3.Anunnaki Building Plans; Yahweh tests Abraham

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Ancient Builders, Structures & Myths Explained - Part 3 : Ancient Building Plans of the Anunnaki; Yahweh tests Abraham

(Posted on 27-4-2012)

(includes a discussion on the building plans of Enki, Enlil, Ningishzidda, Marduk and others world-wide)

My past birth, who walked out of the divine world was considered as the first one to go out of the ‘world of the gods’ (where all the royal people had lived) so as to re-create a new civilization elsewhere. He has been referred to as Enki in the Sumerian myths. He built the first golden pyramid during his attempt to re-create a new world. But that got pulled into the earthquakes too. It was probably not strong enough to survive. Then, he flew to the Middle East area to meet the King of Bharath (who was portrayed as Enlil in the Sumerian myths). Enlil had moved out of the ‘world of the gods’, in an attempt to put his building skills to the test. Enlil sent the deity souls, who were royalty, all over the world so that the whole world can be used for the transformation of the world back into the perfect world. The royalty were the Anunnaki. They were the gods (who had the advanced sciences). All others were seen as mortals.

Memories of what had happened in the previous Confluence Age were emerging to influence the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki were also guided by visions and dreams. Thus, the Anunnaki began to realize that they will not be able to re-create the perfect world at that time itself. They knew that the perfect world will only get re-created at the end, through the Confluence Age. So, the Anunnaki began to prepare for the future through their immortal god roles and their immortal buildings that would last until the end of the cycle.

The Anunnaki began to know that it was Enki and his descendants who would be taking over from Enlil so as to influence the world in the Copper Age. Enki’s eldest son has been named as Marduk in the Sumerian myths. His other influential son was named as Ningishzidda in the Sumerian myths. The Anunnaki were impressed with how Ningishzidda was using the advanced sciences and astronomy in the construction of the buildings so as to reflect how God (represented by the sun) would shine again on the deity souls at the end. They decided to use his knowledge and ideas by getting his help. Marduk began the practices for the role of Osiris and the Anunnaki liked that too. I will be discussing this in the later articles of this series.

Then, it began to be known that Marduk was meant to play the leading role and that he was to take over from Enlil. Enlil also knew this but he did not want to lose his world authority. This has also been portrayed in the translations of Sumerian Tablet Thirteen. The myth in the Sumerian Tablets is actually a story based on what had happened in historical times. One has to understand the history so as to understand the Sumerian myths. It is only through using the Copper Aged mapmaker roles that one would be able to explain the Sumerian myths well.

Though Enlil knew that Marduk was destined to take over, he did not allow it. He also knew that those in the line of Abraham were meant to take over from Enlil. However, he did his best to continue having world authority. This was also why it has been portrayed, in the myths of those in the line of Abraham, that Yahweh was testing the faith and loyalty of Abraham before he decided to use him for establishing his religion. Yahweh was used to represent God and Enlil (as the instrument of God on earth). God (as Yahweh) was not doing any ‘testing’ on Abraham. It was Enlil who was testing Abraham to see if Abraham would do whatever Enlil told him to do. One of the tests was to see if Abraham would kill his son, Issac, as a sacrifice just because Enlil told him to do that. Abraham was stopped just as he was about to kill his son Issac because it was just a test. Abraham passed the test and so Enlil decided to use him and allow him to play his role for the establishment of his religion. Om Shanti


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