New Souls, Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo and Tamo

New Souls, Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo and Tamo

Posted on Dec 31, 2011:

(includes a discussion on new souls; becoming impure from pure; pure from impure; 'satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo' cycle)

BKs view those who have just come down from the Soul World, to take a corporeal birth on earth, as new souls. So, I also refer to them as such. Thus, in my articles, when you see the words 'new soul' or 'new souls', it refers to those souls who have just come into the corporeal world from the Soul World (and taken a birth as a human being).

New souls enjoy a satopradhan life, after having come down from the Soul World. The number of births, which they take after having come into the corporeal world, will be divided up into the satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo states. For example, the souls who have taken their first birth at the beginning of the Golden Age are satopradhan during the Golden Age. Then, when they go into the Silver Age/Tetrayug, they move into the sato stage. Then, when they move into the Copper Age/Dwarpuryug, they move into the rajo/rajopradhan stage. Then, in the Kaliyug/Iron Age, they are in the tamo/tamopradhan stage.

During the satopradhan stage, the souls are completely pure and virtuous. Then, during the sato stage, the souls are still pure and virtuous, though they have become weaker in spiritual strength. It will be as if they are battling to remain virtuous (because of their weaker strength); but they will be victorious in remaining virtuous. Then, during the rajo/rajopradhan stage, souls are in a mixed state. They are partially pure. They will only have very slight impurity, at the beginning of the rajo stage. Then, they begin to accumulate impurity within them (within the souls); but despite that, they are more pure than impure. By the end of the rajo stage, they are half pure, half impure. Then, finally, they become more impure (than pure) during the tamo/tamopradhan stage. Having come into the tamo stage, the soul becomes more and more impure until the soul is extremely impure by the end of the tamo stage.

Souls, during the satopradhan and sato stages, will be just enjoying happiness, on earth. They will live a heavenly life on earth, even if they took their first birth in Kaliyug/Iron Age. They have not done anything wrong. So, there is no need for them to suffer for anything. At the End of the previous cycle, before going back to the Soul World, God would have purified all souls (before taking them back to the Soul World). If souls are not completely  purified during the Confluence Age/Sangamyug, then, they would get purified on Judgement Day. So, all souls, who have just taken their first birth in the new cycle, would not have anything to settle for. Since there is nothing to settle, they will not suffer until they start doing something wrong. Souls only suffer for the wrongs which they have done, during their births, in the corporeal world.

When souls are in their satopradhan or sato stages, they are in a state where they are righteous. Thus, as people, they will not be capable of doing any wrong. During the satopradhan stage, since the souls are filled with maximum pure energy-concentration, the souls will have maximum 'available' moral and spiritual energy. This will influence them to practice moral and virtuous values.

The souls in the rajo stage will not be completely virtuous. The vices have begun to exist in them. Thus, they will be influenced to use the vices or to do actions based on the influence of the vices. But they will be trying their best to remain virtuous. They will turn to God and religion, in an attempt to remain virtuous. During the rajo stage, the souls (as people) will be involved with motivated action (i.e. goal-directed action) which embodies drastic changes. They will be doing actions which are activated by the needs of the individual. They will be doing actions which has a motive. They will be highly motivated to achieve goals. They will be able to set effective immediate & long-term goals and achieve success in them. This was how the people, at the beginning of the Copper Age/Dwarpuryug were.

During the tamo stage, souls will be influenced by the vices more than the virtues. The longer they are in the tamo stage, the more tamo they become until they will find it very difficult to remain virtuous. The tamopradhan people become more and more unrighteousness. In the tamopradhan world, there will be a degeneration of moral and social values. People will value the usage of the vices and they will think that one cannot survive if the vices are not used. People will be suffering and they will find it very difficult to enjoy peace and happiness. It will be like as if they are in the very depths of Hell, by the end of the tamo stage.

Every soul, including religious founders, undergo the stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo from the time they take their first birth (in the corporeal world) until the End of the cycle. Plants, animals and everything else in this world also have to pass through the four stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo. These 4 stages take everything from the stage of being extremely pure to the stage of being extremely impure.

