Jesus Christ, as Founder of a Religion, was a Krishna

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Jesus Christ, as Founder of a Religion, was a Krishna

(Includes a discussion on Krishna and on how Jesus Christ, as the Founder of a Religion, was Seen as Another Krishna)

Post 1: Mon, Apr 11 2011

In the Copper Age, Jesus Christ was seen as another Krishna because he was a founder of a religion. It should be remembered that the majority of the people living at that time were the deity souls (after having walked out of the divine world). It was because there were so many deity souls around, compared to Christian souls, that religious views of the Deity Religion had got included into the Christian religion.

In the Bhagavad Gita, God (represented by Krishna) says that He re-incarnates to re-establishes true dharma and righteousness on earth so as to bring an end to adharma and unrighteousness. When God does this, it must bring in the Golden Age because it is only in the Golden Age that there is true dharma and righteousness. Adharma and unrighteousness can only be completely removed from the face of the earth at the end of the cycle. However, the Copper Aged people had made it seem like as if Krishna had existed in the Copper Age. If Krishna (God) existed on earth, in the Copper Age, to establish true dharma and remove unrighteousness; then, the Golden Age should have existed after the Copper Age but instead, it was Kaliyug that had come after the Copper Age. Kaliyug is not the age of true dharma and righteousness. It is the Confluence Age (at the end of the cycle) and Satyug which are the ages where true Dharma and Righteousness can exist. So why did the Hindu scripture story make it seem like as if Krishna (God) had existed on earth in the Copper Age. Well, one reason was that the ancient people were trying to make a connection between the Copper Age and the Confluence Age (at the end of the cycle) because of the changes in the spiritual dimension used during the Confluence at the end of the cycle and at the end of the Silver Age.

The ancient people who had walked out of the Silver Age had correct portrayed God as separate from the deity souls. However, the existence if vices in Man had got people to change the stories to make it seem like as if they and their ancestors were the Krishna who was on earth. This would be very similar to how, in the Sumerian Tablets, Marduk / Ra made the earthlings worship him as God. This Marduk / Ra, who had done this, was actually just an ordinary person on earth but he was of royal blood. So, he had the power to make people worship him as a God. Even, King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible is supposed to have tried to do something like that. A later generation in the Copper Age must have altered the stories to make himself look like God on earth.

At the beginning of the Copper Age, there was a king in the Copper Age who was seen as a re-incarnation of Krishna (a human deity soul) because of the role which he had played in the previous Confluence Age, at the end of the cycle. The ancient people in the Copper Age were involved with life-dramas and so he was seen as Krishna in this life-drama. Since he was establishing a religion in the Copper Age, which involves establishing righteousness on earth, he was seen as Krishna playing his role again. Thus, all those who establish a religion were also seen as Krishna on earth and this is also why even Jesus Christ was given a mythology like as if he was also a Krishna on earth.

Since those who belonged to the Deity Religion had paved the way for Abraham and Christ, the mythologies that were used to pave the way for Jesus Christ were continued to be accepted and used as something that should be included into Christianity because it relates to Jesus Christ.

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