vi. First Great Flood until the Ice Age

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First Great Flood in the Cycle until the Events which Bring in the Ice Age

(posted on 22-10-12)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a discussion on strengthening and beautifying the city-states of Bharath, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis; new city-states in Dwarka and near the Yucatan; usage of gold on palace walls; battle between the north and the south; formation of Himalayan Mountains; Trikuta Mountain in Lanka; Kubera’s wealth and Puspaka chariot; briefly touching on the Second Great Flood in the cycle which I refer to as the Copper Aged Great Flood; briefly touching on the destructive events after the destruction of the spaceports etc through nuclear weapons)

The First Great Flood that takes place, in each cycle of time, is the one that begins at the end of the previous cycle. When the ice melts (as is happening now), the water levels become high. This brings about the First Great Flood. This Great Flood will help to re-shape the land masses, for the first half cycle. As this happens, some lands will rise up while others go beneath the waters.

As the water levels are beginning to rise, during the First Great Flood, the Divine Holographic Universe begins to come into existence. But it takes some time for the Divine Holographic Universe to get fully developed. So, initially, one will only see the waters rising. Then, as what exists in the Divine Holographic Universe takes shape in the physical world, the structure of the continents, etc changes. Earthquakes, land movements etc will also help these changes to take place. Some lands will also rise up to form a continent which has a high altitude above the rising waters. These high water levels and continent with high altitude remain until the end of the Silver Age. Thus, the lands in the first half cycle were elevated lands. However, there were no mountains in the first half cycle, even though the lands are like as if they are all on the top of a huge mountain which is as big as a huge continent. Though it is as if the lands are on a mountain top, the continent is only a huge plain. There will only be small decorative hills, enhancing the place.

The sides of the elevated continent, in the first half cycle, would be steep where the continent joins the sea waters. But in the first half cycle, this steep nature would not be visible because the water levels are high. So, it will not feel like as if people were living on a earth which had ends like cliffs. It is only during the Ice Age, during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, when the water levels drop as the ice forms that it will be noticeable that the edges of the continent were like cliffs. And so, the myth was created that the earth was flat with ends like cliffs.

During the first half cycle, the steep nature of the continent will allow the animals, in the sea, to come close to where the people live. Three of the four city-states, in the first half cycle, were beside the seas. Thus, the dolphins etc came close to the lands where the people lived. What these dolphins did entertained the people who lived there.

America and Australia would not exist as huge continents, in the first half cycle. They would be small islands; and there would be beaches there which would be used for picnics by the people. There will not be any beaches in or around the city-states of the 2nd kingdom, 3rd kingdom and 4th kingdom (since they are built near the steep edge of the continent, near the seas).

The lands, in the first half cycle, had to be at a higher level because it would allow the people to enjoy a constant spring-like atmosphere in the 4 city-states. This was also a reason why the gods had begun to live on the mountains, that had begun to exist, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. They also began to live on the mountains for various other reasons. For example, it was safer to live on the mountains, especially during the floods.

During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, when earthquakes were taking place, the people had begun moving around to safer places. Around India and Sri Lanka, a lot of earthquakes were taking place. Thus, as the people were moving to safer grounds, people from Lemuria began settling in the lands of Bharath and people from Bharath were beginning to settle in the lands of Lemuria. As they were moving around; the mountains, valleys etc were getting created as the lands were moving to change the structure of lands on earth. For example, the Himalayas in the north of India did not exist during the first half cycle. The lands, in the area, got higher and higher to form the Himalayan Mountains (from the beginning of the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages).

At the beginning of the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, the scientific instruments were constantly informing that there would be earthquakes taking place world-wide. The lands near the seas, which were only a little higher than sea level, was also beginning to get lower (though they have not sunk yet). Thus, the rulers and scientists (of all 4 kingdoms) got together; and they decided to use huge machines which act as freezers so as to freeze the waters and the world. They placed freezers in various parts of the world so that the waters will be turned into ice. This will bring the water-levels down. So, the lands and city-states need not sink. Later, this will bring about the Ice Age. It should be remembered that the waters were high because of the first Great Flood that had taken place, at the end of the previous cycle. The water has not subsided as yet. Thus, when these waters were getting frozen, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, it was as if the Ice Age and the First Great Flood existed at the same time. But the water levels were going down after that because of the Ice Age that was coming into existence.

