vi. Sahu (Before Marduk) & Deified Royal Ka

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Egyptian Sahu (Before Marduk’s Influence) & Deified Royal Ka

(Posted on 30-6-2012; written in June)

(Includes a discussion on the Confluence Age Akhu/Khu/Akh; Deified Royal Ka of the Confluence Aged spiritual birth; Deified Royal Ka in the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages; how the sakar murlis/God’s messages are spoken)

In the Sumerian myths, Marduk was portrayed as the alien who was a god. As a god, he had, at first, introduced practices which were to strengthen the immortal roles (through making sure that the memories remain in an emerged state, in the Ba, so as to influence the Ba at the end). Then, he introduced the practices for giving immortality to the people and their Ka. Before he did all this, the Sahu represented the angelic bodies used at the end, in the Confluence Age. Originally, the Egyptian term ‘Sahu’ referred to the realised, or awakened self. The awakening takes place in the Confluence Age, at the end of the cycle. The Sahu represents the state when the deity souls get linked to God and are using the angelic subtle bodies, in the Confluence Aged subtle region. The ancient people had portrayed the Sahu as dwelling in the heavens/sky because the heavens represented the Confluence Aged subtle region (through which ‘heaven’ or the Golden Aged divine world is re-created).

Just as the Ba (immortal soul) is in the forehead of the Ka (the subtle double of the corporeal self); the Akhu (the Confluence Aged soul shining like a star) is in the forehead of the Sahu (angelic body). The Confluence Aged souls will look like stars and so they were portrayed as the stars, in myths. I shall refer to the Confluence Aged souls as the star-like souls because the Confluence Aged knowledge does not say that they are the stars in the sky (though it does say that they are the Confluence Aged stars because they are shining like the stars). They are shining like the star in the Confluence Aged subtle region and not in the sky. In later articles, I will be referring to the Copper Aged Akh as the star-soul because the Copper Aged souls are supposed to be living in the stars, as the stars, until they play their role at the end. As the imaginary people living in the sky, they are the star-people.

When the soul is in the ahk stage (soul-conscious stage), in the Confluence Age, the soul need not use any subtle body. But sometimes, the soul uses the Sahu body (angelic body) when the soul is in the akh stage. It is as if the Akh (soul) has re-joined with a body (which is the angelic body). Usually, when a reference is made to the Sahu, the reference is to the ‘angelic body into which the soul is incorporated’.

The Confluence Aged Sahu were created by God. Hearing God’s Confluence Aged knowledge gives us the ability to use them. The Confluence Aged Sahu is used for spiritual effort making purposes. It is also used for world service. One has to just adopt and use the Confluence Aged Sahu bodies.

The Confluence Aged Sahu will look a little similar to the corporeal body, which the soul is in, because the soul needs to use our corporeal bodies when it uses the subtle bodies. However, the Sahu will not look exactly like the corporeal bodies because the Sahu will also reflect what it is supposed to be (as per the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge, based on which it was created and exists). Thus, my Sahu, in respect of my playing the role of Ganga, would look a little like me and a lot of what Ganga is supposed to be like (based on the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge which I have accepted and used so as to play that role). When I use the role of Ganga, I (the soul) am also in the center of the forehead of that subtle body.

No two Confluence Aged Sahu bodies (and roles) can be the same, even if we are using the angelic body which has the same name. For example, in the Confluence Age, there are so many people playing the role of Parvati and we are using the same Sahu of Parvati. However, once we adopt the subtle body, it will also reflect our specialities. It will reflect the extent to which we are using God, the extent of our love for God, etc. The angelic Parvati body of each person will also look a little like the corporeal bodies which each person is in. Thus, the Sahu used by each person will look slightly different though, basically, they all have the same spiritual qualities (which we accept and use, while we use the angelic body). The Sahu will not look exactly like the corporeal body because it is not a double of the corporeal person. The Sahu (angelic body) will be lighted up since it consists of pure powerful light energy. If our stage was very high, the Sahu will sparkle. The higher our stage, the more it will sparkle.

