2. Types of Immortal Roles

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Types of Immortal Roles

(Posted on 8-5-2012)

There are many different kinds of immortal roles. For the time being, I am only going to discuss a few here. I am also only going to briefly discuss the immortal roles here. They will be discussed, further, in the articles after this.

The first type, of immortal role, are the ones based on the ‘Confluence Aged god roles’. During the Confluence Age, God gives us subtle bodies (in the Confluence Aged subtle region) so that we can play these immortal god roles as they should be played. We actually become the subtle gods as we use those subtle bodies. In the next article, I will be discussing how these Confluence Aged god roles were turned into immortal roles through the bhakti that was begun in the Copper Age.

The second type of immortal role is that of the ‘Anunnaki god roles’. These god roles were used during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages. The people who were using these roles were gods and yet they were not gods. So they were given both, the god and mortal aspects in the myths. The Anunnaki were involved with the creation of religions. They begin to be used before the non-god immortal roles, which have been portrayed in the Bible etc. The people who walked out of the divine world saw those Anunnaki roles as immortal god-roles because the memories of what was done at that time will emerge at the end to influence the Confluence Aged souls to make more spiritual effort and to have faith in the Confluence Aged knowledge. More discussion on this will be done in a later article.

The third type of immortal god roles are those connected to the underworld. Examples of these immortal god roles are those of Osiris (the Lord of the Underworld), etc. Osiris is a portrayal of the deity souls (who had just lost their divine world) getting involved with the Copper Aged Reptilian service that will finally help bring about world transformation (at the end). Osiris is not a god role. However, the memories of having played this role will help the souls at the end, when they are making spiritual effort for world transformation. As the memories emerge, we are influenced to have faith and to make further spiritual efforts. Thus, it is as if Osiris is helping us from deep within us. So long as no past birth had done bhakti so as to emerge to play this role, at the end, no past birth will emerge now. Only memories will emerge and we will be influenced by these memories so as to play our Confluence Aged role well. Thus, Osiris was seen as an immortal god-role by those who had walked out of the divine world.

There is also the 4th type of immortal role which is not a god role. However, the people using that role were trying to be God on earth (during the Copper Age). Nimrod is an example of this role. If the past birth had done bhakti to play this role at the end, then they may emerge to play this role (in God’s place) at the end. But there is more to Nimrod’s role which will be discussed in the articles on Nimrod.

There are also other different immortal roles which involve different kinds of service that will finally help with Confluence Aged service at the end. Examples of these roles are the Nephilim, Mapmakers etc.

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