ii. Ningishzidda, Adad, Nanna and Hopi Prophecy

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Ningishzidda, Utu, Ishkur/Adad, Nanna, Marduk and the Hopi Prophecy

(posted on 25-12-2012; edited on 1-6-14)

(includes a discussion on the role of the Younger Brother, Elder Brother and his two helpers; Younger Brother - Ningishzidda and his representatives who he left behind; Elder Brother - souls within rulers of Mu; 2 brothers - two souls within the queens of Atlantis and Mu; Queen of Atlantis - Enkite; Queen of Mu - Enlilite; Nanna (King of Mu) - Dadi Prakashmani; Ishkur/Adad (the Queen of Mu) - Dadi Janki; Viracocha - Enlil and the Queen of Mu; Enlil used Nanna to pave the path for Mohamad; Enlil used Ishkur/Adad to help the Jews; Bhisma - youngest of the 8 Vasus; immortal roles - west to east; wind blown to the east during nuclear blast; extinction of the dinosaurs; Utu - King of Atlantis - Dadi Gulzar; Didi Manmohini; Marduk - Virendra Dev Dixit; dark skinned younger brother; light skinned elder brother; World Drama - father of 2 brothers; World Drama as God and as the Elder Brother)

In the Hopi prophecy, the role of the Younger Brother, Elder Brother and his two helpers can be interpreted from various angles. Each of them can represent one or more than one. One way of seeing it is that the Younger Brother represented Ningishzidda and his representatives who he left behind (the Hopi). The Elder Brother can be seen as being played by the souls within the rulers of Mu, who will finally play their role through the Confluence Age (at the end). Their role was not significant in the Copper Age, so they cannot leave representatives behind. They had to just leave; and then, return at the end. It is the younger brother who leaves behind representatives (the Hopi etc). So, one way of looking at it is that the 2 brothers were the two souls who were playing their roles as the rulers (queens) of the 2 kingdoms of Atlantis and Mu. It was these queens who were actively playing a role in America, in the Copper Age. The Queen of Atlantis was working along with Enki, while the Queen of Mu was working along with Enlil. The Enkites left behind stuff, which needed to be explained at the end. Thus, the Hopi were used as the representatives of the Enkites who will meet the Enlilites at the end. The souls within the rulers of Mu will be used as the representatives of the Elder Brother, at the end.

In the Sumerian myths, the souls within the rulers of Mu were portrayed as Nanna (the King of Mu) and as Ishkur (the Queen of Mu). Since the Queen of Mu was doing as she was instructed by Enlil, Ishkur was not given that much importance in the Sumerian myths. Thus, though he was playing the role of Viracocha in South America, it can be said that Viracocha represents Enlil. It was only in the later Akkadian myths, that Ishkur (the Queen of Mu) was given more importance as Adad. This is a reason why I prefer to now use the name Adad instead of Ishkur. Ishkur was also a role played by the son of the rulers of Mu (while he was assisting the Queen of Mu in South America). So, I shall refer to the Queen of Mu as Ishkur/Adad or as Adad.

Nanna and Ishkur/Adad were both playing a role with Enlil, in the Middle East, after their city-state (in Mu) sank. After the Copper Aged Great Flood, Enlil used Nanna (as the moon god) to pave the path for Mohamad (the founder of the Muslim faith). This is a reason why the moon plays a significant role in the Muslim religion, though the moon is not said to have founded the Muslim faith. Enlil used Ishkur (as the storm god etc) to help the Jews (before the Exodus, etc) for the development of the Jewish faith that was established by Abraham. Ishkur/Adad was also playing a role in South America. Whatever Ishkur did, in South America, was for both rulers of Mu. It was done to claim their rights as the rulers of Mu.

Mu was the 3rd kingdom. So it was a kingdom that was older that Atlantis. Thus, the rulers of Mu are the ‘elder brothers’. Atlantis was the fourth kingdom. This means that it was created after Mu, at the beginning of the Golden Age. So, the ruler of Atlantis was the younger brother.

