Genetic Engineering Created the Monkey

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Genetic Engineering Created the Monkey

Post 1 : Tue, Jul 26 2011

This topic will later be connected to the genetic engineering experiments done on Man.

From 1997, while at home and while meditating in the BK center in Bangsar (Malaysia), I had seen visions which showed that the monkey was a cross between the flying squirrel and the human gene.

The visions showed that the ancient people, in the Copper Age, had crossed the gene of the flying squirrel with human gene through their genetic engineering experiments. The vision showed me the resulting animal from this first experiment/cross. The animal still looked very much like a flying squirrel despite the mixed gene. Then, the vision showed that the ancient people took the resulting successful gene of this animal and crossed it again with human gene. Then, I was shown the resulting animal from the second experiment. The visions showed how the ancient people had kept crossing the gene of the resulting animal with human gene. The vision would also keep showing me the animal that was created as a result of these experiments and the animals had still looked very much like the flying squirrel for most of the experiments at the beginning. But slowly, the animal began to look more and more like a mixture of a flying squirrel and the monkey until, finally, it began to look like the monkey. After that, the visions showed that it was because the gene of the flying squirrel was used that the monkeys also glide from tree to tree, in a manner similar to the flying squirrel.

At that time, after having seen those visions, I did not research to compare the flying squirrel to the monkey because I had never thought that I would one day be discussing it (like how I am doing now). I had decided that I was not going to discuss it with anyone because people might laugh at me. So, I was only just observing the visions and thinking about it. I might have just talked about it to a few people who I know. But a couple of years ago, out of curiosity, I had made a comparison between the flying squirrel and the monkey and I had noticed that there were a lot of similarities between a flying squirrel and the monkey, especially in the way they glided from tree to tree.

I will discuss the further research which I have done, relating to this, in my next post.


Post 2: Sun, Jul 31 2011

I am going to begin the discussion on the research which I have made through introducing a web site:

I will be briefly discussing some of the contents, of the abovementioned web-site, here and in the next few posts. Further discussions, on the contents of the web-site, will also be done after I introduce more research materials in later posts.

The abovementioned web-site ( the first web-page I came across when I began my research recently. So, I have decided to start by discussing it's contents. The website is about the 'first primates' (the bones of which have been found).

In the abovementioned web-page ( it was said :“the first monkeys and their prosimian ancestors ... the first primates did not appear until around 50-55 million years ago. That was10-15 million years after the dinosaurs had become extinct. Transitional primate-like creatures were evolving by the end of the Mesozoic Era (ca. 65.5 million years ago). At that time, the world was very different from today. The continents were in other locations and they had somewhat different shapes. North America was still connected to Europe but not to South America. … Most land masses had warm tropical or subtropical climates.”

The general view held today is that the prosimian are the ancestors of the first monkeys. This is actually a correct view because the prosimians were created first during the genetic engineering experiments in ancient times. Please read the above first post which relates the visions which I had seen. Bones of “Transitional primate-like creatures” were discovered because a lot of genetic engineering experiments were done during ancient days when they had the advanced sciences to do these experiments. That is why the bones looked 'transitional'.

It should be noted that since there was only a little carbon-14 particles in the atmosphere at that time, there were reduced amounts of Carbon-14 in the bones of that time. Thus, it can seem like as if the bones were very old. I will be discussing carbon-14 dating later on.

The lands, in which the animal bones were found, were lands that had emerged from deep within the ground at the beginning of the Copper Age. Thus, the lands, where the animal bones were found, would be very very much older than the animal bones that were found. The land might be millions of years old but the bones are not that old. One cannot positively conclude the age of the bones based on the age of the earth, though the earth would have been affected by what was happening at the time when the animals lived. When using the materials around the bones, to determine the age of the bones, one must be able to identify as to which circumstance/substance (relating to the materials around the bones) relates to the time when the animal lived and which relates to 'older times'. Possibilities of making mistakes is great because one is trying to discover what had happened through what is in the material and without any actually/direct knowledge of what really had happened in ancient times.

At that time, the world was very different from today. The continents were in other locations and they had somewhat different shapes” because the earth was in the process of changing from the perfect world into the imperfect world during the confluence of the Silver Age and Copper Age. This was when the genetic engineering experiments were done. I will be discussing this further when I discuss the genetic engineering experiments in the Sumerian myths.

Genetic engineering experiments were done during the confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, just as they had been done at the end of the cycle. More on the connection between the end of the cycle and the Copper Age can be found at:

Ancient Connection Between Copper Age and the End

From 1996/1997, I had seen visions showing that at the end (around now onwards or from 2012 until 2036) the scientists will use genetic engineering again to create animals. And they will re-create the dinosaurs again through these genetic engineering experiments (though I am not sure if the dinosaurs will look the same as the ancient dinosaurs that had been created). In later posts, I will be explaining why, in ancient times, “Large reptiles were beginning to be replaced by mammals as the dominant large land animals”. I will also be discussing why the ancient people created the monkeys, in later posts.

