iii. Time in the Quantum Dimensions and on Earth

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Time in the Quantum Dimensions and on Earth

(posted on 10-1-2013)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using. These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

(includes a discussion on TIME only exists when ‘life’ exists; time brings about changes on earth; time moves at different speeds in the different quantum dimensions; different cycles of time for mortals and gods; day of Brahma; Atlantians used Astrological Ages; Elder Brother travels swiftly; journey from west to east; immortality; invisibility of gods; return of Atlantians; Anu in Nibiru; long lived mythical roles; short-lived mortals through genetic engineering; time travelling)

TIME is essential to live on earth. If TIME does not exist, then we are not living. If we live, time exists.

We are living on earth because there are changes taking place on earth. In the corporeal world, time brings about the changes that have to happen as per the World Drama. Time can be used as a measure for the changes that take place on earth. Through using the clock, we can measure the rate of change in the physical world. But these changes only take place so that the human souls can live on earth. The changes are taking place because of our existence on earth.

TIME provides for a sequence of events (which is how change comes about). Everything in the physical world changes, as they are influenced by the passage of Time. One has to experience time so as to experience the space which we live in, on earth.

Changes exist on earth because there are changes in the Subtle World Movie; and these changes have to be expressed in the corporeal world. Changes take place on earth because the changes take place in the quantum world. Changes take place in the Quantum World based on what exists in the Subtle World Movie (in the Holographic Universe). Changes take place, in the quantum world, based on TIME (the World Drama or Cycle of Time). These changes in the quantum world will then materialise in the physical world.

There are many Quantum Dimensions within the Quantum World, in the Holographic Universe. These Quantum Dimensions are different from each other in respect of their functions etc. Maybe, the different Quantum Dimensions exist because:

1. these Quantum Dimensions will have to be used by the Anunnaki at the beginning of the Copper Age, and

2. so that people can have experiences in the Underworld which are so different, weird and confusing.

Maybe, these different kinds of quantum dimensions exist because of the practices developed and used by the Anunnaki. Based on the practices developed by the Anunnaki, one can exist in one of the many Quantum Dimensions. One’s fate will be based on which Quantum Dimension one is in. If one’s fate is influenced by what is supposed to exist in the other Quantum Dimensions, then, it is happening as per the World Drama.

Enki, and his gathering, had developed astrology which is still in use today. So, one can expect the Anunnaki to have been successful even in creating various Quantum Dimensions (within the Quantum World). For example, there are many divisions (in the Quantum world) where time moves in different speeds.

Time, in the Quantum Dimension closest to the physical world, will be the same as that in the physical world because it is so close to the physical world. This means that things will age there as it ages in the physical world. Time moves a little slower in the Quantum Dimensions after that. This means that things will age more slowly there. Time moves slower and slower in the Quantum Dimensions that get nearer to the Subtle World of Light. This means that things will age more and more slowly as the Quantum Dimension gets closer to the Subtle World of Light. Time does not exist in the Quantum Dimension which is closest to the Subtle World of Light because it is so close to the Subtle World of Light where Time and Space do not exist. This means that nothing ages in that Quantum Dimension. If one found oneself travelling in this Quantum Dimension, time will not exist. The aims of the Anunnaki were to live and travel in this Quantum Dimension where time does not exist.

Maybe I have written the above because these memories will have to emerge and influence me, during the next Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages. Maybe I have also written it because the memory of having read what I have said here will influence others to practice it, at the end of the next Silver Age. It will influence them to make attempts to remain in the Quantum Dimension that is closest to the Subtle World of Light. They will try to do that so that they can remain as immortals (not aging and not dying). This was a reason why time was measured in 2 separate ways for the mortals and the gods (at the beginning of the Copper Age). For example, in the Hindu scriptures, one day of Brahma (a Hindu god) represents 4.32 billion mortal/human years. One night of Brahma is also 4.32 billion human years. Here, the gods playing the role of Brahma were portrayed as living in a quantum dimension that is very close to the Subtle World of Light. So, time moves very slowly for those who play the role of Brahma (during the Copper Age). Time was also portrayed as moving so slowly because time does not exist in the Confluence Aged and other subtle regions.

