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(Written around 2001/2002. Not amended at all) :

About 5000 years ago, divine human beings existed on earth. These divine human beings were the Aryans. At the beginning, they existed near the River Jamuna in Northern India. The first Aryan was born here (hereafter, he will be referred to as the First Aryan). The lands in which the Aryans lived and used was called Bharat. With time, Aryans existed all over the world and the whole world was then called Bharat. At that time, there were about 900,000 Aryans living all over the world. Their number increased slowly, with time. These Aryans did not have the ability to do anything wrong because of their divine and perfect state. The consciousness in which they were in, was the consciousness that they were souls. They did not feel that they were the bodies, as people of the present world feel. They naturally had the 'feeling' or consciousness that they were souls who were using the bodies. They also did not experience any of the vices because no vices existed within the souls. They could only experience the divine virtues and powers, which existed within the souls.

God had created the Aryans about 5000 years ago, just as He is doing so again now, through teaching us Raja Yoga. Those who practice Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga now ('BKs' hereafter), make effort to experience / attain the soul-conscious state. The experience might only last for a split second (during every attempt). However, through practicing God's teachings constantly over a long period of time, we can enjoy the soul-conscious state constantly in our next birth, in the new heavenly world which God gets created for us. In our next birth, in the heavenly world, we would enjoy the fruit of our efforts here, by naturally being an embodiment of the soul-conscious state. We would become the Aryans again and we would exist as Aryans for 2500 years. If one looks into the ancient writings and beliefs, one would get to know that the ancient people, all over the world, believed that time traveled in a cyclic manner and that everything repeats in an identical manner. God has also told us that time travels in a cyclic manner and that it repeats identically during every cycle. The Aryans did not make effort to maintain the soul-conscious state, like how BKs now do. The Aryans were an embodiment of the soul-conscious state, naturally and constantly.

The Aryans were deities, i.e. divine souls who used perfect human bodies. Then, about 2500 years ago, they lost their divinity and they could not be called Aryans anymore. However, they were continued to be referred to as the Aryans for sometime after that. It was these so-called Aryans, and not the real Aryans, who were traveling around because the earthquakes were pulling the heavenly world into the earth. The true Aryans had not traveled around, like nomads, seeking new lands etc. It was the so-called Aryans who had traveled around seeking new lands. The true Aryans had lived in the heavenly world, in a contented manner. They had lived a very divine and comfortable life in the heavenly world. Their world was a highly scientific world where people did not labour to do anything. They had computerized machines, which could do everything. The Aryans had to just press a button and the machine would do whatever it was programmed to do. Then, if any further instructions needed to have been given, they were given orally. This technology is already existing in the present world, in it's elementary level. The Aryans also had aircraft, which people now refer to as 'flying saucers', UFOs etc. Even their aircraft could fly, if just a button was pressed. These aircraft were accident-proof and even small children had aircraft to fly. The aircraft could take the Aryans to their destination within a second, even if the destination was on the other side of the earth. The Aryans had used atomic energy, solar energy and all sorts of other advanced scientific machinery. The Aryans could get their task done through using the machines. They did not labour to get their task done because the machines were highly computerized and were capable of doing everything, while the Aryans were entertained. The Aryans lived a very simple stress-free life-style and had the benefits of highly advanced technology, which even the people of the current world do not have. Their world was a beautiful world because everything was in it's perfect and divine state.

The most powerful Aryans were situated in Northern India. The First Aryan was the most powerful soul on earth, at that time. His kingdom was also the one that was the most powerful and divine. His kingdom was like the headquarters from which the world empire was governed. There were 7 other very powerful Aryans and their kingdoms existed around the First Aryan's kingdom. The second Aryan to be born (hereafter referred to as the 'Second Aryan') was married to the First Aryan. She was the next most powerful soul on earth, at that time. All the other 6 powerful Aryans were also married to the subsequent most powerful one. Thus, there were 3 pairs of these very powerful Aryans and each pair had their kingdom situated next to the First Aryan's kingdom. There were, thus, 3 powerful kingdoms around the kingdom of the First Aryan. The more powerful the Aryan was, the closer his kingdom was to the First Aryan's kingdom. The less powerful ones had their kingdoms further away from the First Aryan's kingdom. This was how the kingdoms were situated in the heavenly world. Each soul was powerful numberwise and this was reflected in the way their kingdom was situated. The more powerful Aryans had a higher status and a richer kingdom, which was also more beautiful.

