Neti Neti – Not This and I Don't Know

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It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role.

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Neti Neti – Not This and I Don't Know

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Between 1981-1985, I was working in a school in a remote place in Malaysia. Since I had a lot of free time, I decided to spend my time trying to get information through my dreams, visions and experiences so that I could know of what was going to happen to me in the future and so that I could understand the Truth.

So, among other things, I started learning the hatha yogic practices of asking for visions while in meditation. Since even our thoughts and Maya (based on our desires, views etc) can give or influence the visions, the Hatha Yogic 'Neti Neti' practices says that when one has thoughts and sees visions (based on the thoughts etc), one should push it away saying 'Neti Neti' which means “Not this, Not this”. Then, one should request for a vision that is based on the Truth. As we keep getting thoughts or visions (based on our Maya etc) we are supposed to keep saying 'Neti Neti' and we are supposed to keep asking for visions that consists of only the Truth. One is supposed to keep doing this to make sure that one is getting a vision that involves only the Truth. The reason why this is done is because we may get visions through the influence of the corporeal, vices etc. So to make sure that we do not get influenced by the Maya etc when we get visions, we are supposed to keep rejecting it and keep asking for visions that involves only the Truth. This practice trains us to get visions that involves only the Truth, without the influence of body consciousness etc.

When I was asking for the visions (through using the Neti Neti meditation techniques), usually, I would not see anything. But later, when I was silently contemplating on something or the other, I would have visions and experiences based on what was happening to me at that time. But I never understood all these visions and experiences until more than 10 years after because they were connected to the future Confluence Aged time, when I would understand them.

For example, between 1981 and 1980, I would often take my friends' children for a walk (as a form of entertainment). Usually, I take them for a walk along the routes where the settlers lived. But one day, I decided to take a different route, which would take us through an isolated area. As soon as we began taking that route, a guy ('X' hereafter), who was working with me, had come running to accompany us. He was jogging along that path with us until we came into safer grounds. Then, he advised me to not take that route again because it goes through an isolated area. He advised me to keep to the roads where the settlers were staying.

During those years, I would travel back home during every week-end and holidays. I would ask one of my friends to inform one of the local taxis to come and take me to the nearest town, from where I would take a taxi or bus back home. Once, this guy (X) was in the taxi which had come to fetch me. So, we started talking and we got to know that we traveled along the same route until almost the end of the journey home. From that time onwards, he (X) tried to accompany me during my journeys back home. I was a woman traveling alone and he tried to accompany me to make sure that I was safe during the journey back. Through that we became close but we were not in love with each other. He was very very sweet and always smiling.

One day he had come to talk to me about something and I was just listening to what he was saying. While I was listening, I was looking into his eyes because I could not see the influence of the vices there. While looking into his eyes, I began to wonder, “Why is this fellow so sweet?”. Almost immediately, I went beyond and I could see his consciousness and my own consciousness. His consciousness was clean and lighted up. My consciousness looked dirty and it had black patches all over. The white areas where there were no black patches was looking dull unlike his which was bright.

Then, I came back to the consciousness of being in the corporeal body again. I noticed that this guy had bent to look into my eyes. His face was right in front of mine while he was just looking into my eyes. When he saw me looking at him, he looked like as if he was over-joyed to see me looking at him. His smile looked like as if it stretched from one side of his face to the other because he was so happy to see me back to normal. I did not ask him if he saw what I had seen. I also did not talk about the experience to him because he was a Muslim (who had Arab blood in him).

I never discussed this experience of mine with anybody because I could not understand it. I never even tried to give it an explanation because I did not understand it. Usually, I prefer to come to a conclusion, or say something, only after I have really understood something. I wouldn't mind talking about it, if I could at least understand it partially. But I did not understand it.

It was only after I came into the Brahma Kumaris and began to understand the BK knowledge that I began to understand this experience which I had before coming into the Brahma Kumaris. It made me accept the BK knowledge, with faith, to a great extent.

