3. Immortal god roles

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Immortal god roles

(posted on 9-5-2012)

(includes a discussion on the Confluence Aged god roles; the calling out process; sanskrit)

There are various types of immortal god roles. The ones which I am going to discuss here are the ones based on the Confluence Aged god-roles, which have been given immortality during the Copper Age (through bhakti, life-dramas and the myths).

At the end, during the Confluence Age, these god roles are used by the Confluence Aged souls (during their spiritual effort making and service). The Hindu gods like Ganga, Ganesha, Skanda, Shakti, Kali, Durga and Parvati are some examples of these.

During the Copper Age, bhakti was begun so as to invoke these gods to play their role again. These roles will only be played again at the end, during the Confluence Age. This is one of the reasons why, in the BK murlis, God keeps asking us if we can hear the calls, of the worshippers, asking us to become ready.

The worshipers do not know that we exist. They do not know that we are involved with world transformation. They do not know that we have to be ‘ready’ for world transformation to take place. However, the worshippers are using the bhakti practices which were meant to invoke the deities to play their roles again. So, when the worship is done, it is as if the worshippers are calling out to us to become ready. But the worshippers are not aware of this. When they want their desires fulfilled, they ask the priest to say the mantras while doing the worship. The mantras are in Sanskrit and they do not understand it.

Sanskrit was created by Enki, on Enlil’s instructions. It was created for worship purposes only. It was not supposed to be used by the people for conversing with each other. Originally, Sanskrit had no script for writing because it was just meant to be used during the oral repetitions that were meant to be carried down until the end. Sanskrit is the language of the gods because it involves giving immortality to the god roles. It is an eternal language for the same reason. It is said that Sanskrit was introduced by the eternal sages of Sanatan Dharma (along with the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas) because it was introduced by those who had walked out of the divine world; and these people (who had introduced it) had been declared as the immortal Anunnaki gods (during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages). I will explain why the Anunnaki were declared as the immortal gods, in later articles. The immortality of the Anunnaki is different from the immortality that was given to the Confluence Aged gods (through bhakti etc).

The worshippers do not use Sanskrit as their spoken language. So, they will not know of what is in the mantras. Even the priests do not really understand what the mantras are all about. By tradition, they were trained to just recite the mantras and so they just recite it as they were trained to do. The mantras, recited by the priest, are actually invoking the gods to play their role again but neither the priests nor do the worshippers know this. But the worship (mantras and the practices that go along with it) keeps calling out to God and to the deities to play their roles again. These worship practices, finally, did bring God into the corporeal world and the deity souls are also influenced to play the immortal god roles again. The fact that the worship practices are influencing the deity souls in this way, is one of the reasons why the god roles can be seen as being turned into immortal roles through the bhakti that was created during the Copper Age.

Actually, some of the powerful deity souls will have followers just as the founders of religions have followers. The souls of these followers will be waiting for the day when they will see their gods playing their roles at the end. This is another aspect to what has been said in the BK murlis but I am not trying to explain that here. There is also the aspect of how people are praying for the world to turn into a better world; and I am also not trying to explain that here. I am only discussing what was done by the deity souls during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages.

To strengthen the power to give immortality to the immortal god roles, the god roles were also used in the ancient life-dramas. Myths were also created about the gods, so that people will keep talking about, and keep remembering, them. Talking about, and remembering, the gods will strengthen the immortal powers of the god roles. For this same reason also, worship was begun to the idols (that represented the god roles). The worship to these idols will also keep invoking the gods to play their role.

People will also always know of what the gods had done at the end of the previous cycle. Anything that people keep seeing are not ‘dead and gone’. Thus, it is as if they are immortal.

During the Golden and Silver Ages, the people will learn of how God and the gods had transformed the world for them. They will not know that they will be losing their beautiful world one day. At the end of the Silver Age, memories emerge of how it was they who had played those god roles at the end of the previous cycle. Thus, they begin bhakti to make sure that they play it again at the end of the cycle. For deity souls, these are the most important type of immortal roles because it will help us to play our roles again at the end, during the Confluence Age.

The deity souls, during the Confluence of the Copper and Silver Ages, will keep creating the ‘calling out process’ to ask these Confluence Aged gods to play their roles again. Then, at the end of the cycle, the gods will exist in the corporeal world so as to play their roles again (through the Confluence Aged subtle regions). Even in this way, these roles can be seen as immortal roles.

These god roles are different from the other Copper Aged god roles because we did not use these god roles in the Copper Age, though we saw ourselves as those gods (in the ancient life-dramas). It is not like the role of Nimrod where we were using the roles in the Copper Age and then we use it again now. What we had done in the Copper Age, relating to these Confluence Aged god roles, had only made sure that we use it now.

The subtle Confluence Aged bodies, of the Confluence Aged gods, only exist in the Confluence Aged subtle regions (at the end). It does not exist in any of the other subtle regions. Thus, the Confluence Aged subtle bodies cannot exist in the subtle regions related to bhakti/worship. In the subtle regions of the worshippers, god may give visions of these gods when He gives them what they want. When the bhakti practices developed further, various subtle bodies may have also developed based on the practices and the believe systems. But those subtle bodies of the gods are different from the subtle bodies used by the deity souls in the Confluence Aged subtle region.

God has come to re-create the divine world as per the World Drama. In addition to this, God has also come because God fulfils our requests. The requests through the ‘calling out process’ are part and parcel of what has to happen in the World Drama. So, the people (who had walked out of the divine world) got the calling-out-process developed. They also developed it because they wanted to make sure that God does come and give them back the perfect world which they had just lost.

Om Shanti


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