The ancient Greeks had referred to the period when the Aryans ruled, as the Golden and Silver Ages. The Hindus referred to it as Satyug and Tretayug. The Golden Age (Satyug), which is the first Age in every cycle, is followed by the Silver Age (Tretayug). The world which the Aryans lived in was the heavenly world, which people refer to as Atlantis, Dwapur, Brindhavan etc. The heavenly world exists in both the Golden Age and the Silver Age. By the end of the Silver Age, there were about 330 million Aryans living all over the world. Even though it might be more accurate to say that the true Aryans lived in the Golden Age around the River Jamuna; it is not incorrect to call the Aryans of the Silver Age as Aryans because they were still divine in nature, even though they were not as powerful as the Aryans who had lived in the Golden Age. The Aryans had taken 8 births in the Golden Age and 12 births in the Silver Age. Then, in their next birth they got very weak and it could be said that they were no longer Aryans when they were born during that birth. Yet, since the Aryans can only loose their divinity and their divine world after the first sinful act was done, it could be said that they only ceased to be Aryans only after the First Aryan had done the first sinful act. This 21st birth took place during the confluence of the Silver Age and the Copper Age. The Copper Age is the Age that comes after the Silver Age. Each Age is a period of time, which lasts for 1250 years.

The Silver Aged Aryans were weak and so they relied on the following to maintain their divine state:

  1. the power of the gathering, of the Silver Aged Aryans,

  2. the divine environment of the divine world.

  3. The environment is dependent on the human souls. However, to maintain the divine state, one can be influenced by one's environment.

When the first sinful act was performed, the Aryans of the Silver Age lost the power of the gathering. According to the divine laws, the minute an Aryan performs a sinful act, he cannot remain an Aryan because he loses his divinity. When that Aryan loses his divine status, he is not able to be part of the gathering which sustains the divinity of the Aryans and the divine world. Thus, the power of the gathering is no longer sufficiently strong enough to maintain the divinity of the Aryans because of the loss of an important member of the gathering. When the Aryans lost the power of the gathering, they lost their divine state and their divine world. According to the divine laws, the divine world cannot exist anymore if a sinful act was performed. Thus, after the first sinful act was done, the heavenly world ceased to exist as Heaven because the vices cannot exist in Heaven. And so, based on this too, the Aryans had to lose their divinity and their divine world. The Aryans had become ordinary when they had lost their divinity. Even matter, the animals and the plants took an ordinary form because they were dependent on the state of the human souls. The Golden Aged Aryans had not relied on the power of the gathering of the Golden Aged Aryans. They were so powerful that each and every Aryan, in the Golden Age, was able to sustain the heavenly world on his own. The Aryans of the Golden Age were referred to as the Sun Dynasty. The Aryans of the Golden Age were like the sun, in the sense that their energy was supporting the environment like how the sun is able to (in a different sense). The Aryans of the Silver Age were referred to as the Moon Dynasty. Each and every Aryan was not able to sustain the world on his own. They were dependent on the gathering and on the environment. This is similar to how the light from the moon is not from itself. No-one knew that the Aryans were losing their spiritual strength because, according to the divine laws, the Aryans cannot be given any information that could give them sorrow. Thus, the names 'Sun Dynasty' and 'Moon Dynasty' were like mere names given to the Aryans of the different ages. Through their power of yoga, the Aryans would know what to do when it was time to do something. However, they will not know the reasons why it has to be like that. According to the divine laws, they will just have to play their part as per the drama and they will just do it without questioning. It is because of their divine nature that they do not question. When the new world was created, the divine laws automatically came into existence. The divine laws were not laws put into writing. They were the basis upon which the new world had been created by God. The Aryans naturally obey the divine laws due to their divine state. Thus, they never question anything. They just play their part as per the drama. It is only the people of the Copper Age who began to question and wonder. They did this because of their ordinary state. The people of the Copper Age could not understand why the words 'sun' and 'moon' were used while referring to the Aryans of the Golden Age and Silver Age. All sorts of ideas were put forward and stories were created based on them. These stories were based on history, but they were not very accurate. The Aryans, of the Golden Age and Silver Age, had just lived and enjoyed. They did not bother about keeping written records of history, even though they learnt history. It is the people of the Copper Age who had laboured to put history into writing. They did this:

  1. because of religious intentions,

  2. When the kingdoms of the so-called Aryans were being pulled into the earth, they began worship so as to call out to God so that He can come and give them what they had just lost, i.e. the divine world and their divine state. Worship began to include various practices which were meant to be part of the "calling out process", i.e. the process of calling out to God to come down onto earth again so that He can re-create the Heavenly world for them again. To make sure that this 'calling out process' is continued by subsequent generations (until the desired aims were achieved), the practices etc had to be put into writing.

