ME in the Sumerian Tablets and in Ancient Times

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ME in the Sumerian Tablets and in Ancient Times

Post 1 : Posted on Jul 21, 2011

In the Sumerian Tablets' translation, by Zakaria Sitchin, the ME (pronounced May) was mentioned many times, e.g. when the Annunaki were involved with genetic engineering, development of cities etc.

This ME has a wide meaning. All that which has been associated to the ME are related to:

1. the information etc which the people were having at the end of the Silver Age,

2. the information etc which the people, who walked into the divine world, had left for the people of the future Copper Age,

3. information, memories etc that were just emerging from within (from the end of the Silver Age onwards),

4. experiences (felt and seen subtly) through the enlightened state, from the beginning of the Copper Age onwards,

5. information, visions etc given by God (at the end of the cycle and from the beginning of the Copper Age),

6. the divine virtues and powers of the deity souls in the Confluence Age (at the end of the cycle) and in the divine world (in the Golden and Silver Ages),

7. the Divine Virtues and Powers of God (in the Confluence Age),

8. the Confluence Aged knowledge that was used at the end of the cycle,

9. Truth,

10. Dharma,

11. computerised gadgets and data discs that had encoded information relating to all aspects of civilization.

In this post, I am just going to discuss points 1, 2 and 11, as mentioned above; that is, I am just going to discuss the ME relating to the computerised information that was in the hands of those at the end of the Silver Age. I will be discussing the other abovementioned points in the next few posts of this article.

The computerised information mentioned in points 1, 2 and 11 were in the hands of the Builders, at the end of the Silver Age. Some of these computerized information had been used from the beginning of the Golden Age. Other computerized information were only given to the people, by the computerized gadgets, at the end of the Silver Age.

At the end of the cycle, those who walk into the Golden Age will build the kingdoms and establish everything that is needed there. They will also leave information etc in a hidden form, in computerized gadgets. These computerized gadgets will provide the people, at the end of the Silver Age, with all the information that they need when the deity souls are losing their perfect world. The people, in the Copper Age, really appreciated this information because if they did not have the information, they might have been a little lost. Thus, the information in the ME, were seen as valuable information that were handed over to mankind from God and the gods.

Since information etc had been passed down to the Copper Age from those at the end of the cycle, a system for that had existed from the end of the Silver Age. The Sumerian myth, about Enki and the Abgal, relates to this system for using the information that had been handed down. More on how the sciences and other informations gets handed down, and used, can be found in:

1. Ancient Sciences in the Hands of a Few

2. Ancient Sciences Got Stopped to be Used Secretly

3. Enki and the Abgal

4. Pandavas and Yadavas

At the beginning of the Copper Age, the ME guided the people before laws were established for the people. The people from the beginning of the Copper Age needed to be controlled by laws because they had begun to get influenced by the vices.

The people in the Copper Age were guided by what was in the ME (computerised information) because there were all sorts of information there to guide them. The spiritual strength of the souls in the Copper Age was still quite high and so they had the ability to follow the instructions of those who were guiding them for their own benefit. Since they were continuing the Confluence Aged work in the Copper Age, those Copper Aged people involved with the ME were also seen as Enki and the Abgal.

In the Confluence Age, God created the Abgal. But in the Copper Age, the scientists (who were given the sciences by those rulers who had the sciences with them) were seen as the Abgal. They were seen as the Abgal who were being given the sciences by Enki (the human instruments who were seen as Enki/God on earth). Thus, the ME were seen as having been handed down through Enki and the Abgal so as to give human beings the crafts etc which they needed so as to live as a civilization.

The ME contained instructions relating to the sciences and arts, including on: construction, metalworking, craft of the leatherworker, craft of the reed worker, writing, anatomy, medical treatments, genetic information, flood control, geography, geology, transportation, astronomy, astrology, mathematics and the calendar.

