Evolution, the Creation Theory or Genetic Engineering?


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Fri, Jul 22 2011 10:00pm MHT 3 Pari

I decided to begin a discussion on the existence of the advanced sciences, in ancient days, before discussing evolution and genetic engineering (in ancient times). The existence of these advanced sciences would also mean that the possibilities, that the ancient people were involved with genetic engineering, is great.

Soon, I will begin my discussion on how genetic engineering was used to create some of the weird skulls (e.g. the apeman-like skulls) that have been found. Those who believe in evolution are trying to use these bones to prove their evolution theories. But the bones support genetic engineering more than evolution.

For the time being, please read the following on how the advanced sciences were used by the ancient people:

1. ME in the Sumerian Tablets and in Ancient Times

2. Ancient Sciences in the Hands of a Few

3. Ancient Sciences Got Stopped to be Used Secretly

4. Enki and the Abgal

5. Pandavas and Yadavas

The above articles explain how the the sciences had been taken into the Golden Age and later brought out of the Silver Age, into the Copper Age. This was how the people at the beginning of the Copper Age had the advanced sciences to do the genetic engineering experiments.

I have mentioned a little about Genetic Engineering at:

1. Comparison Between Noah, Ziusudra, the Anunnaki and the Earthlings During the Great Flood (& Divisions within the Christian Religion)

2. ME in the Sumerian Tablets and in Ancient Times

Later, I will discuss how the sciences, which scientists like Archimedes possessed, are obviously way advanced for their time (if one was of the view that the sciences had developed from scratch). The evolution theory would support the theory that the sciences began from scratch. A person who prefers the evolution theories might prefer to ignore the signs that the ancient people had the advanced sciences so that their views of the development of the sciences flows along well evolution. But the advanced sciences did exist in ancient times and closing one's eye to this, so as to have a believe-system that flows along well with evolution, is like making oneself blind to the truth that the advanced sciences had existed. This kind of attitude/believe system is not scientific though the believer is trying to use the sciences to establish and support his believe system in evolution.

I will soon be starting a topic on Carbon Dating. One of the issues that will be discussed there is that the carbon-14 content in the atmosphere, in the Copper Age, was less and so the carbon-14 content in the bones of that time will be less. Present day carbon-14 dating methods would make these bones seem like as if they were very old because of the reduced Carbon-14 content in the bones.


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Sun, Sep 11 2011 10:54pm MHT 4 Pari

I have started a discussion on genetic engineering at:

Genetic Engineering Created the Monkey

Please read what has been said in the abovementioned, for more information.


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