Posted on Sep 20 2011

The whole spiritual Cycle of 5000 years is about the deterioration of the spiritual energy of human souls. There is a spiritual law which is similar to the Law of Entropy.

The Law of Entropy, which the scientists use, is in relation to the corporeal world. The Spiritual Law of Entropy is in respect of the spiritual energies of the souls. Laws, which apply to the spiritual energies of the souls, often have a corresponding Law in the corporeal world because the corporeal world is a reflection of the state of the human souls.

In the corporeal world, the Second Law of Thermodynamics (also referred to as The Law of Entropy) states that, in a closed system, there can be no net increase in available energy and that any process that occurs in a closed system will result in less available energy. The degree of the non-availability of energy in a system is called entropy. The Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge needs to be used so that one can understand this where the energies of the soul are concerned. For the time being, I am only going to discuss it briefly.

Where the soul is concerned, “available energy” refers to the souls' original pure energies where the soul only has virtues and powers. The original qualities of the soul are the virtues and powers. The vices are not the original qualities of the soul. The virtues consist of more powerful energies. The vices consists of less powerful energies. When we use the vices, our energies of the soul changes into the vices which are of lower qualities. Once the quality of the energies has been changed it cannot be changed back until the End of the Cycle.

The original state is our actual state. It is our actual/original energies which can be seen as “available energy”. Further, the Law of Karma says that it is when we do 'good' that we get 'good' in return. To do 'good', we have to use our virtuous and powers. Thus, those lower quality energies are of no use to us. As we keep using the vices, they keep increasing and so our energies keep changing into the lower quality. We will find it more and more difficult to be virtuous as the vices keep increasing. And so, we will keep using the vices and the vices will keep increasing even further. All this involves our energies changing into the weaker state. These weaker energies cannot be changed back, into the more powerful state (until the End). The spiritual Law relating to this is similar to the Second Law of Thermodynamics in that there can be no net increase in 'available energy' (our more powerful virtuous energies) and any process that occurs (like using the vices) will result in less available energy (our powerful virtuous energy will become less).

The degree of the non-availability of energy (our powerful virtuous energy) is called entropy. Thus, the more we use the vices and do sins, the more there is entropy.

When human souls come into the corporeal world, from the Soul World, they cannot go back to the Soul World nor get re-energised until the End of the Cycle. At the End of the Cycle, God has to come to re-energise human souls and take them back to the Soul World. Human souls cannot go back (on their own) or get re-energised (through any way) until the End (when God comes to help them). Thus, human souls are in a 'closed system' after they come into the corporeal world (from the Soul World), during each Cycle, because we cannot get re-energied until the End. A closed system is a system where there is no possible ways of getting re-energised. Thus, there is Entropy and so the souls' energies deteriorates.

From the beginning of the Golden Age, souls will be slowly losing their divine power because their energies are used to sustain the divine world. Once their energies are used to sustain the divine world, the souls cannot be re-energised until the End of the Cycle. Thus, by the end of the Silver Age, the soul's energies would have become so weak that it changes into a lower ordinary quality. Then, from the beginning of the Copper Age, the soul's higher state of ordinary spiritual energy deteriorates further, into a more diffused lower state of energy, as the souls' state and energies change when human beings keep using the vices and keep doing sinful acts.

There is entropy in respect of the original qualities/energies of the souls. Since there is entropy in respect of all souls, there is entropy of the whole society. Since there is Entropy, society has to deteriorate by the End of the Cycle. Society deteriorates because of the deterioration of the state of the soul, while in the corporeal world. Since the corporeal world is dependant on human souls, the whole corporeal world also experiences entropy (since the human souls experience entropy).

In the corporeal world, the First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but may change from one form to another. Thus, similarly, the souls' energies change from one state to another at the end of the Silver Age. It is also because energy cannot be created or destroyed that God, human souls and the whole corporeal world were not created; and they also cannot be destroyed.

According to the BK spiritual knowledge: God, human souls and the corporeal world ALWAYS existed. People, who are used to seeing time in a linear manner (with a beginning and an End), might find this a little difficult to accept. But if one uses the First Law of Thermodynamics in Physics (and since that which is in the corporeal is only a reflection of that which is 'spiritual') it will make sense to say that even the spiritual energies (of human souls, God, animal souls and matter) always existed; and these spiritual energies cannot be created or destroyed. They can be changed (if they come into the closed system of the corporeal world) but they cannot be created.

God's energies are like an Ocean. He always remains powerful because He does not come and take births in the corporeal world (as human souls do). Taking births, in the corporeal world, brings one into a closed system (see the explanations on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is given above, for more on this 'closed system'). Since human souls take births to play their roles in the corporeal world, they come into a 'closed system' and so they begin to lose their spiritual strength. So, their energies can deteriorate and get changed as they get weak. But the energies of the souls do not get destroyed completely. The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics apply in a combined manner, in respect of the souls journey through the Cycles.