Reptilians Provided for Confusion Too

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Before you read this article, please note that, from 1996, I had begun to see numerous visions. I (Pari, the author of this article) did not have experiences involving the ‘grey aliens’ etc. until a later time. Thus, when I began writing my articles, from 1996, I had not known that the Mid-Confluence Aged scientists (who lived about 2500 years ago) had sent beings into the future, on the instructions of the Mid-Confluence Aged gods/rulers, so that these beings (who are referred to as aliens now) can assist Mankind, especially for the re-creation of the Golden Aged world and the Return (of God and ‘past births through the afterlife’). Hence, in earlier articles, all these are not reflected. All these will be explained further, in future books.
From 1996, when I began seeing numerous visions, I was trying to understand what was happening to me. 
As I was trying to understand this, I began writing all the articles which can be found in this website. Each article is a continuation of the earlier one. So what I had explained in earlier articles were not explained in subsequent articles. This had also allowed me to keep developing what I have to explain. After I had written numerous articles, people were asking me as to which articles they had to read in order to understand something or the other. Thus, in 2015, I began to write books. All the knowledge which a person needs, so as to understand the contents of a book, are given in the book. Thus, a person could understand the contents of a book without having to revert to other articles or books. However, a better understanding could be had through reading the other books. I had also begun writing my first book “Holographic Universe : An Introduction” because I began to have a good understanding on the structure of the Holographic Universe through experiences, guidance from God, research, etc. 

It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role. 

It should be noted that since there are so many articles, I find it very difficult to update the articles. So there may be information in them which has not been updated. I try my best to keep my eBooks updated. 

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Reptilians Provided for Confusion Too

Post 1: Fri, Apr 22 2011 12:54am MHT 1

The Reptilians are the people who had lived at the beginning of the Copper Age. They had walked out of the divine world at the end of the Silver Age and had already got transformed into the ordinary state at the beginning of the Copper Age. In the divine world, they were not referred to as Reptilians. In the divine world, they were referred to as Aryans. The Aryans were divine human beings with perfect bodies.

Through various ways, these Reptilians (in the Copper Age) had provided for confusion that was to exist by the end of the cycle. The Reptilians had paved the way for religions and religious founders like Abraham, Buddha, Jesus Christ etc. Yet at the same time, they had also provided for confusion because of the World Drama and life-drama (which they were involved with) required it. This is why the myths, contents in scriptures, evidences relating to evolution, etc can put one into a more confused state instead of giving clarification.

The World Drama, which all of us are part of, provides a situation where (at the end of the cycle) people are in a confused state. The Reptilians flowed along with the World Drama to make sure that people are in a confused state by the end of the cycle. This is also one reason why they paved the way for the ET believers and for the evolution believers, even though these may be contrary to religious believes.

As for the life-dramas which the Reptilians were involved with, please read my article “Ancient Life-Dramas” to understand it further.

From my experiences and visions, I know that the people from the beginning of the Copper Age were involved with a lot of life-dramas. One of these life-dramas involved having a 'world stage', at the end of the cycle, where on one side there will be a situation where there was so much of confusion, wars etc; and it looked like an underworld / hell. The present day alien experiences, of being tortured, are part of this underworld (in this life-drama).

To make sure that the world really looked like an underworld/hell, by the end of the cycle, the Reptilians started doing all sorts of things in order to put confusion in everything that they could put confusion into.

The Reptilians encouraged division among the people because division involved differences and that would bring fights, wars and disunity. The Reptilians had, thus, paved the way for various religions; and you can see signs of this in Christianity, Buddhism etc. However, the people who had walked out of the divine world were also providing for religions through roles like Krishna, Enlil etc.

The idea, for confusion, in the ancient people's life-drama was to provide a world stage (at the end of the cycle) where on one side there would be extreme darkness (representing the underworld / hell) and on the other side there should be the light of Truth which will finally be victorious.

So those ancient people did things that would help to increase the confusion, wars etc by the end of the cycle. They did not do this with bad intentions. Since their spiritual strength was still quite high, they were using the right hemisphere of the brain more than the left and so, they were very creative in nature.

An example of what I mean by 'putting confusion into whatever they could' can be found in

Is Abraham a Brahman or Not a Brahman?

One could get confused wondering whether Abraham was a Brahman or not a Brahman. If one gets confused when contemplating on these contradictory views, one will fall into the dark side of hell. When one understands what has happened because clarity is given by the end of the cycle, one isn't confused anymore and one remains on the side of 'clarity' (which is associated to purity of the soul).

