i. Journey in the Duat (Egyptian Underworld)

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The Journey in the Duat (Egyptian Underworld)

(posted on 4-8-12)

(includes a discussion on the journey of past births into the Confluence Age while playing a role in the Duat; how some enemies of Ra are punished through the alien experiences now; Judgement Day, resurrection; passing the last test paper)

In the ancient Egyptian texts and drawings, it has been portrayed that the deceased must journey, after death, through the Duat or Underworld. The journey is begun in a parallel universe, after death. It will bring the king into the sky, to remain with the stars, though he will also remain in the underworld. All others, who die, remain in the underworld and they do not make it into the sky. This means that it is only the kings, who are in the sky, who will play a special role through journeying to the end of the cycle. During the king’s lifetime, worship was done to ensure that the king is able to safely journey (in the underworld) so that he can play a role, at the end, with God in the Underworld/Duat. God is Osiris, the Lord of the Underworld, at the end.

During the journey in the underworld, a lot of things can happen to disturb the kings’ journey into the afterlife. For example, if people/enemies do not participate in the worship for the King’s afterlife, it reduces the king’s ability to emerge and play his role. If people/enemies disturb the evidences left behind (for the kings), it might also disturb the kings’ ability to emerge and play their role well, in the afterlife (at the end). Thus, the journey in the Duat was portrayed like a difficult journey where one could be attacked by enemies/Apep. Apep represents the vices/chaos which bring about a chaotic situation. When Apep/vices/chaos takes control in a person, the person becomes the enemy/Apep. Apep is the kings’s enemy because the King has a duty to uphold Maat. I will explain this further, in later articles.

During this journey, in the Duat, various gods were portrayed as playing the role of protectors, guide and companion to the Ba (immortal soul) of the king. This represented that God, the Reptilian Collective Consciousness (which includes the consciousness of the gods who were the Anunnaki), Confluence Aged souls (at the end) and others will be helping the soul during his journey in the Duat/Underworld and while he plays his role in the afterlife (in the Duat). The journey in the Duat/Underworld relates:

1. what happens at the end of the cycle, through the Confluence Age

2. the journey of the past births from the Copper Age into the future (now)

3. what happens to all the enemies of Ra, Osiris and the King. Some of these enemies are those who experience discomfort at the hands of the aliens (now). In other articles, I will discuss the text and drawings which include the representations of the treatment given by the aliens to some of the enemies.

In the ancient Egyptian text, which is now known as the Book of Gates, the Duat or Underworld is divided into 12 hours. Sometimes, the King is portrayed to have arrived at the Judgement Hall at the end of the fifth hour. This means that the time when the past births emerge into the present time, in the Confluence Age, has been portrayed as being at the end of the 5th hour. As Osiris (the Lord of the Underworld who presides during the Judgement in the Duat), God has allowed my past births to emerge into the Confluence Age so as to play their role. God uses the soul of these ancient kings (as instrument) while God plays His role in the underworld. In the Copper Age, the Anunnaki were used by God to play the role of Osiris. But at the end, God plays the role of Osiris in the Underworld.

In other versions of the Book of Gates, the Judgement Hall, and the Judgement, takes place in the Sixth hour. The Judgement of these past births has, sometimes, been portrayed as being in the 6th hour because the Judgement involves:

1. God allowing the past births to play their role,

2. others accepting what these past births say while they are used on the world stage.

In other articles, I will discuss the Judgement in the 6th hour, which is being passed over a long period of time. The Judgment in the Hall of Maat (in the 6th hour) represents what happens:

1. on Judgement Day, at the end, and

2. during the Judgement of past births who will have to emerge and play their role as the False Prophets, at the end, before Judgement Day.

The 6th hour is the very deepest part of the night and so it was used to represent the end of Kaliyug. The 6th hour was used to represent the darkest time of the cycle when it is time for Judgment Day. But, in this article, I am not discussing the journey, in the Duat, in relation to Judgment Day. In this article, I am giving emphasis to the journey, of the past births, into the Confluence Age. I am also briefly discussing how those past births will then play their role until the end of the cycle. The end of the cycle brings in the end of the Duat.

After the past births emerge, they are seen as going into the phase (in the Duat) where the light in the Confluence Aged souls, and the light in the atmosphere for the creation of the new world, are beginning to increase until the new world comes into existence. When the new world comes into existence, it brings in the beginning of the new cycle. In the ancient Egyptian texts and drawing, the new day represented the beginning of the new cycle.

At the end of the journey, the soul (of the Copper Aged king) is resurrected and the soul moves into the new cycle or new day. It should be noted that there is a difference between the resurrection of past births (the kings) and the resurrection of souls. The resurrection of past births (or birth roles) represents that the birth roles will emerge to continue playing their role (instead of resting in their resting place within the soul). The resurrection of deity souls represent the transformation of the deity souls back into their divine state. When the deity souls are in their divine state, it is as if they have been given back their life and they have been lifted out of the World of Dead (underworld or Iron Age). They will then live in the new Golden Aged world. The resurrection, of the deity souls, take place in the Confluence Age. When the souls leave the corporeal bodies (if they do not pass their last test paper and become completely pure before Judgement Day) then, they will become completely pure during Judgement Day. This completes the resurrection of the deity souls. The last test paper is passed when souls remember only God, and nothing else, as they leave their corporeal bodies (at the end of their life).

Om Shanti


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