Ramses II – Giant

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Ramses II – Giant

(posted on 8-7-2012)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a brief discussion on the worship done during Ramses’s life-time and after his death for using the deified royal Ka; Ramses II erected giant statues to play the role of the giant Sahu)

I have a few past births who were involved with giving immortality to their birth roles. They may have been influenced to get involved with giving immortality to themselves because the soul has to play the role of the False Prophet at the end. One of these past births, who was involved with giving immortality to himself by doing worship to use the deified royal Ka (instead of the Ka), is Ramses II.

I have written articles on the Ka (mortal double), deified royal Ka (immortal double), Ba (immortal soul), Sahu (angelic body) etc. Please read those to have a better understanding of what I am saying here.

In 1996, when I was hearing the sakar murli for the first time (in the early morning hours), God allowed the deified royal Ka of Enki to emerge so that the Ba soul can play it’s immortal role (as per the World Drama). Enki did not emerge to present himself (as the Sahu) because it is his memories which will be used by the Ba (immortal soul). The Ba (immortal soul) will use the memories to play the role of the False Prophet sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem.

However, at the time when the deified royal Ka of Enki was emerged, the Ka of Ramses II was able to unite with the Ba so that Ramses II can emerge to play the role of the False Prophet sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem. Ramses II had done worship to emerge to play this role at the end, as per the World Drama. The worship which he had done was meant to attach his Ka to the deified royal Ka of Enki and it was also meant to help him use a deified royal Ka so that he can emerge in the Confluence Aged subtle region.

The worship practices, of Ramses II, was to help him to use the deified royal Ka (which was used by those who walked out of the divine world). His earlier birth, as Enki, was using a deified royal Ka because Enki had walked out of the divine world. Ramses II did not have a similar deified royal Ka because he was in the mortal state. So, through worship, Ramses II was trying to connect his Ka to the deified royal Ka which Enki was using. The earlier deified royal Ka of Enki was seen as a god which can help the subsequent Ka because it involved the energies of the same Ba soul. The energies of the Ka, of Ramses, was meant to stay attached to the energies of Enki’s deified royal Ka so that Ramses can emerge to play his role in the afterlife (now). This was why when the deified royal Ka of Enki was emerged, as per the World Drama, even Ramses II had emerged to play his role. This is a situation where the Ka of the ancient King was united with the gods and his ancestors. Uniting with the gods and ancestors also represented participating in the Copper Aged Reptilian Collective Consciousness. The ancient Egyptians referred to Ramses II as the “Great Ancestor” because:

1. Ramses II unites with the deified royal Ka of Enki (an ancestor of the people from the Copper Age),

2. Ramses II unites with the Confluence Aged people (the ancestors) in the future Confluence Age

3. the Ba within Ramses II participates in the Copper Aged Reptilian Collective Consciousness

4. Ramses II did great things, which others could not do.

Enki became Osiris when he died. Thus, through attaching to (or using) the deified royal Ka of Enki, Ramses will also become Osiris upon death. The ancient people knew that in the Copper and Iron Ages, the Ka of past births can be used. Thus, Ramses was aiming to use the deified royal Ka of Enki that was there within his Ba (immortal soul). The worship which he did, and which was done after his death, was to unite his Ka to the earlier deified royal Ka.

Through the worship, Ramses was also giving himself a deified royal Ka which he could use, in the afterlife (now), so that he could use the Copper Aged Sahu. A deified royal Ka has to be used so that one could use a Sahu in the Confluence Aged subtle region. This deified royal Ka which he was trying to give himself is based on God’s blessing to allow the soul to play it’s role well at the end, through the Confluence Age (as the False Prophet sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem). The deified royal Ka is used to initiate the process and the soul will use the Sahu after that. This is why all the aspects of the soul (Ka, Ba, Sahu, Akh etc) will have to be united for the king to play the role of the False Prophet sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem, at the end.

