God/BapDada and His 7 helpers

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God/BapDada and His 7 helpers

(posted on 20-5-2012)

Among all human souls, there will be 8 souls who are the most powerful, at the very End. These 8 most powerful souls will be deity souls.

God will use the body of the soul (who will become the most powerful soul), as a chariot, from the beginning of the Confluence Age. This person, who was used by God, was Brahma Baba. God used Brahma Baba to begin the institution which is now the Brahma Kumaris. God also spoke the sakar murlis, God’s messages, through using this chariot.

The sakar murlis are spoken by God, as BapDada. Thus, from the contents of the sakar murlis, it is obvious that God is speaking sometimes. At other times, is it either corporeal Brahma Baba or angelic Brahma Baba who is speaking. God makes them speak part of the murlis because Brahma Baba's memories and experiences are being used. God was not there, in the corporeal world, doing things with us from the end of the Silver Age. It was Brahma Baba who was there, with us, on earth. Thus, his memories are being used in the murlis. Sakar Brahma Baba’s experiences are also used to explain it in a way which we are used to. Though it is as if sakar Brahma Baba and avyakt Brahma Baba are also speaking sometimes, the murlis are God’s messages because the murlis are given by God as BapDada. Brahma Baba’s role cannot be separated from God’s role, during the Confluence Age. This is why, the BKs call God’s combined form (with Brahma Baba) as BapDada. Bap represents God. Dada represents Brahma Baba. Bap means Father. Dada means elder brother. When the soul (of Brahma Baba) left his corporeal body, God continued to use angelic Brahma Baba for world transformation and for giving further murlis. Goddoes not give Confluence Aged murlis through anyone else, without using Brahma Baba, because God acts as BapDada during the Confluence Age. Where the role of BapDada is concerned, the emphasis is on God and not on Dada/Brahma Baba. BapDada is seen as the combined form of God, in the Confluence Age.

The other seven, of the 8 most powerful souls, will play important roles as God’s helpers, during the Confluence Age, as they make spiritual effort to become the most powerful souls. As they keep making spiritual effort, they become more and more virtuous. These 7 souls are not used by God, like how God uses Brahma Baba to play the Confluence Aged role of BapDada.

Brahma Baba is also not a helper (as all the other 7 most powerful souls are). This was why his role only involved playing the role of the chariot. All the Confluence Aged helpers were portrayed as Brahma’s hands because Brahma’s role is part and parcel of God’s role, during the Confluence Age. This is also a reason why, from the Copper Age, the deities were portrayed as being a combination of God and the most powerful deity soul.

God is also in the combined form with the Confluence Aged helpers because of the link which they have to God. Thus, when the helpers act, it is as if God is acting because Godmakes them act through the link which they have to Him. They are surrendered souls and so God will make them act, even if their link to Him was not good.

There is a difference between the way God uses Brahma Baba (of the Brahma Kumaris) and the way God uses the Confluence Aged helpers. Thus, in the myths, Brahma Baba was portrayed as playing a role with God (together), and the other 7 most powerful souls were portrayed as God’s 7 helpers. Though there are many who play the role of the Confluence Aged helpers, emphasis was sometimes only given to the 7 because they play the greatest roles for world transformation (at the End).

During the Confluence Age, the deity souls see Brahma Baba as an example and they do what Brahma Baba had done (to become spiritually perfect). However, they do not have the aim of being used as a chariot by God. Their aim is to become God’s helper/hands. Thus, it can be said that their aim is to become one of the 7 helpers.

Some of the representations of the 7 helpers (in the myths) represent all the Confluence Aged souls, at the End. At other times, the 7 represent the most powerful souls at the Endof each cycle. One has to look at the myth to see as to whether all the Confluence Aged helpers were represented or whether it was just the 7 powerful souls who were represented. The 7 helpers have been portrayed in various ways, in the myths world-wide. In the next article, I will be discussing the 7 most powerful Anunnaki who decree fates.

At the End of the cycle, on Judgement Day, the eight most powerful souls will sit, with God, in the tribunal. It can also be said that the 7 helpers (of the 8 most powerful souls, at the end) will be sitting in the tribunal, with BapDada (God and Brahma Baba), on Judgement Day. All these have also been reflected through the myths and in the ancient Life-Dramas.

Om Shanti


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