Ningishzidda and the people who he was using (the Atlantians) were also using the Astrological Ages to make a distinction between the mortals’ time on earth and that of the gods. These Atlantians had built structures, based on these Astrological Ages, to make it seem like as if the gods had lived longer than the mortals.

Astrological Ages are based on the precession of the equinoxes. One complete precessional cycle (of about 25,920 years) is called a Great Year or Platonic Year. This Great Year is divided into 12 sections. Each of the twelve sections, of the Great Year, can be called as an Astrological Age, Precessional Age or as a Great Month. Though people now prefer to call it ‘Astronomical Age’, the ancient people preferred to refer to each section as a Great Month. This was meant to represent that those Anunnaki, who were involved with service on earth, had a year which is equivalent to the mortals’ 25,920 years. Here, the gods were seen as living in a quantum dimension further away from the Subtle World of Light and closer to the Physical world. They were seen as being caught up in or near the physical earth (because of what they were doing on earth).

Enlil’s time, for world rule on earth, was portrayed as the Age of Taurus (Bull). Then, Marduk’s time for world rule begins from the beginning of the Age of Aries (Ram). The Age of Aries was also the time for world rule by the Jews. However, they were not given rule over the whole world, at that time. Since Jerusalem represented the whole world, it was as if they had world rule until Jesus Christ takes over. Jesus Christ’s time for world rule was supposed to have begun from the beginning of the Age of Pieces. After the Age of Pieces, the Age of Aquarius will bring in the next Golden Age. Each of these Ages is like a month which consists of about 2000 mortal years. The structures left behind (by Ningishzidda and the Atlantians who he used) were supposed to reflect that the time, when the structures were built, was based on the mortal’s time on earth (since the structures were built on earth). This is a reason why people have analysed that the pyramids and sphinx at Giza, Egypt (which were built by Ningishzidda and his Atlantians) were built long before the actual time when it was built. The actual time when the pyramids and sphinx were built was only around 2500 years ago. I will be discussing these in later articles.

In the Hopi myth, it is said that the Elder Brother (of the shining light) was told to immediately go to the east, toward the rising sun. When he reaches his destination, he will have to immediately start back (so as to look for his Younger Brother, who remained on Turtle Island). The Hopi (younger brother) remained in the USA, North America (Turtle Island); while the gods journeyed to the end of the cycle (the east). This journey to the east will actually take half a cycle (around 2400 years or more). Then, the return to Turtle Island will take around 100 years (or less). However, the gods were seen as living in a dimension where time moved slowly. So, it has been portrayed that:

1. the Elder Brother will travel swiftly,

2. the Elder Brother will be able to gain control of the entire continent in one day, upon his return.

Though it has been said that the Elder Brother will bring the remaining piece of the stone tablet very quickly; it will not be done quickly (if one saw it from the point of the mortal’s time on earth). The representative (Mohini Bhen from the Brahma Kumaris) of the Elder Brother has already been sent to America long ago. The Atlantians (who were helping the rulers of Atlantis and Enlil, during the Copper Age) have also begun trying to expose and explain the Hopi myths, the ancient structures etc. However, despite all these, the return of the Elder Brother is not complete as yet. It is taking many mortal days to get completed; though, if calculated from the gods’ point of time, it is all taking place swiftly.

Everyone will be guided by what I am saying. It is only recently that I began explaining and it will take some time for me to complete my explanations. It is taking a long time because we are measuring TIME based on the mortal’s time on earth and not based on the Time of the immortals. Time does not exist in the subtle regions and in the Subtle World of Light (in the Holographic Universe). So, everything should be happening instantaneously in the subtle regions and in the Subtle World of Light. This is where my consciousness and the consciousness of the other relevant souls should be in (while we are used by God to play the role of the Elder Brother). If our consciousness is in the subtle regions and/or in the Subtle World of Light; then, it is time for the role of the Elder Brother to get completed on earth. Since we are not ready, the role of the Elder Brother has not been seen as being played on earth.

