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Animals, Plants and Matter in the Eternal Holographic Universe

(posted on 28-9-12, edited on 28-April-2014)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

The Supreme Soul (God) and the human souls exist eternally. Thus, the recording of the World Drama will also exist eternally within the souls, since it will always be there within the souls. Since the recording of the World Drama will always exist, within the souls, the Holographic Universe and Physical World will always exist.

Just as the soul is eternal, even the energies of the corporeal world are eternal. The energies of matter exist in one form or another. These energies cannot get destroyed. They just change into another form. Thus, it is just a matter of in which state they are in. Their state is also based on the state of the human souls, who are in the corporeal world. When the human beings are divine and perfect, everything in the corporeal world is in its perfect state too. When our spiritual state is weak, the spiritual state of everything in the corporeal world is also weak. This, in turn, gets reflected in the physical world (through various ways). For example, there will be destructive events, the animals can kill, etc.

The physical world and the Holographic Universe remain, eternally, while it gets transformed at the end of the cycle and at the end of the Silver Age. Since the corporeal world and the 'World Drama in the Holographic Universe' exist eternally, we will always play our roles on earth (during each cycle of time). The corporeal world provides a world stage for us (where we can experience happiness). What exists on earth is based on what exists in the Holographic Universe. What exists in the Holographic Universe of the first half cycle will be different from what exists in the Holographic Universe of the second half cycle.

We move into the divine world when we transform into the divine state. This happens through the Confluence Age, when the power of the gathering is powerful enough for world transformation. All souls will go back to the Soul World when the world gets transformed but some will remain behind to take care of everything on earth. So, they will move into the Golden Age. They will take everything around them with them, as they move into the Golden Age. One moves into the Golden Age, when the Holographic Universe changes from the old into the new divine one.

The energies of matter (in the physical world) is different from the light energies of matter [which they have instead of having a soul] in the Subtle World of Light. Plants and matter have light energies and not souls. Each animal, in the animal kingdom, has a soul that is inferior to that of human souls. The light energies of matter and plants and the animal souls will always exist within the Holographic Universe/corporeal world.

Anything that is metaphysical in nature can exist in the Soul World. Since the animals have metaphysical souls, their souls can also go back to the Soul World, at the end of each cycle. But they will never go back to the Soul World because:

1. the corporeal world will always exist,

2. the animals are not capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. So, they cannot face Judgement Day at the end.

To go back to the Soul World, the souls have to be purified. When the soul is purified, on Judgement Day, the soul will experience pain for all the wrong that was done by the soul. Animal souls cannot be punished on Judgement Day because the animals are not capable of distinguishing between what is right and wrong (as human beings can). If they are purified on Judgement Day, they will experience pain and that is a form of punishment. It is not just to put them through Judgement Day. Thus, they will not be purified as we, humans souls, are purified. They will just get transformed as everything, that is taken into the Golden Age, gets transformed. The animals will always get transformed and stay in the corporeal world/Holographic Universe.

The animals, birds etc will all be taken into the Golden Age as the humans move into the Golden Age. This was why in the myths about Noah, Ziusudra etc every species of the animal kingdom is taken into the new world after the Great Flood. Just as Noah/Ziusudra represented many, all the pairs of animals etc that were taken with them, also represented many. There was a Great Flood at the end of the cycle and at the beginning of the Copper Age. The role of Noah was used to portray that everything will be taken into the Golden Age. Then, during the Copper Aged Great Flood, the ones who played the role of Noah take everything across into the mortal civilisations that began to exist after the Copper Aged Great Flood. Thus, the myths about Noah etc portray how, after both these Great Floods, the animals were taken:

1. into the Golden Age (at the end of the cycle), and

2. into the Copper Age, at the beginning of the Copper Age.

All the souls in the animal kingdom will always exist in the corporeal world, and their state will depend on the state of the human souls who exist in the corporeal world. If the animal souls were purified and taken into the Soul World, then they can sustain the world like how human souls do but they do not do that. Human souls sustain the animal souls; and so, animal souls can remain in a pure state during the first half cycle. This is a reason why animals and plants respond to humans and live a healthier life when we shower them with love, care, etc.