In the first half cycle, Bharath was the richest kingdom. During the first half cycle, the more gold that a kingdom had on its palace walls, the greater, richer and more powerful the kingdom was. Thus, in the first half cycle, it was the palace walls of Bharath which had the most gold.

During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, a lot of gold, gems etc were beginning to surface as the earthquakes were taking place in Lemuria. So, Lemuria was becoming the richest kingdom. As the earthquakes were taking place, Enki’s father (the King of Lemuria) was strengthening the city-state of Lemuria. Since gems and gold were emerging from beneath the lands in Lemuria, Enki’s father began placing more gold on the walls of the palace in the city-state of Lemuria. The city-state of Lemuria began to look very beautiful since it was decorated with so much of gold and gems. Since the city-state of Lemuria was having more gold on its palace walls, it was as if a declaration was being made that Lemuria was richer and more powerful than Bharath. Thus, the King of Bharath (Enlil’s father) began placing more gold on his palace walls too (so as to maintain the tradition that Bharath should be the one with the most amount of gold on the palace walls).

The city-state of Bharath was around the Delhi area. It was constructed beside the River Jamuna, by the Confluence Aged souls who had walked into the Golden Age. Now, after 2500 years, earthquakes were taking place around there and so the buildings in the city-state had to be strengthened. Thus, as earthquakes were taking place, the 2 palaces (in Bharath and Lemuria) were being fortified. As they were being fortified, it was as if a battle/competition/game was going on between the rulers of Bharath and Lemuria because each ruler was beginning to place more gold on his palace walls. It was not really a battle; though one can see it as a battle since the vices have begun influencing the rulers. As the rulers were having a silent battle, the citizens were beginning to have a battle of their own.

The citizens of Bharath and Lemuria, in India, who had moved around had begun to battle for lands to live on and use. The citizens of the south were getting richer. Thus, they had the means to use the lands in the north in a more efficient manner. The citizens of the north were not happy about this. They began trying to grab what the people of the south had, in a forceful manner; and they were trying to remove the Lemurian citizens from the north. There were also citizens from the north who had come into the south; and they were seeing themselves as the citizens of the south now, so that they can take advantage of the riches of the south. The people of the south were not complaining about this because there was a lot to share in the south. Despite this, there was an unfair situation because the people of the north were trying to grap what the people of the south had. So, the southerners were retaliating. Among the citizens were the rich citizens and scientists, who began developing weapons to use in the fight. Even the rulers of the small villages were involved with the battling because their people had to move and create a new village elsewhere. As all these battling were going on, the rulers of the 4 city-states were trying to use various methods to bring the battling to an end. Finally, an agreement was arranged between the parents of Enki and Enlil that their lands in India would be ruled in a combined manner so that the people do not fight because people from the other kingdom have come into their kingdom and were using their lands. Thus, the rulers of Bharath and Lemuria united the lands in central India, and north India, under one rule; and they began to jointly rule the lands in central and north India. The people of the north and the south were also encouraged to marry each other so that there will be unity in the land.

In the first half cycle, even though the rulers were ruling, they were actually making sure that the citizens have everything they needed. Thus, it was like as if the people were ruling (since their wishes were fulfilled). However, since there were battles among the people of the 2 kingdoms, the system of governance began changing. The rulers of the Lemuria and Bharath were slowly beginning to use a form of governance where there were strict laws, an enforcement system, etc. Through these, the rulers managed to bring about unity in India.

Though it was joint rule, it was the King of Bharath who became the number one ruler (like how it was at the beginning of the Golden Age). The King of Lemuria became the number two ruler. It should be remembered that most of the lands of Bharath (the First Kingdom) were those that were above North India. The Delhi area, in Bharath, was near the borders of the First Kingdom. This was a reason why it was portrayed that the Aryans had come from the north and taken over North India. Some of the lands which is now considered as North India (in central India) actually belongs to Lemuria.

