viii. Time & Space are an Illusion

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Time & Space are an Illusion

(posted on 4-12-2012; edited on 9-12-12)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a discussion on the 4 dimension of physical world; time as a measure and concept; living in the present; ‘space and timedo not exist in the Subtle World of Light and in other subtle regions; Time as a measure of entropy in the corporeal world; doing magic through using the concept that time and space are an illusion; Subtle World Movie and the Cycle of Time are the source of time; Cycle of Time in the Deity Religion; the unreal world; origins of TIME is based on the flow of events in the Subtle World Movie; TIME (Kala) informed Karna; ascent to heaven and the suffering in hell; Yudhisthira; Dharmaraj; Kauravas as Danavas or demons; Marduk used scientific instruments to blow winds so as to keep the nuclear gases away; Karna's arrow sweeps off Arjuna's beautiful celestial crown)

In the physical world, time and space do exist because time and space can be measured. The physical world is considered to have 4 dimensions (length, width, height, and time). Space has 3 dimensions (height, width and length). An object, in the physical world, will move through these three dimensions. Time is the 4th dimension, in the physical world. But this 4th dimension is a ‘virtual’ dimension. It is not a real dimension like the other 3. The 4th dimension can also be seen as space-time because space has to be associated to time while one plays one’s role on earth. We experience time as we play our part in the 3 dimensional physical world. We know that time exists because:

1. our corporeal bodies age,

2. Man have created a way to measure time through clocks and other means,

3. the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present

4. etc.

It can be said that in the physical world, time is only a concept and/or a measure. To use Time as a measure, we have divided Time into seconds, minutes, hours, day, months, seasons, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, etc. Time, as a measure, provides the current date, time, duration of time taken to do sometime, etc. The clocks are used to measure time. The cycles of nature can also be used as a clock to measure time. As we see each day beginning with the rising sun, we know that we have moved into a new day. The time can be known through the use of a sundial, which gives time based on the position of the sun. We can also measure time through the other cycles in nature.

Time is a concept which was created by Man so that it can be used by civilised Man. The concept of time makes life easier to manage. It is also conveniently used for recording history and for providing prophecies. As a concept and as a measure, time is not an illusion.

Maths and Physics teaches us that Distance equals Time multiplied by Speed’. Space is expressed through measurements of distances (height, length and width). Through this, it can be seen that time is closely tied up with events and what exists on earth. Time cannot be separated from the physical world.

In the physical world, we only live in the ‘present’. In the physical world, the past and the future are ‘illusions’. They do not exist. This does not mean that we had not lived in the past, nor does it mean that we will not live in the future. It means that we only live in the present; and then, the present becomes the past. We can take photos and videos of what is happening and these are proof that it had happened and that we were not living in an ‘illusion’ or dream. Time is real and it flows from one moment to the next. The flow of time can be seen as an illusion because it is based on what exists in the Holographic Universe. From the point of the Holographic Universe, it can be said that time is not a reality.

In the Hindu scriptures ‘space and time’ are considered to be maya (illusion). One reason why it was portrayed in this way is that ‘space and timedo not exist in the Subtle World of Light (in the Holographic Universe) as it does in the corporeal world. Space exists in the physical world because the energies of the physical world exists. Based on what exists in the Subtle World Movie (in the Holographic Universe), these energies are used to provide the stage for us in the corporeal world. Time exists in the physical world because the Subtle World Movie provides for Time through the past, present and the future. The 4 dimensions exist in the World Drama (on earth). However, in the Subtle World of Light (in the Holographic Universe), all these 4 dimensions do not exist.

The Anunnaki were seen as living in the Subtle World of Light (of the Holographic Universe) like how the deities, in the first half cycle, lived in the Subtle World of Light while doing things in the physical world. So, it was as if time and space were an illusion for the Anunnaki. Thus, this was reflected in the myths and other scriptures which they had created.

Even the Confluence Aged souls live in the Confluence Aged subtle regions even though they are doing things on earth. Time and space do not exist in the subtle regions. The Anunnaki were having memories, déjà vu experiences, time slip experiences etc which connected them to the previous Confluence Age. So, in this sense too, the Anunnaki had felt that they were not living in the corporeal world. It was as if they were living in a subtle region where time and space did not exist. Mortals live in the physical world and they are caught up with ‘space and time’. The Anunnaki were not ‘mortals’ as yet; though they were changing into mortals.