There are variations in the Hopi myths. Some say that the Elder Brother goes to the east, and then returns after a brief rest. Some say he comes back without any rest. These differences are based on the soul journeying in a dimension where time moves at a slow speed or where time does not exist.

There are similarities between the Hopi myths and the Egyptian myths because Ningishzidda was involved in creating them. He created them based on the guidance that had been originally laid down by Enki for the creation of the myths. Even in the Egyptian myths, the gods and kings (who play a role in the afterlife) are supposed to take a journey from the east to the west. Marduk developed this further by giving the gods and kings a travelling time of 12 hours (during the night or in the Duat or in the sky). These 12 hours represent half a cycle (2500 years).

In the sky, during the night, the stars appear to move from the east to west. The stars are not really moving. This is happening because of the earth’s rotation. This movement of the stars is different from the movement that is observed due to the earth’s precession. Due to the precession, the stars do not stay in the same position every night. Very slow, the stars move/drift/precess from the west to the east, in the sky. These stars, which were drifting due to precession, were used to represent the deity souls (the shining stars who have just lost their divine world). It should be remembered that they were trying to re-create their Golden Aged world, at that time itself. So, they were seen as the shining stars. The gods etc were seen as journeying from the west to the east because the stars in the sky journey from the west to the east. Further, at the beginning of the Copper Age, world rule had to go to those in the west during precession. At the end of the cycle, world rule goes back to the King of Bharath (who has his kingdom in the east). The west is also where the setting sun is. The sky with the setting sun represented the end of the divine world. It represented the end of God’s world at the end of the Silver Age. The setting sun also represented the gods at the end of the Silver Age. These gods (sun) were then supposed to journey in the underworld until the sun rises again in the east. The eastern sky (where the sun was rising) was used to represent the time when the Golden Aged world comes into existence. The day exists in the first half cycle, while the night exists in the second half cycle. The rising sun also represented the deity souls coming into existence again (at the beginning of the Golden Age). The Confluence Age brings in the dawn and so enables the sun/gods to rise (come into existence) again. So, the Copper Aged gods have to journey to the east where the Confluence Age will come into existence. These were some reasons why the gods were portrayed as the stars journeying from the west to the east.

The immortality enjoyed in the Quantum Dimensions (by the Anunnaki) got connected to immortality in the subtle dimensions, in the Underworld/Duat and in the Subtle World of Light (in the Holographic Universe). This is also why there are similarities between the Egyptian Sahu/Orion and the Hopi Sakwa Sohu (Blue Star Kachina). These similarities are an indication that all these myths should be brought together, during the explanations. I will be discussing these similarities in later articles.

Everything, that happens on earth, is there in the World Drama. All that which is in the World Drama will be the source of Time on earth (as the flow of events take place on earth). It is only when the relevant ‘time’ comes into existence (on earth) that we will know of what is happening. Until the event takes place, we can only wonder about what will happen in the future; and we will also have to endure what happens (when it happens as per the TIME). But the spiritual strength of the people, at the end of the Silver Age, was high. So, when they played the role of the yogi etc, they were able to easily know of what is there in the Subtle World Drama. They let the whole world know of what is there through their myths, prophecies etc.

One of the reasons why ‘one day of the gods’ has been portrayed as consisting of many mortal years is because the immortals are supposed to be in the subtle regions and in the Quantum Dimensions (where time does not exist or where time moves slowly). They are supposed to be invisible to the mortals unless they make their appearance on earth. Thus, they were seen as, naturally, staying in the subtle regions and Quantum Dimensions (where time does not exist or where time moves slowly). They had to be seen in this way because they were supposed to be the immortal gods. These immortal gods had to use angels (the Atlantians) so as to get everything done. This is why the Atlantians (the deity souls used by the rulers of Atlantis and by Enlil) play a great role at the end, on the world stage. Since they were involved with what was being done, through their physical presence, they will have more significant memories (naturally) which will influence them, at the end, to go in search of all the evidences that had been left behind by them at the beginning of the Copper Age.