The Queen of Atlantis (Ningishzidda) was also younger than the Queen of Mu. In fact, she was the youngest among all the 8 rulers of Bharath, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis. At the beginning of the Golden Age, these 8 souls take their ‘first birth’ (in the corporeal world of the new cycle) in the following order:

1. King of Bharath

2. Queen of Bharath

3. King of Lemuria

4. Queen of Lemuria

5. King of Mu

6. Queen of Mu

7. King of Atlantis

8. Queen of Atlantis

Those who take their ‘first birth’ earlier (in the corporeal) are elder. Those who take their ‘first birth’ later (in the corporeal world) are younger. Since Ningishzidda was the last of the 8 to take his ‘first birth’ in the corporeal world, he is the youngest. This is also why Bhishma was portrayed as the youngest of the 8 Vasus, in the Hindu scriptures.

It was Ningishzidda who was originally involved with the American Indians in South America, even though the people were brought from Mu etc. It was only later, after the Copper Aged Great Flood, that the Queen of Mu joined him there. Since the Queen of Atlantis and the Queen of Mu were establishing their kingdoms in South America, it was as if the elder and the younger brothers were in America (together) before they went their separate ways.

The elder brother was portrayed as leaving for the east because the Queen of Mu died first. She had also not stayed in America after the nuclear blast (to continue helping the people). It was Ningishzidda who had continued guiding and helping the people in America. The world had really lost a great soul, when he left.

The immortal souls (Ningishzidda/Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl and the souls who play a role as, or with, the Elder Brother) will return from the east. These immortal souls were seen as leaving in the west, and arriving in the east. This was also portrayed through the practices that were used for giving immortality to the kings in Egypt. They are supposed to start their journey in the west, during the Copper Age; and they will arrive in the east, at the end of their journey (at the end of the cycle). The West represented the Copper Aged world (the World of the Dead). The East represented the World of Living (the Confluence Aged world and the new Golden Aged world which gets created through the Confluence Age). However, Ningishzidda had left behind representatives (the Hopi etc). Thus, it was as if the younger brother stayed while the Elder Brother (the rulers of Mu) had left.

Mu was the kingdom in the East. So, that was also where the rulers of Mu were portrayed as going back to, after the nuclear usage, because they had to take care of everything in their kingdom. Ningishzidda had also gone to help clean the places up that were in the east of America, after the nuclear blast. During the nuclear blast at the Yucatan, Ningishzidda had used gigantic machines to blow the nuclear gases away from the settlements in America and Atlantis (so as to make sure that he could bring the people back there to settle down, after the nuclear blast). The winds from America were supposed to blow the nuclear gases towards the ocean. However, disaster took place and the nuclear gases were blown all over the lands in the East of the Yucatan. So, help was needed in the lands that were in the east of America. Thus, Ningishzidda had also gone there to help. Attempts were not made to safe the dinosaurs, which had been created through genetic engineering experiments, because a decision was taken by the Anunnaki not to safe them.

Most of the dinosaurs had become extinct by the end of the Cretaceous Period. The remaining had died during or after the nuclear blasts (thus bringing about the extinction of the dinosaurs).

The Elder Brother actually represents God and His Confluence Aged groups at the end. The 2 helpers of the Elder Brother represent the 2 Dadis, who had helped to establish the 2 groups of Confluence Aged souls (in the Brahma Kumaris). Dadi Prakashmani helped to establish the group in India; and Dadi Janki helped to establish the group outside India. The souls within Dadi Prakashmani and Dadi Janki were the 2 rulers of Mu (the East) during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. The souls within them were Nanna and Ishkur/Adad. According to the Hopi prophecy, knowledge will be brought from the East to the West by the Elder Brother and His helpers (who are women). The women who helped Elder Brother (God) are the 2 Dadis and the members of the Brahma Kumaris. The souls, that were within the rulers of Mu (East), had to bring the knowledge from the east (India) to the west, at the end. Thus, they played their roles to do that, at the end, as per the World Drama. In the Brahma Kumaris, Didi Manmohini had not taken over the Brahma Kumaris (after Brahma Baba left his corporeal body) because the rulers of Mu have to bring the knowledge from the East to the West, at the end. In the Brahma Kumaris, significance was also not given much to Dadi Gulzar (the chariot used after Brahma Baba left his corporeal body) because, as per the World Drama, it was not her role to bring the knowledge from the east to the west (since the soul within her was Utu, the King of Atlantis, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages).