In the abovementioned web-page ( it was said : “… The flora and fauna at the end of the Mesozoic Era would have seemed alien since most of the plants and animals that are familiar to us had not yet evolved.”

The flora and fauna may have seemed different because the relevant place was used for observing the creations that had been created through genetic engineering experiments. I will be discussing this further in later posts.


Post 3: Sat, Aug 6 2011

In the abovementioned web-site (, it was said, “The first primate-like mammals, or proto-primates , evolved in the early Paleocene Epoch. They were roughly similar to squirrels and tree shrews in size and appearance. … These primate-like mammals (Plesiadapiformes ) will remain rather shadowy creatures for us until more fossil data become available. … The first true primates evolved by 55 million years ago or a bit earlier, near the beginning of the Eocene Epoch. Their fossils have been found in North America, Europe, and Asia. They looked different from the primates today. They were still somewhat squirrel-like in size and appearance, but apparently they had grasping hands and feet that were increasingly more efficient in manipulating objects and climbing trees.”

In the above quote, it was said that the first primate-like mammals, or proto-primates were similar in appearance and size to squirrels and tree shrews. It should be noted that in my visions, which I have related in the first post, the animal that was used (for the genetic engineering experiment) was the flying squirrel. In the visions, which I saw, the resulting animal still looked like a flying squirrel (during many of the genetic engineering experiments, at the beginning) until it began to slowly change to become the monkey. The visions, which I saw, may have been based on what I (the soul) knew in my births at that time when the genetic engineering experiments were being done. Others, living at that time, may have used squirrels, tree shrews and other animals during their genetic engineering experiments. This may be why there are variety in the bones that have been found.

I will be having more discussions on the Plesiadapiformes in the following post.

In the abovementioned web-site ( it was said: “Among the new Eocene mammals were primate species that somewhat resemble modern prosimians such as lemurs, lorises, and possibly tarsiers. ... There were at least 60 genera of them that were mostly in two families--the Adapidae (similar to lemurs and lorises) and the Omomyidae (possibly like galagos and tarsiers). This is nearly four times greater prosimian diversity than today.”

There were a huge variety of prosimians in ancient days because there were many people involved with similar genetic engineering experiments. The people were still quite united in their ways and so they were involved with similar projects. It was a fashion or trend, among those involved with the sciences (at that time) to get involved with genetic engineering experiments. The fashion/trend of present day people, world-wide, is quite different. So the present day people might not recognize the trends of ancient days.

In the abovementioned web-site ( it was said: “Major evolutionary changes were beginning in some of the Eocene prosimians that foreshadow species yet to come. Their brains and eyes were becoming larger, while their snouts were getting smaller. At the base of a skull, there is a hole through which the spinal cord passes. This opening is the foramen magnum (literally the "large hole or opening" in Latin). The position of the foramen magnum is a strong indicator of the angle of the spinal column to the head and subsequently whether the body is habitually horizontal (like a horse) or vertical (like a monkey). During the Eocene, the foramen magnum in some primate species was beginning to move from the back of the skull towards the center. This suggests that they were beginning to hold their bodies erect while hopping and sitting, like modern lemurs, galagos, and tarsiers.”

From what was said in the above passage, it would seem like as if these were the animals which were transforming from the squirrel / tree shrew into a monkey (in the middle and later stages of the genetic engineering experiments to create the monkey). I would say that this supports what the visions (which I have mentioned in the first post) was trying to reveal to me and the others who saw the visions. It should be noted that human beings have their foramen magnum (the hole at the base of the skull) near the center of the base of the skull. This is why we stand erect. In squirrels, the foramen magnum is at the back of the skull. Since human genes were repeatedly used to create the prosimian and then the monkey, the place of the foramen magnum was changing it's place from the back, to the center, so that the animal is not on 4s (like the squirrel) but on 2s (like the human).

In the abovementioned web-site ( it was said: “By the end of the Eocene Epoch, many of the prosimian species had become extinct. This may be connected with cooler temperatures and the appearance of the first monkeys during the transition to the next geologic epoch, the Oligocene (about 34 million years ago).”

The prosimians, which became extinct, may have become extinct because those genetic engineering experiments failed. But some had been successful which was why the monkey, finally, did get created. It should also be noted that the monkeys still exists; and animals, which look like the ancient prosimians, also do exists. So some of the experiments were successful. After the prosimian and monkey were created, there was no need to begin the experiment with the squirrel / treesrew anymore. The animal from the successful experiments can be used for further experiments. This was why the variety and number of prosimians reduced when the monkey got created.