To exist in the subtle regions where there is no space and time, we (the souls) have to detach ourselves from the physical body (though the soul still remains in the physical body). We do not see and hear with our physical body in the subtle regions. But we need to use the physical body in the physical world. Though we see in the physical world, our consciousness should be in the subtle regions. We should be using the physical body while we reside in the subtle region. Then, we (the souls) are not caught up with time and space; though the body is because it is getting older. Actually, once the souls come into the corporeal world, from the Soul World, we are bound into time and space. Thus, the souls get weaker with time (even in the first half cycle). Souls who are in the corporeal world cannot say that time and space is an illusion because the souls are getting weaker with time. Since entropy is taking place, time exists in the corporeal world where the souls are. Time can be used as a measure of entropy in the corporeal world. When one says that one is not bound by time and space and that time is an illusion, it is in a limited sense so as to:

1. do magical things (that can be done though letting the consciousness get detached from the physical world).

2. enjoy the pure stage (of the soul) in the subtle regions.

The physical world is 4 dimensional. But there are no dimensions in the Subtle World of Light. If one’s consciousness is in the Subtle World of Light and not in the physical world, then the past, present and future co-exist because there is no time in the Subtle World of Light. Some of our energies can slip into the past or future and we can live there. However, we (the souls) are travelling along in the Subtle World Movie. So, our energies will have to fly back to where it is supposed to be in the Subtle World Movie. When we look at it from the point of the Subtle World Movie, time and space are an illusion because everything gets expressed (in the physical world) based on what is supposed to exist at a specific point in time. They will also only get expressed (in the physical world) if the souls are there participating in the scene. Thus, when some of our energies participate in a future or past time, that future or past scene is expressed in the physical world so that we can live in the future or past. In the physical world, time and space will definitely exist if we are living in a particular scene in the Subtle World Movie. So, life or ‘living’ is needed to bring about changes in the physical world. Space will change based on where we are in the Subtle World Movie. Since we cannot separate ourselves from the Holographic Universe (where the Subtle World Movie is); time and space are an illusion. Just as free will is actually an illusion (in the second half cycle) though it exists in the physical world; even time is an illusion but it exists in the physical world.

Time and space is not an illusion, in the physical world. However, if you see it as an illusion and imagine that you are living in a dream-like state; then this attitude will help you to make magical things happen on earth. So, whether one wants to see time-space as an illusion or not depends on what one’s aims are in life. This was also a reason why time and space were portrayed as illusions in the Hindu scriptures. The people who were involved with getting the Hindu scriptures written were yogis who were more concerned about meditation and doing magical things through mind power.

In order to make things appear and disappear, one has to make time stop. This means that you have to make your consciousness detach itself from the physical world and go beyond into the subtle dimension. Time-space do not exist in the subtle dimension. While one is in this detached state, where time-space do not exist, one can make magical things happen. But one is not linked to God if one is not in the Confluence Age. It will be the human soul who will be trying to do magic through their mind power. We become god or we play God through this stage. We become creators through using magic. But we are not creators in the Confluence Aged sense because we are not becoming spiritually more powerful. This was why the Anunnaki were not successful in re-creating the divine world (in the Copper Age) though they could do magical things through their mind power. The Anunnaki were only turning into mortals. This itself shows that the souls were getting weaker and not more powerful.

As devotees, we are not supposed to ask for anything. We are only supposed to remain virtuous. But Mankind is suffering from the beginning of the Copper Age. So, if you tell them not to ask for anything and to just remain virtuous, they may not like you. Or they may not like what you are preaching. In the first half cycle, the kings kept their citizens happy. So, even in the Copper Age, they provided a worship system that would keep their citizens happy. So devotees were allowed to ask for things through worship.

The Confluence Aged people consider magic done outside the Confluence Age as black magic. The Confluence Aged souls are not encouraged to get involved with black magic. They just make spiritual efforts to link themselves to God so that they can become more powerful spiritually. When they are powerful enough, the world will transform into the Golden Aged world. This is also magical but the Confluence Aged people consider this as white magic because:

1. God (and not human souls) re-creates the divine world.

2. the re-creation of the Golden Aged world is happening as per the World Drama.

3. the Confluence Aged spiritual effort making only involves the souls becoming powerful spiritually. It does not involve asking for anything.

