viiii. Time as the Destroyer, as Krishna, etc

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TIME as the Destroyer, as Krishna, as the Cycle of Time & as God's Time on Earth at the End

(posted on 6-12-2012; edited on 7-12-12 & on 9-12-12)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a discussion on Krishna as Time grown old to destroy the world; Enki and others as Krishna; Confluence Age is God’s time on earth; TIME as a personified enemy)

In the Mahabharata, Sanjaya informs Dhritarashtra that the whole world has been destroyed by TIME (when Sanjaya could no longer see the heavenly vision). Here, TIME represented:

1. what was destined to happen, at the end of the cycle, when destructive events will have to take place so that the new Golden Aged world comes into existence.

2. what had to happen at the beginning of the Copper Age (since destructive events will have to take place so that the divine world is removed from the face of the earth and the underworld can come into existence).

In the Copper Age, the Anunnaki could not stop themselves from growing old. TIME was seen as a reason why they were growing old and why everything was getting destroyed. Thus, TIME was seen as destroying everything (since everything gets destroyed with time or as per the TIME). In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that he is Time grown old to destroy the world because:

1. Krishna also represented the End and the Confluence Age in the Cycle of Time. God’s role can be seen as being combined with the Confluence Age because the Confluence Age cannot exist without God. When the new creation takes place through God, in the Confluence Age, the old world comes to an end. So Krishna was used to represent the TIME (at the end of the cycle) when God comes to re-create the divine world and to destroy the old world. Since this happens at the end of the cycle, Time was portrayed as having “grown old”.

2. even the Subtle World Movie or World Drama (in the Holographic Universe) has reached a time when its end is near. This Subtle World Movie provides for time in the Underworld (on earth). Thus, the source of Time (the World Drama) was portrayed as having grown old too. It is also the World Drama, in the Holographic Underworld, which provides for destruction because the new Holographic Universe has to come into existence for the new cycle. Since events happen as per the TIME (in the Subtle World Movie), it is as if TIME is controlling what happens to us. Time provides everything that a scene, or event, needs on earth. However, the World Drama (TIME) has been associated to God because God provides everything that we need in the Confluence Age. God provides for everything that is needed for the creation of the Golden Aged world and for the destruction of the old world. God also brings in the new Cycle of Time. God does all these as per the World Drama. So, God was associated to TIME for these reasons too. Enki, and the others, wanted to be in a situation where God (Krishna) is doing everything as per the World Drama. They wanted to re-live the Confluence Aged time (as they were experiencing the Confluence Age through their deja vu and time slip experiences, memories, visions etc). They did not want to be controlled by TIME (World Drama) alone. Since this was their aim, they combined the role of TIME to God. Whatever we belief in will materialise and so TIME and God were seen as one because the Copper Aged people wanted to be controlled by God (as was done during the Confluence Age) and not by TIME (as it normally is and as it was during the Copper Age). Seeing Time as God was making it feel like as if the Copper Aged people were in the Confluence Age. Further, in the Copper Age, people were caught up with TIME. So, sometimes, they gave importance to TIME because of this.

3. Krishna also portrayed Enki’s role. At the end of the cycle, the soul within Enki would be used to play a leading role when destructive events take place. The soul within him plays the role of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, at the end of each cycle. Sekhmet is actually a ‘combined role’ with God and nature. It is as if we become the gods of nature since nature serves us to bring about destruction (so that the new world can come into existence). Enki’s role begins at the beginning of the Copper Age and it comes to an end at the end of the cycle. Enki is the Lord of the Underworld from the beginning of the Copper Age. So, he and his world are considered as having grown old when it is time for the destruction of his Underworld.

4. during the Copper Age, when Enki was playing the role of Krishna, Enki’s consciousness was considered to be in the subtle regions (in the Holographic Underworld). Thus, he was associated to TIME.

5. God has been helping us from the beginning of the Copper Age. So, by the end, it will be as if God has grown old because if God lived on earth like how all the gods did (in the Copper Age), then God (the Copper Aged Krishna) should be in an old body by the end of the cycle. It should be noted that some of the Copper Aged people saw themselves as Krishna (as God or as God using them) and they saw themselves as immortals. Thus, by the end of the cycle, Krishna would be old.

6. at the beginning of the Confluence Age, God uses the old corporeal body of Brahma Baba to begin the process of bringing in the Golden Aged world (which will bring an end to the old world).

During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, Enki (the King of Lemuria) was also playing the role of Krishna since he was playing the role of the advisor to the King of Bharath. According to the joint rule agreement between ancient Bharath (North) and Lemuria (South), the King of Lemuria co-rules (in India) as the advisor (or sage or through the woman’s role) while the King of Bharath plays the role of the main ruler (or the man’s role). Since it was the King of Lemuria who was giving the story, spiritual theories etc for the myths and Hindu scriptures, he portrayed himself as Krishna advising Arjuna (the King of Bharath). Many played the mythical roles. So, one must understand which scene was portraying what or whom. The scene of Krishna advising Arjuna also reflected how, in the Confluence Age, Brahma Baba (the founder of the Brahma Kumaris) was guided by God (Krishna). But in the Copper Age, it was the King of Lemuria who was having a lot of déjà vu, time slips, memories and other experiences. Thus, it was as if God was using him in the Copper Age. So, he also played the role of Krishna, in the Copper Age, when he was advising the King of Bharath based on his experiences etc. Actually, the conversation between Arjuna and Krishna sometimes also reflected the conversation between the King of Bharath (Enlil/Krishna) and his son. His son was represented as Ninurta in the Sumerian myths. It was his son who used the nuclear weapons on Enlil’s behalf.

