because the reason why I was telling you part of this story was because of the pain and suffering which I felt when I recollected how I was a ghost. It was like as if I was in the very depths of hell suffering with pain. I would cling onto God and I would not dare to let go of Him. When I was in a high spiritual stage, I would not experience any pain or suffering because of God's help. If I let go of Him, my spiritual stage would drop and I would feel the pain and the suffering like as if I was in the very depths of hell. I don't cling onto God like that anymore because I do not suffer any pain like that anymore because my spiritual strength is higher now. But at that time, BKs (who I knew) were telling me to come out of that quickly. They could not understand why it was taking me so long to come out of that. But I had roamed around as a ghost for many years waiting for the founder of the Brahma Kumaris to come there and so it took me a long time to get over that.

I am OK now. I do not have this desire to go to the lake anymore. But when I was hearing the experiences of those who were suffering in the hands of the aliens, I was only able to connect their pain and suffering to my own. You may say that it is different because one involves ET whereas mine involves past births. But I have a feeling that it is all related to the same thing.

Why can't it be that some of the UFOs were creations of a "collective consciousness of human souls here on earth". And in respect of the aliens/greys, why can't the souls who are experiencing them be also involved with the creation of those aliens/greys? People who have psychic power have the ability to create something out of nothing. So why can't there be the possibility that these aliens and UFOs are also similar creations. I have heard of how electromagnetic waves also seem to influence one to see these aliens / UFOs but I am not talking about this here. I am just asking why the collective consciousness of human souls and one's own developed psychic abilities can't be involved with the creation of some of these evidences which people are talking about? In my opinion, some of the UFOs were creations of a "collective consciousness of human souls here on earth". And in respect of the aliens/greys, the souls who are experiencing them can also be involved with the creation of those aliens/greys.

Thu, Feb 10 2011 07:48pm MHT 4

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One reason why those who had alien experiences where the aliens were using them to bring in children who were half human and half alien may be because at the beginning of the Copper Age, the deity souls who had just walked out of the divine world had begun experimenting with creating new genes and new races. They were tampering with genes and that is not a divine act. It was a wrongful act. According to the visions which I had seen, it is also because I was involved with creating a black artificial gene that I have that very same gene in me now. It is a settling process for the wrong which I had done. There may be a possibility that these people who are having these UFO experiences are deity souls. It is these deity souls, after they had walked out of the divine world, who had been referred to as pagans by the Christians. If these people who are experiencing the aliens / UFOs are deity souls, then, only the Confluence Aged knowledge would help them because these souls were seeking immortality which will only be completely attained at the end of the cycle. Until then, it is as if the soul is taking steps to climb up the ladder until the soul achieves immortality.

Thu, Feb 10 2011 08:54pm MHT 5

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About 2500 years ago, the people who had walked out of the divine world were trying to re-create their divine world which they had just lost.They were not successful.

Later, during the next few generations,they had turned their roles (or births) into immortal roles (or births) so that their collective consciousness will continue playing an immortal role so as to create the grey aliens, UFOs, crop circle messages and so on until the end of the cycle when it was time for the re-creation of the divine world. Those births, which have become the past births playing the immortal roles, are called reptilians. The second generation, after those who had walked out of the divine world, had programmed themselves to play the reptilian role or mapmaker role so as to explain the stories, structures and other evidences which they have left behind.

I refer to these stories, structures and so on as 'evidences' because there will be helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment relating to the end of the cycle and the coming New Age. All the 'evidences' that have been created and left behind, by the ancient people for the end, will indicate that the ancient people knew of the end (of the cycle) and the coming New Age. They are signs that lets people know of the end (of the cycle) and the New Age. These 'evidences' will only be properly explained at the end, through using the spiritual knowledge (that will be used to re-create the divine world at the end of the cycle).

The first generation that had walked out of the divine world had not tried to turn their roles (births) into the reptilian immortal past births. It was the second generation which started doing something. The 3rd generation had done more than what the 2nd generation had done. The 3rd generation wanted to play God and enable people to see aliens, UFOs and give messages through various ways, including the crop circle messages. They wanted to be involved in bringing in the New World Order which includes getting the world government set up so that it can be brought into the new divine world. Through their collective consciousness those ancient people, of the third generation onwards, had programmed themselves to play the reptilian role through which people will see and experience aliens, UFOs, crop-circle messages and so on.

