The End – 1996, 2000, 2012 or 2036

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It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role.

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The End – 1996, 2000, 2012 or 2036

Posted on Sep 18 2011

I would say that all the above years are significant where 'the end' is concerned because of the visions which I had seen since 1996 and because I play a significant role during 'the end' (as I am doing now).

The time for 'the end' can be divided up in different ways, based on which group is involved. The 'end' can also be viewed from various angles and I will be discussing these, slowly, through my posts here.

In 1996, my past births emerged to play their role as the Mapmaker. So, 1996 is significant in this sense. When these past births emerged, the 'End' has begun where these roles are concerned. It should be noted that the ancient people had prepared the Mapmaker roles 'for the end'.

At the end of 2000, I knew that I had to stop going to the Brahma Kumaris regularly. At that time, I did not know as to why I was getting the understanding that I have to stop going to the Brahma Kumaris regularly. It is only now (in 2011) that I understood it because :

1. of my experiences,

2. my assessment of my visions and what had happened to me over time.

When I stopped attending the Brahma Kumaris, the phase which would prepare the 'world stage' for my past births to play their role, began. This phase for preparing the world stage is from 2001 to 2012.

At the beginning of 2001, when I stopped going regularly to the Brahma Kumaris, the way was paved for my Mapmaker role too. I understand, now, that this Mapmaker role (which involves the use of my past births) was meant to be used outside the Brahma Kumaris and not in the Brahma Kumaris. This does not mean that I have left the Confluence Age. I am still in the Confluence Age. I make sure that I remain in the Confluence Age by practicing the B.K. knowledge.

In September 2009, I set up the Global BK Forum through which I began explaining the messages (which my past births have to explain). At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, I got introduced to others in the internet who were trying to explain the myths and other evidences which were left behind by the ancient people. Then, in 2010, I took the decision that I was going to start mixing with non-BK, in the internet, who were involved with explaining the myths etc. I also began to make plans for World Unity and for Unityamong all those who were involved with the prophesies, myths, Confluence Aged knowledge etc. This began the period 'in the end' which is actually just before 'the end'. I am in this phase now.

From 1996, I saw visions of what would be happening to me. The visions were informing of how something, or the other, will be happening at specific times in the 'end'. At that time, I did not understand those visions. But I have been analysing the visions ever since 1996 and I have begun to understand that the visions were relating about different periods that exists in 'the end'.

After I stopped going to the Brahma Kumaris, I noticed that what my visions had foretold (from 1996) were actually happening in my life. And I was just observing all that which was happening to me, and comparing them to the visions. Through doing this, I was able to understand as to which phase of time (relating to the end) I was in. Based on my analysis, I would say that say that the time “at the end” which is actually just before 'the end' is now. In later posts, I will explain (in greater detail) as to why I say this.

I will also be discussing the divisions of the 'end', in greater detail, later. For the time being I am only briefly going through it.

Where the Christians and other non-deity souls are concerned, 'the End' brings their end (where this Cycle is concerned) because they go back to the Soul World (their Heaven). They will only return into the new Cycle from the beginning of the next Copper Age. So they do not experience time moving in a cyclic manner. For non-deity souls, time begins and ends in a linear manner during each Cycle. But the Deity Souls experience time moving in a cyclic manner because they live through the Cycle. Thus, 'the End' actually relates to the end of the Cycle. But it is very difficult to give a specific year when the end of the Cycle is supposed to be because the Confluence Age overlaps the end of the old Cycle and the beginning of the new Cycle. This Confluence Age brings an end to the old Cycle and brings in the new Cycle. When the present Cycle ends, a new one will begin and it brings in a new perfect world for the World Drama to begin again.

Where my past births and the whole world are concerned :

1. Before 2012, the events are just an indication that 'the end' is coming closer.

2. From the end of 2012 until 2036, the events will change the world into a perfect world.

At the end of the Cycle, the world transforms into the divine, perfect state. Thus, destructive events help to remove the old world and bring in the perfect world. Then, at the beginning of the Copper Age, the world transforms into an ordinary, unstable state. This unstable state brought about destructive events which removes the perfect world. The Copper Age is linked to the End. Thus, this is also reflected through the destructive events.