The Sahu can use all the abilities that we have when we use the corporeal bodies. When we adopt a Sahu body, sometimes, we have to learn to use the corporeal body properly. Thus, it is easier to see oneself as the soul (Akh) instead of seeing oneself as the Sahu. As the soul, we will just use the corporeal body. But as the Sahu, we have to adopt the corporeal body as an additional body. This is because the Sahu is not the double of the person (like how the Ka is). In the BK murlis, God always tells us to see ourselves as the soul; though He also says that we are the gods and goddesses. It can be easier to just see oneself as the soul using the corporeal body.

The Akhu represents the Confluence Aged star-like soul. It cannot exist in the Ka (the subtle double of the physical person). It can only be seen in the Sahu/angelic body in the Confluence Aged subtle region. The Akhu will use the corporeal body to make spiritual effort to remain in the soul-conscious stage. If we are using a Sahu body at that time, this effort-making will be reflected in the Sahu; and it will seem like as if the Sahu is making spiritual effort to remain in the powerful stage or to go into a more powerful stage. In this sense, it can be said that the Sahu represents the soul (in the stage of the Akh) making spiritual effort while using the angelic and corporeal bodies. The specialities of the Sahu body will also be used by the Akh when the Akhu is using the Sahu.

The Sahu is not the subtle double of the physical person like how the Ka is the subtle double of the physical person. Thus, when a woman has a vision of herself as Narayan or as Skanda, she would be using a male-like angelic body, though the face of that male angelic body will look a little like the corporeal face of the woman. A person who has acquired the knowledge related to these subtle angelic bodies can use those Sahu angelic bodies. A person who is linked to God can use the Confluence Aged Sahu (angelic bodies). Actually, it is the soul who uses the angelic bodies. One uses these angelic bodies when one has attained the soul-conscious stage (Akh stage). During that stage, one may use a Sahu body. The soul-conscious stage is the stage where we feel that we are the souls.

One goes into the heavenly Confluence Ages subtle regions when one uses the angelic bodies. In the Confluence Aged subtle region, one dwells with God and the other Confluence Aged souls though one might only see God and not all the other Confluence Aged souls. The relationship is just with God. So, there is no need to see all the other Confluence Aged souls or their Sahu. One only needs to focus on God. Thus, one will, normally, only see God in the Confluence Aged subtle region. This is also because one is linked to God and one sees God through that link. But all those who are having a link to God will be in the Confluence Aged subtle region. Though one can attempt to see the others in the Confluence Aged subtle region, it is not a good idea to do that because the stage of the others may not be good and we might get affected by their bad stage. If one is in a Confluence Aged gathering, one should just allow oneself to use the vibrations that are in the atmosphere so as to allow oneself to go beyond (into the soul-conscious stage) easily. One should try to do this without trying to connect oneself to the others around there.

When the person moves into the Confluence Age, the Ka may not be visible in visions because the soul is involved with using the Akhu and Sahu. The spiritual effort-maker role is used by the soul to initiate spiritual effort-making (if one is not in a good stage already). In visions, the soul may be seen as the spiritual effort-maker who uses the subtle ‘deified royal Ka’ body. This is one of the reasons why we are Raja Yogis. A Raja yogi is a self-sovereign. Thus, they are “Raja” or royal. This ‘deified royal Ka’ is the spiritual Ka used by the Confluence Aged Raja Yogi.

The ‘deified royal Ka’ will look just like the corporeal person. A man can only have a deified royal Ka which looks like his male corporeal body. A woman can only have a deified royal Ka which looks like her female corporeal body. However, the deified royal Ka body will be made up of pure spiritual light energy and so it looks lighted up. This is the deified aspect of the ‘deified royal Ka’.

The deified royal Ka is our double when we are living the spiritual birth and spiritual life. The Ka is our double when we are living the non-spiritual birth and non-spiritual life. The corporeal person is not turned into a god just because he or she is using the deified royal Ka. The deified royal Ka just reflects that our consciousness has been turned into a god-like consciousness. So the Ka has been deified and not the corporeal body. When our stage moves into the higher soul-conscious stage, we stop using this subtle deified royal Ka and we adopt one of the Sahu (angelic bodies) unless we go into the Akh stage (soul-conscious or seed stage where we see ourselves as the soul). So, the deified royal Ka of the spiritual effort-maker will not sparkle as the Sahu bodies can sparkle as our stage improves.