The computerised information were given to the Builders so as to build the civilizations that would exist in the ordinary world, at the beginning of the Copper Age. However, with time, limits on the usage of the sciences were imposed so as to prevent any further misuse of the sciences. And only the Reptilians were allowed the usage of the UFO-like aircraft because there was a limited amount of resources to fuel them and further scientific experiments were not allowed to see if there were any alternative fuels that could be used to fuel the aircraft. This was to make sure that no more nuclear experiments are carried out. The aircraft used atomic energy which were not destructive in any way. The fuel for this air-craft will exist again at the beginning of the next Golden Age and the scientists will know how to use it through their experiments done at the end of Kaliyug. The destruction is not supposed to take place in the Copper Age. The destruction is supposed to take place at the end of the cycle. More on the Reptilians can be found at:


The ME also included the computerized data chips that stored all the information that the Copper Aged people needed. The people, who had control over these computerized data chips, were represented in the Sumerian myth as Enki. Enki was also the guardian of all the secrets in the scientific and other knowledge that were in the computerized chips.

Later, when the sciences were stopped (meaning: restrictions were placed and only a few were allowed to continue using some of the sciences), attempts were made to transfer the computerized information into written form. Writing was created through the use of computers for :

1. putting information into writing,

2. for handing the messages down until the end of the cycle,

3. communication, learning, etc.

The people were taught to write/inscribe the scientific and other data on tablets (and other materials). This writing system also ensured that messages were handed down until the end of the cycle.

The people in the Golden and Silver Ages did not have anything in writing because all the information, which they were using, were in computerised gadgets. Their computerised gadgets were providing them with whatever information etc that they asked for and needed.

In visions, which I had seen, there were also computerized gadgets (with information) in the UFOs that were flying out of the divine world, just before the destructive events pulled the divine world into the earth. In visions, my past birth (who was flying out of the divine world in a UFO) was showing me something of the computerized information relating to the sciences that were stored there. Since I was curious about the UFO which he was flying in, he (and the royal scientist who was driving the UFO) showed the scientific diagrams etc involving the sciences used to create the UFO. But I did not understand what they were showing me because I am not educated in the sciences relating to those diagrams etc.

The information about aircraft, in the Hindu Vedas, were an attempt to put the computerized information, about the aircrafts, into writing. But the Vedas may not be that accurate because it took sometime for all the information to get put into writing; and the scriptures were altered from time to time.

The fact that restrictions were placed on the usage of the sciences (before everything got put into writing) may have lead to some mistakes being made in the scriptures etc too (especially if it relates to the sciences). Further, one has to understand what the ancient people had written because they have not explained everything like as if they were teaching. They have explained a lot in such a way that as the sciences get re-developed, at the end of the cycle, the people will understand what the ancient people have written. And they would be amazed at what the ancient people knew. It was a way of putting faith into the people, at the end of the cycle, so that they will have more faith in what is being revealed at the end.

These sciences, in the scriptures, were left for the end of the cycle (now) when scientists would be able to understand what has been written. This would leave the scientists in an amazed state. They would have the view that the ancient people were saying things that were 'too' advanced for their time. All this would help to strengthen their faith in the Confluence Aged knowledge and it would help them to accept that time must be repeating in a cyclic manner. All this would help the scientists to believe in the process which involves 'walking into' the Golden Age; and the scientists would flow along with the World Drama, at the end of the cycle (knowing what is expected of them). If these scientists are able to accept the Confluence Aged knowledge as well, then they may be playing the roles of Enki, the heroes who went to earth with Enki (in the Sumerian myths) or they may be the members of the Abgal. They would be working along with the souls who play the role of Enki. Or they might be playing the role of Enki itself while playing the role of the heroes and/or Abgal as well. Enki is a role that involves:

1. the sciences,

2. the creation of the myths in the Copper Age (and putting them into written form), and

3. the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge and roles.

