3.God-angels-mortal system

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God-angels-mortal system

(posted on 14-5-2012)

(includes a discussion on the Anunnaki system for governance; on how the way of life changed for the Anunnaki; on usage of ME, laws & enforcement systems; life-dramas as a means of bringing about changes)

At the end of the Silver Age, the rulers had, collectively, declared the Immortal-Mortal Caste System (when the citizens were behaving badly while under the influence of the vices). It is the weaker deity souls who take births, as rulers, at the end of the Silver Age. Thus, it was as if the weaker deity souls had declared the Anunnaki as the immortal gods and all others as either the Igigi or the mortals.

It was the children, of those who had declared the caste system, who were sent into the world, outside their kingdoms, so as to establish the new civilizations for the Copper Age. The Builders were involved with various kinds of building projects. In this article, I am only going to discuss the new civilizations that were being developed for the mortals (in the World of Mortals).

These children (of the elders/Anu) who were sent out, included the souls who were the 8 most powerful souls, at the beginning of the Golden Age. Their spiritual and virtuous ways had made the Anunnaki seem like a dependable immortal god clan. They were from the ruling clan and they were supposed to be helping the citizens of the kingdoms.

Originally, it was my past birth (Enki) who was given the duties to help the mortals in the ‘World of Mortals’. But later, even the other powerful souls had joined him there. These children of Anu were acting, based on the instructions of the elders/Anu (who had remained in Nibiru). This began the God-angels-mortal system.

It was the weaker deity souls who had also begun using the God-angels-mortal system. They were using it while they remained in the civilizations that were considered as the Silver Aged civilizations (Nibiru). At first, the role of the ‘angels’ was played by the children (of the elders/Anu) who had been sent out. Later, others were used as the angels.

The God-angel-mortal system that had existed, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, was based on the system of governance that was being used by the Anunnaki. This system of governance was based on the system of governance that was used in the divine world.

In the Golden and Silver Ages, the royal family members (who were closely related to the rulers) held the higher positions in respect of governance of the kingdoms. This system was continued by the Anunnaki, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. It was this system that was also used for the God-angels-mortal system of governance. It was the close family members of the rulers who were used as the angels of God (for God’s work on earth). The rulers (as the elders) began playing the role of God/Anu. This system was continued by Enlil and the later generations.

In the divine world, the citizens do what their rulers tell them to do; and the rulers allow the citizens to do whatever they want. Since they were all virtuous, there was no problem at all. However, from the beginning of the Copper Age, problems began to arise because the vices were beginning to influence mankind. The rulers were having problems because they had aims to fulfil. Since the citizens were no longer as obedient as they were, the rulers began to use methods which were to make sure that the citizens do what they are told.

The elders/Anu and Enlil, who played the role of God, stayed away from the citizens. They used the angels for the interactions and to send messages to the mortals. This system also represented the life-drama of how “God” gets things done on earth. This God-angels-mortal system would also develop fear, within the citizens/mortals, in respect of the ones who play the role of God. This made sure that the mortals are obedient to their rulers.

Present day people would find it very difficult to understand this situation, which existed during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. In the present day world, we have the Laws and the Law Enforcement Systems (including the police, confinement systems and the judicial/court systems). These have been properly developed and are constantly under scrutiny for more reforms. The present day people have been taught to behave well based on the Laws, Enforcements Systems and through the religions.

The religions, police, confinement systems, courts and the present day laws did not exist in the divine world. The laws, which we use, were based on what had been created during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. These ancient laws have been known by various names, e.g. the Hammurabi Code of Laws, the Ten Commandments, etc. These ancient laws were created, based on the information that had been handed down to the Anunnaki (through the computerised systems/ME).

During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, the Anunnaki were beginning to implement the new laws and enforcement systems. It involved introducing a new kind of life-style for the mortals who were not used to such things. The Anunnaki were guided by the divine laws in the ME so as to establishing and implementing the laws for the people. Thus, they used God as the authority for ‘enforcement’. The Anunnaki used the sciences and the God-angels-mortal system as part of their enforcement system (in place of the police and other enforcements systems which we have today). Thus, if the people did not behave well, they would be told that God is going to do something to harm them. If they still did not do as they are told, they would be harmed through the usage of the scientific knowledge and instruments. For examples, through creating floods, droughts, plagues, etc. At the same time, they also had life-dramas which included the God-angels-mortal system.

The citizens were used to having life-dramas because it was part of the way they entertained themselves in the divine world. Thus, the Anunnaki used life-dramas as a way to easily introduce the new kind of system, to the mortals. This was one of the reasons why life-dramas were introduced to the deities of the Golden Age. The people in the divine world used the life-dramas as a form of entertainment. But the Anunnaki used life-dramas so as to easily introduce the new system to the Copper Aged people. The Copper Aged people were able to adjust to the new system and life-style, of the new civilizations, through those life-dramas. Each civilization had a life-drama of it's own in the cities that were built for the mortals.

The God-angel-mortal system had also changed the way of life, that was being lived by mankind. In the divine world, though the people were living a life based on a caste system, they were not practicing the caste system. Their way of life was just a convenience, so that the rulers can easily carry out their duties and learn from each other (on how to rule their kingdoms well). All the people, living in the divine world, were seen as equals. Thus, there was no caste system in existence during the Golden and Silver Ages. It was when the vices began to emerge that the way of life had turned into a caste system. The way of life turned into the caste system, at the beginning of the Copper Age.

Actually, the caste system is a way of life. However, it is being referred to as the caste system (and not as a way of life) because some castes are considered more superior than the others. There is no equality practiced among the various castes of a caste system. If seen from this point of view, it can be said that the God-angels-mortal system also became a caste system. It involves the rulers acting like the superiors through representing themselves as acting on God’s behalf. Since the angels were also seen as superior beings, there was no problem for them. But those who began to play the role of the angel, at a later date, were also fighting to become rulers of kingdoms. This was one of the reasons why the lands were divided up for them to rule over. This also made governance easy for Enlil (whose role had become that of just playing God on earth). But Marduk wanted to enjoy the superiority that Enlil was enjoying (as God) and he also wanted to rule the whole world.

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