After Enki grew up, his father got a beautiful aircraft built for him. In the Hindu myths, this aircraft has been referred to as his Puspaka chariot. It was specially built for him so that he could easily carry out the duties that were assigned to him, which were:

1. to survey the places where destruction was taking place through earthquakes, etc

2. to keep a check on the ‘freezers’ that were in a few places world-wide,

3. to keep a check on the sea-levels,

4. to help people who were in the areas where destruction was taking place.

Though the fathers of Enki and Enlil remained as Kings, they had made Enlil and Enki into joint rulers so that they will be able to handle the situation, when destruction was taking place, without having to revert to the fathers for instructions. Thus, Enki was jointly ruling Lemuria with his father. So, it was as if Enki had become the richest man on earth, since his kingdom was now very wealthy. Thus, he was portrayed as Kubera in the myths. Others have also been portrayed as Kubera. However, Enki was the Kubera who was given the Pushpaka chariot. The aircrafts before his, were not those which could be used to survey the place. So he was not able to carry out his duties well. Thus, he needed something different. It was also Enki was the Kubera who had left Lanka to live on Mount Kailash / Himalayan Mountains. In this article, I will not be discussing the events where Kubera leaves Lanka.

With time, the scientific machines were informing that more and more severe earthquakes were going to take place where the city-state of Lemuria was situated. So, Enki/Kubera went to strengthen the city-state in Lemuria (so that it does not get destroyed in the more severe earthquakes and so that it does not sink into the waters). Thus, Enki/Kubera was portrayed as having taken over Lanka. As the earthquakes were taking place, more and more gold and gems were surfacing from beneath the lands and from the seas/oceans of Lemuria. Thus, Enki had built a golden pyramid (with walls of gold) as an extension of the palace, in the city-state of Lemuria, while he was strengthening the city-state. It looked like a Golden Peak and Lemuria began to have the most beautiful divine city-state at that time.

Enlil/Krishna, of Bharath, wanted to move his city-state to safer grounds since the place was threatened by more and more severe earthquakes (as the Himalayan Mountains were getting higher). Enlil/Krishna decided to move his city-state to Dwarka Island. I am not referring to the present day Dwarka and Dwarka Island. I am referring to lands that had existed further beyond into the Arabian Sea from the present day Dwarka. The Dwarka that was built by Enlil/Krishna has not been found until this day (in October, 2012). Even the submerged city-state of Lemuria has not been discovered.

The lowering of water levels was emerging more lands in the Dwarka Island. Thus, the plan was to build the palace on the lands that were emerging from the waters. Enlil/Krishna wanted to make his city-state, in Dwarka, look more beautiful through using more gold. So, a lot more gold was needed. Bharath was the richest and most powerful kingdom in the first half cycle; and Enlil wanted to maintain it in that same way. Since central India (around the Indus Valley) was now being ruled in a joint manner, the rulers of Lemuria were supposed to find and provide the gold which was needed to build Dwarka. Dwarka was a project done in a united manner, by the rulers of Bharath and Lemuria. Enlil and Enki played the roles of Krishna and Balarama, respectively, where this project was concerned.

The rulers of Mu and Atlantis were also influenced to strengthen and make their city-states look more beautiful. Since the water-levels were going down, as the ice was increasing, it was as if those who lived on Atlantis were living on a mountain with a steep cliff near the waters. So, the rulers of Atlantis made extensions into the sea, so that they can have places to live on which were beside the waters. Since they had always lived near waters, during the first half cycle, they wanted to continue living by the waters. Thus, the city-state of Atlantis got extended and began to look like a man-made island.

Though some lands were getting higher to form mountains, the lands in other places were moving downwards. As mountains were forming in the center of the lands, the edges of the continent were getting lower. Thus, the three city-states, which were near the edge of the continent, would one day sink into the waters. They had to sink because the new Holographic Universe has come into existence. The Subtle World Movie, in the Holographic Universe, provides for their sinking and it also provides for changes in the land mass. But it was the city-state of Lemuria that was badly hit, at first.