The Sahu bodies are the subtle bodies of the gods and goddesses which we use when we are in the Confluence Aged subtle regions. When we use the Sahu bodies, it cannot be said that the corporeal person is a god. Only his consciousness has been turned into the consciousness of the gods and goddesses.

The Ka role is the original role which is not involved with the Confluence Aged spiritual effort-making. The Ka will not look lighted-up like how the deified royal Ka is lighted up. The Ka and the deified royal Ka will not have any problems in using the corporeal body. As the person acts, the Ka or the ‘deified royal Ka’ acts. There is a close connection between the Ka (or deified royal Ka) and the corporeal body. It is only the Sahu which can have problems using the corporeal body because it is not the double of the person. The deified royal Ka is the double of the person who is using the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge. One can use the Ka or the deified royal Ka. One can’t use both at the same time.

Since the Ba (immortal soul) is now involved with using the deified royal Ka instead of the Ka; those in the line of Enki, in the Copper Age, developed practices where the Copper Aged Kings were seen as attaining their Copper Aged deified royal Ka status (through the worship practices). But their subtle deified royal Ka is not made up of the Confluence Aged light energy though their deified royal Ka are also more lighted up than their Ka. It is more lighted up because the person is not using the vices as he would be if he was in the Ka state. The presence of the vices give a dark hue. During the time of Ramses II (and after the death of Ramses II), the Copper Aged deified royal Ka of Ramses II was revered and worshiped as a god because Ramses II would join God’s Confluence Aged clan at the end. The worship practices were meant to make sure that the deified royal Ka of Ramses II plays his role in the Confluence Age, at the end. I will discuss the Copper Aged deified royal Ka in later articles.

The Confluence Aged angelic bodies can be used to explain the Confluence Aged knowledge. The Confluence Aged Sahu can also be used to explain the memories that are in the Ba/Akh soul. This was also how Brahma Baba (the founder of the Brahma Kumaris) was used when the sakar murlis were spoken. Brahma Baba did not have the Copper Aged Sahus who were meant to emerge and explain (like how I have). Since his path was for the righteous path, the soul within Brahma Baba did not get involved with giving immortality to the Ka of his past births (as I had). Thus, his memories were explained through his Confluence Aged Sahu or angelic role. If his stage was bad, his Ba (immortal soul) would be used for the explanations. When the sakar murlis are spoken by God, sometimes, Brahma Baba is allowed to speak while God guides him on what to say. When Brahma Baba speaks, he speaks through one of the following ways:

1. as the immortal Ba soul,

2. as the Confluence Aged Akh soul

3. as the Confluence Aged Sahu or angelic Brahma Baba

4. as the spiritual effort-maker (deified royal Ka)

5. as the corporeal Brahma Baba (which includes the usage of his Ka or double of the corporeal form)

To simply the above, one could say that avyakt/angelic Brahma Baba or sakar Brahma Baba was speaking when God is not speaking in the sakar murlis.

The memories formed when the soul plays the immortal roles, in the Copper Age, will go into the soul’s memory bank. Then, at the end, when we are in the Confluence Age, these memories from deep within the soul will influence the soul. Thus, I can explain as the Ba soul (through the influence of those memories). And when I use the role of Ganga, the memories can emerge to influence me during my explanations. God also emerges the memories which I need to use during the explanations.

All the Copper Aged memories become part of the Akhu when the soul transforms into the soul-conscious stage, in the Confluence Age. This Confluence Aged Akhu is in the center of the forehead of the Confluence Aged Sahu/angelic body because the soul is within the subtle body as well as in the corporeal body. This is why the soul of avyakt Brahma Baba will still be seen in the center of his forehead (in his angelic body) just as the soul was in the center of his forehead when he was using the corporeal body.

In some Egyptian texts, Sahu was even used to represent ‘God using angelic Brahma Baba’. This represents God as BapDada. It is a matter of which angle one is seeing the Sahu from: whether from the Copper Age Sahu angle or from the Confluence Aged Sahu angle or from the Sahu of BapDada angle. The ‘Confluence Aged Sahu angle’ involves the Confluence Aged souls being linked to God. The ‘Sahu of BapDada angle’ represents God while He is using Brahma Baba as a chariot in the Confluence Age. Most of the time, before Marduk’s influence, Sahu represented the Confluence Aged Sahu angle and the Sahu of BapDada angle. After Marduk, it included the Copper Aged Sahu aspect as well. I will discuss the Copper Aged Sahu aspect in the next article.