  3. because it had to be made sure that the facts are not changed because of innumerable opinions etc,

  4. because a guide had to be given to the people, in written form, so that they can lean on it for support,

  5. because the human population was increasing and it was not easy to teach everyone orally, while making sure that they have understood,

  6. because of various other human desires.

The confluence of the Silver Age and the Copper Age is actually the beginning of the Copper Age. The souls, at the beginning of the Copper Age, still had high spiritual power even though they did not have divine power anymore. I am making a distinction between spiritual power and divine power. According to my distinction, all souls have spiritual power. When this spiritual power is very high, i.e. at 16 celestial degrees or 14 celestial degrees, then the soul acquires a divine state and he is no longer in his ordinary state. This divine state is the complete and perfect state, i.e. the souls are complete with all the virtuous and powers that enabled them to attain that divine state. Spiritual power which is below 14 celestial degree, does not allow the soul to attain the divine state; the soul remains in the ordinary state. At the beginning of the Golden Age, the Aryans' spiritual / divine power was at 16 celestial degrees and they were slowing loosing their spiritual power. At the beginning of the Silver Age their spiritual / divine power was only at 14 celestial degrees and they were continuing to loose their spiritual energy. During the confluence of the Silver Age and the Copper Age, the Aryans lost their divine state when their spiritual power dropped from 14 celestial degrees to about 12 celestial degrees. As said earlier, if a soul's spiritual power is less than 14 celestial degrees, then the soul is not in it's divine state. Thus, the Aryans were no longer 'Aryans'. Despite this, the so-called Aryans had been continued to be called 'Aryans' based on:

  1. the fact that the buildings etc that had been used by the Aryans were still visible (before they got pulled into the earth completely),

  2. It was during the confluence of the Silver Age and the Copper Age, after the first sinful act was done, that the advanced scientific instruments began to show signs that earthquakes were going to take place. Thus, the so-called Aryans had to move away from a threatened place to a safer place. It took some time for the earthquakes to pull all the heavenly kingdoms into the earth. Thus, the people of that time had still been referred to as 'Aryans' because their heavenly world was still visible (to a certain extent). Even though matter had taken it's imperfect state, the buildings etc that had been used by the Aryans were still visible. So long as the physical buildings etc that had been used by the Aryans were visible, it was difficult to say that the heavenly world did not exist anymore.

  3. the fact that they were previously the Aryans,

  4. whether the soul was a son of God on the basis that they had helped God to re-create the new heavenly world, at the end of the previous cycle,

  5. During the confluence of the Silver Age and the Copper Age, the purity of the so-called Aryans was obvious and noticeable. The purity of these souls was still very high because they had not got saturated with sinful actions yet. Thus, the spiritual strength of these souls had enabled them to be classified as 'Aryans', even after they had lost their divinity.

  6. the strength and high spiritual power of the 108 powerful souls,

  7. The spiritual power of the more powerful ones was visible for a longer time. With time, it was the more powerful ones who were still referred to as the Aryans. There were 108 such powerful. In fact, it was often the First Aryan soul and his clan who were referred to as the Aryans because his kingdom was the most powerful one. However, the other 107 powerful souls were also like part of his clan even though they had separate kingdoms.

  8. whether the body, of a soul, was received through a body which was being used by the souls who had been Aryans previously,

  9. This classification, based on the corporeal body, only began to be used when it was not easy to recognize as to whether the soul within the corporeal body was a soul who had been an Aryan before. With time, this was the basis upon which people began to relate ancestry to.

  10. physical appearances that were similar to the Aryans' who had been tall, fair, sharp featured and with black hair.