As the new city-state of Bharath was getting established in Dwarka, the city-state of Lemuria began to get destroyed through earthquakes. The city-state of Lemuria was getting pulled into the waters too (as a result of the earthquakes). Though the waters were becoming ice and so, the water levels were getting lower; this did not stop the city-state of Lemuria from slowly sinking into the waters. It began to sink when the waters of the First Great Flood were still high. Thus, Lemuria was associated to the sinking of the old world, at the end of the previous cycle. The city-state in Dwarka got associated to the Golden Aged world, that emerged at the beginning of the Golden Age, because:

1. the Golden Aged world emerged from the waters of the First Great Flood, at the beginning of the Golden Age, and

2. Dwarka was also emerging from the waters of the same First Great Flood because the city-state, in Dwarka, was getting built on the lands that were rising from the waters of the first Great Flood (though these waters were now in the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages).

When the water levels were getting lower as a result of the freezing, all 3 city-states of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis began to look like as if they were on a mountain because of the steep nature of the edges of the continent. Thus, the 3 city-states that sank were portrayed as the 3 peaked mountain, Trikuta Mountain, in the Hindu myths. Trikuta means ‘three peaked’. These 3 city-states were collectively seen as Lanka because all 3 sank (though some lands in the 3 kingdoms still remained). It was only the lands of the First Kingdom which did not sink much. Even the land of the original city-state of Bharath remained, even though the original city-state does not exist there anymore. Thus, the 3 city-states that sank were portrayed as Trikuta and as Lanka. Lanka actually represented the old world that sank at the end of the cycle. And Trikuta represented the 3 kingdoms that sank, during the Copper Age. However, Lanka and Trikuta often represented Sri Lanka because:

1. Lemuria was the wealthiest, most powerful and most influential among the three city-states which sank,

2. the city-state of Lemuria was the first to sink (and it began sinking in the waters of the First Great Flood just as the old world had sunk into the first Great Flood),

3. long after Enki's father had modified the original palace into a Golden Peak, and after Enki/Kubera had added another golden pyramid to the city-state of Lemuria, Marduk added the third golden pyramid there to turn it into a 3 peaked golden city-state. The first golden pyramid had got destroyed during the severe earthquakes that were taking place at the end of the Silver Age. This and the second Golden Pyramid sank into the waters during the Second Great Flood in the cycle. The third sank golden pyramid after that.

4. the city-state of Lemuria was in the sountern-most end of Lemuria (south of the city-state of Bharath). Since the southern gods finally went and settled down in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka began to represent the southern kingdom and all its lands that had sunk. Thus, later, structures were constructed in Sri Lanka to make it look like as if it was where the city-state of Lemuria was. These structures were part and parcel of life-dramas that took place there. Adam’s Peak, where Enki/Kubera was taking gems from, was also revered since Enki (as Buddha/Shanker) had done a lot of meditation on the mountain (during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages). This meditation/yoga enabled him to remember what Inanna/Parvati was saying and doing, at the end of the previous cycle.

The city-state of Atlantis was on the western end of the continent, in the first half cycle. It began sinking during the Second Great Flood in the cycle (which I refer to as the Copper Aged Great Flood). Thus, the ruler of Atlantis began to shift the city-state of Atlantis to the place near the Yucatan (near the present day Mexico). But this new city-state, and the original city-state of Atlantis, sank during the destructive events that were taking place after the destruction of the spaceports through nuclear weapons. The city-state of Mu was on the Eastern end of the continent. It sank during the Copper Aged Great Flood (which is the second great flood in the cycle).

Om Shanti


Posted on 21-5-2018:

Ice had also begun to naturally form at that time since the pole shifts were occurring and the world was transforming into the world of the second half cycle. In addition, the freezers were used so as to freeze the water further, where necessary. This emerged a lot of land from under water and a lot of structures were constructed on these lands. When the Ice Age ended and the Copper Aged Great Flood came into existence, all these structures went under water where they are being preserved for the future. Some of these have already been discovered and numerous people's attention has been turned to them.


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