For more please read the articles in the series titled, “Aliens, UFOs and Parallel Universes” (the link for which has been given below). One would be able to understand it better if one read all the articles in all the following series.

Thu, Feb 10 2011 09:20pm MHT 6

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When people do not like what the other is saying or if they are confused as to what the other person is trying to say, often, their first remark or form of attack would be to term the person as being mentally off. This is also why people had said that Nebuchadnazzar and Nero were mad.

Nebuchadnazzar was not mad and he was not chased off from his kingdom because he was mad. If others had taken over his kingdom, in his absence, would they be so stupid as to go and get him and give it back to him later. They were just holding it temporarily for him while he had gone off to meditate. When people go far away so as to go into deep meditation, they do not bother about keeping themselves properly groomed. This does not mean that they have gone mad because of their unkept appearance. Memories of how the deity souls lose and regain their kingdom had influenced Nebuchadnazzar to do things though he may not have realised that he was doing all those thing based on the influence of those memories.

Similarly, Nero had also done things while under the influence of what had happened at the end of the cycle. At the end of the cycle, the Christians lose their kingdom and the deity souls regain their kingdom. The deity souls re-gain their kingdom through the power of yoga with God. This is happening now through what the Confluence Aged groups are doing.

When Kaliyug ends and the Golden Age begins, the Christian souls will all go back to the Soul World and they will remain with God there until the deity souls lose their kingdom at the end of the Silver Age. The world is a divine world when the Golden and the Silver Ages exist. Then, when the first sinful act is performed, the deity souls lose their divine kingdom. Then, at the beginning of the Copper Age, Abraham takes birth on earth and he begins the religion of the Jews. At the same time, the path is cleared for Christ because in the ordinary world, it will be the Kingdom of the Christians. This is why the Christians are ruling now. They are either ruling in a direct way or in an indirect way. But, at the end of the cycle, their kingdom comes to an end when the kingdom of the Deities begin from the beginning of the Golden Age.

There is a transition period during the end of Kaliyug and the beginning of the Golden Age which is called the Confluence Age. It is during this Confluence Age that the deity souls re-gain their divine Kingdom through the Power of Yoga with God. The Brahma Kumaris and the other Confluence Aged groups are involved with this transformation process.

Nero was influences by all these Confluence Aged memories that were emerging to influence him. One of my past births was Nero and so I know that he was not mad. He was just influenced by all these things that were happening at the end of the cycle but he was not aware that he was being influenced by these memories which were emerging to influence him.

When the memories of past births were emerging, I had actually experimented to go within to understand what had happened in those births. When I went within to understand it, it felt like as if I got pulled into the very depths of hell because I could only experience the pain and the suffering which I experienced in those births. And I was experiencing all the pain together and it felt so painful. So, I stopped trying to do that. But it is because of these experiences where I felt like as if I was in the very depths of hell that I can also understand what is happening to those who see these aliens and UFOs. I do not see aliens or UFOs but I can understand the pain and suffering of those who see the aliens and UFOs because of my own experiences involving my past births.

But from my own experiences, I know that those people who encounter ET/UFO are not actually encountering physical beings in reality. They are influenced by the “collective consciousness” which exists based on the programming of the ancient people (around and before the time when the ancient Egyptians were mummifying those who were seeking immortality).

Thu, Feb 10 2011 09:55pm MHT

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To understand ET/UFO experiences, one has to understand about souls and of what happens to the souls through the cycle of time. Human souls slowly lose their spiritual strength as their take births in a cycle and so they become spiritually weak by the end of the cycle. The spiritual energy of souls have to be energised at the end of each cycle because the corporeal world is sustained by our spiritual strength. The ancient people, who had walked out of the divine world, knew this. Since they knew this, the ancient Hindus had created spiritual theories based on the sciences and theories which might be 'possibilities' of how it might be. This is why they had said that the world is an illusion or that it is based on an illusion. Off course, one can use the existing sciences like how “we only see, touch and hear things based on what the brain interpretes” as one way of explaining this. The 'hologram theory' and the 'ability to create stuff through psychic power' are some of the reasons why the ancient people had come up with this theory of the world being an illusion. There may also be others but I am not discussing that here.

