viiii. Ancient Naming System

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Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System

(posted on 23-8-12)

(includes a discussion on Nimrod as the third Cat and third Monkey in the BK sakar murlis; the change of names at the beginning of the Confluence Age; legally changing my name)

At the end of the Silver Age, all the royal rulers (and other elders) were getting together to discuss what was happening to the world and to them. During these discussions, they were also discussing about what had to be done since they were losing their perfect world. They had decided to send people out so as to build new civilizations and to see if they could do something to change their world back into the perfect state which it was in. They had also taken the decision that the people, who were being sent out, should not use their real Atlantian names and that the Anunnaki names, etc (which were names of their roles) should be used instead. Thus, one of the reasons why the Atlantians, who walked out of the divine world, did not use their real names in the writings and myths (which they have left behind) was that they had to follow the system that had been established by their elders.

This system for not using the real names, and to use the mythical names, was created for various reasons. One reason was that it would help to make sure that those who were sent into the world of mortals remained god-like and did not become mortal-like quickly. By remembering that they were the gods, they would not use the vices as quickly as the people/citizens in the world of mortals were doing.

The usage of the mythical names also made sure that the souls do not get carried away by trying to gain name and fame for the self instead of gaining name and fame for the mythical role. Gaining name and fame for the self involves the usage of the vices, which is wrong. Gaining name and fame for the mythical role does not involve the use of the vices because it is not gaining name and fame for the self. It will help them to remain virtuous and godly, since they will not be easily influenced by the vices.

The Naming System also enabled others to play the role, on behalf of the Atlantians, so that the Atlantians can get a lot of work done over the years (through the numerous people who also played the roles). Even if the Atlantians died before the work for the role was completed, others can be used to make sure that the work gets completed through the life-dramas that were started for each role. The life-drama for the role will end when the work (which has to be done through that role) gets completed.

The Atlantians knew that the memories of what they were doing would emerge to influence them (the souls) at the end. So, the Naming System was also created to enable the souls to be influenced by the memories of the roles instead of being influenced by memories of the past births (involving their everyday life which is insignificant). Further, many will benefit through the memories that emerge, at the end, since they had used those mythical roles too.

Later, the Naming System was used to make sure that the souls will be able to play the roles again, at the end (since it is only a role and not a birth role). An example of such a name/role is that of Nimrod. Through the name/role of Nimrod, the ancient people wanted to make sure that they re-gain world rule, as they were having during the first half cycle. When they knew that they will be losing world rule to those in the line of Abraham, they made sure that they created memories which will help them to re-gain world rule, as Nimrod, at the end. In the BK sakar murlis, those who play the role of Nimrod have been portrayed as:

1. the third cat which steals the butter, when the 2 cats are fighting for the butter,

2. the third monkey which steals the butter, when the 2 monkeys are fighting for the butter.

The third cat represents those in the line of Enki who play the role of Nimrod. The third monkey represents those in the line of Enlil, who play the role of Nimrod. So, the name and role of Nimrod begins in the Copper Age and then, it will emerge to continue at the end (when the memories emerge to influence the souls). When the roles are used again, at the end, the use of the mythical names will enable the souls (who used those mythical names) to gain the powers and specialities that were associated to those names.

During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, the Naming System was also meant to connect the end of the Silver Age to the previous Confluence Age. So, at the end of the Silver Age, it was as if Brahma had re-appeared to give the knowledge to the people (through the memories, ME etc).

At the end of the Silver Age, the Naming System was also used so as to connect the Copper Aged roles, and the roles created in the Copper Age, to the next Confluence Age (at the end). This connection exists because names/roles that were created, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, will later be continued to be used in the Confluence Age. God uses the names which we had created because:

1. of the worship which we had done during the Copper Age, and

2. God flows along with our ways, and

3. God uses whatever we have, to explain the Truth.

Actually, it cannot be said that all the names/roles were created in the Copper Age because some of those names were the historical names which the royal children got to know off when they were studying history.

The citizens did not go to school. So, if the historical information was not passed down orally, through the entertaining stories, they would not know of what had happened in the past. But the citizens who were being civilised, during the Copper Age, where taught history through the myths. They would learn of how Man got created at the beginning of the Golden Age. That was also history.

The Naming System also turned all those who were sent out (into the world of mortals) into members of God’s family. Thus, all the Anunnaki were portrayed as descendants of Anu (God).

From the Golden Age, all the royalty were marrying among themselves, so most of the royalty were related to each other (at the end of the Silver Age). However, Enki and Enlil were not blood brothers. They were portrayed as brothers because God uses both of them. They were considered as the members of God’s godly Anunnaki family. Enlil and Enki were from different kingdoms in Atlantis.

The Anunnaki/royalty were portrayed as members of God’s family because the deity souls, during the Confluence Age, were the members of God’s Confluence Aged family. Through the Silver Aged Naming System, the Atlantians continued the Confluence Aged system. This reflected that God’s family was continuing to do service, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. Since we were doing service as a family, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, this will influence us to become God’s family again, at the end, during the Confluence Age (despite all the differences that began to take place between the Enlilites and the Enkites).

At the beginning of the Confluence Age, the names of the BK followers were changed by Brahma Baba to reflect their new spiritual birth and role. Nowadays this is no longer done in the Brahma Kumaris. One of the reasons why it was done, was to let it be known that they have been given a new birth now. They have been given a new deified royal Ka (angelic effort-maker birth role) to use. Since they are using this deified royal Ka, they are considered to be in Brahmapuri (even if their stage is bad). One cannot be in Brahmapuri if one was using their Ka birth-role. Brahmapuri is a godly region. Thus, one needs a deified royal Ka to stay there whether we are seriously making effort or not. Another reason why new names were given may be because that was the system that was used during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages. Whatever was happening then, has to happen now. Whatever happens now, will influence the souls to do it again (at the end of the Silver Age). So, another reason why the Naming System was begun (at the end of the Silver Age) was that such a system was used at the beginning of the Confluence Age.

When I stopped going daily to the Brahma Kumaris, in 2001, I wanted to make sure that I remained in gyan (BK knowledge). So, in 2002, I decided to legally change my name so that it will keep reminding me of the role that I have to play on earth. The people at the Identity Card Registry had told me that my new name would have the alias sign, @, at the end of my new name and that my old name would be placed after that. This meant that my old name would remain as part of my name. They told me that this system was being used to make sure that there are no complications after the change of name and to prevent criminals from hiding under a new name. So, my name was to become Brahma Kumari Pari @ Parimalathevy A/P Kandiah. However, when the authorities were considering my application, they did not insert my old name into my new name. So, my name was changed to Brahma Kumari Pari (as I had requested). The people, working in the Identity Card Registry, were surprised that I had got a complete change of name. They said that this was the first time that such a thing had happened. They were wondering how it had happened. I told myself that it must be an indication that God wants to use me for that role. So, He has made sure that I have a complete change of name. This had happened at the end of the previous cycle too because the World Drama keeps repeating. Memories of this had also influenced my past birth, who walked out of the divine world, to make sure that the real names are not used and to only use the mythical and other names. This and the system, of not using one’s real name, has made sure that no-one knew the real name of my past birth (who walked out of the divine world).

Om Shanti

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