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(posted on 18-5-2012)

(includes a discussion on the various classes within the Igigi clan)

The Igigi are those who served the rulers and the royal family. They were not termed as the Igigi, during the Golden and Silver Ages. It is in the Sumerian myths, that the word Igigi was used for the people who were serving the royalty (Anunnaki) during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages (in the world of mortals). The people, who walk into the Golden Age, will establish a social system which revolves around the royal families. They established the various classes of servers, who take care of the royal families, palaces and kingdoms. These various classes of servers were seen as the Igigi, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. Some of the classes within the Igigi clan include the following:

1. the deities souls who were royalty but who were not that close to the royal family. During the Golden and Silver Ages, the royal family members (who were not that close to the rulers) were used for the less important positions for governance of the kingdoms. They are like the government servants of today. Thus, they can be categorised as the Igigi. Yet, they are the Anunnaki because they are royalty. In the myths, these Igigi were also sometimes portrayed as the Anunnaki, just as those who were close family members, in the royal families, were seen as the Anunnaki. They were portrayed as the Igigi because they were serving the ruler.

2. the very rich who had money to provide the services that were needed by mankind. These rich people were not royalty. The wealthy deities were used for some projects; and these wealthy people used their wealth to get the work done. They will be holding the high positions in respect of the services which they provide.

3. the scientists and other skilled workers (who were all attached to the royal palaces).

4. the ones who were cleaning or taking care of something in the palaces.

5. the gardeners and others who were working in the gardens of the palaces.

6. the farmers on the fields, which were outside the palace compounds. They grew and supplied fruits, vegetables etc.

7. those who reared cows and supplied milk.

8. the younger deity souls.

The Igigi were sometimes portrayed as the gods of the younger generation because the souls came into the corporeal world, from the Soul World, later. They took their first births later, in the divine world. Those who came into the corporeal world earlier, from the Soul World, were seen as being elder than those who came later.

Another reason why the Igigi were made to look like the younger generation of gods, was that the younger members in the royal families were used to serve the elder ones. These younger people were also more prone to being influenced by the vices than the elders. Each subsequent generation was more prone to being influenced by the vices because the souls were getting weaker, with each subsequent birth in the corporeal world.

There are also other classes within the Igigi clan. One among this, are those who take care of the royal family members. I will not be referring to these people when I refer to the Igigi because there were no problems between them and the Anunnaki (who they were taking care of).

In the myths, when the Igigi are referred to, they may be referring to one or more of the abovementioned classes. One can understand as to which class they were referring to by the work which the Igigi were involved with.

The work of the servers, in the Golden and Silver Ages, was not difficult. The servers were seen as a godly clan because they were close to the royal family (who were spiritually very powerful). The deities in the Golden and Silver Ages could feel the greater spiritual strength of the rulers because they were all enjoying the immortal consciousness. The servers of these powerful souls were seen as being part and parcel of their godly clan. Thus, even during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, the Igigi were categorised together with the royalty/Anunnaki. Sometimes, since they were mixing so closely with the Anunnaki, they were also seen as the Anunnaki or as those within the clan of the Anunnaki.

Another reason why the Igigi were sometimes seen as the Anunnaki was because some of the servers were royal family members. Later, after Marduk gained world authority, the presence of these royalty (on Marduk’s side) had helped to make it look like as if the Igigi were the Anunnaki. Further, the ruling clan are the Anunnaki, so long as they are involved with playing the immortal roles. But the immortal roles which begin to be played, after Marduk takes control, begins to change into a different kind because the people are turning into mortals.

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