iii. The Anunnaki & the Alien Belief System

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Before you read this article, please note that, from 1996, I had begun to see numerous visions. I (Pari, the author of this article) did not have experiences involving the ‘grey aliens’ etc. until a later time. Thus, when I began writing my articles, from 1996, I had not known that the Mid-Confluence Aged scientists (who lived about 2500 years ago) had sent beings into the future, on the instructions of the Mid-Confluence Aged gods/rulers, so that these beings (who are referred to as aliens now) can assist Mankind, especially for the re-creation of the Golden Aged world and the Return (of God and ‘past births through the afterlife’). Hence, in earlier articles, all these are not reflected. All these will be explained further, in future books.

From 1996, when I began seeing numerous visions, I was trying to understand what was happening to me. As I was trying to understand this, I began writing all the articles which can be found in this website. Each article is a continuation of the earlier one. So what I had explained in earlier articles were not explained in subsequent articles. This had also allowed me to keep developing what I have to explain. After I had written numerous articles, people were asking me as to which articles they had to read in order to understand something or the other. Thus, in 2015, I began to write books. All the knowledge which a person needs, so as to understand the contents of a book, are given in the book. Thus, a person could understand the contents of a book without having to revert to other articles or books. However, a better understanding could be had through reading the other books. I had also begun writing my first book “Holographic Universe : An Introduction” because I began to have a good understanding on the structure of the Holographic Universe through experiences, guidance from God, research, etc.

It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role.

It should be noted that since there are so many articles, I find it very difficult to update the articles. So there may be information in them which has not been updated. I try my best to keep my eBooks updated.

Anyway, to have a better understand of what has been said in this article, read all my earlier articles. Begin by reading the first article which is numbered as No.1 at my List of Articles. Then, re-read this article to have a better understanding. It should be noted that all my articles were written based on time being cyclic. Click here to understand the basics of the Cycle of Time.

The Anunnaki & the Alien Belief System

(posted on 13-6-12, written in June)

I have already written some articles on the Anunnaki and the alien belief system. In this article, I will not be repeating everything that I have written there.

The myths about the Anunnaki were meant to establish the alien belief system. In the Sumerian myths, the aliens (Enlil and Enki) were portrayed as beginning the practices for the alien belief-system. It reflected what had actually happened during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. Enki and Enlil (those who had walked out of the Silver Age) had also introduced rituals, for worship, which was for the alien belief system. While carrying out these rituals, the worshippers’ minds are concentrating on the practices and gods of the alien belief system. This strengthens the alien belief-system. All these form part and parcel of the Reptilian Collective Consciousness. I have explained the Reptilian Collective Consciousness in other articles.

In the Sumerian myths, when Marduk (the son of Enki) was establishing himself, Marduk began developing the rituals further. Thus, in the myths, he was portrayed as beginning the practices which gives immortality to the people of that time. What he had developed also influences those involved in the alien belief system. This was why Marduk was portrayed as an Anunnaki, who was an alien in this world.

Marduk introduced practices for immortality of the people and their birth-roles in Egypt. To make sure the person does achieve immortality, rituals were created for the various roles or aspects of the soul and the person. For example, rituals were specifically geared for the Khat (or Kha), the Ba, the Ka, the Akhu (or Akh or Khu), the Sahu, the Sekhem, the Ren, the Ab and the Khaibit. From the time these concepts were introduced, by those who walked out of the Silver Age, the meaning of the concepts may have incorporated a lot of opinions relating to what people think these concepts mean. Since many schools of thought developed from that time, the same concept or word might have even been used in a totally different manner. I am not going to discuss all these. I am only discussing what was originally meant by these words.

The ancient Egyptians divided up the roles of the soul, and person, so that greater strength is given to attaining immortality (based on the various roles or aspects of the soul and person). The rituals which are geared for each aspect or role of the soul, and person, will strengthen that role or aspect. This, in turn, will increase the person’s ability to play the immortal roles in the afterlife. The ancient Egyptians were taught to give importance to these rituals (relating to the roles or aspects of the soul and person) so that the person and his birth-role will be able to participate in the afterlife. The afterlife involved the birth-role emerging, at the end, so as to play it’s role as programmed (or as per the worship). After death, the person was seen as remaining in the Underworld with Osiris until he emerges at the end, to play his role in the afterlife. Even the Greek myths portray that after death, the person remains in Hades (the Underworld) until he moves into the afterlife (at the end).

The Egyptians were giving importance to some aspects of the soul (and person) more than the others, based on the immortal roles which they play at the end. Some Egyptians were trying to give immortality to the corporeal bodies (Kha) and the Khaibit. The Khaibit is the corporeal body in the incorporeal state based on the principles of quantum mechanics.

