Sumana Saman

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Sumana Saman

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(includes a discussion on Saman Devalaya, Adam's peak, Ratnapura, Life-Dramas, Buddha, Enki, Samyaza, Satyavarman, Shem, Sham, Jyapeti, Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japhet)

Sumana Saman was a leader of the devas (during his time) who was turned into a god in Sri Lanka (upon his death). Thus, Sumana Saman is a deity, of the Buddhists, in Sri Lanka. Sumana Saman is said to be the guardian of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. Sumana Saman is also said to be the guardian of Adam's peak, which is in the district of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

The main shrine of god Saman is Saman Dewalaya (shrine of god Saman) which is, in a citadel, in the city of Ratnapura (City of Gems). Ratnapura is the capital of the Ratnapura District.

There were Life-Dramas in ancient Sri Lanka involving four clans which were the Deva clan, the Naga clan, the Yaksha clan and the Raksha clan (the ancestors of the Yaksha clan). The Deva clan lived in the Ratnapura District. Sumana Saman was the leader of these devas. The Deva clan lived in Ratnapura because they had come there for the gems so as to re-build the divine world. Though they had failed to re-build their divine world there, they had continued to stay there. When Sumana Saman died, the people of the Deva clan (in Ratnapura), had built Saman's shrine in Ratnapura so as to pay homage to Sumana Saman. The idol of Sumana Saman, which they created, portrayed Sumana Saman's saintly appearance as a symbol of peace, compassion and non-violence. The statues of Saman hold a lotus bloom (symbolizing calm, peace and serenity which are essential for meditation practices).

Sumana Saman was my past birth, who had walked out of the divine world, at the beginning of the Copper Age. Sumana was one of the names used to refer to him during his human life-time. Sumana represented the corporeal aspect of my past birth, after he had walked out of the divine world. His name Saman reflects his godly role (especially, after his death). The name Saman means 'the rising morning sun'.

My past birth (who had walked out of the divine world) had played both roles of Enki and Sumana Saman. Though the Sumerian Enki was portrayed as having lived as a god during his life-time itself; in Sri Lanka, this same past birth had been portrayed as being turned into a god on the death of the past birth (Sumana Saman). Turning Sumana Saman into a god would actually help to give immortality for this past birth, until the End, so that his memories would be used as I am using them now. Sumana Saman had not done bhakti to remain in an emerged state. But the people after him had turned him into a god so as to make sure that his memories stay in an emerged state until the End. Maybe, this was why I found it easy to get information about what happened in his life.

Sumana Saman was turned into the god whose duty was to protect the interests of Buddha and his followers because the ancient Reptilians (including Sumana Saman) were involved with paving the way for Gautama Buddha and Buddhism. Some Sri Lankan Buddhists worship Sumana Saman as a deity. Though they worship Sumana Saman, it is Godwho helps all those who worship the god Sumana Saman.

Sometime between 1996 and 2000, I have had experiences where (when this past birth of Sumana Saman was in an emerged state), I had experienced myself as Buddha. But my past birth was not Gautama Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist religion. The Buddha of Saman's time paved the way for Gautama Buddha (the founder of the Buddhist religion). The experiences (through enlightenment), spiritual and subtle role, etc enjoyed by my past birth (Sumana Saman) etc were also used to portray the Buddha of that time. The Buddhas before Gautama Buddha included:

1. the role for developing the meditation practices, and

2. the enlightened 'spiritual and soul' aspects of my past birth.

The meditation practices developed by my past birth, and others, would later be used by Gautama Buddha for beginning his religion.

Since the Reptilians paved the way for Christ and Buddha, there are similarities between Jesus Christ, Buddha and their teachings. These similarities would help the Mapmakerswhen they emerge to explain (at the End). For example, the fact that both Christ and Buddha walked on water would pull people's attention to this similarity. People would be wondering as to why there are these similarities and this would help to provide a world stage for the Mapmakers to explain on. It would also help the Mapmakers to make connections between the myths and evidences that are left behind world-wide.

