Creation of the Golden-Haired Gods

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Creation of the Golden-Haired Gods

(posted on 30/3/2013)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a discussion on the computerised trees of knowledge; the role of the 7, 8, 12 and 108; Aditya gods-solar deities; Indra)

What was happening, at the end of the previous cycle, was exactly as what is happening now. People began computerising everything, as we are doing now. All information got categorised and each category became a branch in the tree of knowledge that was in the computer system. This computerised tree of knowledge (with all its branches) got divided up into two, before it was brought into Krishna’s kingdom (Bharath) by the scientists who walked into the Golden Age. The computerised trees of knowledge were within a computerised system, where machines were also taking recordings of what was happening to the earth, etc. So I shall refer to the whole computerised system as a computerised machine.

The scientists, of the first half cycle, were informed that the information had been divided into two categories or two trees of knowledge. They were told that they could use the information from one of the categories because it would give them knowledge of all the plants, animals, fishes etc so that the people will know of everything that is in the world to entertain them, etc. The scientists were told that the other tree of knowledge was for the machines, which were monitoring what was happening to the earth (to make sure that everything was fine). The scientists were told that there was no need to look at anything in this other division because its function was to keep track if the earth is functioning perfectly. If anything was not functioning properly, the information that is stored there will help the people to revert the world back to its perfect state. Since everything was functioning perfectly, during the first half cycle, the people had never looked at the information that was contained in this other division. The scientists just kept the computerised machines in good order because it was giving them information for their entertainment, etc. and it was keeping track of what was happening to the earth.

The scientists, in the first half cycle, were not glued to the computers (as we are today). One could just talk to the computerised machine, during the first half cycle. Since the language remained the same, from the beginning of the Golden Age until the end of the Silver Age, the scientists had no problems in communicating with the computerised machine. The computerised machines would orally give the information to the scientists. Sometimes, it would show pictures, maps etc while giving explanations. The computerised machines were placed into a wall of a building that was used by the scientists, in the kingdom of Krishna (Bharath). It was only the scientists who had access to these computerised machines. The scientists would get the information, from the computerised machines, so that the information can be given to the royalty and others who want to know something.

At the end of the Silver Age, when the computerised machine detected that destructive events were going to take place, it informed the scientist of this. It also informed them that all the information which they needed to solve all problems and to create a new world (if the old one gets destroyed) can be got from the second tree of knowledge, which was stored within it and which was not accessed during the first half cycle. So the royalty, through the scientists, began getting a lot of information from the second tree of knowledge.

From the beginning of the Golden Age, the deity children were conceived through the power of yoga (without sex). Naturally, through the power of yoga, the gene of the father and mother would appear in the uterus/womb for fertilization. The embryo then implants in the uterus/womb and grows into a child. However, by the end of the Silver Age, the spiritual strength of the souls was getting weaker. Thus, the royalty were having problems with conceiving children through the power of yoga. After the royalty had begun getting information from the second tree of knowledge (within the computerised system), they had also decided to get information, from the computerised machine, on how to solve the problem where the royalty were having difficulty in having children.

The computerised machine had given the information that the king should have more than one wife so as to see if any of the wives’ spiritual strength was powerful enough so as to bring in a child through the power of yoga. The second option given by the computerised machine was to have test-tube babies or to help with fertilisation through insemination of the father’s sperms into the mother’s womb/uterus. The third option was through sexual intercourse.

The royalty had tried the first method. So the kings were allowed to marry more than one person, so as to see if he could have a child through one of the wives. This began the ancient trend were a king could have many wives. Through this way, Enlil was born in the 1st kingdom (Bharath). However, the royalty were not happy with having many wives because the tradition, from the beginning of the Golden Age, was to only have one wife. Further, it was not just the royalty who were having problems with having children; even the citizens were having problems. Most of the citizens were not in a position where they could have many wives. Further, there were also signs that destructive events were going to take place soon. Something had to be done to keep their perfect divine world. Thus, Enki’s father had the thought that he should create the gods again so that the Golden Age could be brought back into existence. This would make sure that they do not lose their divine world.