This ancient life- drama relating to confusion is seen as a life-drama because it includes all the mythological roles such as Vyasa, Enki, Enlil etc. There are 2 sides to this ancient life-drama relating to confusion. One can be on either side, depending on the state of one's mind etc. This is also why there are 2 different roles for Enki and Enlil. The role of Enki involved the usage of the vices. But, later, it began to include the usage of black magic which is why Enki is seen as the father of Marduk. This is why ancient India/Bharath slowly closed it's doors to the spiritual knowledge from Egypt. But actually, one side in this ancient life-drama represents the 'underworld' and the other side represents 'divinity and religions'. The side for 'divinity and religions', which is represented by Enlil, will finally be connected to the Confluence Age (at the end of the cycle). The Confluence Age is the Age through which the deity souls transform back into deities of the new Golden Age. So those who had walked out of the divine world had wanted to make a connection between what they were doing to what will happen to them at the end of the cycle, through the Confluence Age. There were deity souls within the Reptilians of the Copper Age. These deity souls will transform back into deities at the end of the cycle. When they transform, the world transforms and the Golden Age of the new cycle begins.

Those of other religions will have clarification at the end of the cycle; and if they are religious, they will not experience much punishment on Judgement day. Those of other religions also receive salvation and liberation when the cycle comes to an end (when all souls go back to the Soul World). All these, that will happen at the end, is opposite to the 'confusing state' which people get into when they are faced with the confusion that are there in their religious scriptures etc.

At the beginning of the Copper Age, the deity souls create the confusion; and then, at the end of the cycle, the deity souls remove that confusion by bringing about clarity. This is the role of the heroes and so emphasis was given for this heroic role. At the end, now, the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge is providing for clarity. Though the Confluence Aged knowledge is for world transformation through self transformation; there is clarity provided through this Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge; and this is why I am explaining what the ancient people had done through using the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge as well.

If we had done something wrong, the World Drama can be such that we will be given the opportunity to undo it. The Law of Karma may require that unless one would prefer to settle it through suffering for one's wrong or by burning it off through the Power of Yoga or through settling it on Judgement Day. So since we had created confusion through what we had done in past births, the World Drama would give us an opportunity to undo the wrong through which clarity is given.


Post 2: Sat, May 7 2011 11:22pm MHT 2

Title: Part 2 - Aliens can be perfect or ugly.

The ancient people had provided for 2 kinds of bodies for the aliens. The first is the perfect bodies for aliens whereas earthlings have imperfect bodies. This has been provided for through the Sumerian Tablets. This basically reflects that the aliens are those from the divine world which is why they have perfect bodies. When the world transformed into the ordinary state, the perfect bodies transformed into the ordinary state of those who were referred to as Men or earthlings. To add spice to this, the Reptilians had paved the way for these imperfect bodies (of humans) further through genetic engineering and through other means of changing the shape of the bodies, e.g. through binding to elongate skulls etc.

The Reptilians have also provided imperfect bodies for the aliens whereas the humans have normal human bodies. This relates to 2 different kind of situations. The first is where the aliens are those who are in the underworld (now) and the humans are those who belong to the divine world. The second kind of situation is that the humans are those who are not settling in this ordinary world whereas the aliens are those who are settling in the underworld (now).

All these help to bring about confusion for the end of the World Drama, if people do not understand why there were such different views of the aliens. Thus, there is the confusion of whether the aliens are perfect beings whereas earthlings were not perfect (as provided for in the Sumerian Tablet translations). Or did the aliens have imperfect/weird bodies whereas humans have 'human bodies'. Actually, there is no confusion here. It is just a matter of which angle we are looking at it from.

If we look at it from the angle that the Anunnaki/aliens had perfect bodies because they were from the divine world (since they had just walked out of the divine world), then we are the ordinary earthlings who do not have perfect bodies. We also do not have perfect bodies because of the settling process.

If we look at it from the angle that we are the ugly aliens who have imperfect bodies because of the settling process, then the people who live a heavenly life on earth (because they are enjoying their satopradhan life on earth) are the humans who are having healthy human bodies. In this sense, it can be said that, in the present world, there are 2 kinds of bodies. The first are the unhealthy bodies because of the settling process and the second is the healthy bodies because the soul is not settling through the body. Those who are settling are the ugly aliens in the underworld whereas those who are not settling are the human beings.

There is also the third view where we are the ugly aliens and those in the divine world are the human beings. If we look at it from the point of view that the people in the divine world are the aliens, then we are the human beings. If we look at it from the point of view that the people from the ordinary world are the aliens, then the people in the divine world are the human beings. A person who does not understand all this might get confused as to what was being said by the ancient people.


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There is a brief discussion on how the Aryans and Anaryans were trying to confuse each other at


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