v. Egyptian Ka (before Marduk’s influence)

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Egyptian Ka (before Marduk’s influence)

(Posted on 22-6-2012; written in June)The Egyptian Ka represents the birth role. Thus, the Egyptian myth was developed portraying that the Egyptian goddess Meskhenet breathes the Ka of each person into them, as they are born, so that they can live. The Ka which she creates for them is part of their soul. In this myth, importance was given to the breath because the child has to start breathing to live. Meskhenet was an Egyptian goddess of childbirth who ensures that the child is delivered safely from the womb and then, she enables them to live. So importance was given to the child’s first breath which enables the child to start living. However, the Ka was portrayed as part of the soul, in this myth, because the Ka is the birth role.

When it is time for the soul to begin a new life, a new birth role has to be used. This birth role already exists deep within the soul. The Ka was portrayed as being created before, or with, the physical being because the Ka (as the birth role) had already existed within the soul even before the soul entered the foetus to start a new life.

Within each soul there is a division where all the birth-roles of all the births exist. When the soul leaves a corporeal body to take the next birth, the next birth-role is automatically used (as per the World Drama). The birth-role of the previous life will go back to its resting place, within the soul. The new life begins because it is time for the next birth-role to be used. When the soul enters a new corporeal body, when the foetus is around four and a half months old, the new birth-role emerges to play its role. This birth-role or Ka will begin to develop as the corporeal body changes. One cannot live a life on earth without using the relevant birth-role. Thus, it was portrayed like as if using the Ka (birth-role) enables one to live on earth.

The Ka does not re-incarnate. It is the soul which re-incarnates. When the soul leaves the corporeal body, the Ka goes back to its resting place within the soul because it is the end of the play, for that birth role, in the World Drama. In the next birth, the next Ka for the new birth is used. This Ka begins again in the form of the foetus and it developes as the person’s body and personality develops.

Since the birth role or Ka emerges to play its role as per the world Drama, the Egyptian goddess Meskhenet was associated to fate (in the myths) and she was portrayed as taking a decision on the child’s destiny at the time of birth.

Since the birth role or Ka emerges to play its role as per the world Drama, Meskhenet was later paired with Shai, the god of destiny and fate. Shai was portrayed as determining the span of each person’s life because that was determined as per the World Drama. Since the ancient people were involved with life-dramas, Shai was originally the personification of ‘fate and destiny in the World Drama’. Since he was later portrayed as a god, this ‘god’ concept developed to include more. The Egyptians believed that Shai was born with each individual because he was a personification of ‘fate and destiny in the World Drama’. Whatever happens to a person, after he is born, is based on the World Drama. Thus, Shai was portrayed as capable of being a good or bad influence in the person’s life.

The Egyptian Ka is the invisible or astral double of the person. The Ka is the spirit or subtle body that looks like the corporeal body in visions and so on.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the development of the Ka is closely connected to the experiences and shaping of the person in the physical form. The Ka was viewed as our double based on how the Ka is a reflection or the double or the twin of what exists in the corporeal world. The Ka includes all the mental and physical traits that identify a person as an individual.

Whatever happens to our corporeal body is reflected in the subtle Ka body. As we grow up, our Ka would also be growing up to look just like the corporeal body that is growing up. All the changes to one’s corporeal body, through plastic surgery or accidents, will be reflected in the Ka because the Ka is an identical reflection of what we are in the corporeal world.

The Ka includes all the roles we play in this life. If at a specific point in time, we are playing the role of the teacher, the Ka would also reflect that at that point in time.

The Ka reflects a person’s personality, emotions and mental traits. As our emotions change, the change is reflected through the subtle Ka body. If I am unhappy about the role which I have to play, one would see my Ka feeling unhappy in the subtle realm. My subtle angelic bodies, called the Sahu, may not reflect my unhappiness because they are not the ‘double’ or twin of the person living this life. Actually, after the influence of Marduk, the concept ‘Sahu’ began to include more than the angelic bodies. I will discuss all this when I discuss the Egyptian concept called Sahu, in later articles.

The emotions, traits etc, that are created during one’s life-time, are all placed within the memory bank of the soul. From the memory bank, the emotions emerge to influence the soul. As the soul is influenced, it is reflected through the corporeal and subtle bodies, at the same time.

The Ka does exactly what we do or what we would want to do. Thus, if we have strong desires to go somewhere but we are not able to go while using the corporeal body, we might use the Ka to go (without using our corporeal body). This can happen if our desires are very strong.

The Ka does not have a free existence as the Ba does. The soul flies to take a new birth. At the end of the cycle, the soul flies back with God to the Soul World and then in the new cycle, it flies back down into the corporeal world to play its part, as per the World Drama. The Ka remains in its resting place within the soul, when the soul is not living the life of that Ka. The soul continues living through using different corporeal and Ka bodies. The soul experiences happiness and pain through the corporeal and Ka bodies.

As a living entity, the Ka has to include the soul. Thus, the Ka was associated to the soul and the subtle body. But the emphasis is on the birth-role or subtle body aspect and not on the ‘soul’ aspect.