The royalty knew that, at the end of the previous cycle, God had created the Confluence Aged gods. They knew that God had used the Confluence Aged gods to re-create the Golden Aged world. Thus, Enki’s father had the thought that he should create the gods again. He wanted to create golden children because the colour of the Confluence Aged gods was gold. In visions, the Confluence Aged gods were seen as gold because the Confluence Aged souls were using golden subtle bodies (in the Confluence Aged subtle region) because of their purity.

Enki’s father instructed the scientists to get information, from the computerised machine, on how to create golden children for the creation of the Golden Aged world. The computerised machine gave information of how, at the end of the previous Silver Age, golden-haired gods were created. It informed that the Golden Aged world was, finally, created through what these golden-haired gods had done (through the line of Enki – the first creation). The computerised machine also gave information on how a golden-haired child can be created through depigmentation of the genes before conception. Information was also given of how the hair of a person could be depigmented and then dyed to look more yellowish (or golden) through using natural plant dyes like tumeric etc. It also informed that gold could be used to cover the hair and body. Upon request, the computerised machine gave information on how to lower the levels of the pigment eumelanin in the gene of the parents so as to create a golden-haired child. The computerised machine also gave information on all the methods through which the hair of a person could be depigmented (after birth). With the relevant information, the golden-haired gods were created.

At first, Enki was created. The genes were modified, before conception, so as to make sure that Enki had golden hair.

My past birth, Enki, was born in the Silver Age and had, then, walked out of the Silver Age. Thus, from 1996, I had seen visions which portrayed that Enki was born with black hair and black eyes to portray that he was born in the Silver Age. Then, as he was growing up, he was portrayed with blonde hair and blue eyes. This was to portray that he had walked out of the Silver Age. It was important for me to understand this because I was going to play a role to explain what had happened during Enki’s time. So I had to know the ‘era’ which I was going to explain on.

In some visions, I had seen Enki born with black hair and black eyes. However, in other visions, I had also seen Enki born with light coloured hair and eyes. I had preferred to ignore these because of the confusion it was causing. I had thought that the visions were trying to say that the light coloured hair and eyes were there in the genes, though it was not being expressed as yet. But now, I can understand why there was this confusion. Usually, I am given an understanding based on what I have to do at a specific point in time. Now that it is time for me to explain about how the Anunna had created the Anunnaki, I have been given a better understanding of the earlier visions.

Further, when I was having the visions, I did not know that my past birth was Enki. I had also not known of the Sumerian myths or of Enki. So, I had also not known that Enki had blonde hair and blue eyes. In the visions, my past birth was portrayed as the Buddha (Adi Buddha). But I did not know that Buddha had blue eyes because I am not a Buddhist. I also had a preference for black hair and black eyes because when I was young, my family and relatives admired people who had pure black hair. This may have also influenced me to prefer the visions where Enki was portrayed with black hair and black eyes.

A few years after Enki was born, depigmentation was done on the hair of Enlil. This had happened after Enlil had entertained the vice of lust; and the divine world was lost as a result of that. The bodies of human beings were never subjected to medical treatment before this because all the bodies were in their perfect state. Enlil was transformed into a golden-haired god because Enki and Enlil were meant to play their roles together, as a pair, because of the joint rule agreement between Bharath and Lemuria (in respect of the lands in India). Enlil played the ‘male’ role (representing authority). Enki played the female role (representing the spiritual advisor). They were, often, portrayed as the male and female gods who were created first (in various creation myths).

From the visions which I had seen, from 1996, I knew that Enki was a male. However, sometimes, he was looking like a girl in the visions. In the sakar murlis of the Brahma Kumaris, it has been said that if one wanted to know if a golden aged person was a man or woman, one has to look into their eyes. When one looks into their eyes, one will know if they were male or female. Thus, sometimes, when I see visions of Enki looking like a girl, I would look into his eyes to determine if he was a male or female; and I could feel the male role/personality within him. He was not a gay/homosexual. Present day men might never play the role of the woman. However, the people, during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, were innocent (like children). They were living ‘a game’.

While comparing how Enki and Enlil were turned into the golden-haired gods, it was decided that it was easier to carry out depigmentation on the genes before conception. Thus, when a decision was made to create a race of golden-haired gods, the other royalty were given golden-haired children through modifying the genes before conception. So, after the pair (Enki and Enlil) was created, 6 more golden-haired gods were created to make a total of 8 golden-haired gods. These gods would, later, take over from the rulers of the 4 kingdoms of Bharath, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis.