The deity souls are born as Krishna in the Golden Age. So, the deity souls (who walked out of the Silver Age) preferred to see themselves as Krishna because their aim was to become a Krishna again. These Krishnas were connected to the Confluence Age (through their memories, visions, déjà vu, time slip experiences, etc.)

During the Confluence Age, the deity souls play a role in the combined form with God. God enters the corporeal and subtle bodies of Brahma Baba (the founder of the Brahma Kumaris) so as to play a combined role with him. All the rest of us play a combined role with God through our direct link to God. Through our sacrificing ourselves to God, God is able to use our corporeal bodies (without entering our corporeal bodies) to get service done on earth. In the Copper Age, the Copper Aged people (who saw themselves as Krishna) were having memories, visions, déjà vu and time slip experiences, etc of how God was using them (in this manner) during the previous Confluence Age. Thus, Krishna was portrayed as God on earth.

The Confluence Aged subtle region is filled with God’s vibrations. The Confluence Age is God’s time on earth. It is during this time that the creation of the new Golden Aged world begins. The creation of the new Golden Aged world brings about the end of the old world. Thus, the Copper Aged people saw the Confluence Age as the TIME through which creation and destruction takes place on earth. This Confluence Aged time is connected to the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages because the divine world (which was created through the Confluence Age) is lost during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. Thus, the Copper Aged Krishnas were connected to God (while God was playing His role during the Confluence Age).

Where ‘TIME’ is concerned, we are only travelling in a single direction. In each Cycle of Time, when we come into the corporeal world (from the Soul World), we come with a one-way ticket with the end of the cycle as our final destination. So, from the time we come into the corporeal world (from the Soul World), we are travelling towards the end. The end is where we meet God. The time when we meet God is the most precious time in each cycle because it is the time when God uplifts Mankind and brings in the new Cycle of Time.

Each Cycle of Time will have to include the creation of the new Golden Aged world (through the Confluence Age, at the end). This allows the Cycle of Time to continue spinning in a cyclic manner. So, the Cycle of Time has to include God’s role at the end. If there was a choice, everything else in the cycle can be omitted but God’s role at the end can never be omitted because the cycle has to continue spinning repeatedly. Thus, the reference to TIME or the Cycle of Time (in the Hindu scriptures) was often referring to the Time when “God brings in the new cycle” during God’s time on earth (i.e. during the Confluence Age). God was also bringing in the new cycle as per the TIME (in the Cycle of Time). So, for easy narration of the story etc, the word ‘Time’ began to refer to God (when He plays His role at the end, as per the World Drama). Since the Copper Aged Krishnas were seen as playing God’s role on earth; ‘Krishna’ was used to refer to ‘God and His Time’, at the end. The Copper Aged Krishnas were also associated to God (at the end) because of their déjà vu, time slip and other experiences.

In the Hindu scriptures, Krishna is also associated to ‘TIME’ because everything exists (in the Cycle of Time) because God brought in the cycle. If God did not bring in the new cycle, TIME will not exist; and neither will the flow of Time exist. Once the Golden Aged world is created, the new cycle begins and the flow of Time will continue until the end of the cycle.

In each cycle, God gives us information as per the World Drama (or as per the TIME). For this reason too, Krishna sometimes represented the combined form of ‘God and Time’. God is bound by TIME (World Drama) even though TIME does not exist in the Soul World. So God and TIME were seen as a combined force (where the two play a role together). God’s role is also combined with the World Drama or TIME because God helps us from the beginning of the Copper Age (as per the World Drama or TIME). In fact, Truth has also been combined to God and Timebecause God brings Truth and Satyug (the Land of Truth) at the relevant Time. In Satyug, the Golden Aged world exists.

During Kaliyug, we cannot see God and Truth. Currently, we also cannot see the Golden Aged world in reality. So, all these can seem like an illusion to us. But the Copper Aged people had just walked out of the divine world. So, they knew that the divine world had existed. They were also having experiences which helped them to accept that God and Truth existed. So, for them, all these (God, Truth and the Golden Aged world) were not an illusion. So, Time (God playing his role at the end) existed. If we can accept it again, now, we will walk into the Golden Aged world (when it materialises in the corporeal form). It will turn into a reality for us.

Since bad things can happen, as per the World Drama (during the second half cycle), the Hindu scriptures sometimes portray TIME as a personified enemy which causes loss. One main reason for this was that the Anunnaki were trying to re-create the divine world in the Copper Age; but they could not succeed because it was not time for that to happen. Thus, TIME was their greatest enemy at that time. They were forced to accept what was happening as per the TIME (as it was meant to happen in each Cycle of Time). Since Time does exist in the physical world, the Anunnaki could not re-create the divine world at the beginning of the Copper Age. They had to wait for 2500 years to pass. But now, in the Confluence Age, TIME is in our favour.

The role of Vyasa etc were used by people in a few generations (in the Copper Age) until the scriptures were written. As the people were writing the scriptures etc, they were also meditating and trying to experience what has been handed down to them. With time (in the Copper Age), as people were trying to understand the knowledge that has been passed down to them, people have misunderstood the energies of the World Drama (in their experiences) to be God because of the mighty nature of the World Drama. This has brought confusion into the Hindu scriptures because of the later writers’ view that God and Time (the World Drama) were one and the same (even though they were different).

Om Shanti


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