The soul has various divisions and all these divisions are not part and parcel of the Ka. In fact, the Ka had emerged from one division of the soul. So, one can’t say that the Ka is the soul. However, the Ka includes the soul because the Ka consists of energies of the soul. Further, just as the soul is in the forehead of the corporeal body, the soul is also in the forehead of the Ka. We are the souls who are in the forehead of both, the corporeal body and the Ka. There is only one soul that are in 2 bodies (the corporeal and subtle, which exists at the same time). The Ka is part and parcel of the soul because it has a place within the soul. We cannot say that we are our Ka. We are the souls. The emotions of the soul are expressed through the subtle Ka body, in visions.

If the soul does not take its next birth, the soul remains in the Ka and people can see the Ka as a ghost. This will happen if the person is too attached to what exists in his life, before death. Though the soul has lost its corporeal body, upon death, it can still use its Ka to stay attached to what had existed in that life.

Sometimes, when we are in the unconscious or dream state, the Ka can separate itself and move around. Some people try to, intentionally, make their Ka travel around while gathering information. When they do this, it is the intellect which moves around to get the information. But the Ka can be moved around too, so that people can see it outside their corporeal body. The Ka consists of some of the energies of the soul. So it is only these energies and not the whole soul which is leaving the corporeal body. If the soul leaves the corporeal body, the person dies. But since people are in their mortal state, they tend to think that they have left their corporeal bodies (though only some of their energies have temporarily moved out of the corporeal bodies). The people who are in the mortal state will think that they are the corporeal bodies or that they are the Ka. They will not have the feeling that they are the souls.

The Ka was symbolised by ‘a pair of upraised arms’ which is similar to the position of the arms during the calling-out process, worship, prostration or when offering oneself. The Ka was symbolised in this way because the ancient people, who walked out of the divine world, were involved with devotion to God that would help them to re-gain their perfect world. When the people are involved with worship, their Ka is also involved with worship since the Ka is the subtle double of the corporeal. Further, the Anunnaki taught the mortals to worship God (in the combined form with the Anunnaki gods) so that the mortals will be helped to reach their destination, at the end of the cycle. The mortals were those who were using the Ka and not the immortal god roles. Thus, the Ka was involved with the worship too. Further, people who are in the mortal state, from the beginning of the Copper Age, need to get involved with worship because they can be influenced by the vices and they need God’s help. The mortals are people who will feel that they are the Ka and not the soul. So, it was as if the Ka was getting involved with worship.The Ka can also be seen as a double because there are 2 aspects to the Ka. There is the original birth role (Ka) that exists deep within the soul and which emerges to play a role as per the World Drama. There is also a lower Ka which develops as we learn and change in the corporeal world. The lower Ka develops based on the knowledge and experiences acquired in life. The original birth-role (Ka) which already exists deep within the soul, can be seen as the higher guardian-angel-like Ka. Based on what has to happen in the life of that Ka, as per the World Drama, the lower Ka’s life is lived. Yet, the soul can change things based on the decisions which he takes in his life. Despite that, the higher Ka is the basis upon which that life is lived. The life is lived based on what was intended for that Ka in the World Drama. So it is as if we have a ‘double’ Ka based on the 2 different aspects of the Ka. At the end of that life, the original Ka goes back to its resting place, in the soul. The changes which we have made goes into our memory bank, in the soul. These changes, in the memory bank, may affect us if those memories emerge. But these changes will not affect the Ka, in its next birth, in the next cycle.

If the Ka was meant to play a role to give explanations relating to the alien believe system, that will influence the person to make attempts to explain what is happening related to the alien believe system. Usually, souls who have just come down from the Soul World will play their roles as per the World Drama. Others, who have taken many births since the Copper Age, might be influenced by their previous birth-roles (Ka of past births). So, the role of the Ka can be changed through their influence. Even the influence of the immortal roles can change the life of the Ka now. Many other factors can also influence to bring about changes in the life and roles which we play now. So, we can change the life and roles which our Ka was meant to play. If it changes, that is also happening as per the World Drama.

In the Copper Age, Marduk created practices to change the fate of the Ka. Before Marduk, the Anunnaki did not give importance to the Ka. They gave importance to the immortal Anunnaki god roles which were part and parcel of the immortal Ba state. Even if they were using their Ka, instead of the immortal god roles, the memories of that time became part of the Ba. At the end, in the Confluence Age, when the soul transforms, the soul attains the Akhu stage. All the memories that are in the memory bank of the soul (as the Ba) will also transform to become part of the Akhu. While in the transformed Akhu state, the memories influence the soul to keep making spiritual effort to remain in the Akhu stage. Thus, it does not matter if the memories were created while the ancient people were using the Ka role or the immortal god roles. There is no need to involve or awaken the Ka of past births to use those memories, now. If the soul is not in the transformed Akhu state, the immortal aspects of the Ba will influence the soul to be influenced by these memories (without disturbing the Ka of past births).

It was after Marduk’s influence that importance was given to the Ka so that it can emerge to play its role again at the end. I will discuss this in later articles.

Om Shanti


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