Ancient Sciences Got Stopped to be Used Secretly

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Ancient Sciences Got Stopped to be Used Secretly

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Sat, May 21 2011 02:55pm MHT 1

At the beginning of the cycle, the sciences are taken into the Golden Age, which is why the advanced sciences existed at the beginning of the Copper Age. However, the sciences were stopped, in the Copper Age, on the basis that some people were misusing it. Only some people were allowed to continue using it after that. With time, these sciences were used in a secret manner. A lot of the sciences got lost because of this and because the sciences were not properly put into writing.

Present day people would find it very difficult to understand how the ancient people could have stopped using the sciences when people, of the present day, will surely find it impossible to stop it. The ancient people could stop the usage of the sciences because the sciences were in the hands of people who were yogis or who were like yogis.

In the Golden and Silver Ages, the people will be very simple in their ways (like yogis). However, they will be dancing, singing and socializing. Since they constantly enjoy the blissful stage, they will not have to try to go beyond so as to enjoy the blissful stage. They will be naturally enjoying it. They will not sit in a place and try to get help from God. They do not need God's help because they have everything. So, they do not ask God for anything. They will have and get everything that they need. They will not be influenced by the vices because of the divine state of the soul. So, they will not have impure desires like how the people of the present world have. The people who walked out of the divine world were still like this, even though the vices have begun to emerge to influence them. When the vices had emerged, they were trying to keep it under control and they were doing bhakti to ask God to help them keep it under control. They were also doing bhakti to ask God to re-create their divine world. So the people who walked out of the Silver Age, became the hatha yogis who were doing bhakti/worship. Since they were yogis or were living like yogis, they could easily stop the sciences when they saw misuse of the sciences. The subsequent generations were also encouraged to live like yogis and/or to be yogis. This too enabled the people to just stop the sciences.

These yogis were the builders. They had been trained to re-build the new civilization for the Copper Age. For more on this see:

Ancient Sciences in the Hands of a Few

Thus, the sciences only remained in their hands and they began to play a great role like that of gods on earth. When I refer to human beings who were seen as gods on earth, I use the small letter g for the word 'god'. When I refer to the Almighty God (who is not a human being and who is not a human soul) I use capital G for the word 'God'.

After having re-built civilizations and done all that they were instructed to do, the Reptilians made sure that the sciences were stopped completely in the area. However, they had also done things to make sure that the people, at the end of the cycle, will be able to re-develop the sciences and know that the sciences had once existed. So, they made some records of it through leaving behind evidences, myths and the scripture stories. After having re-built civilizations and structures (in the Copper Age), the sciences were no longer needed in the area. The people in the area were also not dependent on the sciences as we are today. So the people were able to just stop using it as instructed.

We are dependent on the sciences today because our population is big and the sciences help to produce and transport food and water to us. The population in ancient times was small and the people lived near the waters and they had food growing around them. So, they were not dependent on the sciences. Further, we cannot stop the usage of the sciences because of the existence of the vices (in it's most powerful state). The people in the Copper Age were not that badly influences by the vices as yet.

From the beginning of the Copper Age, some of the people allowed themselves to be influenced by the vices, whereas others had more control over themselves. These people who got badly influenced by the vices, and who had the sciences in their hands, began to misuse the sciences. But not all the people, who had the sciences in their hands, had misused it.

The advanced sciences are actually a beneficial thing. But if you put the beneficial thing in the hands of people who do not know how to value it, there can be misuse. This will be similar to how a scissors is a beneficial instrument and the flower is such a beautiful thing. But if you place them in the hands of the monkey, what will the monkey do with them. It wouldn't know what to do with them and it might even use the scissors (advanced sciences) in a destructive manner and destroy the flower (corporeal world / earth and people). Similarly, when the advanced sciences were in the hands of those who were influenced by the vices, the sciences were misused. Other ancient people associated these people's behaviour to the monkeys (that had been created through using those sciences) and so the Age of the Monkeys began after the Age of the Reptilians (through genetic engineering).

Maybe one should compare these ancient peoples' behaviour to the behaviour of children or teenagers because, in those ancient days, people matured very slowly. Further, if a person had a special role to play, they began to play their role at a very young age because it was considered as part of the training /studying process. Thus, with time, there were princes who were allowed to become kings at a very young age.

Children, teenagers and very young adults (below 24 years) did not rule in the Golden and Silver Ages because people do not die unexpectedly there. In the Copper Age, they were following the systems that was used in the Silver Age; however, kings were dying before time because of the existence of the vices, imperfect bodies and the misuse of the sciences. This put matters into a confused state because the son has to rule in the father's place. So the son is not given much time for the training process before becoming king etc.

The Reptilians / Builders were all considered as part of God's clan because they were involved with God's work on earth. They were also considered as the ruling clan because they were involved with world governance even though all the nations had their own kings as rulers. My first first and third past births from the beginning of the Copper Age were seen as a World Emperor because of their roles as Builders. But, in reality, they were only rulers of a kingdom and they were not really a world emperor. My third past birth had conquered surrounding lands to make sure that his role as the World Emperor is recognised.

Since the Reptilians / Builders belonged to a highly regarded clan, their misbehaviour and battles were not made to look that bad in some of the myths etc.

When the sciences were stopped because of misuse, scientific information were left in the scriptures etc so that they can be re-developed as per the World Drama. This was done because :

1. the ancient Reptilians had to make sure that the people of the future were able to re-develop the sciences because it will be used for destruction (at the end) and in the first kingdom of Satyug/Golden Age,

2. the ancient people play the role of providing knowledge (including scientific knowledge),

3. the ancient people wanted to connect the end of the cycle to the beginning of the Copper because it was connected.

