4.Immortal Anunnaki god roles

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Immortal Anunnaki god roles

(posted on 16-5-2012)

(includes a discussion on why the Annunnaki were declared as immortal gods based on Confluence Aged service and spiritual effort making & based on memories that influence the souls; similarities between immortal structures and immortal roles; what ‘aging slowly and living long’ means; rulers enjoy satopradhan life in Nibiru; comparison between Gilgamesh and Sumana Saman)

Through the Law of Karma, the service and spiritual effort-making done (during the Confluence Age) will enable one to enjoy the status of being the king or other royal family members during the Golden and Silver Ages. The elders, who had declared the immortal-mortal caste system, had also done a lot of service during the Confluence Age. But they had not done enough spiritual effort making. This was why they took their births as the last rulers of the Silver Age, when people are about to lose the divine world.

As per the World Drama, one of the reasons why the Anunnaki were declared as the immortal gods was because the Anunnaki represent all those who had done a lot of service and spiritual effort making, during the Confluence Age, at the end. Their effort-making and service will enable them to enjoy status, even in the Copper Age, until the Christians take over.

The 8 most powerful souls, at the beginning of the Golden Age, become rulers during each of their births in the Golden and Silver Ages. They will be kings even during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. Other powerful deity souls remain close (in the family of the rulers) in subsequent births, even though they may have been rulers during their first birth (in the cycle). It was all these powerful souls who were playing an active role, as the immortal Anunnaki gods (in the world of mortals). They actively played the role of the Anunnaki because of their higher spiritual power.

Another reason, for the implementation of the ‘immortal god’-mortal caste system, was that the Anunnaki were aware that what they were doing would remain in an emerged state to influence the soul until the end. What happens to the Anunnaki will emerge, as memories, to keep influencing the soul. At the end, during the Confluence Age, these memories will influence them to make more spiritual efforts and to get involved with Confluence Aged service. The past birth roles will not emerge to play their role again, at the end. It is just the memories that emerge to influence the soul. This is also why my past birth, who had walked out of the divine world, does not emerge to play a role now. It is only his memories which emerge. It is these memories which enable the soul to play an immortal role.

Anything that is able to remain in the corporeal world of existence, for a long time, can be seen as being immortal. It can also be said that the ancient structures, which remain until today, are immortal because they have not got destroyed. They have remained in the corporeal world. Those structures were built for immortal existence. Some of the ancient structures were buried by the Builders so as to represent how even our memories can, sometimes, get buried deep within the soul. But then, just as the ancient structures are recovered now, even our memories emerge now to influence us. Everything is happening as per the World Drama and as per the ancient plan of the Anunnaki. The ancient plan, of the Anunnaki, was actually based on the World Drama.

Since the memories are part and parcel of the Anunnaki birth role, it can be said that the immortal god aspect of that birth role is still influencing us. The Anunnaki were also influenced by memories of what had happened, during the previous Confluence Age. Thus, it is as if the souls are involved with playing an immortal role, that is connected to the end of the previous cycle and to the end of the next cycle.

When the soul was using the immortal Anunnaki god role, the soul was not in the immortal state. Neither was the person an immortal because he was using that immortal role. The Anunnaki were seen as the immortal gods because they were using the immortal god roles. However, they were mortals. But since the souls will be involved with the immortal role until the end of the cycle, the Anunnaki were portrayed (in the myths) as having the ability to live for a long time. They were portrayed as not aging as fast as mortals do, on earth.

The Anunnaki, who had come to earth, were portrayed as aging faster than those in Nibiru because those in the world of mortals were turning into mortals, more quickly. They were losing the immortal consciousness of the soul, more quickly. Those who lived within the Silver Aged royal community (in Nibiru) will have the ability to enjoy the immortal consciousness of the soul, for a longer time. Thus, they were portrayed (in the myths) as aging very slowly. ‘Aging slowly’ represented that they had the ability to remain as ‘immortals’.

The weaker deity souls, who had remained as rulers in Nibiru, were enjoying their satopradhan life on earth. They had just come from the Soul World to take their first birth in the divine world. Thus, they were able to enjoy a divine life for a longer period.

The active Anunnaki (in the world of mortals) had come into the corporeal world (from the Soul World), at the beginning of the Golden Age. Thus, it was time for them to move into their rajo state and rajo life-style.

There is a lot of deep meanings, in the Sumerian myths. No-one would understand them until they use the Confluence Aged knowledge.

The immortal god roles did not turn the Anunnaki into immortals. This was why their mortal bodies were also given mortal roles, in the myths. Thus, though the King of Bharath was Enlil (the immortal Anunnaki god); he was also Gilgamesh (the mortal in the corporeal world). In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh was portrayed as interacting with the gods and goddesses because his role involved starting worship to God. It was he who played a great role in beginning the Hindu worship practices and in getting the scriptures written for the Hindu religion.

My past birth, who walked out of the divine world also had the immortal role of Enki. Yet, he also had the mortal role of Sumana Saman. Sumana Saman was portrayed as giving a lot of importance to Buddha because his role involved developing the meditation techniques. Sumana Saman was turned into a god upon his death because the soul will be involved with playing the immortal roles at the end, as I am doing now.

Gilgamesh was not turned into an immortal because he will be used by God at the end. His role will not be based on the usage of the immortal roles, as mine is. Since my role is based on the immortal roles, Enki was also portrayed as being involved with the practices which help the gods to play their immortal role well.

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