World Rule/ Promised Land Passes from Deities to Christians

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World Rule or the Promised Land Passes from Deities to Christians, Through the Line of Abraham

Post 1: Mon, May 2 2011

The Promised Land for deity souls is the divine world, during the first half of the cycle (in the Golden Age and the Silver Age). It can also be said that the Promised Land for the deity souls is Bharath/India which is the first kingdom, or most important kingdom, in the Golden and Silver Ages.

The Promised Land for those in the line of Abraham is world rule from the beginning of the Copper Age to the end of the cycle. It can also be said that there are specific places/countries on earth (during the Copper Age and Iron Age) which is/are the Promised Land of those in the line of Abraham.

Since world rule passed from the deities to those in the line of Abraham, from the Copper Age, even the most important or richest kingdom is no longer Bharath/ India by the end of the cycle. The importance shifts to the lands occupied and given importance to by those in the line of Abraham. Thus, importance was shifted from Bharath/India to the Middle East area in the Copper Age. So the development in Bharath/India were ignored, or got reduced, from that time onwards.

Abraham was the first non-deity soul to come into the corporeal world from the Soul World. And so, there were not any, or many, non-deity subjects for him to rule over. So the Reptilians (deity souls at the beginning of the Copper Age) had continued to enjoy world rule for awhile until they got kicked off from the world stage. But the ancient Reptilians had allowed those in the line of Abraham to have the land in Israel as their main focused land, on earth, during that time itself because they knew that it was time for those in the line of Abraham to begin and take over world rule. They also knew that they will get back world rule by the end of the cycle and this is reflected in the scripture stories like Mahabharatha etc where the Pandavas lose their kingdom and then regain it at the end.


Post 2: Mon, Oct 24 2011

More on World Rule, being passed over to those in the line of Abraham, can be found at: Exodus, Moses, Ramses, Joshua and World Rule


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