  11. Through the power of yoga the genetic information of the parents, of the first group of Aryans, had been placed in the womb of the mothers so as to enable the parent's genetic information to combine and form the new genetic information of the foetus. This new genetic information was simultaneously transformed into it's perfect state. Thus, it can be said that the 'old blood' of the parents had got transformed into the 'new blood' of the Aryans. This enabled the Aryans to have perfect human bodies. Thus, the Aryans had healthy perfect bodies which were tall, fair, sharp featured and with black hair.

  12. The genetic information, in respect of a specific body, is found in the DNA of the human cells (e.g. in the blood cells, semen etc). The DNA is the molecular basis of genetics, i.e. of the science dealing with heredity. The characteristics of the human body is passed down, from the bodies of the parents to the bodies of their children, through their genetic information. The new genetic information of the foetus is received through the combination of the genetic information which belongs to his father and mother. The body of the foetus is developed based on the new genetic information he has received. However, when this genetic information acquires it's perfect state, the characteristics of the body of the child will be different from that of the parents even though their genetic information was used to create the genetic information of the child.

  13. The Aryans did not need to use lust to create the bodies for their children. Their bodies did not facilitate that. This is similar to how the bodies of children do not facilitate lust. Thus, when the new perfect human bodies were created, the bodies were those that do not enable lust to materialise. The Aryans used the power of yoga to create the bodies for their children. The 'power of yoga' of the deities was their 'divine power' and they used this to create the bodies of their children through placing their genetic information (i.e. the genetic information of the mother and father) within the womb of the mother so as to enable their genetic information to combine and become the new genetic information of the child. When the heavenly world was created, the human genetic information had to change into it's perfect state. Simultaneously, even the genetic information of animals and plants had changed to take it's perfect state. Thus, even the animals in Heaven did not bring in their offspring through lust. After the new divine world had been created, the divine vibrations / strength of the Aryans had also helped the animals etc to bring in their offspring without lust. This is similar to how the first group of Aryans were created. Even though the father and mother of the first group of Aryans did not put their mind to it, the power of yoga of the powerful gathering of BKs had enabled the bodies of the first group of Aryans to get created. However, the Aryans were naturally sustaining nature etc without being aware that they were doing that. This is similar to how people etc can get influenced by our vibrations even though we had no intention to influence others through our vibrations.

  14. At the beginning of the Copper Age, the genetic information got re-transformed into their imperfect state and the result was that the human bodies became imperfect. The imperfect state of the bodies began to bring about diseases to the bodies and a lot of other changes also took place. The colour of the skin, hair etc began to change. The changes also enabled human bodies to bring in children through lust because the people lost their ability to bring in children through the power of yoga. At the beginning of the Copper Age, the souls no longer had divine power and so they no longer had the ability to use the power of yoga to create the bodies for their children. However, because of their high spiritual power, they were able to use 'psychic power' to create the bodies for their children (without any lust involved). Then, as people got spiritually weaker, they lost this ability of theirs. I am making a distinction between the 'power of yoga' and 'psychic power' because there is a difference. Experience will enable one to realize that there is a difference. The power of yoga involves 'divinity' or God. This can only be used by souls who are divine in nature (the deities of the heavenly world) or by the BKs through their link to God. Psychic power does not involve these. It is used by all souls who are in their ordinary state. It can be used for religious purposes or it can be misused. However, the power of yoga cannot be misused. It will never get misused. Spiritual Law will not permit this to happen. When a soul transforms into his perfect divine state, he begins to use the power of yoga and not psychic power. The transformation of psychic power into divine power is based on the fact that the soul is experiencing the divine state; a state where no wrong can be done by the soul. Further, divine power is the strength behind the power of yoga whereas this is not so where psychic power is concerned. In the present world, psychic power has been used to make various things materialize (based on a thought).

The diet and eating habits of the Aryans was also one that was most acceptable to the human body and divine laws. The so-called Aryans, of the Copper Age, had done their best to continue this despite the fact that the earthquakes were pulling everything, of the heavenly world, into the earth. The Aryans were vegetarian and they did not over-eat or eat anything that would give the digestive system extra work etc. Thus, the body will not pull the souls like how the body pulls us in the present world because of our bad eating habits. The pull of the body can put us into a body-conscious state. The fruits etc were very tasty and nutritious, when the Aryans existed. The Aryans did not lack any of the vitamins or minerals like how the people of the present world lack them because the earth is no longer fertile enough to supplement the humans with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The plants which exist in the heavenly world were different from the plants which exist now because they were in their perfect state. God has told us a lot about the earth, plants etc of the heavenly world in His messages called the murlis. For example, God has said:

  1. "The earth will give very high quality fruit. Whatever taste you desire, the fruit with that particular taste will appear in front of you. There will be no salt or sugar. Just as food can be made a little sour by adding tomato which is naturally sour, in the same way, whatever taste you desire, the requisite fruit will be there. Just add the juice of that fruit, and that taste will be created. The earth will serve you by giving you the highest type of fruit and grain. Just as here you create a variety of tastes using salt, sugar and spices, in the same way there you will have a variety of natural fruits to create those tastes. These natural fruits will provide you with a variety of tastes. There will be no sugar mills, but there will be sugar fruits. Whatever taste you want, you will be able to create it with natural fruits. You will not make curries from green vegetables, but from fruits and flowers. There will be fruits with natural juice; separate for eating and drinking. You will not have to make any effort to juice them. Each and every fruit will be so full that it will be as if you are drinking coconut water. You will pick up a fruit, press it slightly, and the juice will emerge."

  2. "Deities eat very little. They have no greed at all. Thirty-six varieties of food are prepared, but they eat very little."

  3. "Now the earth has become barren, therefore the grain does nor grow fully. Over there, the whole earth is fertile."

  4. "There will be a great deal of treasure in Heaven. All the mines of diamonds and gems will be full. Here, because the earth is depleted, it no longer has any power. There is a difference of day and night between the flowers and fruits in Heaven and the flowers and fruits here. No matter what seeds etc. you bring here from America, the plants do not produce the taste. There, the earth will be so fertile that no one will have to make any effort. Matter will be pure, and so everything will be pure."

The word 'deities' (in one of the above quotations) refers to the Aryans. At the beginning of the Golden Age, when the genetic information of the human bodies changed to acquire it's pure and perfect state; simultaneously the genetic information of the plants also had changed to acquire it's pure and perfect state. This pure and perfect state is acquired based on the purity of the human souls, who were helping God to re-create the pure and perfect world. The imperfect state in everything will disappear and the perfect state will take it's place. Thus, even though the plant had not borne tasty fruits before because of it's imperfect state, it's fruits will taste delicious when the plants acquire their pure and perfect state. This pure and perfect state is lost at the beginning of the Copper Age.

At the beginning of the Copper Age, as the heavenly world was getting pulled into the earth through earthquakes, the so-called Aryans began to wonder around. One of the powerful Aryan souls (and his men etc) had traveled down to the south of India (around the present Sri Lanka) and had then traveled up to the Middle East area. The other powerful Aryan souls (apart from the First Aryan soul and the Second Aryan soul) had traveled up north and to other parts of the world. The First Aryan soul had remained in northern India because that area was considered to be an important place. It was like the main port, or place, from which help etc was sent out or given. Even though the First Aryan soul and his men etc had to move around when their kingdoms were getting pulled into the earth through earthquakes, they did not move very far away from the River Jamuna and they had kept going back to that place or to a place closest to it (when it was safe to do so). His kingdom was like what USA and the UN are now, and like what Britain was previously. It was very influential. It had been the headquarters of the world empire in the Golden Age and it had continued to be an influential place even after that in the Silver and Copper Ages. The so-called Aryans had not fought while they were moving around. Everyone was co-operating with each other very peacefully. Fighting only began later.

Out of respect etc, ancient men had referred to these so-called Aryans as the 'Aryans' in their writings. However, these so-called Aryans, who had traveled around and who had lived after they had lost their divinity, were not really 'Aryans' anymore because they had lost their divine status. Neither the soul nor the body was in it's perfect state. It was, and it still is, wrong to refer to them as the 'Aryans'. The word 'Aryan' has been wrongly associated to them. The word 'Aryan' should actually reflect the divine human beings of the Golden Age who had lived near the River Jamuna.

When I was young, I had encountered the words, "The Coming of the Aryans" and they had stirred an ancient call through the Ages within me. I had associated so much of power to the Aryans. It would seem that the power, which we associate to the Aryans is more on the physical basis. Actually, the power associated to them should be on a spiritual or divine basis. These divine human beings (Aryans) are going to come back into existence again, very soon. God has come again to bring them back into existence.

By Pari,

Email: bkpari28@gmail.com


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