What 'Heaven' means, in the myths

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What 'Heaven' means, in the myths

Posted on Sun, Jul 10 2011; amended on 8-4-14 and on 21-April-14

The word 'heaven' has been used with various meanings in the myths. Some of these include:

1. the area which is high above the ground, the sky and all the area in outer space.

2. the pure subtle regions used by souls from the beginning of the Copper Age (during bhakti/worship).

3. the Confluence Aged subtle regions (at the end of the cycle), which have also been referred to in the myths as abodes of God, the deities etc.

4. the Golden and Silver Ages on earth (all souls enjoy a heavenly life on earth when they just come into the corporeal world from the Soul World, even though they may not have come into the Golden and Silver Ages).

5. the Soul World (the Soul World is the place of residence of God and all souls who have not come into the corporeal world).

6. the metaphysical region used by souls, while using corporeal bodies to play their roles in the corporeal world.

7. the soul-conscious stage which was enjoyed by the Mid-Confluence Aged gods and the subtle regions which they were using when they were in the soul-conscious stage (before they lost the soul-conscious stage to become mortals).

8. the Holographic Universe.

9. Quantum Dimensions which the Mid-Confluence Aged gods (royal clan) were using, while they were in the quantum dimensions, and which they were supposed to live in during their afterlife. While one’s consciousness is involved with the subtle dimensions in the Subtle World of Light, one’s causal energies can be involved with specific quantum dimensions.

10. Quantum Dimensions which the Mid-Confluence Aged scientists were using when they were time-travelling into the future.

11. the places in the ancient Copper Aged life-dramas which represented 1 to 10 as mentioned above.

To understand which 'heaven' was meant in a particular myth, one must understand:

1. the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge

2. all that which I am explaining.

The Confluence Aged knowledge considers both, the Golden and Silver Ages, as being 'Heaven' on earth because the corporeal world there is pure and without the existence of the vices. There will not be any suffering, pain etc there. However, it is the Golden Age which is considered as the true Heaven because :

1. the souls in the Golden Age are more powerful than those in the Silver Age,

2. souls enjoy more happiness in the Golden Age,

3. the Golden Age is more beautiful to experience and stay in (compared to the Silver Age),

4. the people in the Golden Age have better corporeal bodies than those in the Silver Age. The Golden Aged people will live for about 150 years whereas the Silver Aged people will only live for about 125 years.

Actually, according to the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, the actual heaven Heaven is in the first kingdom in the Golden Age (and the most heavenly time is at the beginning of the Golden Age) because:

1. the most powerful souls are born there.

2. the kingdom there is the most beautiful.

3. the souls enjoy happiness and life the most, there.

NB: Souls cannot enjoy happiness and life without using a corporeal body.


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