6.Division of Lands Amongst the Ancient Builders

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Ancient Builders, Structures & Myths Explained - Part 6: Division of Lands Amongst the Ancient Builders

(Posted on 30-4-2012)

(includes a discussion on how the lands were divided up during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages; Nibiru, Delhi area, First Region, Second Region, Third Region, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley)

At the end of the Silver Age, when earthquakes were about to take place, everyone gathered in the capital of the King of Bharath. This capital was like the world capital and it was situation in what is now the present day Delhi area. From there, they decided what to do. This Silver Aged world of gods (that had still existed during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages) has been referred to as Nibiru in the Sumerian myths. I prefer to refer to it as the ‘world of the gods’. Nibiru also represented all those areas world-wide, where the Silver Aged civilizations were situated in. But usually, Nibiru was used to represent the ‘world of the gods’ that had existed around the present day Delhi area. Actually, Nibiru means more than these Silver Aged civilizations and I will be discussing this in other articles.

The lands which Enki, Enlil and the others were building upon outside Nibiru (world of the gods) were divided up into 4 Regions. I have already discussed the Fourth Region in my earlier article.

The First Region consisted of all those lands where the King of Bharath (Enlil) was building. In the Sumerian myths, these lands have been referred to as the First Region because his kingdom was the first kingdom. His kingdom was the most powerful and richest kingdom of that time. The present day North India was part of the first kingdom. The Mesopotamian civilizations were within his kingdom. Sumer (which is in present day Iraq) was within Mesopotamia. The lands of Mesopotamia are now also in present day Iran.

The Second Region consisted of all those lands which Enki was building in. All those lands which were under the control of my past birth, Enki, were seen as the second region, in the Sumerian myths, because Enki was the king of the second most powerful kingdom of that time. Africa, South India and all the lands below south of India were part of this second kingdom. The Egyptian civilization was within Enki’s Kingdom.

The Third Region consisted of all those lands which were under the control of Inanna. The lands under the control of Inanna represented the lands which would exist at the end just before the world transforms into the Golden Aged world (Eden). It was situated within Enlil’s kingdom in North India because that is where the world first transforms into the Golden Aged world. The King of Bharath allowed some of his lands to be administered by those who play the role of Inanna. Just as Brahma Baba, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris, allowed the women to administer the Brahma Kumaris; even the ancient King of Bharath allowed the women to administer his kingdom in the Indus Valley. So, the Indus Valley was seen as the third region which was under the control of Inanna.

The plans were that the ancient Builders would not develop the lands under Inanna’s control because they were meant to represent the lands at the end. The Dravidians were left to live there since it represented the old world. The ancient people lived a life-drama kind of life-style. They entertained themselves by creating the scenes for their life-dramas. Om Shanti


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