Those who play the role of Enki will be trying their best to remain in the soul-conscious stage (in the Confluence Age, at the end of the cycle) which is why Enki is associated to the creation of Mankind. Those scientists who do not try to constantly remain in the soul-conscious stage, but who believe that the Golden Age is going to come soon and just wait for it to come, will be just playing the roles of the Abgal. Even the roles of the heroes who go to earth with Enki (in the Sumerian myths) involve souls who are keen on making spiritual effort to remain soul conscious in the Confluence Age, at the end of the cycle. But these heroes will not be playing a leading role in the creation of the myths, at the end of the Silver Age. They will just be flowing along with Enki since it is Enki who is getting information through his meditation, enlightened state (in the Copper Age) and through memories that were emerging. The heroes would be more concerned about spiritual making effort and doing service (in the corporeal world), at the end of the cycle. A discussion on all these roles will be done in other articles, later.

The ancient people, at the beginning of the Copper Age, were amazed by the computerized gadgets and genetics. Computerised gadgets were providing the ancient people/Reptilians with all the information that they needed. Genetics was the most crucial factor determining the characteristics of the human body etc.

From the beginning of the Copper Age the human bodies were transforming into the ordinary state and the people were eager to experiment to see if they could continue using the perfect body through genetic engineering. Thus, they were very interested in genetic coding.

When the sciences were being stopped (at the beginning of the Copper Age), the ancient people had tried to continue the methods which the computerized gadgets used to store information. This was one of the reasons why they tried to encode information that were in the computerised gadgets. One might think that this reflected their stupidity but encoding information would also make sure that only the mapmakers, at the end of the cycle, would understand the messages. These mapmakers will be decoding the messages based on the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge. My second Copper Aged birth also plays the role of a mapmaker.

Both, computers and genetics, involve coding. Thus, the ancient Reptilians were fascinated by encoding and decoding. The information left for the people of the Copper Age were in coded form in the computerised gadgets. Thus, the ancient people had tried to leave it behind in a coded manner as well, so that it will have to be decoded at the end. Just as it is only at the end of the Silver Age that the people needed the information in the ME, the information relating to the Confluence Aged knowledge is only needed at the end. Thus, the messages of the ancient people only needed to be understood at the end because it relates to the Confluence Aged knowledge. The decoding, at the end of the cycle (now), will make sure that the messages are understood. This will help with all that which has to happen at the end (including the process of walking into the Golden Age).

The ancient people, who had walked out of the first kingdom were using a lot of computerised gadgets. They were the masterminds who were getting people, worldwide, to do something or the other as per their plans. These ancient people were creative, which was why they had the tendency to create the myths and the encoded messages which needs decoding. They were creative because they were using the right hemisphere of their brain more than the left. Present day people use the left hemisphere of the brain more than the right. So they may not understand the creative ways of the ancient people. More on the ancient people using their right hemisphere of the brain more than the left can be found at:

Ancient People used Right Brain Hemisphere more than the Left

The myths have connected the acquiring of the computerized chips, and information, to the Confluence Aged acquiring of the divine virtues and powers because of the life dramas that existed at the beginning of the Copper Age. These life-dramas represented what was happening at the end of the cycle. The Copper Age was connected to the Confluence Age (at the end of the cycle). Thus, sometimes, the Copper Aged life-dramas were made to look like as if the life dramas were in the Confluence Age (though the life-drama was in the Copper Age and not in the Confluence Age, at the end). Thus, the people who were having the ME (in the Copper Age) were connected to the Confluence Aged roles, when the souls were acquiring the divine virtues and powers.

God is only filled with divine virtues and powers. In the Confluence Age, we try to become like God by absorbing God's virtues and powers into us so as to transform our own virtues into the divine, powerful state. As we keep making effort to go beyond, we keep accumulating the divine virtues and powers. This was why Inanna was portrayed as collecting the ME and taking it from Enki (God). The souls' original qualities are the virtues and not the vices. So, what we are collecting from God now is that which belongs to the original state of the soul. It relates to truth and righteousness. Thus, the ME (in the Copper Age) also involved the truth, righteousness etc and not just scientific information, data discs etc.


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