Our spiritual strength is also maintaining the corporeal world in existence. One might not be able to prove this because God re-energises us at the end of every cycle and so the corporeal world continues to exist. However, the ancient people were trying to also say that the corporeal world is based on our spiritual strength and sustenance. This is also a reason why the ancient people had provided for sustenance through spiritual purity.

The sustenance of the corporeal world is through the mechanics of quantum physics. It is also through the use of the mechanics of quantum physics that the greys are being used in the various dimensions. The people at the beginning of the Copper Age were very creative because they were using their right hemispheres of the brain more than the left. Their spiritual strength (of the soul) was also still very high since they had just walked out of the divine world. Thus, in a united manner, they had the ability to create an immortal 'collective consciousness' that could continue to play tricks through quantum mechannics and the holographic universe principles, until the end of the cycle when their souls achieve immortality. This is one of the reasons why some people can have ET/UFO experiences now.

Sun, Feb 13 2011 02:46pm MHT 8

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Originally, the greys were created by those ancient people who were trying to achieve immortality. It was meant to be used for helping with the Confluence Aged service, at the end of the cycle. Through this Confluence Aged service, the soul will be helped to finally attain immortality when the world gets transformed into a divine world.

However, over the years, the greys began to have their own identity which may not relate to the Confluence Aged service and achieving immortality. This happened through the influence of the vices.

The vices would not want the soul to recognise that the soul was one of those who had lived in the Golden and Silver Ages (in the divine world). When these vices begin to play a role together with the Immortal Reptilian Collective Consciousness, the alien / UFO experiences would only help to make the soul believe something else like as if the aliens were ET from another planet etc. The experiences would not help the soul to realise that the alien / UFO experiences are based on what the deity souls were doing after having walked out of the divine world. So,instead of linking the aliens and UFOs to what had happened in ancient times, they begin to believe a lot of other things which is taking the soul further and further away from the Truth.

The Truth is not that ET exists. The Truth relates to God and the re-creation of the divine world.

The vices would like to remain in control and so they will try their best to play a role of their own like as if they were the greys who were ET. In fact, they have begun to have a separate identity of their own, separate from the Reptilian Collective Consciousness which was meant to help the soul achieve immortality by the end of the cycle. Thus, the souls will find it difficult to accept that they were the deity souls who had walked out of the divine world.

Fri, Feb 18 2011 01:20pm MHT 9

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Someone told me that he would know of what happens during his alien abductions when he meditates. He said memories of his abductions (the details to when he is on crafts) come forth when he meditates. I think he believes in having an open mind while meditating and in experiencing whatever one has to in life. There is a possibility that while meditating, he connects himself to the universe or something like that. I have a feeling that it is his 'opening himself out to everything' when he meditates that is giving him those alien experiences.

Those involved with alien abduction, should try a different meditation technique. Or if they have not tried any meditation as yet, they should try what I am suggesting as a way of experimenting.

It seems like as if God has become an 'old fashioned' concept. The latest trend seems to be to open out oneself to everything, during meditation and even in life.

God has always been seen as helpful, caring and loving. One is supposed to enjoy the blissful stage when one is meditating in remembrance of God.

Those who have alien abduction experiences should try narrowing down their vision when they meditate. Instead of opening themselves out, they should just try focusing their mind on God. They should see God as a Point of Blissful White Light filled with all the divine virtues. One should also see oneself as absorbing God's divine virtues so that they can enjoy them too. This involves narrowing down one's vision to just that which one wants to enjoy. One might have to keep doing this for a long time before seeing success, especially if they have got used to opening themselves out to everything.

Even if one can't accept it that God is a Point of Light just as each human soul is a point of light, one could try using God as a concept. This concept called God should be seen as an 'Almighty' who is very very powerful. Thus, when we absorb His Divine Virtues to enjoy bliss, there is no end to what we can enjoy.