Based on my evaluation, through using the BK knowledge, I began to think that he (X) must be a new soul from the Soul World and my consciousness reflected my tamopradhan state. Souls who have just come, from the Soul World into the corporeal world, to take a birth would be in a pure state. This pure state of X must have been reflected through his consciousness being filled with bright light. Since I have taken births from almost the beginning of the new cycle, I have taken about 83 or 84 births. From the beginning of the Copper Age, the vices had emerged and I have committed a lot of sins from that time onwards. All these vices and sins are impurity. This impurity was reflected by the black patches in the dull white light. If I had tried to give an explanation, before having received BK knowledge, the explanation might not have been accurate. I think God gave me the experience at that time so that I would be able to accept the BK knowledge when I hear it (so that I can play my roles for the end of the cycle).

I had dreams, experiences and visions between 1981 and 1985 because of the experimentation which I was doing so as to know what would happen to me in the future and so as to know the Truth. But I could not understand them for more than 10 years until I came into the Brahma Kumaris. Through using the BK knowledge I was able to understand those dreams, visions and experiences. This suggests that there must be Truth in the dreams, visions and experiences which I had. It also suggest that there must also be Truth in the BK knowledge because I did not know of the BK knowledge when I had those dreams, visions and experiences.

I have explained some of my dreams, which were meant to inform me of what was to happen to me in the future, at:

Being Prepared for the Future and Indications of Future Events

If one did not have the BK spiritual knowledge, it can sometimes be difficult to understand one's experiences which are based on the Truth. Since I was a little girl, I had always felt that God was guiding me and providing me with whatever I needed. Whatever I needed would just come my way. So, there may be a possibility that when I was asking for visions and experiences based on the Truth, God gave them to me. But these visions and experiences were to later help me to play my roles for the end well. This may have been why no other spiritual knowledge had given me any information (clarification) that could have explained those visions and experiences. Though I was not asking for any clarification, I was given the clarification through the BK knowledge and experiences after I came into the Brahma Kumaris. All this suggests that I was being prepared to get this understanding only in the Brahma Kumaris so as to enable me to accept the BK knowledge.

In the sakar murlis (which are God's messages) of the Brahma Kumaris, it has been said that when hatha yogis say “Neti Neti” (during the hatha yogic practices) they are supposed to be saying 'I don't know, I don't know'. When I heard this, I could not understand it because I had used those practices and I knew that Neti Neti meant 'Not this, Not this'. It was with time that I realised that, before receiving BK knowledge, we really do not know the Truth because the religious knowledge have been confused up by the ancient people. Since there are so many opposing religious views, it would be very difficult for one to know what the Truth is. So, we ask for visions as to what is the Truth. If we knew the Truth, we would not ask for such visions. In fact, even though I got experiences based on the Truth at that time itself, I did not even know of what was meant by those visions and experiences because I was in a “I don't know” state.

It should be noted that by the time the scriptures had got put into writing, the people were already going into a confused state because of the weaker spiritual strength and because of different religious views. The people who knew the Truth were those who had walked out of the divine world and they had provided for confusion in the religious teachings because it was supposed to be like that. More on this can be found at:

Reptilians Provided for Confusion Too

Despite different religious views that were getting placed into the various religious scriptures, those people who were involved with the writing of the religious scriptures knew that, at the end, Truth will be revealed. So, they knew that whatever is in the scriptures was also 'Neti Neti - Not this, Not this' that was going to be revealed at the end. The words Neti Neti has been used many times in the Hindu scriptures while trying to explain various aspects of the religious knowledge.

The Neti Neti method of meditation is being used by people to try to know or understand the Truth. But do they know the Truth so as to understand it. How will they know of what the Truth is when the ancient people have made sure that the religious knowledge has got confused up with various religious views. Which is the Truth?

God has also been described in different ways. And sages also say that He is not exactly like this or like any other description. All these basically means that people no longer know as to which is the Truth. But the ancient people have revealed through their messages, that have been brought down, that the Truth will be revealed at the end. I know that this Truth can be understood through using the BK knowledge. I know that the BK knowledge provides for clarification so that we can undo our wrongs of having confused people up.


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