Since the 8 gods were also playing a role for the new creation, it can be said that, at first, one god (Enki) was created. Then, seven more gods were created to help the first god (Enki). It can be seen in this way because God plays the role of Enki, in the Underworld. So, all the others were only Enki’s helpers. Thus, sometimes, the seven (who were created after Enki) were portrayed as the helpers of God in the myths. However, usually, it was Enlil who was portrayed as God’s instrument and Enki was portrayed as one of the seven. When Marduk took over from Enlil, Marduk took over the role as God’s instrument; and Marduk’s helpers took over the role of the seven helpers. Sometimes, even the Igigi played the role of the seven gods. Thus, in the myths, even the Igigi were, sometimes, portrayed as the seven gods.

After the eight golden-haired gods were created, four more golden-haired gods were created. These four gods were supposed to help the eight with taking care of the natural elements, e.g. water (floods, cold, water flow, etc.), fire (draught, heat, flaring, etc.), metal (strength, firmness, destruction, cutting, cleaning up, etc.), wood (for construction, etc.), earth (earthquakes; plants: germination of seeds for food, growing, changing, nourishing, producing, etc.), air, sky, rock, wind, ether/outerspace, etc. Thus, there were a total of 12 golden-haired gods. These 12 gods played the most significant role in world affairs, during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages. All 12 gods had duties relating to the natural elements, the creation of the new world, the physical bodies and the destructive events that were taking place because of :

1. the earth movements that were taking place while the Himalayan Mountains were getting higher,

2. the sinking of the city-state of Lemuria, etc.

The 7 or 8 or 12 Aditya gods (solar deities), in the Hindu scriptures, were a reference to the first 7 or 8 or 12 gods that were created by the last Anunna rulers. However, others were also playing the role of the Aditya gods. This was also a reason why, in some Hindu myths, it was portrayed like as if there were so many more Aditya gods. In the ancient texts and myths, the number 12 was also used to portray the people who help to begin the religions. Thus, even Jesus Christ was portrayed as having 12 disciples.

After the 12 were created, more gods were continued to be created. Later, when Enki grew up, he also began to create more gods (and they were seen as his children). Marduk was born through this way. Others had also begun to do the same. So a few of the rulers, who will be taking over from the 8 Anunnaki rulers, were also created.

Many golden-haired gods were created through using the various royal people who lived at the end of the Silver Age. Out of these, 108 golden-haired gods played a significant role on the world stage (during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). The remaining 100, that were created after the 8, were meant to play an authoritative role as helpers of the original 8 or 12 gods. All these 108 golden-haired gods were from various royal families. However, all these golden-haired gods were seen as the children of God. Though they had Aryan features; their hair, beard and eye colour was different from that of the Aryans because of the depigmentation. These golden-haired gods were for ‘creating’ the new Golden Aged world where the Aryans would live again. The Aryans were black-haired, black-eyed and white-skinned.

To help the Anunnaki, the Igigi gods were also created through those who were serving the royalty and through the wealthy people, at the end of the Silver Age. Numerous Igigi gods were given birth to, through them. These Igigi gods were created as the 100 royal gods were being created. However, since there were so many Igigi gods getting created, they were the youngest gods among all the blonde-haired gods.

All the gods were given training on what they needed to know and do (for the creation of the new Golden Aged world) based on the information that was got from the second tree of knowledge in the computerised machine. Each god was given a different level of pigmentation so as to see the differences in reality. Those whose hair was not that golden would dye their hair yellow through using natural plants extracts.

On Enlil’s advise, the Anunna rulers had ordered that the freezers be shut down so as to close the hole in the atmosphere/ozone layer. So the new method for creating the Golden Aged world, had to begin. Thus, Enki was sent to the Middle East so as to survey the area in order to decide if a new civilization could be begun there. After survey, when Enki decided that it could be used, the other Anunnaki and Igigi joined him in the Middle East. They went there to begin the new creation, which will bring in the Golden Age. The new civilizations, in the Middle East, were seen as being outside the Silver Aged world (Nibiru). From outside, they were supposed to re-create the Golden Aged world. The lands, in the Middle East, got divided into two:

1. Edin ( Enlil’s lands), which represented the Golden Aged world which was getting created through the Confluence Age,

2. the Underworld (Enki’s lands), which represented the world outside the Confluence Age.