Mon, Feb 21 2011 12:41pm MHT 10

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From my experiences, at the beginning of the Copper Age, my past births and others were involved with creating a united collective consciousness which was supposed to create a stage at the end of the cycle (now) through which it would seem like as if there was an underworld existing while the world was about to transform into the divine world. Those ancient people, who were involved with this united collective consciousness, lived before, and around, the time when the Egyptians were mummified. Those ancient people were trying to play an immortal role / birth which was supposed to end with the soul receiving immortality now.

The ancient people had a life-drama which was to end at the end of the cycle (now). The life drama included the ancient people creating an underworld (for their life drama) for the end. The alien experiences / creations are part of the 'underworld' for this life drama. This underworld was to exist at the end of the cycle. Then, it will be conquered and disappear when the world transforms into the divine world.

Through their united collective consciousness, the ancient people were trying to make sure that their life-drama had an ending where on one side, there was the re-creation of the divine world. And on the other side, there was a world that looked like the underworld. The alien experiences are part of that underworld in their life drama which was to end at the end of the cycle, which is now.

But off course, God is involved with the creation of the divine world and not the ancient people. This is how God and spirituality comes into the picture. Receiving immortality at the end of the cycle involves spirituality and God.

It is my view, from my own experiences, that those who have these alien experiences may actually be those who had walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age. Having walked out of the divine world, they were trying to re-create their divine world. They failed. And so they tried to play the immortal role/birth in a united manner (world-wide). This is why one sees similar myths and ancient structures world-wide.

If you do not understandwhat is meant by 'Copper Age', Silver Age, cycle and the process of 'walking out of the divine world', please read the articles in the topic:

Comparing Hindu Cosmological Cycle, Mayan, Jew, Chinese Calenders and Others to the 5000 Year Spiritual Cycle of Time


Thu, Feb 24 2011 04:17pm MHT 11

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Recently from around the beginning of February 2011, I began to have this desire to meet and mix with those people who have alien experiences. 

I interacted with those involved with, or interested in, the alien issues, in the internet. 

Thu, Feb 24 2011 04:21pm MHT 12

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The following is the abovementioned letter:

In February 2011, I was thinking that it would be very nice to meet and mix with people who have alien abductions so as to experiment a little through the Power of Yoga with God.

Actually, I would like to be with these people when they are having their alien abduction experiences. However, I would prefer to be in Abu Road (India), during this experimenting.

I am just one person. If I am overpowered, I might loose my good stage. Or I might not be in a good stage when the others are experiencing the alien abduction.

If I was in Abu Road, there will be other BKs there. I know that the BKs there, who are having a powerful stage, will help me to attain and remain in a high stage.

If one wants to just experiment with it here, in Malaysia, where I live. This is also possible. I am willing to find cheap accommodation for them.

Malaysia is a very safe place for tourists. Malaysia is in South-East Asia.

The place where I live is a gated and guarded housing settlement. There is a very huge shopping complex called the Pyramid (with a lion-headed Sphinx) which one can walk to in about 5 minutes (from where I live). There are also bus stops and the electric train station nearby which one can walk up to. There are a lot of things to see even in the place where I live.

There are also five-star hotels and other good hotels around here (all walking distance) but they are expensive. I can arrange for cheaper accommadation for you where you pay only about US100 – US170 a month (for a furnished room).

I have a few friends here who are involved with renting out furnished rooms. I can try to arrange something through them. Unfurnished rooms are cheaper.

If you can meet me in Abu Road (India), I can also arrange for apartments or rooms in Abu Road or Mount Abu. The rentals are cheaper in Abu Road than in my area, in Malaysia.

If you are willing to include the Brahma Kumaris into it, then, I know that the Brahma Kumaris provide food and lodging for those involved with their programs etc.

The food provided by the Brahma Kumaris in Shantivan (Abu Road, India) is cooked through using filtered water. They do not use the hard water which the locals use in India.

The Brahma Kumaris in Shantivan provide western food for foreigners (along with Indian food).