4. we use whatever we have for world benefit instead of asking for things.

5. etc.

It is only through the Confluence Age, that the Golden Age can be brought into existence. One cannot re-create the divine Golden Aged world through what was left behind by those who walked out of the Silver Age. During the Confluence Age, one goes into the soul-conscious stage where we are linked to God. Through that link, we become more powerful (spiritually) and so the world will have to transform since we are transforming back into the deities.

The Subtle World Movie, in the Holographic Universe, repeats in a cyclic manner. The Cycle of Time and the Subtle World Movie (or World Drama) can be seen as ‘TIME’ because they provide for Time. Since they are the source of TIME, TIME has been portrayed as the Cycle of Time that keeps spinning eternally (in the Hindu scriptures). Since the Cycle of Time keeps repeating eternally, it can be said that TIME has always existed and that it will always exist. Thus, TIME can be seen as being eternal or as infinity.

Each new Cycle of Time is brought in through the creation of the deities (during the Confluence Age, at the end of each cycle). The creation of the deities, during the Confluence Age, begins the Deity Religion (at the beginning of each Cycle of Time). The Deity Religion involves the divine and virtuous life-style which is lived by the deities (in the first half cycle). It is only from the Copper Age that worship begins in the Deity Religion. Since the new cycle brings in the new Deity Religion, the cycle is only given importance to in Hinduism and other religions where deities are worshiped. The original name of Hinduism is Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharam (which means the Ancient Eternal Deity Religion). All the other religions, where many deities are worshiped, can be seen as being part and parcel of this Deity Religion or they can be seen as branches of the Deity Religion. TIME and the cycle were also associated to infinity or eternity, in the ancient Hindu texts, because the deity souls (of the Deity Religion) will live through the cycle (which keeps repeating eternally).

Other religions do not give importance to the cycle and to the ‘re-creation’ aspect because the founders of those religions are not involved with re-creation. Thus, Christianity acknowledges that the world was created but it does not say that the world will keep getting re-created. It is only the religions, which can be seen as a branch of the Deity Religion, which give importance to the Cycle of Time (through which the world keeps getting re-created).

In the Mahabharata, Yudhishtira tells Krishna, "The world is unreal and has no end, and Time is running his course". The unreal world represents:

1. the Holographic Universe which keeps existing as per the World Drama (or Cycle of Time).

2. all the déjà vu, time slip experiences etc which made it look like as if what had happened in the Confluence Age was happening in the Copper Age.

3. the vices and the underworld.

The vices are not our real self. The real self is the virtuous self. The real world is based on Truth. In the Underworld (the second half cycle), everything is an illusion. For example, we think that we have choices and that we are in control. But, in reality, we are not. Things can also appear and disappear because the real world is only a reflection of what is happening in the Holographic Universe. When something changes in the Holographic Universe, it will bring about changes in the physical world. So, the physical world is not ‘real’ though it is real.

At the beginning of the Copper Age, Enki (my past birth who walked out of the Silver Age) was watching what was happening on earth while he kept seeing visions, memories, time slips and déjà vu experiences. With time, Enki began to know that whatever he was seeing (in the Time slips etc) were illusions because they were not really happening in the Copper Age. His experiences (where he was able to see the past and future in the Subtle World Movie) confirmed that his time slip experiences etc involved what had happened in the past (during the previous Confluence Age). Enki began to understand the ‘illusion’ aspects of:

1. his experiences, and

2. the Subtle World Movie which materialises on earth.

Enki began to understand that TIME does not exist in the Subtle World Movie as it exists on earth. He also began to understand that the origins of TIME is based on the flow of events in the Subtle World Movie. Enki was finally left with very sad feelings because:

1. of not having been successful in re-creating the Golden Aged world (in the Copper Age),

2. of seeing what was happening in the physical world, especially after the Copper Aged nuclear usage,

3. his experiences were only illusions and not real (in the Copper Age). Enki had given advice based on those experiences. Then, he had to change the advice which he was giving so as to make everyone realise that it was all an illusion and not a reality (at that time). This advice was also being given through the myths and Hindu scriptures. Thus, the concept of Time and Space being an ‘illusion’ were introduced in the Hindu texts.

