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Posted on Dec 8, 2011:

(Includes a discussion on the seat of the soul, third eye, tilak, BK meditation, dhristi)

During the Confluence Age, when we are linked to God, we will absorb God's vibrations and automatically send it:

1. out into the atmosphere around us,

2. to the people around us,

3. to the whole corporeal world,

4. etc.

These vibrations will make people peaceful. It will also help to transform the world into a divine world. When we intentionally send God's vibrations to someone, it is said that we are giving the person dhristi. This dhristi will help the soul/person, who is receiving the dhristi, to easily go into the soul-conscious stage.

The soul has a seat in the center of the forehead, where Hindus place a tilak. The tilak is a mark representing the soul, as a dot, seated on it's seat in the center of the forehead. The soul will be seated on this seat, when the soul is in the soul-conscious stage. If the soul is seated on this seat, the third eye of the soul is open. Even if the soul is not seated on this seat, the soul will be somewhere in the forehead while using the brain (so as to use the corporeal body). So, when we give dhristi, we look at the person's forehead and we send God's vibrations to that soul. This will help the soul to easily sit on his seat, in the center of the forehead.

Drishti, in Sanskrit, can also mean a vision, point of view, intelligence and wisdom. When we see the soul in the center of the forehead, we are helping ourselves and the other to easily go beyond into the stage where we enjoy wisdom and are able to experience the self and others as souls. During BK meditation, sending dhristi is a technique which is used to help one to focus on the vision of the soul. This will help both, the sender and the receiver, to easily go into the soul-conscious stage. One can easily get distracted if the eyes are wandering all over. Focusing on the soul being seated in his seat (and intentionally absorbing and sending God's vibrations to the other), will help to prevent one from getting distracted. It will also help the receiver to become happy and peaceful.


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