The ancient Reptilians/Builders had built structures through using the advanced sciences and these structures would also one day connect the Copper Age to the end. They had also created myths and religious theories; and began to put all these and the sciences into writing so that these knowledge would also, one day, link the Confluence Age to the Copper Age.

The fact that the sciences got included in the Hindu and other scriptures only shows that the ancient people, who were involved with the sciences, must have been yogis. The fact that they made a record of the sciences in the scriptures and had stopped it, shows that science only played a very insignificant part in their lives. They valued spirituality greater, which is why spirituality was developed but the sciences were discontinued (to a great extent). Though these scriptures indicates that the ancient people knew of the sciences, the common men were ignorant of the sciences and so had thought that the earth was flat etc because they did not know of the sciences as these yogis did.

In the present world, the sciences can be in everyone's hands. Thus, many of the modern people may not value spirituality as much as the sciences. Thus, many modern day people would find it very difficult to understand how the sciences could have got stopped. This is the end of Kaliyug and so Man's nature would be such that they may give too much emphasis and importance to those which are not the most important in life.

It should be noted that a yogi need not be sitting in the lotus position. One can be a yogi while doing anything and everything on earth, though it is more difficult to be a yogi when one's eyes are open and when one is doing actions etc. A good yogi should be able to be in meditation even while doing actions and with the eyes open.

According to visions which I had seen, when the sciences were stopped, only my past birth was allowed to use it. These visions and experiences gave me the understanding that he had openly used it to help people (world-wide) in whatever way he could, during the destructive events. Since my past birth was seen as acting as God's helper, the sight of his UFO began to be associated to help from God. After my past birth died, the others who continued to use the sciences had done it secretly (like god helping in secret and from a distance). All these had helped develop the path for visions where 'flying and UFO-like vehicles' are experienced in visions. The Almighty God also flows along with what we do and so the visions from Him also began to include the concept of 'flying' among other things. The Almighty God flows along with whatever believe system that we establish.

Even though the sciences were stopped because of misuse, they were not completely stopped. My past birth had continued to use it and then, there were others using it secretly (with instructions as to how to use it). They were using it to pave the way for religions and for the aims of the Reptilians. More on the Reptilians can be found at:

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These Reptilians continued to pave the way for various religions and also for those who will be involved with Reptilian work in later births. For example, this help was given to Alexander the Great so as to build the causeways to the new city of Tyre and to later break down the city wall at Tyre. This help from the Reptilians enabled Alexander the Great to be successful in invading the city of Tyre. This will be discussed later.

These Reptilians were also involved with the Shroud of Jesus, after the crucifixion of Jesus. The Reptilians could not do anything to stop the crucifixion of Jesus because it was meant to happen as per the World Drama. But they could do something after that as per the World Drama. These too will be discussed later.

The fact that Jesus was treated the way that he was, shows how bad the behaviour of people of those days can be because the people were not using well developed laws and good customs to keep their vices under control (as we are kept under control now). The religions were just beginning (from the beginning of the Copper Age); and the laws were just beginning to get put forward and improved upon. Nowadays, even though there are a lot of laws and religious movements trying to keep control, the vices can still take many on a 'ride' to do something that is not considered as 'lawful' or religious. Ancient people were also in a similar boat because they were also influenced by the vices from the beginning of the Copper Age.

Since these Reptilians were operating secretly, not many people knew them though many may have heard something of them or may have seen them flying around. Only those who were rulers and other important figures knew the Reptilians. They knew that the Reptilians were instructed to keep a watch over the world so as to carry out their activities (based on instructions given to them and based on prophesies). They knew that the Reptilians were instructed to carry on, as instructed, in a secret manner and so everyone flowed along with that. Since the spiritual strength of the souls in the Copper Age was still quite high, they were able to just flow along with instructions and prophesies (which they considered as divine instructions since the one(s) who gave the instructions / prophesies was seen as acting on God's behalf on earth).

Yogis, and religious people, will tend to just flow along with the World Drama, just as God also flows along with the World Drama. Thus, when there is a need for confusion, God provides confusion through them; and when it is time for clarity, God provides for clarity through those who had provided for the most confusion. The Reptilians were yogis who will one day be the Confluence Aged yogis at the end of the cycle. The Confluence Aged yogis, at the end of the cycle, will be in yoga for world transformation through self-transformation. They will also be involved with the purification process (which can only happen at the end of the cycle).

There is a need to understand some of the visions which I see. For example, in visions it was shown that when there was misuse of the sciences, the sciences were stopped and only my past birth was allowed to continue using it. He is supposed to have used it until the fuel ran out. There is actually more to this because my past birth had instructed his descendants and others around him on how to continue using the sciences before he died. They had done as he had instructed and this indicates that it was my past birth who had used it until the fuel ran out. There was a need for such instructions because of the influence of the vices and the misuse of the sciences. Thus, even though the deity souls were getting more and more impure and were getting influenced by the vices to a greater extent, the usage of the sciences were under control because the people who were continuing to use it were using it as per my past birth's instructions. This was why later, the UFOs were only seen observing and helping (when needed) and not doing anything that would amount to misuse (or severe misuse, as had happened at the beginning of the Copper Age).


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Mon, Jul 25 2011 08:03pm MHT 2

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