1. World Drama

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World Drama

(posted on 27-8-12)

Once we (the souls) come into the corporeal world, from the Soul World, the souls begin to play their parts in the World Drama. The World Drama is like a predestined movie that takes place on earth. In this World Drama, each soul takes a specific number of births. We come into the corporeal world, as per the World Drama, and take our first predetermined birth. Then, we play our role as per the World Drama. At the end of each life, we (the souls) leave the corporeal body to take the next birth, as has been predetermined in the World Drama.

The name, corporeal form, life-span of the birth, responsibilities of the role, the contacts, achievements and everything else has been predetermined in the World Drama for each birth. We take each of our births based on what has been predetermined in the World Drama. It is only we who can play our role and nobody else.

However, this corporeal world (including the earth) is our stage where we are meant to enjoy happiness. We came into the corporeal world to play a game where we have the ability to make choices. So, we have ‘free will’ and the ability to shape our own future.

Whatever we do in this birth will determine our subsequent births in the World Drama. This gives us a choice as to what we want in our future births. As per the Law of Karma, what we do determines what we get in return (in this life and in future lives). So, we get bad in return for all the bad we do; and we get good for all the good we do. Thus, we have a choice as to what we want to do and what we want to receive in return (as per the Law of Karma). We can also do worship and request for something or the other. This gives us more choices as to what we get in the future. With intense worship we can get God to give us whatever we want. All these make life even more interesting and enjoyable. We were meant to enjoy and so we have all these ‘aids’ to help us enjoy life.

The World Drama also has to allow us to choose because of the reasons why we have come into the corporeal world. So, in the subtle region, if we were able to see what is being offered in the World Drama, we will be able to see that we have a choice to make. When we have made a decision, we will see that path before us in the World Drama. If we decided to change our mind and decided on something else, the path in the World Drama will change. I have seen this in visions.

The World Drama will allow us to enjoy happiness and play the game. Thus, it will allow us to make a choice. However, one has to look at what is happening in the World Drama from 2 different points or directions.

The first is the ‘direction’ which is in front of you. Just before each moment, you are allowed to make a choice as to what you want to do in the next moment etc. If you go into the subtle regions and look at the choices, you will see that the World Drama is offering you many choices. So, you make a choice and take the path of your choice.

Then, you have to look at the World Drama from another ‘direction’ too. After you have made the choice and taken the path of your choice, look back at what the World Drama had offered you. You will find that there were no choices there (even though earlier on, it had seemed like as if the World Drama had offered you many choices). If you look at the path which is behind you, you will notice that there was only one predetermined path from the time of your birth, which you have been taking (as per the World Drama). All those other paths, which were supposed to have been your other possible choices, were ‘imaginary’ paths which helped you to enjoy life through living it the way you want to live it because you were meant to enjoy happiness through this ‘World Play’. Whatever you were doing was done because you were supposed to do that. But you will never be aware of this. However, sometimes, we can subtly see what is meant to happen in the near future. But then, what are you subtly seeing? Is it the actual path which you will be taking or are you seeing the choices which you are being given because we are in this world to play a game.

In the subtle region where you can see the World Drama, if you look behind you, you will see a single path from the time of your birth until that moment. You did not have any choices. But if you turn around and look in front of you, in the World Drama, you will find that there are so many paths which you can take. You have a choice. This gives you entertainment too because you can spend your time deciding and choosing.

Then, (in the subtle region) fly across to the end of your life, to the point just before your death, and look behind you. You will see that there was only one path from your birth until the end of that life. You never had any choice at any time, though you were enjoying life making decisions and choosing what you want. Your choices were made as per the World Drama and so, you will only see one path (with no choices) if you look back.

Our acts predetermines our later births too because we have come into this corporeal world to live a life like as if it was a game through which we were meant to enjoy happiness. So whatever we do in this life changes or creates what we are meant to face in future lives. However, fly along all your lives in the World Drama (in the subtle region) and look at what has been predetermined for you. Based on what you will be doing in the previous lives, the next lives has already been predetermined. Despite this, you have ‘free will’ in each life and you can choose what you want to do because you were meant to enjoy your part in this World Drama.

Every second in the cycle takes place as per the World Drama. So you take each birth as per the World Drama. However, if you knew this in advance, life will not be as enjoyable as it should be because you would feel that you are ‘bound’ by the World Drama and have no free choices to make. So, you will not know of what is in store for you and you will try to make sure that you have a good future life based on what you do. You will not know that your future life has already been has predetermined based on what you do (based on the Law of Karma). The future life has been predetermined because what you will be doing is also that which has been predetermined. But you will be taking actions based on your choices, without knowledge of what has been predetermined. Your choices will be based on what was meant to happen (but you will not be aware of that because if you did, you will not be enjoying life).

Our roles are already fixed and we have to play our roles as in a drama. Yet, as Confluence Aged souls, we should understand the benefits of spiritual effort-making and service; and we have to make spiritual efforts and do service for the re-creation of the Golden Aged world. Our spiritual effort-making will determine how well we are playing our role. It will also determine what we get in the next 21 births (in the first half cycle and in the extra Confluence birth).

In the Confluence Age, the returns (for our spiritual effort making and service) are multimillion fold. This means that for all our spiritual effort making and service, we get a huge return in the divine world of the first half cycle. The more we make spiritual efforts and do service, the greater our benefits. There can be changes in the World Drama based on our spiritual effort making, service and how we conduct ourselves. So, a lot is in our hands. If we do not make the best use of this time, that is happening as per the World Drama. If we do make a lot of spiritual efforts and do a lot of service, then, that is also happening as per the World Drama. The World Drama is already fixed. Like a movie it will just be played and we will do as we are supposed to do. Despite this, we have a choice because we are here to make the choices. Contemplate on what I have said, in this article, while in meditation; and you would be able to understand it better (with time and experiences).

Om Shanti


(Posted on 16-9-12)

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