i. The Ancient Hopi People

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The Ancient Hopi People

(posted on 23-12-2012)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a discussion on the first plan - joint rule agreement between Bharat and Lemuria; second plan - development of the Middle East; third plan - begun by Ningishzidda in America; Ningishzidda - Queen of Atlantis, the World Drama, God, etc; World Drama portrayed as god; Hopi – citizens in the first half cycle; North America – Turtle Island; genetic engineering experiments in Third World; sinking of Mu; emerging of South America; Masau’u; Spider Woman; third world destroyed because of bad behaviour of the people; Queen of Mu in South America as Ishkur/Adad/Viracocha; Ningishzidda’s world rule; secret societies in the line of Enki establish USA; Elder Brother and His 2 helpers)

After the Silver Aged people walked out of the divine world, they had made plans on what to do next. The first plan was the joint rule agreement between Bharat and Lemuria in the lands which are now the present day India. India represented Bharat (the whole deity world from the Copper Age where there were now devils too, which was why the North and South were continuing to fight). The next plan was the plan to develop the Middle East. This area was for those in the line of Abraham etc. This Middle Eastern area represented another kind of ‘world’ which included non-deity souls. The third plan was that which was begun by Ningishzidda in America. Ningishzidda represented the Queen of Atlantis, the World Drama and God. The ancient people had given the World Drama, nature etc roles as gods etc in the myths (while telling the story of what the World Drama etc were doing in the myth). Later generations had begun to worship all these gods too.

What was in the World Drama will materialise on earth, through the Holographic Universe. So, new lands were emerging in America as the lands of Lemuria and Mu were sinking; and people were being brought there by those who play the role of Ningishzidda. Ningishzidda represented those who were influenced to act for what has to happen in America (as per the World Drama). However, it was the Queen of Atlantis who was mainly playing the role of Ningishzidda. In America, other names were used to represent Ningishzidda. As I keep writing articles, on the American Indian myths and prophecies, the readers will be introduced to these other names.

The ancestors of the original ancient Hopi people were the deity souls who were citizens in the first half cycle. In the first half cycle, they did not live within the civilizations. They were just happily living outside the villages and city-states in the 4 kingdoms of Bharath, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis. Since they lived outside, it was as if the whole world belonged to them. They lived a free live outside. If they came and asked for anything from the royalty, in the first half cycle, they will get it. Some of them were the original people who were living in North America when it was only a small island (during the first half cycle). This small Island was within the kingdom of Atlantis. So, their rulers were the rulers of Atlantis. This small Island was insignificant, during the first half cycle. It was the city-state of Atlantis which was playing a significant role, during the first half cycle. At the beginning of the Copper Age, this island began to be referred to as the Turtle Island (as North America became larger and began to support life). So, I shall also refer to it as Turtle Island.

At the end of the cycle, the whole of South America and most of North America will sink into the waters. At that time, the simple ways of the Hopi people will help them to survive and walk into the new Golden Aged world, where they will live a free life. Turtle Island will only be a small island in the first half cycle. So, there will not be many people there.

During the first half cycle, the royalty of the 4 kingdoms would come to Turtle Island for picnics. The Hopi people, who lived on this island, knew that they were the royalty. At the end of the Silver Age (when destructive events were taking place) the rulers of Atlantis were making sure that these people were alright, since the lands around it were emerging from the waters. Ningishzidda was given the duty to observe the place and he began to note that it was quite safe to live in it, despite the new lands that were emerging around it. The west was under his control and so he was taking care of the lands that were emerging in America. The Hopi people knew that he was one the gods who were taking care of the world. They knew that he was one of the royalty from the divine world. He was also taking care of the people who were there because the original smaller Turtle Island was within the kingdom of Atlantis. Some of the Hopi were these original people who had lived on Turtle Island. I am going to refer to these ancient people as the Hopi, even though they were only given the name ‘Hopi’ in the fourth world (after the Copper Aged Great Flood).

The word ‘Hopi’ means ‘a peaceful, kind, gentle and truthful people’. It was to reflect who they were and who they should continue remaining as. In the fourth world, the Hopi were given leaders who were the more powerful deity souls (who were meant to influence and guide the Hopi people until the end of the cycle). So not all the Hopi are the citizens of the first half cycle. Some of them were playing a more significant role with the royalty or as the royalty (during the first half cycle).

