Temples, Temple in Jerusalem & Other Ancient Constructions

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Temples, Temple in Jerusalem & Other Ancient Constructions

Post 1 (posted on Dec 21, 2011):

(a discussion on the meaning of 'temple')

When the
deity souls walked out of the Silver Age, they had built temples, and other structures, in the ordinary world to represent that the deities are now in the graveyard/ordinary world, waiting for God to come and resurrect them. The temple represents the corporeal body which the deity soul is in. But, from the Copper Age, bhakti also had to begin. So, with time, these temples were used for worship (for both, the deity souls and the devotees). In the Copper Age, the deity souls were waiting in their corporeal bodies (temples) doing worship to God so that God will come and re-create their divine world. This was also a reason why the temples began to be used for worship.

Sometimes, temples were also built to represent the
Confluence Age and the Confluence Aged subtle region. This is why the statues of many deities are kept in those temples. The Confluence Aged subtle region houses the deity souls as they are using the deity roles (in the Confluence Age). The home of the deity souls, in the Confluence Age, is the Confluence Aged subtle region. Thus, this Confluence Aged subtle region is the temple of all the deity souls, in the Confluence Age. This is why, in the pagan religions, more than one deity is often found in a temple. It does not mean that many deity souls are in one corporeal body. It means that they are in the Confluence Aged subtle region. But then, a deity soul (who is in one corporeal body, in the Confluence Age) may be using one of many Confluence Aged deity bodies/roles (which he could use in the Confluence Aged subtle region). It is as if all those deity bodies/roles are waiting for the deity soul to use them. This was also represented with one temple having many deities, though one deity will be the main one. The main one is the one which is being used by the deity soul.

Some of the temples were also the places where the
Copper Aged royalty lived, soon after walking out of the divine world. These main ones were seen as deities, who were in control and helping the people (at that time). They were seen as instruments of God, on earth. They were still seeing themselves as souls because their spiritual strength was still quite high. So, it was as if the deity souls were living in those temples. They were also seen as deities, because it was their aim to become deities again. After they had died, those places (where they had stayed) were later turned into temples for worship of those deities/royalty. Since they often lived together and they took care of world affairs in a united manner, many statues were later placed in those temples to represent all of them. Sometimes, a temple was built for them, after they had died:
1. to make it look like as if those deities/royalty were still around, taking care of everything, and to make it look like as if the descendants (and others) were only acting on their instructions/behalf,
2. out of respect (because of the roles which they had played),
3. because it became customary to build a temple for them after they died,
4. so as to give importance to what they were doing,
5. so that the aims (of re-creating the divine world, Copper Aged Reptilian service etc) will continue, 
6. to give immortality
to their birth-roles. Since immortality is given to their birth-roles, it is as if all the acts (of those who are following their instructions) are done by those immortal birth-rolesImmortality for their birth-roles will also help the soul to play the role of the mapmaker well, at the End.

Even the divine world, in the first half
cycle, was represented as a temple because that is where the deities lived (in the first half cycle). The Golden Age is the Temple of God because God got it created/built. But God does not live there. Only the deities lived there. God got it created/built for us. In memory of this, in the Copper Age, the deity souls built temples representing the Golden Age. They built these temples as instruments of God. They did this because, in the Confluence Age (at the End), God uses them to built/create the divine world of the Golden Age.

Soul World was also represented through temples because it is where God lives. It is our temple/home too when we are in the Soul World. All souls live there before they come down into the corporeal world. But this is not that significant, for deity souls, because deity souls will be enjoying happiness in the divine world. So, they would prefer the temple that represents the Confluence Aged subtle region and the divine world of the first half cycle.

Temples were also built to represent the places, at the very
End, where there is a meeting between the Confluence Aged souls and the deities of the Golden Age. This meeting takes place when some of the Confluence Aged souls transform and walk into the divine world (to take care of the divine children of the Golden Age until they grow up and take over). So, a meeting will definitely take place and this meeting is greatly valued by deity souls because it represents the victory of the Confluence Aged souls. So, temples were also built to represent this time when the Confluence Aged souls and deities of the Golden Age were living together in the Golden Age (the Temple of God).

Temples were also built to represent the world when there is an overlap of the
Confluence Age and the Golden Age. There will be Confluence Aged souls still taking care of service in the old world, even after some places have already transformed into the divine world. The places where there are powerful Confluence Aged souls, will transform first. Then, slowly, the rest of the world transforms.

One has to look at the temple, or construction, and at all the deities that are there so as to know if the temple represents:
1. the corporeal body,
2. the
Confluence Aged subtle region,
3. the place when there is a meeting between the
Confluence Aged souls and the deities of the Golden Age,
4. the world, at the very
End, when there is an overlap between the Confluence Age and the Golden Age,
5. the
Golden Age, or
6. the
Soul World.

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