5.Ancient Ziggurats, Stairway to Heaven

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Ancient Builders, Structures & Myths Explained - Part 5: Ancient Ziggurats, Stairway to Heaven

(Posted on 29-4-12)

(includes a discussion on the Fourth Region where the spaceports are)

In the Sumerian myth, the lands were divided into 4 regions. I will be discussing the first 3 regions in the next article. The Fourth Region was the places where the Gateways to Heaven were on. I have discussed the Gateways to Heaven in the article before this.

All the Gateways were not built in one area even though they were all categorised as the Fourth Region. They were built world-wide. The Anunnaki kept the places in the Fourth Region to themselves. The Anunnaki lived in some of those places. In the places which were used as spaceports etc, only those involved with the work carried out there were allowed to enter there. They were considered as holy places which everyone cannot just enter into. This is similar to how not everyone can be purified in the Confluence Aged subtle regions and so not everyone can enter into the Golden Aged world. Only the most powerful deity souls can take their births in the Golden Aged world. So, the Anunnaki only allowed the most powerful souls to enter into the ancient Gateways to Heaven.

The “Gateway to Heaven” has also been referred to as the Stairway to Heaven, Staircase to Heaven, Ladder to Heaven, Gate of Heaven, Gate of Paradise, etc. The stairway represents how we climb up to Heaven through our spiritual effort-making during the Confluence Age. Then, from the Golden Age onwards, we are climbing down the stairway or ladder. The Gateway, on the other hand, is a portrayal for our entrance into Heaven (the Golden Aged world).

The ancient Builders had built many tall pyramid-like Ziggurats so as to represent the Stairway to Heaven. The ziggurat is a stepped tower. It is like a terraced pyramid which had successively receding stories. It is a temple with a stairway to heaven. It was built for the gods so that they can ascend to heaven through using the steps or stairway. When the gods (for whom the temple was built) had died, the priests ascended the steps with sacrifices, offering and prayers to the god. They believed that the god was still there in the subtle form because the gods are supposed to be immortals. It was the roles, which they played as gods, which were immortal. Those roles were supposed to be the instruments of God for worship. It was God, the Supreme Soul, who fulfilled all the desires of those who worshiped there.

This man-made Stairway (of the Ziggurats) represented the subtle stairway that would exist again at the end of the cycle (in the Confluence Age). The Confluence Aged souls are involved with making sacrifices which does not involve killing anyone or anything. They sacrifice the vices and their old life that was filled with human desires. They live a new spiritual life after God came and showed them the way. These sacrifices were represented by what the Copper Aged people did as sacrifices. Though man walked up those man-made stairs, God did not come down through using that Staircase. If God had come, we would not be in Kaliyug now. God only comes down the subtle Stairway, during the Confluence Age, so as to meet us. In this sense, the stairway is not the stairway through which we (the souls) ascend and descend as I have explained earlier. The stairway, which God uses to come, relates to God’s journey into our world. At the end of the cycle, God comes to us so as to purify us and to transform the world into the Golden Aged world. We cannot use the stairway to go back to the Soul World until the very end, when God takes us all back with Him. Actually, a flight would be a better representation of this because all souls fly back (with God, at the end) in a split second. God also only takes a split second to come here. So it is not that God has to take a long time to climb down the staircase. The ancient gateways were portrayed as the Holy Land of the Missiles because:

1. God’s flight here and back to the Soul World is very quick (this happens at the end),

2. the flight of the souls to the Soul World is very quick (this happens at the end),

3. the flight of the souls into the corporeal (when they leave the Soul World to take their birth on earth) is very quick, and

4. the flight of one’s consciousness (intellect) to the Confluence Aged subtle regions is very quick.

It can also be said that God is our Stairway to Heaven because it is through using God that we are able to go into Heaven. God is the Staircase and Elevator to Heaven because He gives us the link through which we climb up or get lifted into the heavenly subtle regions and then into the Golden Age. Heaven on earth exists in the Golden Age.

God also gives us the key to the Gateway to Heaven when we receive the Confluence Aged knowledge. We have to use that key to open the Door or Gate to Heaven. We use the key by contemplating on the Confluence Aged knowledge and on God. The Confluence Aged subtle region and centers are the House of God and the Gate of Heaven.

The doorkeepers of Heaven are those who give the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge so that one will be able to find their way through the gateway without getting lost. It is God who guides us to, and along, the Stairway to Heaven.

The deity souls are lost and dead (in the Kaliyug world) before they come into the Confluence Age. It is as if the deity souls are given life again during the Confluence Age because it is during the Confluence Age that the creation of Adam/Krishna is taking place. Thus, the ancient Gateways were portrayed as the Land of the Living.

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