The Copper Aged experiences where the destructive events bring about the new Golden Aged world were also an illusion because, in the Copper Age, Sita (the deity souls) were finally left in the jungle (the underworld) and not in the Golden Aged world (nor in the Confluence Age). Enki’s experiences were also pulling his consciousness into the Subtle World Play (in the Holographic Universe) where time and space are an illusion. Since time and space are an illusion in the Subtle World Movie, one can see something of the past happening like as if it was happening to them at that time itself. Wherever the energies of the soul have flown to (whether to the future or past), the physical world can materialise to let us experience what is there in the Holographic Universe (of the future or past). Thus, that which had happened during the end of the previous cycle had seemed like as if it was happening in the Copper Age. If one was not seeing it happen on earth, when one is not having the experience, one might think that :

1. the experience is an indication of what is about to happen.

2. one is experiencing it in another parallel universe or world. This was also one reason why the Anunnaki were portrayed as aliens from another Universe/world.

The people who wrote the Hindu scriptures were also trained to see time and space as illusion (unreal) so that they can have good experiences that will help them to create and explain the religious texts, etc. Since these people got the scriptures written, their views and practices were reflected in the Hindu texts.

In the Mahabharata, just before Arjuna killed Karna, it was portrayed that TIME (Kala) informed Karna that his death was near by saying, "The earth is devouring your chariot wheel!". Then, Karna's chariot wheel actually sank into the earth and would not move. At this moment, Karna was portrayed as thinking that destiny was supreme. All these represented that Karna (Enki and the Enkites) knew of what was destined to happen. Here, TIME represented the source of TIME (which is the Subtle World Movie in the Cycle of Time). TIME informing Karna represented that Karna was having experiences where he was seeing what was to happen in the future. These experiences are based on what is in the source of TIME (i.e in the Subtle World Movie). Through these experiences, Enki/Vyasa/Karna knew that the role of Karna will come to an end at the end of the cycle. The chariot and it’s wheel represented the physical body; while Karna represents the soul playing that role. The soul will no longer play the role of Karna, at the end, when the mortal body is transformed as we walk into the Golden Age.

Between 1996 and 2001, there were times when I had experienced myself as being Karna. In the Mahabharata, Karna assists the Kauravas even though he is a brother of the Pandavas. The Pandavas are the Confluence Aged people. The Kauravas are the non-Confluence Aged people who are under the influence of the vices. Thus, I had thought that since I was living outside with Non-BKs, I was having these experiences. But I also knew that I was supposed to play a role with the people outside; though at that time, I did not want to acknowledge this. Through further understanding, I now know that Karna represents Enki, Marduk and the Enkites. Arjuna and the Pandavas represent:

1. the souls in the Confluence Age (at the end), and

2. the Enlilites (in the Copper Age).

The earth devouring Karna’s chariot wheel represented the time when it is the end of the mortal state (at the very end). Though Enki’s role is an immortal role, I am in a mortal state though I (the soul) am turning into an immortal. So, Karna dying (after the earth devours Karna’s chariot wheel) also represented the soul attaining the immortal state. This was also a reason why Yudhisthira was portrayed as expecting to see Karna in heaven (in the last episode of the Mahabharata which is also known as the `Book of the Ascent to Heaven`). In this last episode, the ascent to heaven and the suffering in hell combines the following events:

1. the Copper Aged ascent to play a role in the afterlife.

2. the ascent into the Confluence Age at the end and the test-papers we face during our Confluence Aged effort-making life.

3. the ascent into the Golden Age at the end.

4. enjoying and suffering based on the Law of Karma and based on what exists in the World Drama (as per the TIME). We also face a lot of test-papers through the Law of Karma and World Drama.

5. suffering on Judgement Day.

In the last episode of the Mahabharata, the hell (which the Pandavas were in) changed to heaven because of what happens through the Confluence Age. Karna was portrayed as originally being in hell because:

1. the role involved the Copper Aged immortal role. (Though I am a Confluence Aged soul, I am also playing the role of the False Prophet because of these Copper Aged immortal roles. So, Karna was portrayed as a brother of the Pandavas though Karna was helping the Kauravas.)

2. the soul will continue to take births and suffer in the corporeal world (hell) until the end.

The Pandavas were portrayed as originally being in hell because it represented:

1. that the deity souls will be suffering in the second half cycle.

2. that the deity souls (especially the Enlilites) were suffering because they had lost World Rule during the Copper Age. The soul within the ancient King of Bharath was still a ruler in subsequent births. However, he will no longer be a World Authority. With time, even India loses it’s world influence.

