Bermuda Triangle, Dragon's Triangle and Stargates

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Spaceports at Bermuda Triangle, Dragon's Triangle & their Stargates

(posted on 22-2-2013)

(includes a brief discussion on stargate and spaceport; re-opening the gateway from the stargate devices)

During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, there were spaceports in the areas which are now known as the Bermuda Triangle (Devil’s Triangle) and the Dragon's Triangle (Devil’s sea). The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the South-Eastern coast of United States. It is situated between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. The Dragon’s Triangle is situated near the southern coast of Japan, almost opposite the Bermuda Triangle. In both, the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle, there have been similar incidences like disappearances of sea-going vessels and aircraft because:

1. they were both having a laser defence weapon system which can destroy anything that comes near.

2. they were both having stargates which were used for travelling into the Quantum Dimensions and for Time Travelling (through the application of the advanced sciences).

3. there was a worship/belief system attached to both these areas, so as to make sure that crafts can disappear into the Quantum Dimensions or time-travel when they are exposed to what is being done through the stargates.

As a result, in both these place:

1. there are disappearances of planes and ships in the areas,

2. ghost ships, UFOs and USOs have been seen in the areas,

3. there are lapses in time (experienced by those who are travelling in the areas), and

4. there are electronic equipment malfunctions in the crafts that are in these areas.

At the end of the Silver Age, the lands in the present day Japan were part of Mu (in the East). However, Ningishzidda was involved with helping to build spaceports for world-wide transportation because that was his speciality. So Ningishzidda had helped to build the spaceport in Mu (in the Dragon’s Triangle area). This spaceport was similar to the one which he had built in Atlantis (in the Bermuda Triangle area).

According to legends, dragons had lived off the coast of Japan. These ‘dragons’ were a reference to Enki, Ningishzidda, their representatives and their crafts. They were involved with sending crafts into the future through the stargate in the Dragon’s Triangle. These crafts, which have come into the future, are now referred to as UFO and USO.

UFO means “Unidentified Flying Objects”. USO means “Unidentified Submerged Object” or “Unidentified Submersible Objects”. The word ‘USO’ is also used to refer to a UFO which is under water. The UFO/USO is a kind of time machine or time vehicle which can travel, through the air and/or water, near the speed of light. It can also travel into the future via the wormholes at the Quantum level. When they arrive at their destination, on earth, a long time would have passed on earth (though the travellers were not travelling long). This is being referred to as ‘time-travelling’.

The spaceport, at the Bermuda triangle, was built on lands which were above sea level. However, during the Copper Aged Great Flood, it sank when water levels rose and earthquakes struck the area. Even the Dragon’s Triangle spaceport was built on land, when the sea levels were more than a hundred feet lower than what it is today. Even the spaceport at Dragon’s Triangle sank, during the Copper Aged Great Flood, as the water levels rose and earthquakes struck the area.

The Copper Aged Great Flood was slowly bringing an end to the Ice Age. One of the reasons why the flood was taking place was because of the melting ice. At that time there were also earthquakes taking place. Thus, both these spaceports had sunk around the end of the Ice Age.

In both (the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle) there is a stargate devise at the bottom (in the subterranean chamber) of the main pyramid structure for the spaceport. This stargate device was for transportation into and out of the wormhole and Quantum Dimensions. The surrounding area, around this stargate devise, were also developed to make it easy for crafts to disappear into the quantum dimensions and/or to time-travel via the wormhole. A worship system was also developed to make sure that crafts disappear as a result of what happens through the stargate device. The stargate device, along with everything else that supports it, can bring about disaster when they do not function as well as they were originally functioning.

The Anunnaki had sent their representatives (as aliens) into the future before the spaceports, at the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon’s Triangle, had sunk. The UFOs, which these representatives use, were considered as the spacecrafts of Enki. These representatives had to re-emerge on earth via the stargates, later, so as to carry out the tasks which the Anunnaki had sent them for. Thus, the stargates that were still there in those sunken spaceports (at the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle) were allowed to remain so that these representatives can emerge from the stargates, at the relevant time (as per the plan). During the Copper Age, when the mortals tried to take over the spaceports:

1. the Anunnaki had destroyed the spaceports that were above water levels, and/or

2. the Anunnaki had the important devices in the spaceports removed so that the place cannot be used as a spaceport and so that the stargate for quantum travelling cannot be used.

However, the stargate devices in the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle were allowed to remain because they were underwater and it was difficult to have access to it. Further, the entrance/gateway to those stargate devices were closed after the representatives were sent into the future. The gateway to these stargate devices could only be re-opened when the UFOs, that were sent into the future, arrived there and the representatives of the Anunnaki opened the gateway, of the stargate device, so that they could fly out of there.

Both the spaceports, at the Bermuda Triangle and at the Dragon’s Triangle, were supposed to have the stargates of Enki/God. God will not emerge through those stargates, at the end, to play a role in the Confluence Age. However, the representatives, in the UFOs and USOs that emerge from there, will be playing a role for what has to be done (in the line of Enki), at the end. These representatives/aliens will also help the mortals to understand and develop the advanced sciences (which the mortals were denied at the beginning of the Copper Age). Actually, God is also helping the mortals to develop the advanced sciences. God can also use these representatives/aliens for the re-development of the advanced sciences.

I am not sure if the ancient time-travellers have made it to the future (now). The sighting of aliens etc (now) may be part of the worship which was done, by the ancient people, so as to make their time-travelling succeed. Through using our thoughts and worship, we can make a lot of things happen. So, through thoughts and worship, aliens and UFOs can be made to materialise. But souls cannot be created. Thus, only an illusion of the greys (made to look real) can be experienced. However, it may also be possible that the ancient representatives have made it to the present time. They will not interact with us, just as they did not interact with mortals during the ancient times. This is similar to how the people of the higher castes, in the Hindu caste-system, do not interact with the lower castes. The mortals were considered as a lower caste compared to the Copper Aged gods. Further, the aliens are representatives of the gods. So they will stay away from us while doing what they have to do (just as God does not interact with mortals, on earth). These representatives will know how to remain in the Quantum Dimensions, while they monitor what is happening on earth.

Om Shanti


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