viii. Ren & Mythical Names – Name of the Soul

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Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul)

(posted on 20-8-12)

(includes a discussion on Enlil as the ‘Lord of the spirit’ or ‘Spiritual Lord’; Ninmah as the ‘Great Queen’ or ‘Magnificent Queen’; Belet-ili as the ‘Queen of the gods’; Aset/Isis as the throne)

As per the Egyptian practices that give immortality to the ancient kings, all aspects of the soul (Ba, Ka, Akh, Sahu, Ren etc) have to get united, at the end. This enables the king to play his role, in the afterlife, as the Akh. Thus, the Ren is also an essential aspect, that needs to get united with the soul, so that the king can play his role in the afterlife. Though the Egyptian word Ren means ‘name’, ‘Ren’ does not just mean ‘name’. The Ren lets it be known as to why one is living, in the corporeal world.

In the first half cycle, we live to enjoy happiness as the divine deities. But from the end of the Silver Age, the deity souls have duties to perform in the World Drama. The names are meant to remind the deity soul, and others, of these duties. The name is also given based on the role that the soul plays on earth, as per the World Drama. The name or Ren is also given to a person, as a sign that God is using that person for that role. Thus, in ancient times, names were given by prominent or important people who understood the role that the child has to play on earth. The child is then brought up to play that role (as per the Ren which has been given to him). This was why, at the end of the Silver Age, the royal children were given special names based on the role which they have to play for the re-creation of the perfect world. They had lost the perfect world through their bad conduct and so they had to do something to make sure that it gets re-created. My past birth, who walked out of the divine world, was also one of these children whose mission was for the re-creation of the perfect world (as Ea). Then, he was given a new task of having to get everything that was necessary to be done, in the world of mortals, as Enki.

During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, a royal child is usually given more than one name. One is these names is the name of the soul (which is given based on the role that the soul plays in the World Drama).

The name of the soul can be a Ba name or an Akh name. Examples of Ba names are the Anunnaki names like Ea, Enki, Enlil, Ninmah, etc. I have explained Ea (House of Water) and Enki (Lord of the Earth) in the article:

20 + 1 Atlantian births

Enlil means “Lord of the Spirit” or “Spiritual Lord”. Enlil was named in this because of the role which he plays in the Confluence Age, at the end. Thus, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, he was seen as the world authority who acts in the invisible manner like how God and subtle Brahma Baba act. When Enlil began to play a more active role in the world of mortals, 2 groups got formed: The Enlilites and the Enkites. The Enlilites were all those who supported and played an active role in the Brahma Kumaris, during the Confluence Age. The Enkites were all those who played a role outside the Brahma Kumaris, at the end. Though Enlil was still seen as their Confluence Aged leader, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, Enlil was a name of the soul during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages.

The Sumerian goddess Ninmah was the original soul-pair of Enlil (King of Bharath). So she was given many other names too to reflect this. For example, the Akkadian name for Ninmah was Belet-ili which means “Queen of the gods”. She was portrayed in this way because, later, the deity souls were seen as playing God’s roles on earth. Since Enlil was playing the role of the King of the gods, Ninmah was seen as the Queen of the gods. But she was a great soul and so her name was originally the Sumerian name Ninmah which means Great Queen or Magnificent Queen. Since Ninmah does not take sides between the Enlilites and the Enkites, myths were created to portray this.

It should be remembered that everything that has been said, in the Sumerian myths, is not exactly how it had happened. The Sumerian myth is a story which tries to reveal (what had happened in the past) in a symbolic manner. These have to be decoded and explained, as I am doing now. Thus, as portrayed in the myths, Ninmah was not having sex with Enki and Enlil. This reflected her role for the creation of the Golden Aged Mankind (during the Confluence Age) and her role for the creation of the civilised mortal man (in the Copper Age). The sex was included into the myth so as to portray that Mankind had already been introduced to sex in the Copper Age. Further, the story will also have to be entertaining so that it can become popular and allow those who have to decode it to play their role (at the end).

In the Confluence Age, when the soul is not using the Sahu (angelic body) but is experiencing the stage of being a deity, all the names of the subtle Confluence Age deities are Akh names. If one sees oneself as using a subtle deity body, then one is using the Akh and the Sahu of that deity. The Akh (star-like soul) will then be in the Sahu (angelic body). The Ba is the soul that gets transformed into the star-like Akh soul, at the end. There are 2 types of Akh names: the Confluence Aged Akh name and the Akh name of those playing a role in the underworld. Osiris is an Akh name of the soul in the underworld/Duat.

The names of the souls were also used in myths and in other writings, while referring to those souls. So I shall refer to these names as the mythical names. There are also other kinds of mythical names. But the secret name never becomes a mythical name.

Another name that is given to a child that was born, in ancient times, is the secret name which cannot be revealed. It is only the mythical and other names that are revealed. I will be discussing the ‘secret name’ of the ancient kings and the myths about the “secret name of Ra” in other articles.

The names that are revealed are, usually, the names that can be seen as the names of roles. These names can also be seen as titles given for specific roles played on earth. The names or titles will let us know as to what kind of role it is or as to what the role is involved with. For example, Aset (the earlier Egyptian name for Isis) means "throne". It is a name associated to enabling the king to sit on the throne. This is why, now, I play the role of Aset/Isis because I will allow my past births to sit on the throne while they play the role of Osiris, Nimrod etc. Since my corporeal body is used to play their roles, I am like a throne, in this sense too. Since I allow them to take control, as the soul, I am allowing them to have the throne. In fact, I (the soul) become their throne and so Aset is the name of my soul. Aset was later referred to Isis when the role was modified to include more.

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