1.Caves, Underground Cities, Ancient Builders, Gilgamesh

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Before you read this article, please note that, from 1996, I had begun to see numerous visions. I (Pari, the author of this article) did not have experiences involving the ‘grey aliens’ etc. until a later time. Thus, when I began writing my articles, from 1996, I had not known that the Mid-Confluence Aged scientists (who lived about 2500 years ago) had sent beings into the future, on the instructions of the Mid-Confluence Aged gods/rulers, so that these beings (who are referred to as aliens now) can assist Mankind, especially for the re-creation of the Golden Aged world and the Return (of God and ‘past births through the afterlife’). Hence, in earlier articles, all these are not reflected. All these will be explained further, in future books.

From 1996, when I began seeing numerous visions, I was trying to understand what was happening to me. As I was trying to understand this, I began writing all the articles which can be found in this website. Each article is a continuation of the earlier one. So what I had explained in earlier articles were not explained in subsequent articles. This had also allowed me to keep developing what I have to explain. After I had written numerous articles, people were asking me as to which articles they had to read in order to understand something or the other. Thus, in 2015, I began to write books. All the knowledge which a person needs, so as to understand the contents of a book, are given in the book. Thus, a person could understand the contents of a book without having to revert to other articles or books. However, a better understanding could be had through reading the other books. I had also begun writing my first book “Holographic Universe : An Introduction” because I began to have a good understanding on the structure of the Holographic Universe through experiences, guidance from God, research, etc.

It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role.

It should be noted that since there are so many articles, I find it very difficult to update the articles. So there may be information in them which has not been updated. I try my best to keep my eBooks updated.

Anyway, to have a better understand of what has been said in this article, read all my earlier articles. Begin by reading the first article which is numbered as No.1 at my List of Articles. Then, re-read this article to have a better understanding. It should be noted that all my articles were written based on time being cyclic. Click here to understand the basics of the Cycle of Time.

Ancient Builders, Structures & Myths Explained - Part 1: Caves, Underground Cities, Underworld, Ancient Builders, Gilgamesh & Immortality

(posted on Apr 23, 2012)

(includes a discussion on punishment in caves; representation of the underworld through the underground cities, structures, tunnels, caves etc; why Gilgamesh was not successful in attaining immortality; Builders role relating to the Copper Aged Reptilian Collective Consciousness & the Copper Aged Mapmakers)

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Please read them and my other articles if you do not understand anything which I am saying here.

The ancient aliens, who walked out of the divine world, had begun using caves to represent the underworld. When a person did something wrong through the usage of the vices, they enclosed the person in caves (representing that the person was entrapped in the underworld where the vices were used). It was also a way of punishing people for the wrongs which they had done.

Initially, the ancient aliens had also begun creating the underworld (underground or on earth) so that they can create the scene through which the new world was created at the end of the previous cycle. Through re-creating the scene which existed at the end of the cycle, they were setting the scene for it to happen again. This is one way through which magical things can be done. But they were not successful. This was why, in the myths, Gilgamesh was portrayed as not being successful in his attempts to attain immortality. Gilgamesh was trying to attain immortality for the soul. Immortality for the soul can only be attained at the end (in the Confluence Age). When the ancient Builders realized that they could not re-create their divine world at that time itself, they continued building structures, caves, tunnels and so on, underground, so as to represent the underworld in their life-dramas. The underworld also began to be used for the development of the Copper Aged Reptilian Collective Consciousness and for the Copper Aged world service that would finally lead to explanations being given by the Copper Aged Mapmakers, at the end of the cycle (for world service at the end). Thus, the underworld also began to be associated to those who were trying to give immortality to birth-roles. The ancient aliens (who had walked out of the divine world) and their descendants who were involved with the Copper Aged Reptilian Collective Consciousness and with giving immortality to birth roles were the ancient Builders.

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