Spiritual Knowledge & Spirituality

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Before you read this article, please note that, from 1996, I (Pari, the author of this article) had begun to see numerous visions. I was trying to understand what was happening to me. As I was trying to understand this, I began writing all the articles which can be found in this website. Each article is a continuation of the earlier one. So what I had explained in earlier articles were not explained in subsequent articles. This had also allowed me to keep developing what I have to explain. After I had written numerous articles, people were asking me as to which articles they had to read in order to understand something or the other. Thus, in 2015, I began to write books. All the knowledge which a person needs, so as to understand the contents of a book, are given in the book. Thus, a person could understand the contents of a book without having to revert to other articles or books. However, a better understanding could be had through reading the other books. I had also begun writing my first book “Holographic Universe : An Introduction” because I began to have a good understanding on the structure of the Holographic Universe through experiences, guidance from God, research, etc. 

It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role. 

It should be noted that since there are so many articles, I find it very difficult to update the articles. So there may be information in them which has not been updated. I try my best to keep my eBooks updated. 

Anyway, to have a better understand of what has been said in this article, read all my earlier articles. Begin by reading the first article which is numbered as No.1 at my List of Articles. Then, re-read this article to have a better understanding. It should be noted that all my articles were written based on time being cyclic. Click here to understand the basics of the Cycle of Time.

Spiritual Knowledge & Spirituality

Post 1 (posted on Dec 3, 2011):

When I refer to knowledge or spiritual knowledge, in my articles, I am referring to the Confluence Aged knowledge. Though I also use the knowledge of other Confluence Aged groups, I basically use the spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris. So, when I refer to knowledge or spiritual knowledge, I am usually referring to the BK knowledge. 

BK spiritual knowledge helps one to go into the soul-conscious stage. This means that it helps one to have the consciousness that one is the divine soul.

soul is the spirit. The word spiritual and spirituality concerns the spirit or soul. The BK knowledge helps one to practice spirituality in one's daily life. It teaches one about how one can take one's consciousness away from the corporeal or material world, while going into the consciousness of feeling that one is the divine soul. Since one's divine virtues are in an emerged state, during the soul-conscious stage, one will be divine and virtuous in one's ways.

BK knowledge enables the soul to establish it's link to God. Thus, one can communicate with God during one's spiritual life in the Confluence Age. One will be able to develop various kinds of relationships with God in the Confluence Age (through using the BK knowledge).

One will be taken into the
Confluence Aged spiritual subtle regions, when one practices the BK knowledge. One can use subtle spiritual roles like Shanker, Brahma, Ganga, Ganesha, Skanda, Lakshmi, Narayan, Vishnu etc while one is in the Confluence Aged spiritual realm. God is the 'King' in this Confluence Aged spiritual realm; and we get to interact with God in this kingdom of His. This Confluence Aged spiritual realm is the realm of souls/spirits (in their soul-conscious state). The BK knowledge enables the soul to belong to this Confluence Aged spiritual realm. The BK knowledge was given by God to transform the deity souls back into the deities.

BK knowledge helps one to develop a spiritual approach to life. It provides for spiritual values and spiritual fulfillment. It enables one to live a spiritual life, where one is a "spiritual being" and not this corporeal body. This is experienced through the soul-conscious stage.

Post 2 (posted on
Dec 10, 2011):

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