Based on the principles of quantum mechanics, the body, atom, electron and other matter have the corporeal and the incorporeal aspect. The incorporeal aspect portrays the qualities of waves. It is very easy to observe the wave qualities of the electron because the electron is very small. Where larger objects are concerned, the 'wave nature' is not easily seen because the size of the waves grow smaller as the mass of the object grows bigger. The wave nature of atoms is also usually not visible because the 'characteristic size of the wave' associated with the atom (which is it’s wavelength) is much smaller than the size of the atom itself (as measured from the nucleus of the atom to the orbiting electrons). Though the wave nature is not noticeable, our corporeal bodies do have a subtle aspect to them, based on the quantum principles. Further, mass and energy are the same thing. The science behind this can take us back to the atomic level. Our body is made up of mass. So, it can be seen as ‘energy’ instead of ‘mass’.

The subtle molecular aspect of the corporeal body has been portrayed as the Khaibit in the Egyptian religion. The mass aspect, of the corporeal body, has been portrayed as the Kha. The Law of Karma affects us through the Khaibit. I will discuss this further in later articles.

The souls, who were giving great emphasis to the rituals which give immortality to the Kha and Khaibit, are now in different bodies. Thus, the relevant souls and the Reptilian Collective Consciousness are showing signs of retaliating against these different corporeal bodies because the souls are supposed to be in the ancient corporeal bodies (to which the rituals were done for immortality). It is not possible to use the same ancient body. But some of the ancient people were probably trying their luck. This is why, now, some people have experiences where the aliens harm their corporeal bodies. But the soul will not leave the corporeal body because it needs it for participating well in the Reptilian Collective Consciousness. Not everyone gave importance to the Kha and Khaibit in the same way. Thus, the experiences are different.

Hindus refer to one’s gene as one’s blood. When it is said that one’s blood is in his children, it is meant that one’s gene is in the children; so, there are similarities between the father and children. As per the World Drama, Enki’s gene (DNA or blood) will be carried into the Golden Age of the next cycle. His gene will be carried through the cycle in the transformed states. Thus, his gene was introduced into those people who were considered as his ‘creation’. Some ancient Egyptians gave importance to this gene or DNA which was in their corporeal bodies. They wanted to make sure that their corporeal bodies, at the end, has the same gene (DNA or blood). Thus, now, there are people having experiences where the aliens are researching on them. Later, I will discuss this and my visions which showed that the same gene will be carried through the cycle in a transformed manner.

In the next few articles, I will be discussing the Egyptian Ba, Ka, Akhu, Sahu, Sekhem, Ren, Kha, Ab and Khaibit. All these aspects are closely connected to each other, even though they are different roles or aspects of the soul and person. To understand why the rituals relating to the Kha and Khaibit were begun, one must understand why emphasis was given to these other aspects of the soul.

Originally, the Sumerian practices were not giving emphasis to giving immortality to birth roles. It was Marduk who began the practices which gave immortality to birth-roles. From then, the Egyptian practices began to make sure that the person was able to achieve immortality in the afterlife. Marduk was one of the roles that was used to pave the way for the alien belief system. Whatever he had done, was done as per the World Drama.

Marduk involved the Anunnaki, the Igigi and the mortals in the practices. He taught the mortals, of his kingdom, that they should get involved in these practices because it was something that had to be done, as per the World Drama. The mortals saw the Anunnaki as the aliens who were their gods. All these were part and parcel of the alien belief system. All these, that were done for the alien belief system, becomes part of the Alien Collective Consciousness. However, the Alien Collective Consciousness is part and parcel of the Reptilian Collective Consciousness.

What I refer to as the Reptilian Collective Consciousness included everything that the ancient people had done, after having walked out of the divine world. The Alien Collective Consciousness and Reptilian Collective Consciousness is a powerful force because it involved the worship practices of many people for the past 2500 years. This powerful force enables some people to have experiences where they are suffering at the hands of the aliens, now.

In the Copper Age, with time, those in the line of Enlil began allowing the mortals to play immortal roles during their life-time. For example, those who played a leading role to assist in carrying out the work of Vyasa were seen as also playing the role of Vyasa in India. So, there were many who played the role of Vyasa in the Copper Age. They were not involved with rituals which gave their birth-roles immortality, like how the Egyptians were doing. However, with time, many of those in the line of Enlil were influenced to adopt some of the rituals used by the Egyptians because Enki had a role to play from the beginning of the Copper Age; and Marduk was seen as playing that role on his behalf and thus, taking over from Enlil in the Copper Age.

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