Power of Silence

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Power of Silence

(posted 24-2-2013)

(includes a discussion on the ill effects of the noise of the vices)

The Power of Silence is used by the Confluence Aged souls for transforming the world into the Golden Aged world and for transforming oneself into the Golden Aged soul. We use God for this transformation process by linking ourselves to Him and allowing His vibrations to fill us up. When we do this, the vices within us are burnt away and we attain the pure state (where the soul is only experiencing the divine virtues and powers).

The negative qualities/traits or vices, within the soul, are ‘noise’ within the soul. When there is no noise of the vices, within the soul, then there is silence within the soul. However, there isn’t any ‘power’ in just experiencing this ‘silence’. One has to use the Power of Silence, during this silence. When Confluence Aged souls experience this silence, we are filled with God’s energies and so our own energies transform into the divine state too. Thus, when we experience silence (within the soul) we are filled with:

1. God’s Divine Virtues and Powers, and

2. the divine virtues and powers of the soul.

Divine virtues and powers are not ‘noise’ within the soul. They are ‘silent’. So we can enjoy the blissful state. The divine virtues and powers, which the Confluence Aged souls are filled with, are the ‘powers’ used during the ‘silence’ that is experienced by the soul. These divine virtues and powers (of God and the soul), within the Confluence Aged souls, are collectively called “the Power of Silence”. This Power of Silence is very powerful because it transforms the world into the Golden Aged world and it also transforms us into the Golden Aged souls.

All those souls who had taken births during the Golden and Silver Ages are deity souls. Deep within all these deity souls, there are divine virtues because we had been deities during the first half cycle. These divine virtues are deep within us, where there is silence. We do not use these divine virtues (which exist deep within us) because we only use what is on the surface of the soul.

There is no connection between the depths of the soul (where the divine virtues exist) and the surface of the soul (where the vices can exist). However, during the Confluence Age, God gives us a connection to the divine virtues that are deep within us. Thus, we can now emerge our divine virtues to the top and they can be used as our divine powers. We can emerge them through contemplating on the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge.

God is filled with Divine Virtues and Powers. His Divine Virtues and Powers are His Power of Silence. We can take them from Him to help ourselves and the world. During the Confluence Age, now, God has given us the right to get linked to Him so that we can absorb and use His Power of Silence. We can link ourselves to God through contemplating on the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge or through remembering God in His true form (as a Point of Light). If it is difficult to visualize a Point of Light, then we can visualize God as an enlarged Point of Light or as just ‘Light’ around the Point source.

God’s Power of Silence is very powerful. When we absorb God’s Power of Silence, our own weak energies will transform into the divine virtues and powers. Thus, our weak energies transform into our power of silence. But we cannot transform the world or transform ourselves with our power of silence. We have to use God’s Power of Silence which is very powerful. God’s strength is like an Ocean whereas we are like a drop in comparison to that Ocean. If we use God, the vices will not be able to hide somewhere so as to emerge later. They will slowly get burnt away. So the amount of vices, within us, gets reduced with time. We cannot burn away our vices without using God’s Power of Silence.

In the Confluence Age, God is constantly there (with us) trying to help us when we attempt to link ourselves to Him. Thus, once we emerge the divine virtues and powers from deep within, it automatically links us to God because God is giving us this help. The minute our divine virtues and powers emerge to the top, our intellect links us to God. So, we would be able to use God’s Power of Silence.

In the division deep within the soul, where our divine virtues exist, there cannot be any noise of the vices there. The energies which are on the surface of our souls are so weak that they can transform into the vices. When the divine virtues are emerged to the surface of the soul, we are under their influence. So the vices cannot remain in an emerged state within us. These divine virtues and powers are our own power of silence. Nothing much can be done with our own power of silence. We have to keep using God’s Power of Silence, so that we become more and more powerful. Then, one day, we will be able to constantly remain in the divine state.

If one keeps using the vices, more and more of the vices are created. Then, one will find that one is no longer having control over oneself because the vices have taken control. Then, a time may come when one will no longer be able to tolerate it. Then, one may break; and one may even show psychiatric tendencies. One may also become mentally unsound and hear the constant noise of the vices within one. Noise is harmful, while silence is not. However, wonders can be done through the Power of Silence.

When we subject ourselves to low levels of the noise of the vices, the body will be able to tolerate it to a certain extent because the body has defense mechanisms which will help the body to continue functioning (without the body getting affected badly through diseases etc). However, when the noise of the vices is very loud (meaning too much of the vices are existing on the surface of the soul) the body begins to get affected badly and we can get diseases etc. The vibrations of the vices affect our brains and body adversely. Thus, we are injured, mentally or physically. By filling ourselves with the Power of Silence, we (the souls) will heal and we will also allow our body to heal. This will help to remove the diseases from our physical bodies. It will also help to transform our physical body, when it is time for it to transform into the perfect state (when we walk into the Golden Aged world).

Om Shanti


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