If you wish to meet me in Abu Road, you have to tell me first so that I can arrange it for you or so that I can ask others to arrange it for you (if you wish to stay outside the Brahma Kumaris).

You can also make arrangements yourself through the BK center that is nearest to your place. But they will not be arranging it so that you can meet me there.

You will have to flow along with what they are doing and tell me as to when you will be in Abu Road or Mount Abu. I can meet you there anytime because I have an apartment in Abu Road (opposite Shantivan).

Alternatively, if there is going to be a gathering for something related to aliens, the New World Order or 2012, you can let me know of it and I will try to arrange my finances etc so that I can make it there.

But I think it might be a better idea to meet in Abu Road.

One of my brothers can foresee what is going to happen. He would advise me based on what he foresees. I have noticed that the things which he had foreseen were correct. The advise which he has given, based on what he had foreseen, were also correctly given. On 16-2-2011, he phoned me and told me to go to Abu Road, India.

I have not been to Abu Road since 2006. My brother, and the other members of my family, are very happy with that because they want me to remain with them. They do not want me to completely cut them off from my life. Yet, on 16-2-2011, this brother called me to tell me that I should go to Abu Road.

For the past few days before he did that, I was actually contemplating on a plan as to how I could meet those who have experiences of being abducted by the aliens. However, I did not tell my brother or anybody else about it. From the time when my brother spoke to me, I was wondering if he was trying to advise me that I should meet these people in Abu Road instead of meeting them here, all by myself.

This brother of mine is not a BK and he does not think too highly of the BKs because he feels that people should live a family life and not remain unmarried like how the unmarried BKs are living. He had worked with a BK who was running a BK center. My brother felt that a person shouldn't live a life as this BK was living (unmarried and using a huge part of his salary to run the BK center).

This brother of mine is involved with making and using pyramids for good vibrations in the atmosphere. He has nothing to do with the Brahma Kumaris. So, for him to tell me to go to Abu Road is something that is “way out”.

That brother loves me a lot since he is one of the 'elders' in the family and I am the youngest sister in the family. My elder brothers and sisters still see me as their “little sister” even though I am already quite old now. So, this brother's sixth sense must have told him to just tell me to go to Abu Road.

I have a sister in London who keeps inviting me to come and stay with her there. I can also meet people there.

However, I had always followed my brother's advise. It had always turned out that following his advise was the correct thing to have done. So, even now, I would prefer to meet these people, who have the abduction experiences etc, in Abu Road.

My apartment in Abu Road (India) is opposite Shantivan, Brahma Kumaris. The headquarter of the Brahma Kumaris is in Mount Abu and they have a huge retreat place further down Abu Road which is called Shantivan.

Abu Road and Mount Abu are in the Sirohi District (which is located in the state of Rajasthan, India). The last I had gone there was in 2006.

In 2001 I had decided that I would like to settle down in Abu Road, opposite the Brahma Kumaris in India. A BK friend of mine had arranged for me to have his apartment there.

I was very happy in Abu Road while I was just mixing with the BKs there. Then, something else happened. I was mixing with people who were trying to get me involved with a plan to do something with the Maharajas in India.

They introduced me to the Maharaja of Sirohi (in Rajasthan, India). They took me to meet this Maharaja, a few times.

Once, when I was hearing the early morning murli (messages from God in the Brahma Kumaris), God was saying something about how the walls in the palaces in the new heavenly world will be decorated with gold etc.

Later, that day, when we were talking to the Maharaja of Sirohi, he told us that he would like to show us something which he has not shown anybody. He took us to a room which, he said, was part of the original palace. He said that all the gold designs on the wall and the furniture there were from the original palace (from very very long ago). He wanted to show the gold decorations on the walls. It had resembled what God was saying in the murli that morning.

Actually, the Maharaja and his son were interested in irrigating the desert lands in the Sirohi district and he wanted to provide jobs for the local people through that.

Since I and the others, in the group, were interested in spirituality, the others had suggested that in the plan we should include schools where the children will be taught 'virtuous living'. It was supposed to be a way of beginning something for those who will walk into the divine world. And so, we were all trying to figure it out as to how it should be set up.