Though animal souls can exist in the metaphysical Soul World, the light energies of plants and matter cannot exist in the Soul World. They will have to remain in the corporeal world, eternally. Thus, the physical world and Holographic Universe will exist eternally because plants and matter exist eternally. The energies of nature are energies which cannot be destroyed. Thus, they are eternal.

Plants will also get transformed into the perfect Golden Aged state as we move into the Golden Age. We don’t have to bring them into the new world. They will be there in the new world along with matter, in the transformed state. They exist around us and we use them. So, they get transformed into the divine state as we move into the divine world.

When the souls are transformed, everything in the Subtle World of Light (in the Holographic Universe) gets transformed. This transforms everything in the Quantum Dimensions of the Holographic Universe. This, in turn, gives a perfect state to everything that is in the physical world. So as we move into the Golden Age, everything else is also brought into the Golden Age with us.

Whatever happens in the corporeal world is based on what happens in the subtle movie of the Holographic Universe. Thus, in the first half cycle, the plants are eaten and the animals entertain us with their various colours, sounds and acts. The new Holographic Universe that gets created at the beginning of the new Golden Age brings in a beautiful world which the humans can really enjoy life in (naturally) among nature.

Whatever exists in the Holographic Universe is what will exist in the physical world. Thus, plants do not have pain receptors, a nervous system etc so as to experience pain like how humans and animals have. Plants are like this because they are meant to be eaten, in the physical world. When we pluck their fruits, flowers etc, the plants provide us with more because they were meant to provide us with food, in the physical world.

In the second half cycle, we begin to eat leaves. When we pluck the tender shoots, more shoots will grow on the plants so as to provide us with more shoots to eat. If we do not want to eat their shoots and we do not pluck that; then, they provide us with flowers, seeds etc. I have been growing herbs etc and so I understand all these. Plants respond to love, care and the other conditions which they need to survive. They respond to us in this way because they are dependent on us since they remain in the corporeal world/Holographic Universe eternally.

As per the World Drama, and based on what exists in the Holographic Universe, the eating habits change at the beginning of the Golden Age and at the beginning of the Copper Age. In the first half cycle, the people do not eat leaves because there are not many people living in the first half cycle. So they eat fruits, flowers and nuts. These take nutrients from the ground and provide it to them. There will be a lot of nutrients in the ground, during the first half cycle. So the fruits, flowers and nuts will be very nutritious. Since the people can get a lot of nutrients from these, they eat these tastier food.

In the second half cycle, the nutrients (in the ground) get depleted because the earth has to provide food for a huge population. So, the nutrients in the fruits etc are greatly reduced by the end of the cycle. The leaves have more nutrients than the fruits etc. Thus, the leaves are a better source of nutrients in the second half cycle. Further, the plants have a lot of leaves and not much flowers, fruits, etc. So the King of Lemuria turned the people towards eating leaves, from the beginning of the Copper Age. They had to do this because destructive events were taking place world-side; and so, they had to move around to safer grounds. Plants have numerous leaves, quite quickly. It takes a long time for plants and trees to bear fruits. Thus, the leaves were used as food while they waited for the fruits etc. They were also introduced to eating leaves because the population was going to get bigger and bigger. The King of Lemuria plays the role of Enki. What is done in the line of Enki was meant for the whole world, from the Copper Age until the end of the cycle. Thus, whatever Enki introduced was for until the end of the cycle. Everything had happened based on what was to exist in the corporeal world (as it existed in the Holographic Universe). Thus, most of us do not even know how to cook and eat the edible flowers. One can’t just cook anything as they like. There is a way to do it. Dishes made from flowers are very expensive, now, because there aren’t many flowers around.