The worship, which is done when Ramses II is alive, helps to take the king’s consciousness into the state of being the deified royal Ka (the god or the Ka that is being turned into a god). After the king’s death, the rituals help the Ka to unite with the Ba so that the king can play a role at the end as the “akh and Sahu” when all the aspects of the soul are united as per the rituals done in ancient days.

When he was alive, the Ka of Ramses was united with the Ba because the Ba was in his Ka at that time. When the person dies, the Ka was meant to go back into the resting place within the soul. However, the worship will enable the Ka to emerge again so that the Ba can be in his Ka again. This was what was meant by the “Ka uniting with the Ba”. The Ba is in his Ka when the past birth takes control. Since all the aspects of the soul (Ba, Ka, Copper Aged Sahu, Copper Aged Akh etc) are united, the past birth will present himself as the Sahu in visions. After the Ka and the Ba were united, in the afterlife, Ramses II used the Sahu to present himself as the giant (in the P.J. BK center, in Malaysia).

According to the Egyptian practices for giving immortality to the person (after death), the person’s Ka will either remain in the Khat (body of the dead king) or in the tomb or in the Sheut (statue) of the dead King. Ramses did not give importance to giving immortality to his Khat (corporeal body that can decay). He erected giant statues to represent himself and he wanted his Ka to live there, as the deified royal Ka, and not in the Khat. The worship practices done during his life-time, and after his death, are supposed to enable his Ka to live in these statues. Ramses erected many statues so that some of his statues will surely remain to house his Ka.

Further, the more the statues he erected, the greater his Ren (name). The greater the Ren, the greater the possibility that he will play the immortal role, at the end. Thus, Ramses II erected many statues for this reason too. I will discuss the Ren in later articles. Ramses had erected many statues of himself so as to make sure that he definitely emerges, at the end, so as to play his role.

The Ka of Ramses II was supposed to live in the statues (which represented him) until he emerges at the end. However, the Ka cannot live in a statue. The Ka can only get attached to the statues. This is like giving life to the statues. The worship practices would only attach the Ka of Ramses to the statues. So long as his Ka remains attached to the statue, it is as if the Ka of Ramses II is in the statue.

My past birth, Ramses II, does not keep emerging as Nebuchadnezzar II does. Ramses II is actually playing a role, in a subtle manner (while he remains as Osiris in the Underworld), for explaining what was done in ancient times. This will strengthen the believe, in the Confluence Aged souls, for the creation of the Golden Aged world. Thus, Osiris was portrayed as assisting the Confluence Aged Horus to play his role on earth so as to become victorious over the vices. The victory was portrayed through the battle between Set and Horus. Set represented:

1. God’s role for the Copper Aged immortal roles, in the line of Enki and Marduk

2. the vices.

The Egyptian god Horus, originally, represented the deity souls in the Confluence Age (at the end). Later, Horus was used in a different way for the practices which give immortality to the Copper Aged kings. I will discuss this later.

Ramses II does not have to keep emerging like how Nebuchadnezzar emerges. So, Ramses had not given that much importance to the Sahu (as he had to the Ka and the deified royal Ka). Earlier on, during Enki’s time, emphasis was given to the Ka to make sure that the memories of the Ka emerge, at the end, when the Ba soul plays the immortal roles. Ramses II was giving importance to this too though he also gave importance to his emerging at the end to play a role. Thus, one wouldn’t see the Sahu of Ramses much though he has emerged to play his role.

Ramses was involved with worship to be part of God’s clan (in the underworld and in the Confluence Aged subtle region). He had given a lot of importance to connecting the worship practices for his Ka to the worship practices to God (as Amun). These worship practices were of 2 kind: that which was done when he was live and that which was done after his death. Since he was keen on being included in the clan of God (Amun), he is now involved with explaining the ancient texts so that they can be explained while God’s Confluence Aged knowledge is being explained. Amun is a Confluence Aged role of God which includes allowing the False Prophets to emerge and play their role in the Confluence Age. Ramses saw himself as one of the gods, in God’s clan, because he plays this role now.

Om Shanti


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