The Hopi say that their ancestors had migrated from many places to settle near the Grand Canyon, in the US. Present day researchers also say that there is evidence that the Hopi consist of the descendants of various groups that had entered the country from the north, east and south through a series of movements. The original Hopi people were from various places. They had come and remained as groups on Turtle Island. Though some of the Hopi were the people who were originally living on Turtle Island (when it was just a small island during the first half cycle), the rest of the Hopi people were brought from elsewhere. This is a reason why there are different myths of how the Hopi people were brought into the current world (the fourth world). Only the Confluence Aged people are in the Fifth World, at the moment. All the rest are still in the Fourth World.

In the third world, Enki and Ningishzidda were involved with genetic engineering experiments (in many parts of the world). They had also helped to create people in Mu, and Turtle Island through genetic engineering experiments. The city-state of Mu, and a lot of the lands in Mu, began to sink soon after the city-state of Lemuria sank. They began to sink long before the Copper Aged Great Flood. Before these lands sank, Ningishzidda brought the people who he had created, and also others, to Turtle Island (since it was getting bigger). A little of South America had also emerged and some people were also placed on this land by Ningishzidda. Since the South American land was very small, it was considered as being part of Turtle Island until the rest of South America emerged after the Copper Aged Great Flood. Ningishzidda provided them with places to stay while they were in America (during the third world). At the end of the third world, these people were still in America (along with the original people who had lived on the original Turtle Island). The good ones, among these people, were allowed to move into the new fourth world that was being created by Ningishzidda in America.

When the Copper Aged Great Flood was about to take place, it was obvious that more lands in Mu may sink as a result of the Flood that was going to take place. So, Ningishzidda helped to bring more people from Mu and from elsewhere to America. Since many of the lands would be underwater because of the Flood, he needed to give them a new place to stay in. Some of these people were brought to America just before the flood. Others were brought later, during or after the Copper Aged Great Flood had taken place (when it was obvious that more people needed to be moved from the lands that were about to sink into the waters). These people were also moved to America so as to make sure that they do not get killed during the Copper Aged Great Flood. They were brought to America because there were a lot of mountains in America which were seen as safe places to be on, during the Flood. Even some of the people who had been created in China were taken to South America so as to keep them safe there. Later, from South America, they moved around. Some had even gone into North America.

Since Ningishzidda knew that the Copper Aged Great Flood was going to take place, he had built safe structures and built places below them where the people could be safe during the flood and during the destructive events (which were constantly taking place around the world at that time). He had also built safe places underground so that people can be kept safely there for long durations. So, in some myths, the Hopi were portrayed as having lived inside the earth while they were in the third world. Many of them began behaving badly while they were living there. So, not everyone from there were allowed to move into Ningishzidda’s new civilizations in the fourth world (which was on earth and in high structures). In the high structures, it was as if they were in the sky with Masauu.

In a myth, the ancestors of the Hopi (who were underground) were portrayed as having heard footsteps in the sky above them, at the end of the third world. That was when they had sent their representatives to investigate but they could not find the entrance out of that place. Then, finally, one of their representatives found the entrance which is referred to as the sipapuni (hole in the sky). Their representative went into the new world through that hole and had asked Masauu permission to live in the new world (fourth world) with him. Ningishzidda (the Queen of Atlantis), and all those who were acting on her behalf, were also seen as Masauu (the Caretaker of the Earth) in America. Masauu knew that the people had started behaving badly while they were living below. So he refused to grant them permission to enter the Fourth World. If they had made the request while they were in the first half cycle, they would have been allowed their request. However, they were now in the underworld and so the Masauu had refused to allow them to come into the new world because of their bad ways. They tried again by sending another representative. This representative, their leader, pledged that only the good people would be allowed to enter the Fourth World if permission to enter was granted. So, the Masau’u granted permission on condition that they agree to practice his way of life and also provided the evil people were left behind.

In the myth, the underworld had also represented the whole world that had existed in the third world. The people who wanted to come into the new world (fourth world) from the underworld had represented:

1. the people who were originally from Turtle Island.

2. the people who had been brought from elsewhere and who had been given a place to stay in the new lands in America (during earthquakes and other destructive events elsewhere), and

3. the people who were outside America, around the time of the Copper Aged Great Flood.

This was why the people, in the underworld, were portrayed as having leaders and priests while they were in the underworld. The third world (which consisted of the civilizations that had been set up by the Anunnaki) was destroyed because of the bad ways of the people in those settlements. The bad people were not allowed to come into the new civilizations that were being created for the people in the fourth world. The people who live in the civilizations, created by the Anunnaki, were well taken care off. So, people wanted to stay in the settlements which the Anunnaki were creating for the people. If one was left on one’s own (outside the civilizations), in the Copper Age, life would not be easy as it was in the first half cycle.