During the Copper Age, Ningishzidda and Enki had allowed Marduk to play his leading role because Marduk has to play a role at the end (as Virendra Dev Dixit, the leader of the Confluence Aged PBK movement). Marduk plays a role in the line of Enki. I am also involved in the line of Enki, now. Enki is God’s role for those outside the Brahma Kumaris.

The Enkites will play a role, at the end, through the immortal roles or through the Copper Aged mapmaker roles. Since their origin is from the Copper Age, they will be the impure group. At the end, they will get linked to all that which they had left behind (to be explained). So, the younger brother was portrayed as the dark-skinned people. The younger brother also represented God’s role:

1. in the Copper Age, and

2. in the world outside the Brahma Kumaris (at the end).

Generally, in the myths, the dark skin was used to represent:

1. the vices,

2. the people in the underworld,

3. those who serve in the underworld, and

4. those who are victorious over the vices.

So, the role of the younger dark skinned brother will be in the Underworld, at the end. The younger brother was also portrayed as being dark because the Copper Aged gods were involved with using black magic and the sciences so as to make the people believe and do as they are told. The fact that the third world was wiped out by the Anunnaki, and only the obedient people were allowed to move into the fourth world had put fear into the people. So, they were willing to do as they were told. The Hopi, who were safe-guarding the stone tablets etc, were people who were allowed to live in the fourth world on condition that they do as they are told. They were used as the representatives who were left behind by the Enkites (God’s instruments in the Copper Age). So the Hopi continued to play the role of the younger brother, as instructed by the Masauu.

In the myths, white represents purity. In the myths, when the blacks were used to represent those who were influenced by the vices (the impure), the whites were used to portray the pure people (who were not influenced by the vices). The light skinned Elder Brother also represented God because God is constantly pure and his Confluence Aged helpers will be involved with becoming pure and in remaining in the pure soul-conscious stage. By the time when the Elder Brother plays his role with the Hopi, the Confluence Aged gathering would be quite powerful. The purity of this gathering is also represented by the white colour. The white skin represents the purity in the Confluence Age. The Elder Brother was also portrayed as white because God will be using the white people, at the end, for what has to be done with the Hopi etc. This will be discussed later.

The Elder Brother and Younger Brother were portrayed as the sons of the same father for various reasons. One reason is that they represented the children of God and the World Drama. Whatever was happening, was happening as per the World Drama. So they were the children of the World Drama which had adopted the bad ways in the second half cycle. This was why the father of the 2 brothers was portrayed as having turned bad. God does not become bad, though he does adopt to what is happening in the World Drama, during the second half cycle.

Often, the ancient people had also represented the World Drama as God because it is as if the World Drama is in control. When we are suffering, it is because of what is happening in the World Drama. We have no control. If we had, we would not be losing our spiritual energies until we reach the end of the cycle. We would not have lost our divine world, at the end of the Silver Age. If you prayed to the World Drama, you can get what you pray for because God will fulfil your desires. If someone has to receive benefits through one’s prayers, God makes it happen as per the World Drama. This means that your prayers have to be powerful to make it happen. Only if it is powerful, the message will be sent across to God, as per the World Drama. God cannot act if it is not there for Him to act, in the World Drama. This was why He never helped us to regain the divine world in the Copper Age. So, who is more powerful, God or the World Drama? The Copper Aged people saw the World Drama (TIME) as playing a more significant role. The Confluence Aged people will see God playing a more significant role. So the World Drama was also portrayed as the Elder Brother, in the Hopi myth. The World Drama can bring everything together, at the end. If God has a role for that, He will only act as per the World Drama. Thus, it would seem that the World Drama is more significant than God where bringing things together is concerned. So, the World Drama was also represented as the Elder Brother who will bring the other piece of the stone tablets. Then, the knowledge from both sides will be put together and understood. It will be understood through the explanations that are given through the Copper Aged mapmakers, now. If the World Drama can bring everything together (at the end); then, it is like God. But it is not God. It is just a movie that is unfolding on earth. Whatever exists in the World Drama will be what exists in the Subtle World Movie (in the Holographic Universe). What exists in the Subtle World Movie with materialise on earth through the quantum dimensions. Whatever exists in the World Drama will also be what we will be doing (like puppets on earth).

Om Shanti


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