Rama’s Birth - As per the Nakshatras etc

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Rama’s Birth - As per the Nakshatras etc

(posted on 31-8-2013)

NB: there is a brief explanation on the cycle, at the end of this article, for those who are not familiar with the Cycle of Time. For convenience, I am referring to those who walked out of the divine world, at the end of the Silver Age, as the Anunnaki since they have been referred to as the Anunnaki in the Sumerian myths. The Sumerian mythological names/roles like Enlil, Enki, Ningishzidda, Marduk, Anunna etc were only some of the roles which they were using.These people/souls had used many roles during the Mid-Confluence (Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). Their actual names were considered as being insignificant. I have begun an explanation on this at: Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names – Part 1 (Name of the Soul) and at Egyptian Ren & Mythical Names : Part 2 – Ancient Naming System.

In "Links to Other sites & Introduction", I have begun an introduction as to which souls were playing the roles of the Anunnaki, Anunna rulers, Enlil, Marduk, Aryans, Anaryans, mapmakers etc.

(includes a brief discussion on the involvement of ‘precession’ in calculating time, in the Hindu calendar and Hindu cycle)

The Nakshatras/stars/constellation shift/travel in the sky, during precession. Since the gods, during the Mid-Confluence, were supposed to be travelling in the sky to the end of the cycle (as the nakshatras/stars/constellations) importance was given to the precession when calculating time. Thus, in the Ramayana (when recording the time when Rama was born) the Nakshatra, position of planets in the Nakshatras, etc as they were supposed to be in the sky, at the time of Rama’s birth, were given. The position of the Nakshatras etc (in the sky) reflect that Rama was born on 10th January 5114 BCE.

According to Varahamihira (who lived around 505 to 587 CE) there should be an adjustment in the calendar by 1 degree (day) in every 72 years because of the differences that exist in the sky (due to the precession). The shift of the nakshatras at the rate of 1 day in every 71 years is the same as a shift of 1 degree in every 71.6 years (round figure: 72 years). This means that the stars are in another place in the sky which is 1 degree away, out of the 360 degree spin (during the precession), in every 71.6 years. Thus, where the Hindu sidereal calendar is concerned, in every 71 years, we add a day because the stars have moved into the position where they should be during the next day. The day which we add is a day which we did not ‘live’ in. So we lose a day.

In the Gregorian calendar, which we are currently using, we have a February 29 (once in every 4 years) as a form of adjustment because we gain an extra day. We ‘live’ during the extra day (on the 29th of February) once in every 4 years.

However, adjustments were not made to the Hindu sidereal calendar. Thus, in 2008, Rama’s birthday was 100 days away from the original date. Though Rama was supposed to have been born on 10th January 5114 BCE, his birthday was on 21st April 2008 CE. To make an adjustment in the calendar, we will have to start a new one (even if we use the same kind of calendar). Why wasn’t the calendar adjusted during Varahamihira’s time, when Varahamihira was letting it be known that adjustments should be made to the calendar. It must be because adjustments were not supposed to be made. It must be because the old calendar was meant to be replaced by a new calendar, at a future date. I will be discussing this further when I discuss why there are 71 Chaturyugas in a Manvantara of the Hindu cycle and why a new Manu takes over after the 71 Chaturyugas of a Manu. The Manvantaras, in the Hindu cycle, are based on the calendar and precession too; though the Hindu cycle also reflects other stuff, e.g. the cosmological cycle. I have already begun discussing the cosmological aspects, of the Hindu cycle, in my earlier articles.

The Hindu Cycle was also providing for what has to happen at the end of the 5000 year cycle. One will understand this further as they continue reading what I have to say in respect of the Manvantaras in the Hindu cycle, etc. It should be noted that a new calendar will have to be used when the Golden Aged Krishna is born. The Golden Aged Krishna’s birth begins a new calendar, a new cycle and the Golden Age.

Nobody adjusted the Hindu sidereal calendar because of the Hindu cycle. The calendar was also not adjusted because the myth was meant to portray an earlier date than that on which the Ramayana incident took place. This is similar to how the pyramids at Giza were built based on the positions of the stars and constellations, in the sky, of an earlier time. All this will be discussed, in later articles.

The point I am trying to make in connecting what is reflected through the nakshatras etc (that were used in the Ramayana) and the way the pyramids were constructed in Giza is that: these were similarly left behind so that they can be explained by the Copper Aged mapmakers, as I am doing now. The stars/Nakshatras/constellations, sun, moon, planets etc were used (in India, Egypt and other places world-wide) because:

1. the gods (in the sky/heavens) and the mortals (on earth) had different cycles of time.

2. the gods were living in the quantum dimensions and were involved with outer space travelling.

3. the gods were travelling in the sky until they reach the end of the cycle (now). The Mid-Confluence Aged gods were associated to the stars, planets, sun and moon because they were associated to the heavens/sky until they arrived into the next Confluence Age.

4. the gods were still in their soul-conscious state since they were the ones who had just walked out of the divine world. The mortals were those who were no longer soul-conscious. Thus, the gods were associated to the stars since the soul of the gods shine like the stars.

I have already started explaining the above in my earlier articles, though I haven’t finished my explanations as yet.

An explanation on Rama's birthday based on the Nakshatras, which I have discussed in the above article, can be found at:


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