In the Hopi myth, when the leader and priests heard that the Masauu had given permission to the second representative (whom they had sent) they were overjoyed. Then, they were portrayed as planting trees which grew right up to the sky so that they could climb into the new world. However, the branches were too soft to support the people while they climbed up into the upper world. So, they planted the bamboo so that they could use that to climb up. This was just a representation of what had happened in the Copper Age. It represented that some of the people who went into the new world (in America) were from around there itself; and they just had to climb up into the new world. Others were from elsewhere and so they had used the bamboo to float their way to the new world.

The Anunnaki wanted to only use the good people in their new civilizations, in the fourth world. This was one reason why, in the Hopi myths, there was a lot of emphasis that only the good people could go and live in the new world. If they became bad after having gone into the fourth world, they were not allowed to stay there. They were sent to the East.

The Third World began to be seen as the underworld because of the bad behaviour of the people in it. One of the groups who was allowed to move into the fourth world (from those who were in the underworld) was the group which got named as the Hopi.

The new world represented the new civilizations which Ningishzidda was beginning in America. But Atlantis could not claim all the lands that had emerged in North and South America because the lands that had just emerged were not (originally) part of Atlantis. This was why, after the Copper Aged Great Flood, even the Queen of Mu (as Ishkur/Adad/Viracocha) had created civilizations in South America. The Queen of Mu was closely working with Enlil (through the role of Ishkur). Since South America was in the East of Mu and since it was not part of Turtle Island, Enlil had instructed her to play her role in South America. However, after the nuclear usage in the Copper Age, the Queen of Mu stopped playing a role in America. It was only Ningishzidda who had continued to play a role in North and South America as Masauu, Spider Woman, Kukulkan (Maya), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), etc.

In a Hopi myth, when the people emerged from the underworld at Sipapuni, they only met Massau’u because it represented Ningishzidda’s world rule which was reflected through what was happening in America. In the Hopi myths, the surface of the earth (during those ancient days) was ruled by the Great Spirit Masauu. Masauu was a mighty being who was also the god of the underworld, death, fire and night. All these also reflected how Ningishzidda was destined to take over from Enki and Enlil as the instrument of God on earth. In the Fourth World, the Masauu gave the Hopi the rules on how to live, along with prophetic statements which they will use in the future. The traditional Hopi follows the spiritual path that was given to them by the Great Spirit Massau’u. The Masauu had also instructed the Hopi to travel around Turtle Island while marking the land well with their footprints and other sacred markings so as to claim this land for the Creator and peace on earth. This was done because:

1. Turtle Island belonged to the Hopi (since they were the original people who had lived there from ancient times),

2. Turtle Island will belong to the Hopi again from the beginning of the Golden Age (Thus, it was seen as being claimed on behalf of the Creator),

3. the travel and markings established the world rule of Ningishzidda/Masauu (as he was destined to have through the west)

4. North America was destined to be used by those in the line of Enki for the end and Ningishzidda/Masauu represented this line too. This was also why the people from the secret societies (the whites) had also found their way to North America and helped bring about the USA.

The Masauu also represented God. So Masauu was portrayed as being helped by the Spider Woman, while the Hopi were guided. Spider Woman represented the Queen of Atlantis, etc. Spiderwoman was also portrayed as going into the fourth world with the people, from the Underworld, because the Queen of Atlantis was also moving from the third world into the fourth world to play her role there. Spider Woman represented the corporeal role which Ningishzidda (the Queen of Atlantis) was using so as to guide the people to and in America. In the fourth world, she was portrayed as having magically inscribed all the instructions, that had been given by Masau’u, on a stone tablet before giving it to the Hopi. This represented that the Queen of Atlantis was using these people for the sake of safe-guarding and bringing those stone tablets to the end of the cycle. This was one of the assignments that were given to the Hopi people, during those ancient days.

