Evolution Belief-System

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Before you read this article, please note that, from 1996, I (Pari, the author of this article) had begun to see numerous visions. I was trying to understand what was happening to me. As I was trying to understand this, I began writing all the articles which can be found in this website. Each article is a continuation of the earlier one. So what I had explained in earlier articles were not explained in subsequent articles. This had also allowed me to keep developing what I have to explain. After I had written numerous articles, people were asking me as to which articles they had to read in order to understand something or the other. Thus, in 2015, I began to write books. All the knowledge which a person needs, so as to understand the contents of a book, are given in the book. Thus, a person could understand the contents of a book without having to revert to other articles or books. However, a better understanding could be had through reading the other books. I had also begun writing my first book “Holographic Universe : An Introduction” because I began to have a good understanding on the structure of the Holographic Universe through experiences, guidance from God, research, etc.

It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role.

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Evolution Belief-System

(posted on 15-2-2013)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a brief discussion on the Confluence Aged Vishnu Party; how those who play a role in the afterlife will explain while Marduk is used for the process of walking into the Golden Aged world)

The Anunnaki, who were the parents of Enki and Enlil, knew that evolution would play a leading role in the second half cycle. They knew this because :

1. of the changes that were taking place to the earth as the world was changing into the ordinary state (during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages).

2. they became aware of what existed in the Subtle World Drama, in the Holographic Universe.

3. some of the Anunnaki began to play a role for developing the evolution belief system. These souls have begun playing their role as members of the Confluence Aged group called ‘Vishnu Party’ now.

During the next Copper Age, memories of what the Vishnu Party members are saying now will emerge to influence them to begin the belief system for evolution again. This is why they are influenced by their “millions/billions of years” concept, etc. They will play their role in this way in every cycle (at the end of the cycle and at the beginning of the Copper Age). Thus, the elders of the Anunnaki had to accept the evolution belief system. So, Enki and the other Anunnaki began to include evolution in the myths and all the evidences which they were leaving behind, for the end. This was also meant to pave the way for the evolution belief system. This was also why Marduk had provided for ‘evolution’ in what he had left behind through the Egyptian Dynasties. These Egyptian dynasties have been divided up and grouped into the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, etc. All the kings of these dynasties were the fortunate people who had used the practices for the afterlife and were given a burial, with glamour, as Pharaohs. Many had been given burials as Pharaohs because many have to be involved with explaining the evidences that had been left behind. They will explain while Marduk is being used, by God, for the walking in process, at the end. This was one reason why in the Egyptian myths about the Journey of Ra in his Boat:

1. Marduk, as Ra, was portrayed as moving into the day (after the journey in the underworld).

2. Seth was playing a leading role, at the front of the boat, defending Ra’s Solar Boat during the journey in the Underworld.

All the myths and evidences, that had been left behind, will be explained by the immortal Copper Aged map-makers, who play their role in the afterlife (now) as I am.

Om Shanti


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