The World Drama is an unlimited drama. It keeps repeating continuously. It is a play of souls coming into the cycle of 'satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo'. It is a play/drama where all souls have to become satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo, as the soul takes births through the cycle. No-one likes this. This is why religions try to have practices and have believe-systems through which they can try to escape this play of re-births. But nothing can stop souls from taking births. Becoming ghosts etc can only temporarily stop a soul from taking the next birth soon. As per the World Drama, something will happen to make sure that the ghosts leave to take their next birth. Souls have to become impure from pure, through taking births. In fact, even the state of being a ghost makes the soul more impure.

By the End of the cycle, all souls (of all the religions, including Christians) become tamopradhan. Since many Christians only take one birth at the End of the cycle, the Christian religion portrays them as taking only one birth. This does not mean that those Christians who came into the corporeal world earlier, also only take one birth. When they die, they have to take their next birth. Even those who just take one or two births (at the End of the cycle) go through the stages from pure to impure. Those who just take one birth, because they have come into the corporeal world at the End of the cycle, will go through the stages from pure to impure during that one birth itself.

In fact, during each birth, souls will also enjoy the satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo stages. This is why children are so happy, innocent and virtuous in their ways; and why they are being taken care of. However, if the soul has already gone into a bad tamo stage, signs of this can, sometimes, be seen in the child (despite the fact that, as a child, the child is in the satopradhan or sato stage).

The Confluence Age/Sangamyug overlaps the end of Kaliyug/Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age/Satyug. During the Confluence Age/Sangamyug, God's vibrations are sent into the corporeal world, through the Confluence Aged souls. These vibrations of God, for world transformation, will also help all souls (on earth) to remain peaceful. This will happen, as per the World Drama, because human souls were meant to be helped by God.

God doesn't go through the stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo because He doesn't take a birth in the corporeal world as we do. Thus, he remains pure and powerful. He has to remain like that because, as per the World Drama, human souls have to get re-charged at the End of the cycle. God has to remain powerful to act as the generator/charger so that human souls can re-charge themselves. As per the World Drama, once human souls come into the corporeal world, we are like re-chargeable batteries. But we can only re-charge ourselves, at the End of the cycle.

During the Confluence Age/Sangamyug, the stage of the soul goes higher as we keep making spiritual efforts to become soul-conscious. As we keep making spiritual effort, we (the souls) will first go into the rajo stage from the tamo stage. Then, as we keep making effort, we will go into the sato stage from the rajo stage. Then, as we keep making effort, we will go into the satopradhan stage from the sato stage. It is God's vibrations which transform us from the most impure (tamopradhan) state to the most pure (satopradhan) state. Through this transformation, God re-builds the Golden Aged empire of purity.

In the Confluence Age/Sangamyug, we take a high jump to the satopradhan stage because we go through the stages from tamo to satopradhan, very quickly. From the beginning of the Golden Age, we will slowly move from the satopradhan stage to the tamo stage. Since it is a slow process, it is as if we are slowly walking down the world ladder, step by step. Then, at the End of the cycle, we take a high jump back into the pure state. This is similar to how the battery loses it charge slowly but can be re-charged quickly. Those who do not purify themselves, during the Confluence Age/Sangamyug, will get purified instantly on Judgement Day. But that instant purification is very painful. The gradual purification process, during the Confluence Age/Sangamyug, is not painful.

The whole world is dependent on the stage of the human souls (who are in the corporeal world). So, when Man goes into the tamopradhan stage, nature also goes into the tamopradhan stage. When it is tamopradhan, nature will behave in a wild, uncontrollable manner. Nature will continue acting in a tamo manner until it transforms, as we transform. Plants, animals and everything else will also jump from the tamo stage to the satopradhan stage, as we take the jump. However, at the very End, nature will also serve the Confluence Age/Sangamyug souls by cleaning the earth with their rains, wind, etc. The oceans, earthquakes etc will also bring in an abundance of pure gold to the shores so that we can use it to re-build the new world. In the new world, nature will be very peaceful.