3. that the Anunnaki were suffering the consequences of having used the nuclear weapons on earth (during the Copper Age).

In the Mahabharata, Yudhisthira represents God. This was why everyone, in hell, wanted Him to stay with them in hell. Yudhisthira also wanted to stay in hell with them because it represented that, during the second half cycle, God helps us until the end of the cycle. Further, during the Confluence Age, God is always there for us and He is always with us through the link which we have to Him. In the Mahabharata, God (as Yudhisthira) was portrayed as doing everything based on the World Drama (Time) and Truth. Whatever He does is righteous even if it does not look good.

Yudhisthira was portrayed as Dharmaraj because God plays this role during the Confluence Age and on Judgement Day. In this sense, whatever was in the Mahabharath story reflected what was happening in the Confluence Age; and then, there will be Judgement Day.

In the Copper Age, the deity souls who play a role like that of Dharmaraj were seen as Yudhisthira, on earth. So, Yudhisthira, sometimes, sounds like a human soul playing his role in the corporeal world. Enlil was also playing the role of Yudhisthira, on earth. This was one reason why Yudhisthira was also portrayed as the son of the Lord of Judgement, Dharma. As Yudhisthira, Enlil was also trying to adherence to satya (truth) and dharma (righteousness) on earth. The dog, who accompanied him during the ascension, was none other than Dharma (God) himself. Yudhistra refused to leave Dharma (in the form of the dog) because it represented:

1. that the role of Dharma (or Dharmaraj) were part and parcel of God’s role for the end.

2. that the Enlilites were intent on not leaving God’s side (during the Copper Age).

3. that the Confluence Aged souls keep making sure that they do not leave God’s Company during the Confluence Age.

In the Mahabharata, the Kauravas also represented the Enkites. This was also one reason why the Kauravas were portrayed as the Danavas (demons). Other mythical figures like Rahu, who were also portrayed as Danavas, were also representing the Enkites; though there was also more to what they represented. The Kauravas were portrayed as initially enjoying in a ‘heaven’ which was an illusion. This illusionary ‘heaven’ represented:

1. the subtle regions of the afterlife (during the journey in the afterlife).

2. the False Golden Aged world which the Enkites (who use the Copper Aged immortal roles) will be involved with.

3. the heavenly life which the Enkites were able to enjoy, in the Copper Age, after the nuclear usage by the Enlilites. During nuclear usage, in the Copper Age, Marduk had used scientific instruments to blow winds so as to keep the nuclear gases away from him and his followers. Thus, they were able to enjoy a heavenly life in the lands that were kept away from the nuclear gases; and they were able to concentrate on developing the practices for the ascension into the afterlife.

Further, through using the vices, one can make life very heavenly on earth (through attaining greater wealth, comforts etc). This ‘heavenly life’ is also an illusion. So the Kauravas (people who are under the influence of the vices) were portrayed as being in an illusionary ‘heavenly world’ because of this too.

The Kauravas also represented all the non-deity souls who will be enjoying their heavenly life, on earth, in the second half cycle. Though they are enjoying ‘heaven’ on earth; it is not the true ‘heaven on earth’. The true ‘heaven on earth’ only exists in the first half cycle. Thus, the ‘heaven on earth’ that is enjoyed in the second half cycle is not the real heaven. This very same heavenly world will turn into a hell when they have to suffer for any wrong which they do, etc. So, there is an illusionary aspect to their heaven, since it can disappear and become something else.

We live in the present time. However, in the Copper Age, the déjà vu experiences, time slips etc were mixing the events of the past, present and future. So, this was also reflected in the myths that were created by the ancient people. For example, during the Mahabharath War, Karna's deadly arrow sweeping off Arjuna's beautiful celestial crown and smashing it to pieces represented the end of Enlil’s world rule (during the Copper Age) after the nuclear usage that took place in the Copper Age. It represented that Marduk and the Enkites took away world rule from Enlil. But after that Karna was portrayed as being killed by Arjuna because the role of the Enkites come to an end, at the end of the cycle, before the Golden Aged world comes into existence.

After the role of Karna comes to an end, the role of the Pandavas will come to an end. It will come to an end at the END of TIME, i.e. at the end of the current Cycle of Time.

Om Shanti


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