1. Subtle Regions & their Connections, & Battles

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Title: Subtle Regions & their Connections, Collective Consciousness and the Battles of Rama/Ravana, Hercules/Hades, Krishna/Kansa, Pandavas/Kauravas, Horus/Set, etc

(posted on 28-8-12)

There are many different kinds of subtle regions. From the time souls come into the corporeal world, from the Soul World, they can get involved with one form of subtle region or the other (depending on the state which their soul is in, their believe systems, thoughts etc). The subtle regions connect the metaphysical souls, in the metaphysical dimension, to the corporeal dimension. If anyone (in any period of time) sees visions of the soul, God etc, they are seeing it in the subtle regions.

The subtle region will only exist if we are in a specific consciousness. For example, when I am soul-conscious, I go into the Confluence Aged subtle region. If I am not in the soul-conscious state but am in the state of the soul (in another kind of state) then, I can be said to be in a different subtle region based on the different consciousness which I am experiencing.

In the subtle region, you will be using a subtle body of light; and you will be able to see the subtle form of others too. Sometimes, you cannot see any subtle form because you are experiencing the state of being the soul. However, your vibrations (from the soul) are emitted into a subtle region. For example, when the Confluence Aged souls are absorbing and sending out God’s vibrations, they are sending it out into the subtle region even though they may not be seeing a subtle region. From the subtle regions, the energies of God are able to affect that which is in the corporeal world.

One can enter into the subtle regions through meditation. But often, during meditation, one will not see oneself as being in a subtle region. One will just experience a specific stage. If one sees visions, then one is seeing it in the subtle region.

Sometimes, God gives us visions so that we can understand something. We see these visions in the subtle regions. At other times, God just gives us an understanding without giving us any vision.

All types of visions can be seen in subtle regions. Even the vices can give us visions, in the subtle regions.

The vices get created when our pure energies (which exist as the virtues) transform into the weaker energies (of the vices). So, the vices are a different kind of energies that are within us. They will be involved with a different subtle region of their own. The vices are a ‘consciousness’ of their own. This consciousness has been portrayed, in myths, as the devil (Ravana, Hades, Kansa, Kauravas, Set, etc).

Hades and Set, sometimes, include God’s role in the World of Mortals (Underworld) while He is using the Copper Aged memories of those who were involved with the role of Nimrod (the First World Emperor of the Copper Age and the end). So, when one comes across the word Hades and Set, in myths, one must distinguish as to whether the myths are referring to the vices or to God’s role in the Underworld.

The different subtle regions are not connected. But they can get connected when:

1. we are entertaining two different kinds of consciousness at the same time,

2. our consciousness connects to another.

An example for the first point given above is where one is in a weak Confluence Aged state. If the vices have emerged since one is in the weak stage; then, one is entertaining 2 different kinds of consciousness at the same time. So, it can seem like as if the weak divine souls and the vices are in the same subtle region. However, they are in 2 different subtle regions which are existing at the same time. The vices are in a different subtle region (from that of the Confluence Aged souls). In visions, the 2 subtle regions can seem to be in 2 different places (though connected) or they can seem like as if they have overlapped (thus, allowing us to see the battle that is taking place between our divine self and the vices).

If my consciousness is in the Confluence Aged subtle region and someone else is in the Kaliyugi consciousness; and we are subtly communicating with each other or seeing each other (in a subtle way) then the subtle regions are getting connected or they are connected. The subtle region is based on our consciousness. When our consciousness connects to the consciousness of another, the subtle regions are also getting connected.

Each subtle region is based on the consciousness of each soul. If a gathering of souls have the same consciousness, believes or thoughts; then, they will all be in the same subtle region. Since they have the same consciousness, their collective consciousness acts as a single force. Since Confluence Aged souls are linked to God, the Confluence Aged Collective Consciousness includes God’s Consciousness. The Confluence Aged Collective Consciousness also includes the consciousness of all the Confluence Aged souls because:

1. the Confluence Aged souls are in the combined form with God,

2. the collective consciousness includes our thoughts, etc.

If a Confluence Aged soul and a non-Confluence Aged soul are seeing each other in the subtle form, then their subtle regions get connected. Then, something more can happen. A very subtle and unnoticeable battle, between the two consciousness of the two forms or souls, can take place; and the light (of the consciousness) in one of the subtle regions will be influencing the other. Sometimes, neither will be victorious. At other times, one of them will be victorious. Thus, the Kaliyugi soul can be influenced to become Confluence Aged or the Confluence Aged soul can be influenced to become Kaliyugi in nature. This has also been portrayed in the myths through the battles of Rama/Ravana, Hercules/Hades, Krishna/Kansa, Pandavas/Kauravas, Horus/Set, etc. All these battles also portray:

1. the battle that is taking place within the soul itself (during the Confluence Age), and

2. the invisible subtle battle that occurs, at the end, when the world transforms into the divine world.

The final battle will be between the Confluence Aged Collective Consciousness as against the ‘collective consciousness of the non-Confluence Aged gathering’. This means that the Confluence Aged Collective Consciousness will be transforming the world and taking over while the ‘collective consciousness of the non-Confluence Aged gathering’ weakens out until it does not exist anymore. It can also be said that the final battle will be between the Confluence Aged Collective Consciousness as against the collective consciousness of the vices. The vices will try their best to remain in control of the human beings (at the end). But when the strength of the Confluence Aged gathering is strong and the world begins to transform, all the weak energies will have to transform back into their pure original state (in the subtle region and during Judgement Day). This, then, defeats the vices and they become non-existent until the end of the next Silver Age.

Om Shanti


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