After the perfect world is pulled into the ground etc, at the beginning of the Copper Age, destructive events continue because of the unstable state of the earth. Then from 1936, the earth is prepared for the 'END' through the Confluence Age. But destructive events do not bring in the new perfect world until the end phase from 2012 to 2036. The destructive events from the end of December 2012 will help to bring in the perfect corporeal world. Thus, there is a difference between the destructive events before and after December 2012. Where the world is concerned, 2012 is the beginning of the 'End' in respect of world change. The world will get changed, in the corporeal form, by 2036. This brings an end to the “End period”.

Based on what I have seen in my visions and what is happening to me, I would say that the end of 2012 is the time when 'the end' period begins. It can also be said that the end of 2012 is 'the end' because the new world begins to slowly take shape from that time. But then, 2012 does not bring the real 'end' because we have to see the perfect world in existence to say that the end of the Cycle has come. So 2036, may be considered a more appropriate time to consider as an 'end'.

Where the Mapmaker roles are concerned, the End begins from 1996. But the End can be divided up in another way where the Confluence Aged souls are concerned. When the Confluence Age began in 1936, the time for the end had begun in the spiritual sense. According to Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge, the Confluence Age will last for 100 years. So, it will exist until 2036. This Confluence Aged era can be divided up into various time periods but I am only going to give emphasis to the 'end' part of the Confluence Age because that is where my role begins. So I have divided the Confluence Age up as follows:

1. the time period for the setting up of the Brahma Kumaris from 1936

2. the period of time after the Brahma Kumaris was set up until I came into the Brahma Kumaris in 1994. During this period, the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge developed and the Confluence Aged souls were making spiritual effort to become powerful while doing service

3. the time at the end when the gathering of Shankers are ABOUT to be ready (from around 2011 to the end of 2012)

4. the time when the gathering of Shanker is ready (from 2012 to 2036). This period is when the corporeal world changes into a new one, in the corporeal sense

5. the time period when the Confluence Aged souls bring in the divine children of the Golden Age.

World transformation, in the spiritual sense, takes place within a split second. However, in the corporeal sense, it will take some time for the world to change into the perfect world because the old world has to be removed for the new perfect world to come into existence. The time when the gathering of Shanker is ready is when the world actually transforms and then changes into the perfect world. Nature will serve them to change the world.

The deity children can only be brought into the places where the transformation process has taken place. When the split second spiritual transformation takes place, those, who have to walk into the divine world, will be walking in. The Confluence Age ends for those who have walked into the divine world. So for the Advanced Party (those who walk into the divine world), 'the end' can be considered as having finished when they walk in. But it has not finished as yet (for others) and there will be BKs, and others, helping people who are in the old world.

The subtle deity roles of Lakshmi and Narayan, which we use for the walking in process, began to get developed from around the end of 2006. Thus, for some souls (or people), it has begun to get developed. For others, it has not got developed yet because it can only get developed when the soul (or person) accepts that role of walking into the divine world. So if the person only accepts it at a later time, then it only begins to get developed later. One has to know the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge so as to accept this role of walking in. One need not be a great spiritual effort-maker to walk into the divine world. In this way, a golden aged group will get ready to walk into the divine world through the development of these divine roles for the walking in process.

When the first divine child is born, the new Cycle is brought in and the new year begins. But the whole world will not completely change until the new divine human beings begin their rule. Thus, it can be said that Heaven proper begins when Lakshmi and Narayan begin to rule. But then, those who walk into the divine world are also Lakshmi and Narayanthough they are not born in the divine world. Thus, there is a question mark as to when the new Cycle begins even though people will just accept the birth of the new divine child as the time when the new calender begins.

From the end of 2012, the deity clan, world-wide, will become united and they will go on the world stage. This will be LIKE the beginning of the take over of World Rule from the Christians. But the deity clan will not be ruling yet. They will only begin to rule in the new divine world. The rule of the deity clan will only begin when the divine corporeal world comes into existence. They will rule as Lakshmi and Narayan in the new divine world. But some deity souls will begin to get involved in politics in the old world and they will influence people to accept that the time has come for the Christian Kingdom to end and for the Deity Kingdom to begin. This has been portrayed in the Mahabharatha through Bhisma, Kripa, Vidur etc whose wanted to help the Pandavas but who were on the side of the Kauravas. I have not discussed this, as yet, in my series of article “Protection (During Destruction) and the Gathering for World Transformation”.

The people of the other religions will also be guided by their leaders to understand that it is time for their 'end' in the corporeal world and that it was time to go back to the Soul World (their Heaven for half a Cycle).

It will not be that today it is the Christian Kingdom and tomorrow it is the Deity Kingdom. The take-over will be a gradual process.


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