Ningishzidda had done all the planning which the Atlantians had to carry out (while Ningishzidda was playing and developing the role of Buddha for meditation). Thus, it was the Atlantians who got everything built and done as per the plan put forward by Ningishzidda. But at the end, these Atlantians (the deity souls) will not know of who they really are until they hear the Confluence Aged knowledge and my explanations (given through the False Prophet or/and as a Confluence Aged Ganga). The Atlantians will have to play their role (through proper guidance) instead of just aimlessly dancing around the ancient evidences, based on memories that are emerging to influence them. This is also a reason why it will take some time for the Elder Brother to return.

In the Sumerian myths, it was portrayed that the Anunnaki (who were not on earth) aged more slowly than the Anunnaki on earth. This reflected that the people in the first half cycle (who consciousness was not caught up in the corporeal world) aged more slowly. It also reflected that people can age slowly if they were not on earth. They were not on earth if:

1. they were in certain places, outer space, where time travels more slowly

2. their corporeal bodies were in the wave form in the quantum world. So their bodies did not exist in the physical form, in the physical world.

The Anunnaki had used various types of herbs, food etc to enable their bodies to live long. Another way of gaining immortality for the corporeal body, or to live long, is to detach oneself from the corporeal body and make the physical body disappear from the physical world (so that it only exists in the quantum dimensions). Though the physical body has disappeared from the physical world, the energies of the physical bodies will remain in the Quantum Dimensions in the wave form. The physical bodies would age slowly if its wave form only existed in the dimensions where Time moves more slowly. The physical body would not age at all if the energies of the physical bodies only remained in the wave-form in the quantum dimension that was closest to the Subtle World of Light (where Time does not exist).

At the beginning of the Copper Age, some people were able to live up to 200 year or more through making their physical bodies disappear; so that their physical bodies only remain in the wave form in the quantum dimensions. The 8 most powerful deity souls (the rulers of the 4 kingdoms of Bharath, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis), and their helpers, were not involved much with this because they were involved with organising and getting things done on earth. The 8 rulers had to constantly get together and discuss something or another. The act of gathering, planning etc easily brought them into the corporeal world. This was one reason why the Anunnaki, on earth, were portrayed as getting old fast while those in Nibiru did not. Nibiru also represented the Quantum Dimensions.

Anu represented God (in the Soul World/Nibiru). But, during the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, there were human souls who played the role of Anu (as instruments of God). These human souls, who played the role of Anu, were involved with keeping themselves in the Quantum Dimensions (through meditation). Since they were involved with remaining in the Subtle Dimensions, they were used as advisors for those who actively played a role on earth. Enki’s father was also involved with trying to remain in the subtle regions and quantum dimensions by making his physical body not exist in the physical world. Thus, he also played the role of Anu. This was also one reason why, in the Sumerian myths, Anu was portrayed as not having aged much.

To get into a specific Quantum Dimension, one has to detach one’s consciousness from the physical world. One has to intentionally take one’s consciousness into a specific subtle dimension which is associated to a quantum dimension. While keeping one’s consciousness there, one has to make one’s physical body disappear and be brought to exist only in the quantum dimension which is in your mind. Sometimes, names have been given to the various subtle dimensions of the relevant quantum dimensions. When one’s physical body is residing in a quantum dimension, time will move slower based on which quantum dimension one is in. In some quantum dimensions, one will age slower than in others. In the quantum dimension closest to the Subtle World of Light, one will not age at all. One could achieve the same result, of not aging, through just using one’s mind power to have complete control over the functioning of the corporeal body. But are we willing to spend all our time doing all these things.

Life is for doing things. Life is to be enjoyed. In the Confluence Age, we live for doing service and for spiritual effort-making. So, we will definitely not take our minds off from God so as to turn it towards our corporeal body. But in the Copper Age, things were different. Immortality (for the physical body) gave us power and authority.