Actually, the Confluence Age only exists at the end of the cycle. But a stage, representing that which existed at the end, was created by the Anunnaki because that was supposed to help it turn into a reality. Magic can easily be made to happen through this way. At the end of the cycle, the Golden Aged world was created by those who were doing service on earth (through using their physical bodies). Thus, the Anunaki, who were sent to the Middle East, were seen as being sent to earth where ‘bodies’ were used. Alternatively, they were seen as going from one higher dimension to earth. Thus, in the Sumerian myths, these gods were referred to as the Anunnaki (those who from heaven to earth came). In the myths of the various ancient cultures, one will be able to find many golden-haired gods which represented these golden-haired Anunnaki gods. Examples are:

1. Aztec and Toltec legends which states that at the beginning was "The Age of the First Sun" which is also referred to as the "Age of the White Haired Giants". The white hair giants were the Anunnaki.

2. Quetzalcoatl who was a white or golden-haired god with white skin and a golden beard (in the Aztec legends in Central American).

3. Kukulcan who is a white skinned god with white hair and beard (in the Mayan legends).

4. Viracocha (or Viracocas) who was a white-haired god with white skin and beard (in Inca history).

5. the Roman gods who were blonde-haired, e.g. Apollo, Diana, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Amor, Mercury, Aurora, Bacchus, Ceres, Minerva, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite.

6. the Hindu gods who had golden-hair, e.g. Indra, Agni, Savitar, Rudra, Shiva/Shanker etc.

7. the Slavic gods who had golden hair, e.g. Kresnik, Svarozic.

In the first half cycle, the men had long hair. Thus, even during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, the men continued to have long hair. Since their bodies were transforming into the imperfect state, they also began to have beards. They did not have the custom for shaving the beard. So, the golden-haired gods did not shave their beard.

During the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, God was represented by the Sun which had a golden or yellow hue. The golden-haired gods were associated to the sun, since they were supposed to be instruments of God. Thus, they wanted to look like the sun with gold/yellow reflecting from all over their head. Thus, they did not develop the practice to shave because their beard looked golden while their skin did not. The beard made their face look more golden, like the ‘solar’ faces of the sun gods.

In the Rig Veda, Indra also represents God’s role in the Confluence Age (at the end). This was also a reason why, in the Hindu scriptures, Indra has been portrayed as being Golden-hued. The light of the Supreme Soul (God) will look like gold in colour because the purity of the Supreme Soul. It is this golden light of God which the Confluence Aged souls absorb and reflect into the world (when they act as the instruments of God). Thus, in the subtle regions, the Confluence Aged souls will look ‘golden’ when the vision is high-lighting the purity of God’s light and the purity of the Confluence Aged souls. As instruments of god, the Confluence Aged souls do not become ‘Indra’. Only God is Indra, during the Confluence Age. However, the golden-haired gods (during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages) were also portrayed as Indra (in the Hindu scriptures), even though they were only instruments of God.

In the Rig Veda, Indra has been portrayed as golden-haired; or he is portrayed as having yellow hair and yellow beard. This was also portraying Enlil (the Ice Aged Indra). Since Enlil was the eldest among the gods, he was seen as the father, leader etc. In the Hindu myths, Indra was portrayed as having been born just before the battle between Indra and Vritra because it depicts the role of Enlil to bring an end to the Ice Age. During the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, with time, the people had also begun to refer to the blocks of ice, Marduk and the vices as Vritra. I have not finished the articles on how Vritra also began to represent more than just the Lemurian kings.

Om Shanti


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Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, Mayan god Kukulkan and the Return of the gods/Aryans to India


Posted on 21-5-2018:

Ice had also begun to naturally form before the Copper Aged Great Flood since the pole shifts were occurring and the world was transforming into the world of the second half cycle. In addition, the freezers were used so as to freeze the water further, where necessary. This emerged a lot of land from under water and a lot of structures were constructed on these lands. When the Ice Age ended and the Copper Aged Great Flood came into existence, all these structures went under water where they are being preserved for the future. Some of these have already been discovered and numerous people's attention has been turned to them.


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