The culture etc, that were given to the Hopi people, were meant to make sure that what they have to say is heard (at the end). As a result of the culture that was given to the American Indians, there was conflict between the whites and the American Indians. This helped to get the voice of the Hopi heard, at the end. When I was going regularly to the PJ Brahma Kumaris center (in Malaysia), around 1996/1997, one of the BK brothers who was running the PJ center (named Shantiru Bhai) had told me that the American Indians were actually waiting for us (the Brahma Kumaris) but that they were not aware of it. At that time, I was only interested in making spiritual effort to become spiritually powerful. So, I did not question him about what he had said. I also did not do anything to proceed in that direction. But a few years ago, when I was no longer going daily to the Brahma Kumaris, I made a search (in the internet) to see if I can get information on it. I found a lot because the Hopi had begun talking so that they can be heard by the Elder Brother. The conflicts that had taken place between the American Indians and whites was helping to give weight to their voice because they were the people who were on the losing end; and they were now eager to say something about what the world needs. I understood what Shantiru Bhai had told me and I could have said, “Hey, I have heard the voice of the Hopi, the younger brother”. God plays the role of the Elder Brother through using two helpers: the Confluence Aged souls (the true prophets) and through those who play the role of the False Prophet (like me). But I had not taken steps to explain it in detail, like how I am going to do from now onwards, because it was not time for that to happen. Everything happens as per the World Drama. The Hopi are involved with a special kind of service because it will get connected to the Confluence Aged service (when the Copper Aged Mapmakers play their roles at the end). There is more to the meaning of Younger Brother, Elder Brother and his two helpers, which I will be discussing later.

There is such a thing called the Law of Karma, where we suffer for all the wrongs which we have done. We also suffer for the wrongs which we have done in our past lives. The Hopi, who suffered, must have lived many births to have suffered so much. Most of the Christians are souls who have just come down from the Soul World. So they will not have much to suffer. They will be enjoying life.

The Hopi, who suffered a lot, may be the deity souls who wanted to make sure that the messages (which they left behind during the Copper Age) gets re-discovered. The souls who had helped to create those myths, instructions, stone tablets etc would be attached to them. They would not let go of them because the aims, for having created them, was to make sure that they are noticed by everyone (at the end). But the person may not realise that the soul is influenced by all this because of the mortal state. The citizens of the first half cycle would also be attached to those myths, instructions, stone tablets etc because it will help them to walk into the new Golden Aged world or/and it would help then to take their next birth in the first half cycle. If the Hopi (who had held onto those ancient ways etc) were the deity souls, they will enjoy the divine world, in the first half cycle, whether they come within the 900,000 most powerful Confluence Aged gathering or not. The deity souls who are citizens (in the first half cycle) will not make spiritual efforts like the more powerful deity souls. Thus, they will just walk into the new world or take their next birth in the first half cycle as citizens (without much spiritual effort-making).

Not all the Hopi, now, are the deity souls. Some of them may just be the devotee souls, who came into the corporeal world (from the Soul World) from the Copper Age onwards. All believe-systems will have their devotees. The devotees will easily change their ways to continue enjoying life on earth. It is the deity souls who will remain glued to the Hopi teachings (despite the suffering that they have to endure as a result of that) because through that service they will get to walk back into the divine world again or/and they will take their next birth there. Some of the Hopi people may also be some of the powerful deity souls who are meant to be used for the service which the Hopi are supposed to be involved with. They will become powerful Confluence Aged spiritual effort makers when they are introduced to the Confluence Aged knowledge. They will also be eager to do service through connecting the Hopi myths etc to the Confluence Aged knowledge.

One of the reasons why the Masau’u gave the guardianship of the earth to the Hopi, was to make sure that they do not get influenced by the bad ways. The Anunnaki had to introduce worship and believe-systems to the Copper Aged people so that they remain virtuous. All these worship practices will not be needed in the first half cycle, though it is needed by the people in the second half cycle.

The Hopi were also guided to live a simple life because they were supposed to take their simple life-style into the new Golden Aged world (without all the worship etc because the worship is not needed in the Golden Aged world). The Hopi were geared to see themselves as the guardians of the “true way” because they are supposed to keep their simple life-style so that it can be taken into the new Golden Aged world with them. The simple Hopi life-style will be the life-style of the citizens during the first half cycle. We have all been influenced by the materialistic ways of the westerners. We can learn a lot from the simple ways of the Hopi (who remained true to the guidance of the Masauu). The Hopi life-style is the simple life-style that would be lived by the citizens and by everyone else in the first half cycle.

The Hopi way of not getting educated, as the westerners do, is the way of life that is lived by the citizens outside the palace compounds (during the first half cycle). There is nothing wrong in not getting educated, so long as one is happy and so long as one is doing what one is supposed to do (as per the World Drama). If one does not need an education, then there is no need for that. Just because we value education, based on our ancestry etc, we should not enforce education on others. The Hopi should be allowed to live the life-style of their choice, without others forcing their views and opinions on them.

The Christians, Muslims and others value the places which are sacred to them. Similarly, even the Hopi would have valued theirs. They should be allowed to have or keep their sacred places whether they use it for their original sacred purposes or not. Afterall, Turtle Island was originally theirs.

Om Shanti


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