Not all the mythical beings had actually lived for long. Some mythical roles were meant to be used by many people through a few generations, so as to get the scriptures written, etc. Thus, these mythical figures were portrayed as having lived for 800 years, 1000 years etc. Sometimes, the mythical beings were just given glamour (through being portrayed as having lived long) so as to give emphasis to the ‘detached’ state of the ones using that mythical role.

Some of the Anunnaki had also tried to portray that the Anunnaki were immortals through creating humans who did not live long (through genetic engineering). They wanted to establish the differences between the gods and the mortals. While trying to make the point clear, they got carried away and created mortals who did not live long. After the Copper Aged Great Flood, these mortals who could not live long were used as kings etc so as to portray that the mortal kings (of the gods) did not live long as the immortal Anunnaki gods did.

Genetic engineering experiments had actually been carried out during the time when Enki was born. Enki’s father was creating various kinds of humans in Sri Lanka. This was one reason why Enki (as Kubera) was portrayed as the:

1. King of the Yakshas (Yaksharajan).

2. Lord of Rakshasas (Rakshasadhipati).

3. King of animals resembling men (Mayuraja),

4. King of Kinnaras (Kinnararaja). Kinnaras were half human and half horse or half bird. Kimpurushas were also half human and half horse though they were opposite to the Kinnaras.

Enki/Kubera was also portrayed in these ways because he continued the genetic engineering experiments. Enki, Ningishzidda and the Queen of Bharath (Ninmah) were more successful in their genetic engineering experiments because the experiments had been going on for some time from the end of the Silver Age.

It was Enki, Ningishzidda and the Queen of Bharath who had created the first mortals on earth who survived and had surviving descendants who had the genetically modified genes. They had also created people who were not capable of living long. This was why, near the end of the Sumerian Sixth Tablet Translation by Zecharia Sitchin, it has been portrayed that Ningishzidda told Enlil that the mortals who they (Enki, Ningishzidda and Ninmah) had created were not given the gene for long life. Actually, this also represented that the new bodies of the new Copper Aged generation were naturally not capable of living long because they were the bodies of the mortals. What happens naturally, based on what exists in the World Drama, was also often portrayed as things being done by the gods etc because the gods were involved with explaining what was in the World Drama (based on their experiences in the Subtle World Movie).

In the Copper Age, it was thought that through meditating and bringing oneself into the quantum dimension (where time does not exist) one can escape re-birth. But I am not sure if people can keep themselves in that dimension so as to escape re-birth because this cycle is for re-birth. One can only escape re-birth in the cycle, at the end, when it is time to go back to the Soul World. But in the Copper Age, we were having memories, visions, déjà vu, time slip and other experiences that made us believe that we can escape re-birth through bringing ourselves into the quantum dimensions instead of remaining in the physical world.

It is the underworld. So people can do anything. However, they cannot stop the souls (who have already come into the corporeal world) from taking re-births; though they can do something to slow down time or to slow down the aging process.

Science says that it is possible to time travel. The faster you travel, the slower time moves. Time also moves slower where the gravitational pull is stronger. So, Time can speed up or slow down. Travelling near the speed of light can bring us into one of the Quantum Dimensions where time moves more slowly than in the physical world. So when a person is travelling very fast, he will automatically travel in the Quantum Dimensions; and time slows down for him. Thus, his physical body wouldn’t age quickly. Alternatively, one should get oneself into one of the quantum dimensions (through using wormholes etc) so that one can time travel and so that one’s body does not age as we do in the physical world.

Since we (the souls) keep moving into the future, we cannot time travel into the past. We can only time travel into the future. So, the Anunnaki were using the sciences so as to send aliens etc into the future. They had also developed the worship practices for it, so as to make sure that they succeed. All these would have established the Quantum Dimensions where time moves more slowly (if these Quantum Dimensions had not naturally existed from the beginning of the Copper Age).

Om Shanti


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