One day, one of those involved in the group, told me that a very rich man was willing to donate 1000 crores (or something like that) so that we can carry out this project. However, the rich guy wanted me to make sure that the money is not misused (as trust funds can sometimes be misused). And so I was asked if I was willing to take on this responsibility. I gave it a lot of thought, and decided that I did not want to get involved with such a huge some of money. So, I came back to Malaysia and have not gone back to Abu Road ever since.

When my friends call me to ask me as to when I am coming back to India, I just tell them that I am busy and that they should go on with the project without me. I am not sure as to what is happening there.

Mon, Feb 28 2011 02:29pm MHT 13

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Someone had said:

"Reptillians may have some place in human history. How would you explain RH negative blood? "

In reply, I had said:

Actually, I started reading into RH negative blood so as to keep you happy.

I got the following information from

'The Rh system is the second most significant blood-group system in human-blood transfusion with currently 50 antigens. … However, D-negative individuals can produce IgG anti-D antibodies following a sensitizing event: possibly a fetomaternal transfusion of blood from a fetus in pregnancy or occasionally a blood transfusion with D positive RBCs.[15] Rh disease can develop in these cases. '

Frankly speaking, I don't really understand it and I don't know if I am affected by it. But as I was reading what they were saying about antibodies, I began to remember of how when I was admitted into hospital to be given a blood transfusion, the hospital told me that they could not find any blood that my blood was agreeing to. They said that there were antibodies in my blood which was rejecting the blood of others. They kept me admitted in hospital for about 7 to 10 days while they were doing experiments and trying to match my blood with a blood which was not rejected by my antibodies.

Finally, they told me that they have done all they could to try to match my blood with another blood but the antibodies were rejecting it all. They told that they wanted to use an alternative treatment to increase the hb count in my blood by giving me a lot of Iron tablets along with Folic acid, B complex and vitamin C.

My sister, who was a doctor, told me to come to her clinic once every week to get a B complex injection. During my next visit to the hospital my blood count had gone up and so there was no need to get a blood transfusion.

I had a fibroid in my uterus. The hospital asked me to go for an operation but I decided to try ayurvedic medicine first.

The ayurvedic doctor gave me medication to remove the fibroid from the uterus and I took that. She told me that for some it worked immediately whereas for others it took some time. It was not working for me and I decided to give a chance for a longer duration.

My hb blood count got low again and I needed a blood transfusion. So the hospital tried again, to see if they could match my blood with another blood.

After 3 days they told me that my blood was originally rejecting all the blood but they finally got something which my blood was not rejecting. They wanted to carry out more tests to make sure that it would be safe to give me the blood.

When they were sure that it would be OK, they began the blood transfusion but I was closely monitered because they were worried that something wrong might happen. They kept me in hospital for a few days even after the transfusion because they wanted to make sure that nothing happens to me because of the blood transfusion.

They asked me to go for the operation but told them that I wanted to give the ayurvedic medicine a chance. In my heart I was wondering if it was the ayurvedic medicine which was helping to improve the condition of my blood because previously, they could not give me any blood transfusion at all.

The ayurvedic medicine did not remove the fibroid and so, later, I was

admitted into hospital again for blood transfusion. This time, they began procedures immediately start the blood transfusion. I stopped it by telling them that there was something wrong with my blood and that there were antibodies in my blood which were rejecting the blood of others.

They did the tests again and they told me that there was nothing wrong with my blood and that I did not the problem where antibodies were rejecting the blood of others. They told me that my blood was able to accept all the blood samples which they had tested with. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So I asked them to do the tests again. They did and they told me that I did not have any more problems with my blood. I told myself that since God was there with me, He will take care of me and I allowed them to give me the blood transfusion.

I wondered if the the ayurvedic medicine had cured this though it did not remove my fibroid. I talked to my ayurvedic doctor about it and she told me that Ayurvedic treatment involved bringing the body back to a healthy normal state because that was essential for getting rid of the problem.

Slowly, over time, I had to have a few more blood transfusions because the fibroid was not getting removed and so my hb count was getting low.