The Anunnaki immortal gods were involved with the Ba state of the soul while they were using their subtle deified royal Ka. They were using deified royal Ka bodies because their spiritual strength was still very high. When their stage drops and they become the mortals, they will begin to use their Ka and they will stop using the deified royal Ka. Since they were using the deified royal Ka, they were acting as the Ba souls. Thus, they were involved with the immortal roles. In their next birth, in the Copper Age, they would surely be only using the Ka and not the deified royal Ka. Thus, worship was begun so that they can continue to use the deified royal Ka instead of the Ka. They began to give importance to the deified royal Ka and the Ka because the memories were developed while they were using their deified royal Ka and Ka.

The souls within the Anunnaki were using Confluence Aged Sahu bodies at the end of the previous cycle. This does not mean that they were using the Confluence Aged Sahu when they walked out of the Silver Age (even though the end of the cycle is connected to the end of the Silver Age). The Confluence Aged Sahu bodies get created at the beginning of the Confluence Age, in each cycle. And it can only be used in the Confluence Age because it involves the purification of the soul.

The immortal roles which the Anunnaki used, were connected to the immortal Ba. I have given an example of how my nephew saw a reflection of his soul as an alien in an earlier article. That is how it is where the immortal roles are concerned, though it might be a little difficult to understand.

It cannot be said that the Confluence Aged Sahu had re-appeared in the Copper Age so as to begin the building projects. That was not how it was. At the end of the cycle, the Confluence Aged souls had left behind whatever the people would need when they lost their divine world and had to re-build civilizations. The royalty who walked out of the Silver Age were using these as ‘directions from the Confluence Aged Sahu gods and goddesses’ and as ‘directions from God’. The Anunnaki were also guided by their memories of what had happened during the previous Confluence Age (when they were involved with using the Confluence Aged Sahu). Thus, it was as if the Confluence Aged Sahu were guiding the Anunnaki Ba souls (through the memories).

The memories of the Copper Age are also meant to influence us now. Through what was developed through the line of Enki, from what was started by Marduk, the Copper Aged Sahu would emerge in the Confluence Age. These Copper Aged Sahu would explain, based on the memories, as the False Prophets sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem. I will explain this further in the next article. Those who did not get involved with these practices developed by Marduk, in the line of Enki, would just have their memories emerging to influence them from the Ba soul (as I have explained earlier).

As Inanna, the alien in Sumerian myths, I am also involved with the service where explanations are given for the alien believe system. But I do not see myself using a Copper Aged Sahu body representing Inanna when I play this role. This may be because God had not created the subtle body for that (to be used in the Confluence Aged subtle region). This role of Inanna was a role that was used by those who had walked out of the divine world. It was based on the Confluence Aged roles. Thus, there are similarities between Inanna and the Hindu goddesses Ganga, Parvati etc.

Since Ganga and Parvati are Confluence Aged subtle bodies created by God for the Confluence Age, I can see an angelic Ganga or Parvati subtle body when I see myself playing the role of Ganga or Parvati. When I am fiercely making effort to make sure that I do not lose control and get angry, I can even see myself as Durga or Kali in the subtle region. Durga and Kali are also Confluence Aged Sahu bodies which we use when we are fiercely making effort to remain in control.

The Sahu (angelic body) of Skanda is not mentioned in the sakar murlis. The BKs are also not encouraged to be like Skanda. Yet, when I became a serious effort-maker from 1996, I began seeing myself using the angelic body of Skanda. There is, however, the BK view that, at the end, when the military man begins to talk everyone would be influenced. Skanda is Shiva’s military leader in the Hindu myths. This Confluence Aged Sahu role of Skanda is actually connected to the Copper Aged Sahu roles. Since Skanda is a ‘military man’, Ramses II and my other past births had portrayed themselves as doing battle and being victorious. The battle also represents the battle against the vices, in the Confluence Age, at the end.

Om Shanti


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