4. Ancient Immortal-Mortal Caste System

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Ancient Immortal-Mortal Caste System

(posted on 10-5-2012)

(includes a discussion on who the Anunnaki, Igigi and the mortals were)

At the end of the Silver Age (or at the beginning of the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages), the Anunnaki were declared as the immortal gods while all others were seen as the lesser gods (the Igigi) or as the mortals. This had actually created an ‘immortal god’-mortal caste system. This caste system was different from the caste system used by the mortals. The caste system for the mortals did not include the gods as being part of their clan. An example of the caste system used by mortals can be found in the Hindu caste system.

There were various reasons why this ‘immortal god’-mortal caste system was introduced, at the end of the Silver Age. The reasons for it has to be understood so that the reader can understand why the nuclear weapons were used against Marduk and his mortal supporters. Marduk’s mortal supporter were actually the weaker deity souls and not those in the line of Abraham.

At the end of the Silver Age, the weaker deity souls began to behave badly. The royalty, who were ruling, were still behaving in a virtuous manner like how the gods of the Silver Age were behaving. But the citizens were being influenced by the vices and, thus, behaving very badly. The reason for this is that the royalty had made a lot of spiritual efforts during the previous Confluence Age and so, spiritually, they were more powerful. The citizens were dependant on the others for world transformation. They did not make much spiritual efforts, at the end of the previous cycle (during the Confluence Age). So, they were spiritually weak. The divine state of the divine world was keeping them behaving in a virtuous manner, during the Silver Age. When that divine world was lost (when the first sinful act was done) the weaker deity souls did not have the support of the divine world to keep them behaving well. So, they started behaving badly.

Since the spiritual strength of the royalty was still quite high, they began to understand the reasons why the citizens were behaving badly. Thus, they introduced the ‘immortal god’-mortal caste system. One will understand the reasons why this caste system was introduced, as one reads my next few articles.

When the ‘immortal god’-mortal caste system was introduced, the citizens were declared as mortals because they were being influenced by the vices. Only mortals are influenced by the vices. Despite this, the citizens were sometimes portrayed, in the myths, as the gods of Nibiru because they were the gods who had been living in the Silver Age. It was the royalty, especially the ruling clan, who were declared as the immortal gods called the Anunnaki.

The royalty who were not that close to those who were ruling, and the non-royal very rich citizen (who were helping the royalty) were sometimes behaving badly. At other times, they were behaving like the gods in the Silver Age. Thus, there were declared as the Igigi.

The Igigi, who were royalty, were seen as the Anunnaki when their behaviour was good. They were seen as the Igigi when their behaviour was bad. This was to encourage them to behave well so that they can be seen as the Anunnaki.

The very rich people, who came within the Igigi clan, were seen as mortals when their behaviour was bad and they were seen as the Igigi when their behaviour was good. This was to encourage them to behave well so that they could come within the category of the Igigi.

This caste system will be discussed further in the next few articles.

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