In the abovementioned web-site ( it was said: “Early Monkeys and Apes … Monkeys evolved from prosimians during the Oligocene or slightly earlier in the Eocene. They were the first species of our suborder--the Anthropoidea. Several genera of these early monkeys have been identified--Apidium and Aegyptopithecus are the most well known. The former was about the size of a fat squirrel (2-3 pounds or .9-1.4 kg.), while the latter was the size of a large domestic cat (13-20 pounds or 5.9-9.1 kg.). Compared to the prosimians, they had fewer teeth, less fox-like snouts, larger brains, and increasingly more forward-looking eyes. These and other anatomical features suggest that the early monkeys were becoming mostly diurnal fruit and seed eating forest tree-dwellers.”

The first monkeys had looked like the squirrels because they were a cross of the squirrel gene and the human gene. Even in my visions it was revealed that, at the beginning of the genetic engineering experiments, the animals had looked more like a squirrel than the monkey. Many genetic engineering experiments were done to get the resulting animal to look more like the monkey until it finally became the monkey.

In the abovementioned web-site ( it was said: “New World monkeys appeared for the first time about 30 million years ago. It is generally thought that they began as isolated groups of Old World monkeys that somehow drifted to South America either from North America or Africa on large clumps of vegetation and soil. The evidence suggests that Africa is the most likely continent of origin. … Due to the comparative scarcity of Oligocene Epoch prosimians in the fossil record, it is generally believed that the monkeys out-competed and replaced them in most environments at that time. … Primate fossils are common from the Miocene. However, not all primates are equally represented in the fossil record. Apes apparently evolved from monkeys early in this epoch. Fossil monkeys and prosimians are comparatively rare from most of the Miocene, but apes are common. It appears that apes at that time occupied some ecological niches that would later be filled by monkeys. One of the earliest of the monkey to ape transitional primates was Proconsul . It lived in African forests 21-14 million years ago.

Among the numerous Miocene primate species were the ancestors of all modern apes and humans. By 14 million years ago, the group of apes that included our ancestors was apparently in the process of adapting to life on the edges of the expanding savannas in Southern Europe. They were very likely members of the genus Dryopithecus , which were generally similar in appearance to modern African apes. ...Toward the end of the Miocene, less hospitable cooler conditions in the northern hemisphere caused many primate species to become extinct while some survived by migrating south into Africa and South Asia where it remained relatively warm. About 8-9 million years ago, the descendants of the dryopithecines in Africa diverged into two lines--one that led to gorillas and another to humans, chimpanzees, and bonobos. Around 5-6 million years ago, a further divergence occurred which separated the ancestors of modern chimpanzees and bonobos from the early hominins (human-like primates) that were our direct ancestors. … Primates are relative newcomers on our planet. The earliest ones are found in the fossil record dating to 50-55 million years ago. These first prosimians thrived during the Eocene Epoch. There were no monkeys or apes for them to compete with yet. By the time of the transition to the Oligocene Epoch, monkeys had begun to evolve from prosimians and became the dominant primates. Many of the prosimian species became extinct probably as a consequence. By the early Miocene Epoch, apes had evolved from monkeys and displaced them from many environments. In the late Miocene, the evolutionary line leading to hominins finally became distinct. This hominin line included our direct ancestors.”

The monkeys replaced the prosimians because the experiments were for the creation of the monkey. In later posts, I will be discussing:

1. the further mixing of human genes with the monkeys through genetic engineering experiments,

2. the apemen bones and why these apemen became extinct,

3. the reasons for wanting to create the monkeys and apemen.

In this post I am only concentrating on the genetic engineering evolution of the animal, from the flying squirrel / squirrel / tree shrew to the prosimians.

It should be noted that if the squirrel gene or prosimian gene (or the resulting gene) is taken and crossed/mixed with the human gene, the resulting creature/species may not look like one that is next in the process of evolution. It may look like a creature/species which is a few steps away from the earlier species (in the evolution process). This is why those who believe in evolution are not able to discover the series of bones which show that the animal has evolved:

1. from the squirrel / tree shrew to the prosimian,

2. from the prosimian to the monkey,

3. from the monkey to the ape,

4. from the ape to the apeman,

5. from the apeman until to the present day human being.

The bones, that have been found, do not show a gradual change because the animals were created through genetic engineering experiments.

The prosimians are correctly referred to as "premonkeys" because, when the genetic engineering experiments were done to create the monkey, the prosimians were created first. The prosimians belong to the suborder of primates called Prosimii which includes the lemurs, lorises, and other related "primitive" primates.

The flying squirrel / squirrel / tree shrew may have also been crossed with other animals, like the bat, so as to increase the 'flight' aspect in the new animals (like in the flying lemurs and the Colugos). This increased flight aspect in the animal would enable the people to associate these animals to the mythical figures that are associated to 'flight or the flying stage of the Confluence Age'. These experiments were done for the ancient life-dramas and to establish faith in the people that the new world will one day get re-created again (even if they were not able to re-create it at that time itself). So, some of these experiments may not be the ones relating to the use of “the flying squirrel and the human genes” only (as seen in my visions). More on the ancient life-dramas can be found at:

Ancient Life-Dramas


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