Saman Devalaya, in Ratnapura, was built near the foot of Adam's Peak (and not on the peak of Adam's Peak) because:

1. it represented the corporeal aspects of Sumana Saman

2. it associated the role of Sumana Saman to Sham (the son of Satyavarman who was given the lands in the south) and to Samyaza. But no-one will know this until the End when the Mapmakers make the association and explain it.

Saman is connected to Sham and Samyaza through the name. Samyaza is connected to Enki through similar myths. Sham is connected to the Bible, and Middle Eastern, myths through the similarities between the myth of Sham (Satyavarman and his 3 sons: Shem, Sham and Jyapeti) to the myth in the Bible about Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japhet.

The roles of Satyavarman, Noah and Shem involve:

1. the process of re-gaining the divine world,

2. the process of walking into the divine world, and

3. having world rule in the divine world.

When the divine world was lost, at the end of the Silver Age, the king of the first kingdom (in North India) was portrayed as Jyapeti and my past birth, who walked out of the divine world, was portrayed as Sham. The king who plays the role of Jyapeti will finally be used by God to begin the Confluence Age and he will play a role as Brahma Baba in the Confluence Age (through which the divine world gets re-created). Jyapeti was associated to the lands in the north because the first kingdom in the Golden Age would be around the North. Sham was associated to the lands in the south because his kingdom will be there. The role of Sham is about the soul playing the role of the Mapmaker while the role of Jyapeti relates to the soul doing bhakti until he is finally used in the Confluence Age (at the End of the Cycle). Sham's role is connected to the End through the bhakti to play the Mapmaker role at the End. This had encouraged the soul to get involved with black-magic. Jyapeti's role is connected only to bhakti (which does not involve black magic) for the calling out process until the role is used in the Confluence Age. Thus, the ways of Jyapeti were portrayed as being good while that of Sham was not. The role of Jyapeti is actually connected to the role of Shem because both relates to the creation of the divine world. I will explain these further, later.

In the Bible, Ham was the son of Noah who moved into Africa and parts of the Middle East. Ham was the forefather of the nations there. It should be noted that even Enki is associated to Africa, and he was also there in the Middle East.

In the Bible, Egypt has been referred to as "the land of Ham". It should be noted that Egypt is also where Set and mummification were used in an active manner for the afterlife of past births (which are to play the Mapmaker role now). I will be discussing all these myths and their connections later.

The Mapmakers will be able to make the connections and give proper explanations on the myths world-wide because they were involved with making the 'world- maps' which would connect the myths through structures etc. Saman Devalaya in Ratnapura was one of the structures in the ancient 'world-map' for unity. Since it was one of the structures in the ancient world-map for unity, people of later generations were influenced to make sure that it stays until the End (even if through further construction or re-construction).

My past birth who had walked out of the divine world had first come down to Sri Lanka and had tried to re-build the divine world there with gold and gems. When it got pulled into the earth, he left for Egypt. This was why the connection was being made between Sham, Saman, Ham, Enki and Samyaza. There are also other connections that have to be made. I will discuss these later. The Mapmakers would know of all the connections because they were involved in creating the connections. Since they play the role of the Mapmakers, the connections would get explained at the End (from now onwards).

I will have to explain the roles of Samyaza and that of Sham before I continue explaining the role of Saman. Thus, I will explain the role of Saman further, after I have begun a discussion on Samyaza and Sham. For the time being, discussions on Sumana Saman can also be found at:

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Posted on 17-11-2013:

The Mid-Confluence Aged gods were using various kinds of roles. They were often using others to get things done, while using those roles. The people who being used to get things done on earth were also portrayed as using the roles which the Mid-Confluence Aged gods were using. Thus, even the role of Sumana Saman was used by others. Sumana Saman was a role that was used by Enki (the King of Lemuria) and his representatives in Lanka.


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