During all those attempts when they were giving me blood transfusion, they had done proper tests before giving me the blood and they would tell me that I do not have the 'antibodies rejecting' problem anymore. There was nothing wrong with my blood anymore. So I was happy. I decided that the ayurvedic medicine must have cured that.

Finally, I got subtle instructions to go for the operation. Since I was getting this subtle instruction, I went to the nearest hospital (a different hospital) to get the fibroid removed.

The doctor was saying that he had to give me a blood transfusion before the operation because my blood count was low. I agreed to have the blood transfusion but I told him that originally I had the problem where antibodies were rejecting the blood of others. So they did tests and told me that I do not have that problem anymore and that my blood could accept all the blood which they had for me (O group type).

I did the operation at the end of august 2010. I do not need any blood transfusion anymore. I am OK now.

Frankly speaking, I never asked any doctor to explain why I had antibodies which was rejecting the blood of others and I do not know if that was related to this RH negative thing which you have brought up. My sister was monitering the whole thing for me and I left it in her hands. The first time when she saw my complete blood test results, she had gone pale. When I aske her if anything was wrong. She told me not to worry. She was not a BK. She was involved with Kundilini meditation and she had developed psychic powers which helped her to understand a lot of things. I trusted her intuitions. But she has passed away and so I can't ask her to explain now. ..."

Thu, Mar 31 2011 12:26am MHT 14

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I am actually starting an explanation for connecting the Rh negative blood to what the ancient Reptilians had done. The Rh negative blood is connected to what Enki and the Copper Aged Reptilians did.

For the time being, this discussion is continued in the Topic “ Evolution, the Creation Theory or Genetic Engineering?” 

Post 15:

One will have a better understanding of what is happening in relation to the Greys, aliens and UFO experiences (in the Kaliyug world) if one reads the contents of the second post in:
Egyptian God Set

Post 16:
There is a discussion about the Alien-UFO believe-system at:
The Alien-UFO Believe-System
Post 17: (28th Oct 2014)

I have not updated all my earlier articles to reflect my later experiences. I have inserted the date of posting the article, so that the readers will know that one was written earlier and the other was written later.

Some of the alien experiences, which people have, are visions of aliens because God gives visions (based on the worship practices, believes of the people, etc). These are nice experiences.

Some alien experiences involve the ‘practices of the underworld’. So the vices (of all those who had been involved with the alien believe system in ancient times and during the present time) can make things happen as a Collective Consciousness. The quantum energies will serve them too, so as to materialise stuff etc.

However, some of the alien experiences involve those who had time-travelled from the Mid-Confluence into the present time. Maybe, only their descendants made it to the present time. At first, I was wondering if these people had made it to the present time because if the time-travelling was not done properly, the time-travellers could disappear into thin air like how crafts disappear at the Bermuda Triangle and at the Devil’s Triangle. However, someone who was regularly seeing aliens told me that if I just looked up, I will be able to see the aliens. One day, while remembering what he had said, I looked up and I saw the aliens, their UFO-like crafts etc. They were happy to see me. They left their crafts (in the sky) and were coming towards me. It was as if they wanted to make contact with me. One had come very near me. I got scared and ran off into the house. I did not act like an instrument of God because I was too scared. I was so scared that I did not even remember that I was an instrument of God. Anyway, after that, I stopped mixing with the people who see aliens. And I kept telling my subconscious mind not to ever let me see aliens again because I was not interested in having that kind of experiences or relationships. With time, since I did not have another of those alien experiences; I began to think about it and decided that some of them must have made it to the present time or their descendants must have made it to the present time.

The aliens were supposed to help the religious founders (like Christ) to establish their religion as prophesied. They were also supposed to help others, as per the ancient plan. They were also supposed to make sure that the sciences get redeveloped. For example, they must have given the knowledge which was used to build the Coral Castle ( They will make sure that the world continues to exist, during the destructive events, before the Golden Age comes into existence. But they and their descendants cannot walk into the Golden Aged world. They cannot mix with humans because of the ancient (gods-angel-helper-human) caste system which they still follow. They are probably in the angel or helper category.


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