Nature was meant to entertain and serve human beings. A good example of this can be seen in Sage Jaimini’s Ashwamedha Parva, in the situation where Sita has just been abandoned in the jungle. Sita fainted in the jungle because Rama had instructed Lakshmana to leave her there. The scene portrays how the swans began wailing, after Sita became unconscious. The humans have started suffering and so the time has come when even the birds, animals etc have to suffer. The peacocks were portrayed as having stopped dancing and as running towards Sita because the time for entertaining the deities and enjoying has changed to another kind of time where people, animals, birds etc suffer. The birds were portrayed as stopping their search for food and spreading their wings to protect Sita who was lying on the jungle floor because the birds valued the divine humans in the first half cycle. They were portrayed as valuing the humans more than their food because they were being taken care off and sustained by the divine people. For the same reasons, the water fowls were portrayed as sprinkling water on Sita with their wings; and the Chamaris were portrayed as fanning Sita with their chamara-fan-like bushy-tails. Hindus use the bushy-tail of the Chamari to make the white chamara-fan for deity worship. But here the animal was using it’s tail as the chamara-fan. The bushy tail, of the Chamari, looks a little like the horse’s tail. In the scene, the animals which could not do anything to help Sita were portrayed as stopping what they were doing so as to just watch her. The wind was portrayed as taking a dip in the River Ganga and then gathering flowers, so as to shower them on Sita as is done during worship because the cool winds keep the deities comfortable in the first half cycle; and at the beginning of the Copper Age, it was time for worship to begin. Since it was the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, the wind was doing what was done in the divine world and in the Copper Age. From the beginning of the Copper Age, the winds will wait for the time when the deity souls begin the re-creation of the next divine world. They provide destructive events in the second half cycle. Then, they will assist to clean the world when the Golden Age begins. They exist so as to entertain and serve Mankind through whatever they are doing.

In the above scene, Sita represents the deity souls who have moved out from the Silver Age into the Copper Age. The jungle represents the corporeal world from the Copper Age onwards.

The role of Sage Jaimini began from around the end of the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. So the people playing that role were those who had seen or heard of how the birds etc took care of us, just as we took care of them. They would have also seen or heard of the changes that were taking place from the perfect world to the imperfect world. The physical world changes as the Holographic Universe changes.

People, in the present world, might find it very difficult to accept that animals were capable of behaving like how they did in the abovementioned scene with Sita because they do not usually see such scenes now. In the second half cycle, Mankind gets detached from nature while the consciousness of human souls sink deeper into the corporeal world. It is as if human souls do not live on earth with nature now. It is as if they live below the earth because their consciousness is in a detached state, way below. This is one of the reasons why practices were begun, in the Copper Age, so as to unite Man’s consciousness with nature. This has been developed further, by others, to make it look like as if God is everywhere and that we have to unite with the collective consciousness of God. God is actually not everywhere; though His energies do vibrate everywhere into the corporeal world, during the Confluence Age.

When our consciousness sinks way below, nature will not be able to recognise us. It was while I was listening to God’s messages in the Brahma Kumaris (in 1996) that I began to feel that nature was happy to see me again. The Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge had elevated my spiritual state and so nature was able to detect and recognise my spiritual presence on earth. After that, I have had many experiences (where nature is feeling blissful on seeing me) even when I was outside the Brahma Kumaris. I could even feel the blissful state of the air as they surrounded me, happy to see me again. I did not understand how the air can experience bliss, since there isn't any soul within them. Maybe these are just experiences given by God, to enable me to understand the stage which I was in and the role which I am now involved with.

Nature becomes wild in the second half cycle. Though everything on earth do not serve us as well, during the second half cycle, their role is to serve us. These were also reasons why worship was begun, in the Copper Age, so as to keep nature under our control. During the Confluence Age, we do not have to make any special efforts to bring nature under our control. Automatically, when nature recognises us, they will serve us.

Since the light energies of matter and plants and animal souls will always exist on earth, the corporeal world will always exist eternally; and the souls will keep coming into the corporeal world to play their part eternally. So, the World Drama (on earth) will keep repeating eternally.

Om Shanti


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